• which cassette?1 year 4 weeks agoIf this is your gear set, you

    If this is your gear set, you may be limited to 26 on the cassette.

  • Which energy drink?1 year 4 weeks agoHigh 5 4:1 - not excessively

    High 5 4:1 - not excessively sweet and I think there's something about the ratio of fructose and other sugars that works, and the protein seems a good idea, especially on longer rides.
    From the Torq and SIS stuff I've tried it is all too sugary and I feel my system spike and shut down. But I would try stuff and figure out what works for you.

    I don't know if you work out with a HR monitor as that may help you understand what you need. If you are red lining too much you'll eventually burn up your bodies ready sources of energy and so glucose shots are what you need, your intestinal tract will shut down so you won't process complex food like fats and proteins. But if you're working sub-threshold you'll be able to deal with a host of fuels and will be processing your resources far better.

  • which cassette?1 year 4 weeks agoThanks for all the

    Thanks for all the advice.

    Ill have to sit and count what i have on the bike already as to what size i have at the moment.

    I think a 11/28 would be a good option as my cadence does drop considerably when climbing (meaning i have to grind and dig deep) but im managing so far. My sparrows legs get me up the hills before the rest of the group so i cant be too bad!

    Im in East Devon and the hills are mainly cat 4 (according to Strava).

    I was really hoping not to change the front rings or derailleur (cash is tight)

    Thanks again.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 4 weeks agonuclear coffee wrote:brooksby

    nuclear coffee wrote:
    brooksby wrote:
    bikebot wrote:
    How do you think the traffic Police deal with most offences. Only a few can be measured, most tickets are the subjective view of the issuing officer.

    So a police officer who likely never cycles, can look at someone cycling, think that they seemed to be going a bit fast, and issue them a ticket??? Thinking That's actually quite worrying. I'd just always assumed that speeding tickets were issued based on something a bit more measurable...

    (Where is the poster called Stumps when you need them, for the cop's eye view on it? Wink )

    Yup, as they can with motorists. How often is that a problem, really?

    To make law enforcement work you need police officers who can be trusted to make the right call >99% of the time, for the <1% that's what appeals are for.
    Really, this won't affect you unless you actually are riding like a tit.

    I can't help but share bikebot's concerns somewhat. When a traffic officer makes a subjective assesment of someone's driving it's based on a great deal of training and experience, inevitably including the experience of being a normal motorist. When they make a subjective judgement about a cyclists behaviour the same may not be true. Many motorists beleive that any speed over about 15mph to 'too fast' for a cyclist regardless of what the speed limit is.

  • Tour de France Stage 17: Rafal Majka takes his second stage win1 year 4 weeks agoColin Peyresourde wrote:Not

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    Not sure about all this cocky winking at the camera and what was that grabbing the bike business about?!?! The guy is a bit weird in the head if that's how he thinks he should behave.

    You feel free to go ahead and win a stage like yesterday, then maybe I'll listen to your bleating about how a win should or should not be celebrated.

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?1 year 4 weeks agoglynr36 wrote: Don't forget

    glynr36 wrote:

    Don't forget the calculation too! Peloton full of mathematicians

    I think you mean the 'kol-cal-lation'. It's a cycling term and it means to cycle slower than another rider while still trying to figure out how to win a stage....

    I despise Leggit. He seems a twisted bitter old man. I hate his predetermined phrases which he has just been itching to unleash like ' the man in blue is in front of the the man in white and if he stays there the man in blue could end the day being the man in white'. Dear Lord, save me.

    I think I would break it down like this: ITV4 live coverage blows because of Bigot and Sherwen. I like ES, Sean Kelly is dour, uninspiring and has vocabulary of a 10 year old, but by contrast he makes his co-commentator sound like he's giving the Gettysburg address. ITV4 highlights, curtesy of Imlach delivers the most pithy and interesting breakdown of the tour.

  • Tour De France Stage 171 year 4 weeks agoI got a full house, hurrah. I

    I got a full house, hurrah. I had Visconti in for ages and he did nothing so I dropped him, never mind.

  • QR lever not properly closed - do you tell them?1 year 4 weeks agoNo, no, no... I've read

    No, no, no... I've read enough threads on here about giving tips and advice, and my mind is now set. Once upon a time, I'd try and help people out, but its since been made clear to me that no one, no one, likes to be made to feel inferior by others giving them advice and tips.

    If I were you I'd follow this chap around and wait for the inevitable horrific accident. Make sure the chap is OK, but then explain to him that you'd seen his quick release was open but knew that he'd rather find this out for himself. He'll thank you I'm sure.

    In all seriousness, you can't win in these situations, so I'd do what is right and tell him and to hell with him if he takes it badly.

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?1 year 4 weeks agoWasn't Neds tour the same

    Wasn't Neds tour the same tour as Mark Cavendish? I remember there being some pretty awkward 'interviews' as Ned would ask a fuming Cavendish some of the most inane questions imaginable.... television gold it was.

  • Which energy drink?1 year 4 weeks agoMy advice is to have a

    My advice is to have a strategy and stick to it during your ride. If it doesn't quite work then make small changes on next ride. But, stick to your fluids and feed strategy. If you just react to when you feel thirsty or hungry it could be too late, especially on longer rides, and so later into the ride you could start to get cramp or bonk (the slow trudge home - usually happens with a hill still to climb too!).

    I keep my fluid source and energy source separate, as I want my fluid to go fully towards the job of hydration. So my bottles just contain water and electrolyte tabs. On shorter rides, just water and a little fruit juice to taste.

    So, an example of my strategy - eg, 120km ride, drink every 6km, feed every 20km (feeds alternate between gel and proper food).

    Examples of 'proper food' I take - small banana butties, flapjacks, slices of banana malt-loaf, Mr Kipplings small fruit pies - basically, anything with good carb source from a small amount so it can be easily carried in rear jersey pockets.

    Tip, if you're wrapping sticky food (like banana malt-loaf or sweet flapjacks) then scrunch & unscrunch the tinfoil first. That way it doesn't stick much to the food.

  • QR lever not properly closed - do you tell them?1 year 4 weeks agoThis oh-so-British reticence

    This oh-so-British reticence is a bit silly. Last year I had a my rear wheel shift in the drop outs whilst going downhill, jamming it solid against the chainstay. Over the bars, concussion, head injury, three costly days off work etc. I also could not remember where I had abandoned the bike, and was lucky to find it and get it back. I had transported the bike in a taxi a couple of days before, and had whipped off the wheels to fit it in the boot, and I guess I must have re-assembled it too hastily. And whilst waiting for the tour to pass the other week,I noticed someone's QR half-closed, I asked him if he minded me putting it right for him. Of course he was pleased and grateful.

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?1 year 4 weeks agoI'm hoping that Jens Voight

    I'm hoping that Jens Voight will be on the team in some capacity next year....

  • Datatag UV Stealth Pro1 year 4 weeks agoI like this, especially the

    I like this, especially the unobtrusive bit. My insurance company sent me a graffiti kit that I refused to use on my £7k work of art. I will ring them and ask if Datatag is acceptable...

    I used Datatag on motorcycles and never tested its usefulness although I know people who did - it works. Whether it will work on a cycle that will be broken down in minutes is another story - getting a stem back two years down the line will be of little comfort.
    Still, if it proves to an insurance company that you took every precaution £30 will be money well spent when they can't quibble over a claim.

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 4 weeks agoCXR94Di2 wrote:I am in

    CXR94Di2 wrote:
    I am in Holland at the moment. What a revelation, the array of cycling of all ages. The segregated cycle paths all over the place. Cars have to stop for cyclist crossing junctions. My son and I have just cycled 20 miles on dedicated tracks from one town to another without hardly touching a road. Why why can't Britain adopt some of these fantastic ideas?

    The big difference is that their seems to be a genuine desire in the Netherlands to make cycling the first choice for local travel. For this reason cycles are prioritised at junctions, thus rewarding those who make the positive choice to cycle. In the UK the opposite is true. There is no political will to change behaviors in the mainstream so cyclists continue to be de-prioritised. In other words, they want us to drive cars for travel and use bikes for sport/leisure. Even where we see cycle infrastucture it almost always serves motorists more than cyclists.

  • Guernsey judge criticises road layout as lorry driver acquitted of causing cyclist's death1 year 5 weeks agoIf we were talking about a

    If we were talking about a truck that turned accross a nearside bus lane into the path of a bus there would be no question who was at fault. I don't see how this road configuration is any different but the verdict seems completly contrary to what we would expect.

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?1 year 5 weeks agobikeboy76 wrote: I don't

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    I don't really think about the accuracy of Phil and Pauls commentary; I have been watching the tour for over 20 years on C4 and ITV4 since the days of Indurain and their voices just mean the Tour for me.

    Same here, couldn't really imagine watching without them but I have to say the last couple of years they've started to grate and it's getting harder to ignore the shortcomings.
    Ned Boulting always strikes me as a top bloke, be good to see him getting a slightly bigger role than he has at the moment.

  • Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Movistar road bike1 year 5 weeks agoI'm surprised at the decision

    I'm surprised at the decision to fit a compact chainset, I've have expected a 52/36 at least, or is this something that can be changed when ordering? I really like the Movistar colour scheme, I just don't think I could see myself buying a replica team bike (plus needed a couple of extra thousand pounds on my new bike budget)

  • Crack in Giant Defy 2 seat tube1 year 5 weeks agoFlying Scot wrote:Where does

    Flying Scot wrote:
    Where does it say to run a torque wrench over every fastener before every ride?

    Nowhere I can see, sure, make sure nothing is loose every ride, but unless Giant want to say check specific fastening torque monthly, weekly or whatever, I would concur with the guys that it isn't an excuse.

    Though I could, as a manufacturer, take the stance that the seat-post has never been checked, fell into to narrow tube taper, cracked the tube and the owner presented it back with the seat at the original height claiming innocence.....

    Page 26 (I Missed it in my earlier post)


    A. Service Intervals
    2. Before every ride: Mechanical Safety Check (Section 1.C)

    Which is


    C. Mechanical Safety Check
    Routinely check the condition of your bicycle before every ride.
    Nuts, bolts screws & other fasteners: Because manufacturers use a wide variety of fastener sizes and shapes made in a variety of materials, often differing by model and component, the correct tightening force or
    torque cannot be generalized. To make sure that the many fasteners on your bicycle are correctly tightened, refer to the torque specifications in the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the component in question.
    Correctly tightening a fastener requires a calibrated torque wrench. A professional bicycle mechanic with a torque wrench should torque the fasteners on your bicycle. If you choose to work on your own bicycle, you must
    use a torque wrench and the correct tightening torque specifications from the bicycle or component
    manufacturer or from your dealer [/b]. If you need to make an adjustment at home or in the field, we urge you to
    exercise care, and to have the fasteners you worked on checked by your dealer as soon as possible.

    Which then leads to Appendix D, the Fastener Torque specs.
    As giant are the manufacturer in this case.

  • Commonwealth Games cyclists go training... on a motorway1 year 5 weeks agoisn't the left hand lane on a

    isn't the left hand lane on a motorway the cycle lane then ???
    might as well be on some ... Smile

  • Tour de France Stage 17: Rafal Majka takes his second stage win1 year 5 weeks agoNot sure about all this cocky

    Not sure about all this cocky winking at the camera and what was that grabbing the bike business about?!?! The guy is a bit weird in the head if that's how he thinks he should behave.

  • 4 highlights of Raleigh’s 2015 range1 year 5 weeks agoDid my first ton, won my

    Did my first ton, won my first thirty, took part in my first race, climbed the test hills, completed my first TT, all on a clunky 501 tank of a Raleigh that had been driven over and left lying trashed in a car park before I found it. Fond memories... but this is the first time in the twenty years since that I've found myself thinking I could see myself buying one.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 5 weeks agoWe could probably bid for the

    We could probably bid for the first one on e-bay pretty soon!!

  • Europcar boss accuses Michael Albasini of racism1 year 5 weeks agoSo if this is true then

    So if this is true then Albasini should be ashamed of himself - there is no place for racism in our sport. Period. If true then he should be booted out of the team, because we don't need him or his narrow minded opinions.

  • Commonwealth Games cyclists go training... on a motorway1 year 5 weeks agoWho would have thought it -

    Who would have thought it - history repeats itself.

  • Europcar boss accuses Michael Albasini of racism1 year 5 weeks agoHarrogateSpa wrote:Point

    HarrogateSpa wrote:
    Point about Phil Liggett noted. Mind you, most of the points he makes, you get to hear countless times. The one about number 13 being upside down, ho, ho, ho? Or Chris Horner's accident while training in Italy?

    The same is true about all commentators on every TV channel - they all follow a formula of constant repetition of the same stories and facts.

    Well Phil did you know that the same is true about all commentators on every TV channel - they all follow a formula of constant repetition of the same stories and facts.

    Ah but Paul the same is true about all commentators on every TV channel - they all follow a formula of constant repetition of the same stories and facts.

    Oh look there's a pretty church Phil and did you know that the same is true about all commentators on every TV channel - they all follow a formula of constant repetition of the same stories and facts.