• Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoAlready made my changes for

    Already made my changes for tomorrow, taking a big risk, made 2 penalty transfers and dropped some people I think might do well in favour of some I think could be great... this could go badly badly wrong.

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoLet down by Machedo and

    Let down by Machedo and Castroviejo I think, but luckily Kwia, Martin and Malori helped out.

  • Go Danish - TfGM teams up with Sustrans for Copenhagen-style Bicycle Account for Greater Manchester1 year 5 weeks ago"World's busiest cycling

    "World's busiest cycling street" - and not a single helmet in sight!

    (*ducks*) Devil

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoI messed up a couple of days

    I messed up a couple of days ago and ended up not being able to afford Kwia, so had to either take 20 pens to get him in, or leave him out on the off-chance of a mechanical or something. Made the wrong choice methinks...

    2,3,9,12 - I always get the tactics wrong in TTs. Castroviejo, Machado and Oliveira were the let-downs.

  • Velotastic to bring Rikulau Bicycles into the UK1 year 5 weeks agoSometimes part of the appeal

    Sometimes part of the appeal of western-designed kit (applies to cars as much as bikes) is a greater sense of character or 'soul' in the aesthetics, than is found in kit from the far east. These, however, kick that notion right into the weeds. Those Mondrian colour schemes look fantastic. Ironic then, that a Taiwanese frame is crying out for a retro Campag build, but it would look awesome.

    15cm head tube though? That puts me right off, because it would look awful with the stack of spacers I'd need.

  • road.cc's Bike Locking Bible1 year 5 weeks agoI do most of this list but

    I do most of this list but there is another point.

    Lock your bike next to a bike that does not follow the above list so the thieves go for the easier target.

  • Abus Granit X-Plus D-lock1 year 5 weeks agoI have one of these, they are

    I have one of these, they are good locks but I have noticed the ends of the U that fit into the keyed base have a habit of scratching the frame.

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agostevemarks wrote:.....and

    stevemarks wrote:
    .....and that's why Michel Kwiatowski is the most expensive player in the game.

    Cracking rider. I can seriously see him having a go at the Giro GC in a couple of years' time.

    I think he, Stybar and Tony Martin are three of my favourite riders, and all happen to ride for OPQS.

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks ago1,2,9,12 & 16 plus 1,3 & 6 on

    1,2,9,12 & 16 plus 1,3 & 6 on GC. A solid 95 after penalties but nothing spectacular.

  • Velotastic to bring Rikulau Bicycles into the UK1 year 5 weeks agoThey both look amazing...just

    They both look amazing...just need some money Wink

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks ago1,2,3,5 for my purist. Shame

    1,2,3,5 for my purist. Shame about my standard.

  • Barclays Bank paid nothing toward south-west Boris Bike expansion1 year 5 weeks agoallez neg wrote:Agree with

    allez neg wrote:
    Agree with above - ok, their logo is plastered over them but does it get extra business? It wasn't a factor in choosing the lender when I took out my mortgage. .......

    I'm a barclays customer - maybe free bike hire use ought to he offered to all barclays account holders.

    Agree with this - yes I'm aware that Barclays have a hand in the bikes but it doesn't influence me in any decisions I make financially and as the first poster said, they're Boris Bikes not Barclays Bikes. Take Barclays out the equation and it wouldn't exactly change a huge deal.

    As for spending taxpayers money...it's not exactly the worst thing in the world to fork out for.

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks ago2,3,6,12 for me. Much better

    2,3,6,12 for me. Much better than yesterday.

  • Suspended sentence for lorry driver who killed cyclist and claimed he was unable to avoid hitting him1 year 5 weeks agodp24 wrote:Neil753 wrote: 1.

    dp24 wrote:
    Neil753 wrote:

    1. Do we really want car licence holders driving vans up to 7.5t?

    Good point. I see car licence holders in 4x4s who i'd rather not see driving them on a daily basis.

    Right now, somewhere in the UK, there's someone climbing into a hi-cube 7.5t van, who maybe hasn't driven anything bigger than a small car, or maybe hasn't driven any vehicle at all since they passed their car driving test many years previously. That driver will not have any understanding of how such a huge vehicle behaves when fully loaded (possibly poorly loaded), will be unfamiliar with the controls, will probably be completely unaware of the need to inspect such a vehicle much more carefully before the start of a journey, have reduced situational awareness, and may be prone to "panic" when faced with unforseen "obstacles" (like a cyclist riding his bike along a narrow dual carriageway).

    As I see it, current UK licensing, that allows car drivers to step up into something much bigger, without any sort of training whatsoever, is completely bonkers.

    If I could change one thing on British roads, at minimum cost for maximum lives saved, it would be to get the hgv limit changed from 7.5t to 3t, for all new drivers.

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agotop 20: KWIATKOWSKI

    top 20:
    MALORI Adriano
    MARTIN Tony
    CONTADOR Alberto
    DOWSETT Alex
    BARTA Jan
    FLENS Rick
    DE GENDT Thomas
    GENIEZ Alexandre
    VERMOTE Julien
    COSTA Rui
    SENECHAL Florian
    LEMOINE Cyril
    COPPEL Jérome
    FOUCHARD Julien
    GOLAS Michal
    BELKOV Maxim

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 5 weeks agoSix month ban for dangerous

    Six month ban for dangerous driving, despite three previous serious offences.


  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks ago.....and that's why Michel

    .....and that's why Michel Kwiatowski is the most expensive player in the game.

  • Thoughts on going tubeless?1 year 5 weeks agoI think people mentioning

    I think people mentioning "underinflation" as a cause of pinch flats are completely missing the point of tubeless and pneumatic tyres in general.

    With tubes, the lowest pressure you can run is indeed dictated by pinch flats.
    With tubeless it is NOT. It's limited only by bike handling and a chance of strong rim strikes.

    What many people don't realise is that on many roads (especially in the UK) the optimal (fastest and much more comfortable) pressure is BELOW of what they typically run with tubes.
    Unless you're on a velodrome, every single PSI less from your usual 90-120PSI can give you extra speed and much more comfort.

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoMartin scores 30 (25 for 3rd

    Martin scores 30 (25 for 3rd plus 5 teammate bonus) to Costa's 9 for 12th (plus any GC points) means that I probably just about picked right in not making a Martin for Costa swap.

  • Chris Boardman: "Helmets not even in top 10 of things that keep cycling safe"1 year 5 weeks agoTo those advocating helmet

    To those advocating helmet use - do you also wear body armour? What about elbow and knee pads? Or motorbike leathers and a full-face helmet? After all, if you get hit by a car you'll be better off wearing it than not.

    Boardman is absolutely correct - in every situation PPE is the last line in injury prevention after everything else has been done to remove the danger and reduce the impact of any potential injury. With cycling the danger comes from motor vehicles. Remove these by segregation by mode. Reduce the risk of injury by lowering motor vehicle speed where segregation is not possible or desirable.

    It really isn't difficult to understand.

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoKwatko fastest at the

    Kwatko fastest at the intermediate split apparently... Big Grin

    1. Kwiatkowski 14.03
    2. Malori+11
    3. Martin+13
    4. Contador+20
    5. Dowsett+25
    6. Barta+28
    7. Flens+29
    8. De Gendt+30

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks ago1 Kwiatkowski 2 Malori +10 3

    1 Kwiatkowski 2 Malori +10 3 Martin +12 4 Dowsettt +24 5 Barta +27 6 Flens +28 7 De Gendt +29

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoKwiatkowski wins

    Kwiatkowski wins

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoKwiatkowski wins by 11secs

    Kwiatkowski wins by 11secs

  • single speed1 year 5 weeks agoThanks im just ordering

    Thanks im just ordering one.im fitting some look pedals and conti's gp4000s tyres and away i go.what is your usual speed on it? I usually go about 23mph on usual road bike,will commute take much longer