• Endura release new Xtract jacket and FS260-Pro SL shorts1 year 4 weeks agoYou really managed to prove

    You really managed to prove that reliability with a sample size of 2.

    I tried on some of the new World Tour stuff the other week. Its great stuff.

  • Updated: Casting agent inundated after Emmerdale cyclist extras appeal - no more please!1 year 4 weeks ago"Paula from the agency adds,

    "Paula from the agency adds, “basically if you look like you wouldn’t be out of place at the Tour de France, I could book you in for some days’ filming at the Emmerdale village in Harewood.”

    I'll need to starve myself to death for months to "get the look"

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoGiro is free... well done

    Giro is free... well done Belfast

  • Video: Houston cyclist uses flagpole to enforce often-ignored passing law1 year 4 weeks agolocalsurfer

    localsurfer wrote:
    OldRidgeback wrote:
    Way back when I used to use a piece of piano wire with some high visibility, sticky tape on it. The piano wire was fixed to the rear stays just behind the saddle. An old record player stylus was slipped over the end of the wire and held in place by the reflective tape. When a car hit the piano wire it'd bend back and then whip along the length of the car's side, leaving a very fine line along the paintwork. And as the stylus had a diamond tip, that fine line was cut all the way through to the steel, leaving an additional racing stripe that came up in distinctive rust red finish a short while later.

    Pictures or it didn't happen.

    This was back in the bad old days when cycling was proper dangerous, not like now. I didn't have a camera then as they cost money I needed for other stuff. It was in the days before digital photography when taking photos cost actual money rather than space on a hard drive. I don't have any photos of my first three bicycles, my first three motorbikes, my first car, the first flat I lived in after I moved out of the family home or even my first girlfriend either for that matter.

    I'd seen those plastic things like FlyingScot had on his Chopper and decided to make something a bit more effective. It was secured to the bike with insulation tape so it'd tear off if someone hit it really hard, rather than it knocking me off my old Falcon.

    I took it off after a while as I got fed up with it catching on things.

  • cannondale or canyon1 year 4 weeks agoI am very sceptical about the

    I am very sceptical about the current trend for (invariably expensive) "bike fittings". If you send me £150, I will happily pop around to your place and put a few spacers under your stem and/or tip your stem upside down so it sticks up in the air in a manner that makes your bike resemble a cheap hybrid.

    Also, "fit" isn't static. I am more flexible now than I was 15 years ago. The bespoke Ti frame I bought in 2004 now feels too high at the front unless I put a negative rise stem on it. Is the idea that you pop back for another expensive fitting every 12 months?

    I am similarly sceptical as to the merits of a "test ride", mostly because the "test" really isn't. You aren't going to get any meaningful time/distance on the bike and it's unlikely (unless your bike shop carries all of the models you are considering) that you will be able to compare different bikes head to head over the same conditions (even assuming those conditions are the same ones you intend to use bike for). I can see why bike shops trumpet the idea that you shouldn't buy a bike without a test ride.

    I am very happy with Canyon. My SLX is a breathtakingly great, spectacular bike. (I have recently ridden the Ultegra equipped Ultimate AL and for the money that is probably the best bike I've ever thrown a leg over. Certainly it is all the bike my talent would ever justify if I was being sensible.) I've never had a problem with Canyon service. I am a moderately capable mechanic and quite like building bikes and fixing them, but if I can't fix a problem then I accept I'll have to take it to a shop and pay for them to do it. Everyone is different and Canyon may not work for you.

    To the chap who started all of this: I wouldn't agonise over the decision for too long, none of the options you are looking at is the "wrong" choice, any of them will put a smile on your face.

  • Eric Pickles turns down Cambridge councillors' car vs bike challenge1 year 4 weeks agoHe's another one who ate all

    He's another one who ate all the pies. Yep, getting him on a bike might help his health. He must be a bit of a dimwit. Cities like Cambridge and York don't have much room for cars and keeping motorised traffic out of the centre will be better for all, as well as helping boost the local economy.

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoI would hope that a

    I would hope that a proportion of the revenue raised from this event will be distributed amongst the teams.

    As others have said above, the cycling "business" model is broken and if we want pro level cycling to continue then expect to have to start paying for tickets for what have previously been free experiences.

    Now as to whether £45 - £85 is value for money for this type of event is another question, personally I doubt it.

  • Scottish Road Share campaign steers presumed liability law towards Parliament1 year 4 weeks agoSorry, but strict / presumed

    Sorry, but strict / presumed liability would not make our roads safer.

    If we want our roads to be safe, then safety must be the responsibility of ALL road users. Existing civil law already does this, by making all road users responsible for their own actions and not presuming that any party is automatically liable if an accident occurs.

    Road safety also depends on more than simply adhering to the letter of the law or the minimum people can get away with under the Highway Code. It needs road users also to abide by the SPIRIT of these rules. Good road behaviour includes being aware of others, being courteous to other road users, and driving/riding in appropriate ways that other users can predict. These principles underpin proper defensive driving/riding techniques that cautious cyclists and careful drivers rightly adopt.

    The strict liability campaign undermines these good principles. Strict liability only works with hard and fast rules - it can't cope with tests of whether parties' behaviour was reasonable in the circumstances. If strict liability applied, drivers would have to be made liable even if cyclists marginally complied with the minimum requirements of the law, even if the cyclist’s actions were reckless in those particular circumstances.

    Cycle Law Scotland's agenda seems to be even worse. It appears they want drivers to be liable even where a cyclist has failed to abide by the Highway Code. Rule 72 of the Code clearly states "Do not ride on the inside of vehicles signalling or slowing down to turn left." But that's not what Cycle Law Scotland's website would have you believe. According to them "Filtering is a perfectly legal way to make progress through traffic safely" (http://www.cycling-accident-compensation.co.uk/Filtering.aspx) - no exceptions given.

  • The best way to fall off?1 year 4 weeks agoBoth times I have binned it

    Both times I have binned it and broken bones recently it was too quick for me to do a thing.

    1st time it was so quick (on ice) there was no time to take my hands off the bars. My hand hit the tarmac- still on the hoods and broke fairly spectacularly. The doctors were fairly impressed by how many bits the bone was in.

    2nd time in a timetrial on a roundabout I lost the front wheel and went strainght over. I hit my head as I rolled but most of the impact was on my back. I still managed to break a collarbone.

    Neither time did I put my hand out, sometimes it is just bad luck (or stupidity for riding when there might be ice)

  • Michael Rogers cleared in clenbuterol case, as is Jonathan Breyne, young Belgian who attempted suicide1 year 4 weeks agoThe GB team members who raced

    The GB team members who raced at the track world cup events in Mexico recently where banned from eating meat as it's known that Mexico has a clenbuterol problem in agriculture, so if they can do why aren't the pro in locations where it's known this is a problem.

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoRemember Blackpool once

    Remember Blackpool once charged for the illuminations big switch on, what a disaster that turned out to be. I hope the flask and butties brigade do likewise and boycott the rip off, I know I will.

  • The best way to fall off?1 year 4 weeks agoMost important is to make

    Most important is to make sure you land underneath your bike whenever possible, protect it any way you can.

  • Eric Pickles turns down Cambridge councillors' car vs bike challenge1 year 4 weeks agoPromoting walking, cycling

    Promoting walking, cycling and public transport is more important than trying to pit motorists against cyclists for political gain.

    ... so the challenge is nothing to do with political capital then. Liar

  • The best way to fall off?1 year 4 weeks agoThe best ones have always

    The best ones have always been where the bikes come out from under me and I've managed to land and slide on my side. This normally only happens when it's wet or I'm going quickly!

    My brain normally isn't functioning quick enough to realise I need to keep my hands on the bars! Good advice from all there though Big Grin

  • Eric Pickles turns down Cambridge councillors' car vs bike challenge1 year 4 weeks agoPickles and Shapps - dumb and

    Pickles and Shapps - dumb and dumber

  • Proper Purist Classics - pick your Ardennes teams1 year 4 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:Right

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Right here are the teams that people submitted

    (I made one error, one of the Cunego's in Dr's team is actually Frank Schleck

    I wonder what it means....?

    Not a single one of us picked Danny Martin winner of LBL last yeay.

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoCycling competes against

    Cycling competes against other sports for sponsorship and marketing - that's what keeps it alive at the pro level.

    Taking what is essentially a pretty dull event and jazzing it up to get better TV and press coverage and attract a wider audience gives more exposure to the sponsors and teams.

    If that means they have to charge to cover the cost then it is money well spent. Someone will buy the tickets.

    Cycling's business model isn't exactly a candidate for being taught at Harvard. It needs to change.

  • K-Edge launch XL Mount for Garmin’s Edge 1000 computer1 year 4 weeks agowasheduprider wrote:Do these

    washeduprider wrote:
    Do these work with garmin 500?


  • Van Nicholas Aquilo1 year 4 weeks agoI rode a Van Nic Chinook a

    I rode a Van Nic Chinook a couple of years ago. Bought one the following day!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will never not own a Van Nicholas and am currently saving for an Astreus with a SRAM Red 22 groupo.
    Titanium rocks.

  • Frog Bikes to launch three kids’ road bikes1 year 4 weeks agoPrevious comments are fairly

    Previous comments are fairly negative. Personally I think its great there's a company out there concentrating solely on children's cycling. They do a lot of research from what I hear. And let's face it, to get an adult bike weighing 8kg you have to spend approx £1200. You gonna spend that on a kid who's just getting into racing?
    Frog weights are approx the same as Isla bikes but the bikes are a available in my local store and are a fraction of the price. Bought a hybrid 52 for my some and threw some 20" conti MTB tyres on it and he flies around Swinley.
    Gonna take him to some Summer Cross races this year. He's about the right size for the new 24" road bike which comes with CX tyres.

    Just to add. Gearing is only worth mentioning if the child races! And to be honest, pretty much every race I've had the privilege of attending I've had to lock off gears for at least 50% of the kids.

    Frogs aim here is for the normal families, maybe just getting into racing........
    Well done Frog!

  • Johan Bruyneel banned for 10 years, former USPS manager 'at apex' of team's doping 'conspiracy'1 year 4 weeks agoBan a few baddies, close off

    Ban a few baddies, close off debate. Job done, the peloton is now clean.

  • GELS: best/tastiest/most economic1 year 4 weeks agostuartp wrote:Those who

    stuartp wrote:
    Those who prefer flapjack should try the GCN Power Bar recipe.
    I made some just to try and love them, so handed them round to running/cycling friends and they were blown away by the taste too.


    I thought they looked tasty too, but I'm too lazy, anyone know which supermarkets sell packets of flapjack for reasonable outlay? Sis gels do nothing for me, I always pick up high 5, 2 4 1 at Chain Reaction I saw yesterday

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoSounds an eminently sensible

    Sounds an eminently sensible decision to me. An outdoor team presentation would be a very expensive event, a lot more than indoors in a free venue, that would take money from the budget for the event itself. I would want the money that is in budget to be spent on important things like spectator control, signage, safety etc. By adding entertainment they justify charging and keep the operational budget intact.

  • The best way to fall off?1 year 4 weeks agoYeah that video was rather

    Yeah that video was rather informative actually, thanks for sharing

  • Canal & River Trust wants your views on sharing towpaths1 year 4 weeks agoSurely everyone should treat

    Surely everyone should treat others as they themselves would want to be treated.
    Be reasonable and friendly.
    Be an ambassador for cycling.
    Otherwise, you're no friend of cycling.