• How to get good1 year 9 weeks agodunnoh wrote: I got rid of

    dunnoh wrote:
    I got rid of the car 12 months ago so I've been riding solidly since then - all weathers including snow!.

    Firstly, congratulations on taking on that car-free challenge.
    Secondly, I'd say that's where your "problem" lies. Riding all the time (because you HAVE to) is a way of effectively being fit but "steady". ie you're only riding at one pace. You can keep going all day but when commuting you're on the same route at the same time, day in day out and that repetitive aspect does nothing for "training", especially not training to be fast. Without realising it, you've probably turned it into a steady-away plug along ride.

    Need to mix it up a bit, get in some short fast rides, some longer steady rides and definitely a few intervals. Don't even need to think about them, just make it a sprint for a set of lights, a roadsign. Throw in a diversion on the way home. Take the hilly route. Take a day off (can you get a lift/get the train?). The day off will help no end, will freshen you up and allow you to go that bit harder the next day.

  • Brisbane cyclists complain 10kmph speed limit is so slow it's dangerous1 year 9 weeks agothat is only 6mph!!! How can

    that is only 6mph!!! How can you even stay upright going that ridiculously low speed? I sure hope it isn't downhill on top of it Crying

  • Twitter boast leads to murder charge for California teen involved in fatal collision with cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoI am so glad to see the death

    I am so glad to see the death of a cyclist taken seriously. Clearly at that speed it is gross negligence and far beyond an "accident" Also why on earth would you ever put crap like that on twitter?

  • Di2 rattle, buzzing noise1 year 9 weeks agoI have di2 and have also

    I have di2 and have also noticed the same problem. There's three separate paddles on each shifter and I think shimano hasn't realized that once you start using them, you're going to get some movement and play in them. Hence the rattle. Bloody annoying I agree!

  • Jens Voigt signs for another year + video1 year 9 weeks agoJens keep going as long as

    Jens keep going as long as you can

  • Sir Bradley hasn't congratulated Chris on Tour victory, says Froome's fiancee1 year 9 weeks agoct wrote:I would like to say

    ct wrote:
    I would like to say that I haven't congratulated Chris either.

    Neither did I. Where is the story here, Michelle?

  • Wiggins: No more Tour wins, Rio 2016 is the new target1 year 9 weeks agoI think I called a return to

    I think I called a return to the track after the whole Giro saga, and who can blame him? He's a phenomenal track cyclist who managed to cross codes and win the most prestigious road title out there - what an achievement. Good luck to him back on the track, Great Britain should be grateful that he's still even got the hunger to continue.

  • Cambridge approves UK's first cycle-only green lights at notorious blackspot junction1 year 9 weeks agoYeah this would sadly never

    Yeah this would sadly never work in the US. Drivers see Go and the race would be on cyclists be damned Sad

  • Chris Froome: ban drug cheats for life1 year 9 weeks agoQuote:“It is only right that

    “It is only right that if it is a flat time trial every second day, it suits Bradley and we ride for him, 100 per cent.”

    I see he's been working on his backhanded compliments!

  • Chris Froome: ban drug cheats for life1 year 9 weeks agoAbsolutely right attitude,

    Absolutely right attitude, I've said it for a long time, it is the ONLY way for the future of the sport imo ..

  • USA Pro Cycling Challenge 20131 year 9 weeks agosurely this is getting too

    surely this is getting too late to update? For those that have to work, they can't keep logging in all afternoon in the hope of being able to add Atapuma to their team. Add him to the listing of players for Stage 2 and then everyone is on a level playing field. Assuming he is racing that is?

  • Chris Froome: ban drug cheats for life1 year 9 weeks agoThe differences in molecular

    The differences in molecular structure between artificial and naturally produced EPO can be detected.

  • Jens Voigt signs for another year + video1 year 9 weeks agoThe best decal is clearly the

    The best decal is clearly the one you can't show! Love it ... Wink

  • Chris Froome: ban drug cheats for life1 year 9 weeks agoaviator glasses are very

    aviator glasses are very trendy.

    I don't believe froome is a cheat, never have, the only way I can see the end of cheating is athletes are told lifetime bans for any means of cheating accidental or purposely anything at all suspicious and your out. by creating oh you might of accidentally git that substance in your system by taking some medicine for a cold our whatever opens up the opportunity for it to be abused its an open door for cheating, shut the door firmly, get real strict, get athletes to go out of their way to ensure they don't fall outside of the rules, mistakes well be made innocent people will lose out but I see no other way.

  • Sir Bradley hasn't congratulated Chris on Tour victory, says Froome's fiancee1 year 9 weeks agoShe is no Giulia Occhini.

    She is no Giulia Occhini.

  • USA Pro Cycling Challenge 20131 year 9 weeks agoDon't forget large time

    Don't forget large time difference(10 hrs-ish)so info won't be made defo till this afternoon Nerd

  • Chapeau Cold Weather Warm Up Balm1 year 9 weeks agomust admit I'm a little

    must admit I'm a little intregued, do non-racers really use this sort of stuff? Seems ott for the commute!

  • How to get good1 year 9 weeks agoHi dunnoh, our club regularly

    Hi dunnoh, our club regularly passes people at speeds such as you describe, but honestly, the bulk of that is momentum built up by the group. I sometimes feel a little sorry to see a guy plugging away on his own then hear 'passing on your right!', only to be overtaken as if he was going backwards... I certainly don't ride at those speeds on my own!

    16mph avg is fine to join most clubs, and is in fact what I'd probably achieve on my own. The social groups will go slower, the racing groups will go quicker, and somewhere in the middle you'll find what you're after. It takes a few weeks to get used to the pace and holding wheels etc, but all good fun.

    I've started commuting recently. Only 2 days a week at the moment, as I can work from home for the other 3. This is how I do it:

    Wed morning: Rucksack & pannier, pretty quick for the 7 mile run, focusing on a powerful pedal stroke with all the additional weight I carry.
    Wed evening: Leave the rucksack (laptop) in work so pannier only, extend the commute to 18 mile loop (may extend further), make big efforts on hills.
    Thur morning: Extend the commute to 18 mile loop.
    Thur evening: Rucksack and pannier, focus on powerful pedal stroke again but absolutely give it the beans on the sections of road where safe to do so.

    Sunday: Long steady ride, currently building back up to rejoin club runs after an injury.

    Other days, core strength, gym or whatever else I can fit in.

  • Lights :-(1 year 9 weeks agoI swear by my Lezyne's for my

    I swear by my Lezyne's for my commute which is of a similar distance,and best of all they are USB charged so no need to worry about batteries Big Grin

  • Jens Voigt signs for another year + video1 year 9 weeks agoReally nice design and a nice

    Really nice design and a nice touch for what must be his last year.

    When there's a bottle cage fitted it reads 'Shut Up Leg' though Big Grin

  • Six-year-old girl knocked over by cyclist on newly opened £2.1m Festival Way near Bristol1 year 9 weeks ago5th wrote:I'm a Lycra clad

    5th wrote:
    I'm a Lycra clad roadie without a bell (the world's loudest freewheel helps) ... Anyone saying they have to go fast to make up time etc. needs to plan their day better and get out of bed earlier or accept that choosing a bicycle as a form of transport occasionally results in delays. ... it's inappropriate speed and behaviour that's the issue.

    Inappropriate behaviour like having no bell, perhaps?

    I'm not saying that anyone has to go fast to make up time - I'm saying that it was forseeable that they would. This conflict is a sad consequence of diverting fast roadies from an inadequate road (A370) to an inadequate-when-built cycle track (NCN 33) instead of either providing a good enough cycle track or making the A370 safer for fast bicycles. The teflon tories who are the only party to ever have a majority on North Somerset Council should be encouraged to start building its transport systems fit for purpose before more people are killed. Those badly-compromised paths they keep providing are too little too late.

  • Lights :-(1 year 9 weeks agocyclistman wrote:That is a

    cyclistman wrote:
    That is a long commute. I suggest getting a better light for safety reasons. There are really good brands out there like Moon, Lezyne, Knog.

    Nothing wrong with the Ayups, just after a more road focused light rather than an mtb light. As for spare batteries, that means organisation, hence the idea of going for a dynamo so i don't have to worry about organisation.

  • How to get good1 year 9 weeks agoilovemytinbred wrote:losing

    ilovemytinbred wrote:
    losing weight very slowly is the key, that way you can always et properly which you need to do to perform well.
    Your frame dictates whether you will ever be a lightweight, but most weekend warriors could lose a few pounds Smile


    and then hopefully

    minus many

  • Chris Froome: ban drug cheats for life1 year 9 weeks ago"Blood Passport"..."Ten years

    "Blood Passport"..."Ten years ago"...is Chris after the UCI Presidency? It's not too late for a Kenyan nomination if Pat's goalpost shifting goes through.

  • Sir Bradley hasn't congratulated Chris on Tour victory, says Froome's fiancee1 year 9 weeks agoMichelle is Chris's manager

    Michelle is Chris's manager so why not give interviews?

    "Life already sounds far from normal for Cound, who gave up her job as a cycling photographer in South Africa to join Froome in Europe last year. She now looks after his personal and commercial affairs when he is away training or competing, which is most of the time."