• Bristol plans Dutch-style network of bike routes across city1 year 8 weeks agonowasps wrote:Dr_Lex

    nowasps wrote:
    Dr_Lex wrote:
    Maybe it's my browser, but it would have been convenient to have been able to enlarge the map by clicking on it. Can anyone post a link to the full size version?


    Thanks! Right-click doesn't work for me on the image.

  • Interactive map shows police responses to CTC's Road Justice campaign1 year 8 weeks agoQuote:... a map that

    ... a map that highlights which police forces in England and Wales are working to improve the safety ...

    The map covers Scotland too, although that's not obvious at first because Scotland now has just one single force for the whole country

  • Laura Trott, Dani King and Joanna Rowsell's Colnago bikes for sale on eBay1 year 8 weeks agochokofingrz wrote:I thought

    chokofingrz wrote:
    I thought there was no money in women's cycling. Well, there will be even less if they go around selling perfectly good £10000 bikes on eBay for £2000! Maybe their team is downgrading to Carrera Subways for next season...

    There will be an agreement on what happens to the bikes at the end of a season - sometimes they go back to the sponsor/manufacturer for assessment and R&D, sometimes they get given or sold to team staff/hangers-on, sometimes they get scrapped if they've been crash-damaged. And occasionally they get sold to the public.

    You get more money for them that way, especially when the riders concerned are Olympic and World Champions. That money will go back into the team pot.

  • All Party Commission to address UK kids’ “physical inactivity epidemic”1 year 8 weeks agoBan cars? If only! Many

    Ban cars? If only! Many councils like Shrewsbury won't even take measures to reduce town centre traffic, where cars are impractical and a bigger menace than elsewhere. Meanwhile the P&R is consistently under-used Sad

    It's not that we are obsessed with cars but our lives have been built around them - work is too far away from home for many, the one-stop-shop supermarkets and other retail outlets are out of town and so on. It is also human nature to take the easiest option, drive to McD, BOGOF deals on junk food (when did you last see offers on fruit & veg?), ready meals laced with sugar etc etc.

    Governments increase our dependence on oil while bus and train fares have rocketed. Nobody wants to make the tough decisions that are needed as they will be unpopular. According to Monday's automatic speed control article, even the police don't want to be unpopular with drivers!

  • MP who called cyclists "law-breaking Lycra Louts" fined for driving through red light1 year 8 weeks agoRLJing combines two things

    RLJing combines two things most people hate...arrogance ('the law doesn't apply to me') and queue jumping.

  • New saddle1 year 8 weeks agobashthebox wrote:Saddles are

    bashthebox wrote:
    Saddles are such a personal thing, it's really really hard to say what's comfy and what isn't. I've had an Arione and my bum now hates it. But you may find it wonderful...
    Best thing to do is find a decent bike shop who'll loan you a test saddle and try a few out over a decent length ride. It'll cost you a few more quid than buying online but could save you money in the long run. Or, buy a battered saddle second hand and try that out for very little money.

    I would love to find a bike store that lets you try out saddles etc, but in reality where are these accomodating shops. I live south of birmingham with loads of local bike shops but dont know any that will do that.

  • Lazer Helium helmet1 year 8 weeks agoI have this helmet. It is the

    I have this helmet. It is the only one I have ever owned. It is comfortable and functional. I can't remember what I paid for it in Singapore, but that was a few seasons ago.

    Some helmets maybe more attractive, some less. I really liked the Rollsys though, as it really grips your head pretty neatly and comfortably.

  • Drivers oppose automatic speed control, says IAM1 year 8 weeks agooh and as for the comments

    oh and as for the comments about speed on the motorway, if you see someone on a bike at risk from speed on the motorway I would contend that the problem then is a cyclist on the bloody motorway not the cars speed.
    Sheesh get some persepctive this is about speeds on urban roads, towns and cities not the concrete highways.

  • Drivers oppose automatic speed control, says IAM1 year 8 weeks agoif as has been claimed

    if as has been claimed accidents are caused by poor human decisions then surely driving at slower speeds and giving yourself time to make better decisions is a must!?

    besides which, whats the problem with making people drive 2 tonne metal boxes slower when its been proven that impacts at slower speeds are less likely to result in death?

  • Just in: SRAM Red 22 Disc groupset + Zipp 303 Disc wheels1 year 8 weeks agoVeloPeo wrote: *** July

    VeloPeo wrote:

    *** July Wink

    Let's face it: either month. (I now need to change my kaks after a momentary 'did we book the wrong month' panic)

  • MP who called cyclists "law-breaking Lycra Louts" fined for driving through red light1 year 8 weeks ago"How many times have you seen

    "How many times have you seen a cyclist deliberately riding in the middle of the road, preventing any car passing and then screaming abuse at the poor driver who dares to try?"

    Let's see now, erm....oh yes, NEVER. Not once in my long life. I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't either.

    And while I'm at it, 'Lycra louts' is just another silly, catchy sound bite, designed to grab attention and sound like it actually means something. Typical Daily or Sunday Mail sound-bite-sneering, devoid of any thought whatsoever. The people you do see jumping lights and doing other daft things are rarely, in my experience, 'lycra-clad', i.e. serious proper cyclists like you and me.

  • Puncture1 year 8 weeks agoit turned out to be a repair

    it turned out to be a repair that failed

  • 2012 Giro champion Ryder Hesjedal admits to doping1 year 8 weeks agoMetjas wrote:Simon E

    Metjas wrote:
    Simon E wrote:
    Before you criticise someone you should walk a mile in their shoes. Or at least consider what it would be like to wear them.

    why exactly would one not be allowed to criticise? Because doping was prevalent at the time? Remember that not everyone in the peloton doped. I can certainly understand that some will have found it hard to say no, livelihood etc, but that does not take away personal responsibility.

    I didn't say you weren't allowed to. Did you not actually understand me or is it wilful misreading? Merely hurling insults is pointless and says more about the commenter than the subject.

  • Video: Thor Hushovd stars in Norwegian cycle safety clip1 year 8 weeks agoWould ask that " videos "

    Would ask that " videos " offered , be a case of the viewer STARTING the video !

    as a result of some " glitch " the video MBs came & went , i saw NOTHING !

  • New saddle1 year 8 weeks agoLoooove my Rivet

    Loooove my Rivet Independence.
    Comfortable, hard but you'd be surprised it doesn't bruise you, the hammocking on leather is real. And it'll only improve!

    Their leather is waterproof (and I rubbed some leather stuff on it, was easy) and they have a no questions asked 1 year return policy! Was worried I may have to use it when I felt how hard it was, not so.

  • Sportful Fiandre Norain Bib Tights (2014)1 year 8 weeks agoOut of interest, Castelli and

    Out of interest, Castelli and Sportful are basically the same company, so are Norain and Nanoflex actually the same thing?

  • Night riding1 year 8 weeks agoOf course, it being cold and

    Of course, it being cold and dark won't stop me getting out!

    Apart from lights I take exactly the same stuff as I would during the day.

    As for routes, I tend to stick to local ones that drivers expect to see cyclists on rather than head further afield - helps for both safety and ability to get home in the event of an unfixable problem (less availability of a lift).

  • Sportful Fiandre Norain Bib Tights (2014)1 year 8 weeks agoDave - re comments above

    Dave - re comments above about the Castelli waterproofing wearing off, how are your year-old Norains holding up?

  • 2012 Giro champion Ryder Hesjedal admits to doping1 year 8 weeks agoVery cynical. Cycling is

    Very cynical.

    Cycling is still no cleaner than it used to be, possibly even worse.

  • Puncture1 year 8 weeks agoYep! Think it was down to a

    Yep! Think it was down to a nick or pinch that just needed a bit of weight to set it free. Random as!

  • 2012 Giro champion Ryder Hesjedal admits to doping1 year 8 weeks agoDoes this meam he's going to

    Does this meam he's going to sign to Astana now?

  • 2012 Giro champion Ryder Hesjedal admits to doping1 year 8 weeks agoWhat a bellend.

    What a bellend.

  • MP who called cyclists "law-breaking Lycra Louts" fined for driving through red light1 year 8 weeks agoDriving last night on a very

    Driving last night on a very busy road in South Glos I was amazed at the number of cyclists - assumed commuting at that time of night - without lights on parts of the road with poor street lighting, do they have a death wish?

    You can buy perfectly good lights for £1 at the pound shop.

  • Puncture1 year 8 weeks agoColin Peyresourde wrote:My

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    My tyre once exploded on the turbo trainer. Something to do with me getting the inner tube caught between the tyre and the wheel, the GF had a shock to be sure…..

    Check the tyre. If it looks like a snake has poisoned your inner tube, check your room for snakes, and if you find none, then it's likely to be a tyre pinch. This is caused by low pressure inner tubes wheedling their way between the tyre and wheel. Otherwise get out of the house ASAP.

    ….Or, if it's a single hole, it could be you have crap between your tyre wall and the inner tube.

    Then again, what with the weather we had last year a large pot hole in your turbo trainer may have developed. But that really is an outside shot - but call your council….


  • Just in: SRAM Red 22 Disc groupset + Zipp 303 Disc wheels1 year 8 weeks agoYou have such an awful job,

    You have such an awful job, Dave. You keep sacrificing yourself on our behalf.

    (If you lose your fingers, this sentence may come back to haunt me)

    Cracking looking wheels.