• Super Bright Wireless Rear Light1 year 4 weeks agoPS I just had a look at the

    I just had a look at the link you posted to your saddle pack. Wow! I'm impressed you manage to mount any rear light whilst carrying that! Certainly it rules out anything that mounts to seat-post or saddle-rail. I'm not sure what other options you have - note that your preferred light, the TraceR, only mounts to seat post or saddle rail (and for the latter you need to buy a separate bracket according to their web-site). Same seems to apply to the Flare. And probably a lot of the other fancier USB re-chargeable lights. You need something designed to clip into a belt or fabric loop - and that probably drives you towards the smaller blinkies.

    I know this is probably heresy but had you considered fitting a rack and pannier - if your current bag is full you're already carrying 14L which is into single pannier territory. If you could do that you'd then free up lots of space for multiple light mounts on seat-post, saddle rail and on the vertical plate that most racks have at the rear.

  • Vuelta stage 131 year 4 weeks agoBig risk for tomorrow, 10

    Big risk for tomorrow, 10 pens, if it doesn't come off my chance of a top 3 is probably over, if it comes off, Im back in with a chance.

    Basically I have Valverde, Contador and J-Rod, but no Aru or Froome....

  • Gloucestershire races to fix roads for Tour of Britain1 year 4 weeks agomrmo wrote:I guess they won't

    mrmo wrote:
    I guess they won't fix the roads in both directions though...

    Given that the peloton will be using both sides of the road, I would hope they're not just going to fix the left-hand lane in the direction of travel!

  • Fresh 'motor doping' claims surround Ryder Hesjedal at the Vuelta1 year 4 weeks agoI'd heard that there is a

    I'd heard that there is a motor available that is driven by the magnets that the TV helicopters carrry. Discreet and lightweight but only works when the helicopters are close.
    That's what a bloke in the pub said anyway.

  • Highland businesswoman urges "assertive action" against cycling events on A82 next weekend1 year 4 weeks agoHmm.... the dates and times

    Hmm.... the dates and times are known, so how come the silly auld trout can't just stay in and watch the telly for a couple of hours? She could make some jam and boil her head, too.

  • Changing 52/36t Dura ace 9000 into 52/42t1 year 4 weeks agoBy the way, whilst we're on

    By the way, whilst we're on the subject of Shimano chainrings, are dura ace 9000 and Ultegra 6800 chainrings interchangeable? They look the same.

    I ask, mainly because no one seems to stock Ultegra chainrings

  • Changing 52/36t Dura ace 9000 into 52/42t1 year 4 weeks agoI think the max difference is

    I think the max difference is 16 teeth

  • Super Bright Wireless Rear Light1 year 4 weeks agoInteresting. I had always

    I had always assumed that super-bright rear lights (from the Hope District+ onwards) were aimed at urban riding where there was a need to compete with lots of other light sources and driver distractions. Certainly if you need 80 lumen rear to safely ride on unlit roads after dark then I should not be writing this now based on 500+ miles each winter in these conditions. I ride with the above mentioned smart Superflash 1/2W and my trusty LD600 (still going after all these years). Last year I added a 1W light for very dark or wet nights (the Blackburn Mars 4.0 which I recommend although currently OoS in most places). That light (and the SuperFlash) are clearly visible even in daylight so must be enough on an unlit dark road. All these lights take AAA batteries which can be re-chargeable for economy but for which you can also carry NiCads as emergency back-up. You mentioned "long distance riding" so battery life / replacement is major factor to consider.

    The only circumstances I can think of when one might be at risk is if the car approaching from behind is blinded by a vehicle coming from in front on full beam. But in that case I am not sure any rear light is going to help - none of them could outshine a main beam headlight of 1000+ lumens. In that situation you're better off using whatever counts as max power on your see-by front light to flash the guy and make him dip. Or pull left until you pass each other.

  • Highland businesswoman urges "assertive action" against cycling events on A82 next weekend1 year 4 weeks agoChris James wrote: Not

    Chris James wrote:

    Not really, having driven up that road umpteen times, I wouldn't cycle along the section from Tarbet to Ardlui.

    Mostly you struggle to drive at 30mph along that stretch anyway, the road is shocking, but it is hemmed in by Beinn Vane, Beinn Vorlich and Loch Lomond, so I don't think it can easily be improved.

    Edit. I have just read the original article properly and they are talking about the section from Fort William to Inverness, so nothing to do with the section of road I am talking about!

    I wouldn't even use the 82 from Erskine Bridge heading north. It's one nasty carriageway.

    Looking at both routes, the Rat Race barely interacts with the A82, while the Deloitte Ride strikes up the east side of Loch Ness.* The riders will have a challenging time between Crianlarich and Fort Augusta, but I reckon that they will be pretty much split up along this part of the route and will be in pairs or small groups that traffic will be able to negotiate them as they pass. The A82 partnership should be more worried about the shinty fans travelling to and from the final. And even then the bulk of the support will be over on the east.
    Edit * after passing Fort Augusta

  • Changing 52/36t Dura ace 9000 into 52/42t1 year 4 weeks agoThis might be a daft comment

    This might be a daft comment but if the biggest difference is 6 teeth then how can you have a 53/39? Is that not 14 teeth?

  • face it if you aint got a garmain your going to be left behind1 year 4 weeks agobikeboy76 wrote:Can people

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    Can people please stop bumping this drivel.


  • Cycle campaigners give thumbs up to new London superhighway plans – but not everyone's happy1 year 4 weeks agoEdgeley wrote:I like the

    Edgeley wrote:
    I like the 25mph Embankment race as much as the next man, but I would rather we had a civilised city in which everyone can cycle than one in which only fit and brave people can do so.

    +1 squajilion.

    As much as I like going HARD and FAST and SUFFERING for THE GLORY and THE PASSION and... that sort of thing, I'd much rather London was designed to be a pleasant, civilised and safe place for everybody than a Temple To My Pain. There other places where I can actually enjoy cycling fast and freely, and they will remain, but I don't think city centres hold much scope for the joys of that sort of riding.

    I'm sure other cyclists will slow things down a little, but from my experience of riding in London, the cars, lorries, vans and HGVs tend to slow me down a lot. They're quite big and have a habit of taking up all the available room, despite my best filtering skills. Having a decent sized segregated lane may not leave overall journey times badly affected, even if top speeds and average moving speeds are lowered. And I'd rather be stuck with a bunch of things that clearly resemble humans than listening to the steady growling of a hundred engines, ready to pounce. Waiting at a red light in London is the closest I've come to feeling like being fed to the lions. I don't like feeling like that.

    Here's the link again to the consultation form: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/cycling/eastwest/consultation

  • Emma Pooley attacks British Cycling over not selecting any women for World Championship time trial1 year 4 weeks agoI am somewhat aghast, it

    I am somewhat aghast, it seems to make no sense...even if one of the wiggle girls can't do it there is talent out there and as Ms Pooley states, experience is a great thing

  • Changing 52/36t Dura ace 9000 into 52/42t1 year 4 weeks agoShimano dura ace 9000 does

    Shimano dura ace 9000 does have the 110bcd 42t inner ring option. But they recommend to use it in a TT setup as 55/42t combination. But I want to use with a 52/42t combination. That's why I was curious whether anybody here can recommend me going for that setup.

  • Video: on-bike footage as Nairo Quintana crashes out of the Vuelta1 year 4 weeks agoLooks like a rider was down

    Looks like a rider was down that the moto was avoiding (dangerously). The question is why was the moto there in the first place. At the vuelta especially all the motorbikes get far too close to the riders, both in terms of putting them at risk, and giving them a tow. Another example of this was when bertie attacked on wednesday and 2 motos blocked his path. Yes there was a crowd not helping, but it ruins the racing, and bith could and should have just pulled ou of the way or more likely shouldnt have been in the gap anyway.

    In this case bikes had been buzzing quintana all through the roll out to the extent it was commented on by Gary Imlach

  • Gloucestershire races to fix roads for Tour of Britain1 year 4 weeks agoCleeve was in my mind as I

    Cleeve was in my mind as I read this. It's like the moon. The moon with gravity obviously. And impatient drivers.

  • Who uses orange lenses?1 year 4 weeks agoI experimented with the

    I experimented with the Oakley Hi-Yellow on evening commutes after dark, I found the persimmon too dark. \Eventually went back to the clear as the Yellow still block out a fair amount of light, even the clear block out around 7-9% of light so they are still darker than not wearing any, however I'm never on the bike without glasses whatever the time of day or weather.
    http://www.evo.com/oakley-sunglasses-lens-tint-guide.aspx is a guide to Oakley lens transmissions with their recommended use.
    Bolle are excellent lenses at a great price point, it's only when you see lenses tested on the laser scope that you get the true picture of clarity and distortion that separate the good from the bad.
    Also us as cyclists need to take into account the impact resistance that lenses provide, Bernard Hinault falling wearing glass lensed Raybans in the Tour being a good example of what not to wear.

  • Who uses orange lenses?1 year 4 weeks agoGizmo_ wrote: Wouldn't use

    Gizmo_ wrote:
    Wouldn't use them after dark though, that's time for the clear lenses.

    I already use Bolle Bandido clear goggles all the time to keep rubbish out of my eyes, I am just wondering if yellow orange lenses will be better for night time. Some people say yes, some like gizmo, no. Suck it and see I guess.

  • Changing 52/36t Dura ace 9000 into 52/42t1 year 4 weeks agoThe gap is up to six teeth

    The gap is up to six teeth (see above).

    You know that's a fair point, I don't think they do a 42. Might need to be an alternative supplier. Google is your friend here.

    No you shouldn't have to adjust the position of your mech as you're making the gap smaller so no changes to the outer tolerances of the range. That said, you should check it as a small tweak might get the shift in a better yaw position for both directions. Fettling. That's one of the joys of having a bike.

  • Slaying the Badger on ITV4 now1 year 4 weeks agoIt has so-so reviews but I

    It has so-so reviews but I really enjoyed 'The Flying Scotsman' too (and the book).

  • Slaying the Badger on ITV4 now1 year 4 weeks agoTwo films about 1970s

    Two films about 1970s Giros...
    The Greatest Show on Earth - Giro d'Italia 1974
    The Stars and The Water Carriers: The 1973 Giro d'Italia

  • Video: Ultra-sweary driver fined for threatening rant at cyclist1 year 4 weeks agoChuck wrote:Eebijeebi

    Chuck wrote:
    Eebijeebi wrote:
    Could just be a Mr Nasty in action or perhaps there was a case for the cyclist having to retrieve his phone recording form his own rectum?
    Only half a story there and many don't take kindly to being called such names.
    Beware the consequences of affronting strangers.

    To me this sort of sums up the problem. The implication is that calling someone a w*nker is a disproportionate response to someone being careless with your life. And the implication of that is that your life is less important than the unimpeded progress of some massive bell-end in a big car.

    And that you calling them names, gives them the right to escalate to the use of force.

    Yeah, he dissed me, innit? Ah gotta slap 'im about a bit, s'only riote, yeah?

    Sadly, we now live in a world where rampant economic and political equality, as well as the evident contempt felt by the ruling caste towards the supremacy of the rule of law (except where it serves their interests) have resulted in a seething, simmering anger in almost everyone under fifty, which translates in many to a willingness to use their fists first in any disagreement.

    One cannot reason with those who feel and express anger towards cyclists, because that hatred is in itself unreasonable and irrational. There are only two responses: fight or flight. If you can run or cycle away in safety, then do so. But if you can't escape, then you have to be ready and capable of fighting. In my opinion, defensive violence should always be absolutely overwhelming, because the state has abdicated its responsibility to enforce the law, and there is thus no deterrent to beating up a cyclist who had the temerity to hold back a car driver for three-point-two seconds.

    The only way someone is going to hold back from assaulting a cyclist, is if he knows that he's going to get the beating of his life, if he does so.

  • Slaying the Badger on ITV4 now1 year 4 weeks agoIt's on the online player. I

    It's on the online player.

    I caught the second half. It was giving me lots of bike and kit envy. Those jerseys looked sweaty as hell - but great all the same.

  • Winter changes?1 year 4 weeks agoOne thing I think is worth

    One thing I think is worth bearing in mind, is that there's always one more thing to buy. Whatever you decide on - whether it be the bits and pieces to see you through the season, or a new bike altogether - you'll probably still end up needing one more component, accessory or item of clothing that you never bargained on buying. Budget wisely and put a bit aside for the eventualities.

  • Vuelta stage 131 year 4 weeks ago1 NAVARRO 2 MORENO 3

    2 MORENO
    6 CARUSO D
    8 GESINK
    9 MARTIN D
    12 URAN
    13 FROOME
    14 SÁNCHEZ S
    15 BILBAO
    16 ARU
    17 CARUSO G
    19 MONDORY
    20 POZZATO