• What would cause a tyre to bulge?1 year 9 weeks agoI work in a tire shop. Bulges

    I work in a tire shop. Bulges are separations in the layers. More likely than not, it's manufacturer error

  • What would cause a tyre to bulge?1 year 9 weeks agoThankfully they are a very

    Thankfully they are a very good LBS and I'm sure they will offer a good deal on replacement tyres, there was certainly no skidding on the tyre and no obvious sign of damage, although 'we all know' tyres that come with bikes, even at £800 are are 'rubbish' I still feel they should last more than several months!

  • Stats reveal London's deadly cycling zone… if you're a woman1 year 9 weeks agoI live right in the centre of

    I live right in the centre of that circle.

  • Price inflation1 year 9 weeks agoyou can estimate all you

    you can estimate all you like, enrique. the game uses the real data to produce real numbers. if you don't like the numbers, then ignore them.

  • Price inflation1 year 9 weeks agodrheaton wrote:...You think

    drheaton wrote:
    ...You think every single team in the race would have picked Froome?! Are you mad?...

    Well, maybe, but let me be clear, I don't think every single person in the world would choose Froome to win the stage yesterday, but I do think that every single player in the Roadcc game who was still playing for the overall would not have dared (!) leave Froome out of their lineup yesterday! Big Grin Am I wrong? I don't know! Big Grin , but, I don't think I am! Does it matter? No. It's irrelevant, but, fun to think about! Big Grin But, ok, just to appease you and your dad, I'll lower my estimate to 78% Smile But only if I'm considering that there are bound to be Purist teams, stage hunting teams and 'abandoned' teams... Again, I believe 99% if not all of the actively managed teams still playing for the overall had to (!) and did (!) pick Froome yesterday! Wink Except your dad... But you did (!), didn't you?...

  • Price inflation1 year 9 weeks agoHere, as an example, are a

    Here, as an example, are a select group of riders from Stage 15 that I would like to see metrics on, that is, without clicking on each rider individually:

    Each rider is followed by the % of teams that picked them (from the system) and an estimate of what I believe is what % of teams actually could have chosen them from actively managed teams (non- Purist) teams for Stage 15.

    Chris Froome 59% ... 100%
    Nairo Quintana 32% ... 44%
    Alberto Contador 16% ... 34%
    Alejandro Valverde 2% ... 0%
    Mikel Nieve 8% ... 12%
    Andy Schleck 37% ... 37%

    I mean, maybe these metrics can be added to the Rankings page, or the Stage Scores page...

    Or maybe it could have a page all for itself!

    Maybe call it the "Rider Popularity" page (instead of just having the 'Popular' Designation in the game interface), a page where you could have the riders ranked by their popularity and you could easily see the 'Most Popular Rider' in the last stage of the Competition!

    Or, for Purist designated teams, you could have a page for the 'Most Popular Riders' for Purist teams up the very next day after a Competition starts! Smile I think that (!) would be a cool idea! Smile Or maybe just post it on the Forum?...

    But I think the calculation of % of teams that pick a team should be tweaked. I don't know how to do it, but I wish I did, so I could offer solutions instead of just requests. Thanks!

  • Price inflation1 year 9 weeks agodrheaton wrote:... I spoke to

    drheaton wrote:
    ... I spoke to my dad this morning who plays and he didn't pick Froome...

    Your dad plays? That's pretty cool! It must be pretty cool to share this with your dad! My dad wouldn't touch this game with a 10 foot pole! But then again, my dad isn't that much fun! Plain Face So is he playing Premium, too? How did he do yesterday? How's he doing in the overall? Was he stage hunting yesterday or still playing for the overall?... Say 'Hi!' from New York for me! Smile

  • E-Case Waterproof Mobile Phone Case1 year 9 weeks agoIs it the right size to fit a

    Is it the right size to fit a passport into along with the phone?

  • Surrey councillor calls for regulation of sportive events around Box Hill1 year 9 weeks agowhere was it edited -

    where was it edited - footnote. its as I wrote it?!

  • Price inflation1 year 9 weeks agoP.S. I realize I go

    P.S. I realize I go overboard, but really, and obviously, this place fascinates me! The graphics are beautiful, you have a ton of metrics available, it's fast, easy to use, colorful, bright, it's got a beautiful design, I love what you have created! Smile

  • Price inflation1 year 9 weeks agoOh my god enrique, give it a

    Oh my god enrique, give it a rest.

    You think every single team in the race would have picked Froome?! Are you mad? I spoke to my dad this morning who plays and he didn't pick Froome, he expected a French break to stay away and for Sky to just keep it together and control the race, he was wrong but that was a valid thing to expect.

    One of the main blogs I read does a preview, they said it could go either way yesterday and that we could either see a GC battle or a break staying away. In the end it was a GC battle but only because Europcar missed the break and never gave it much leeway.

    Stop trying to load more work onto those who run the game just because the stats aren't showing numbers you expect.

  • Just in: Scapin Eys1 year 9 weeks ago'Switch over to Di2 or EPS

    'Switch over to Di2 or EPS groupset down the line and the redundant cable stops can be easily removed. So it's effecitvely future-proofed. That’s a nice touch.'

    Until you want disc brakes at least!?

    Looking forward to the review.

  • Surrey councillor calls for regulation of sportive events around Box Hill1 year 9 weeks agoI am sorry that you feel that

    I am sorry that you feel that way. Its very patronising to say "oh dear you were doing so well ......" when someone says something you may not agree with. It is true about the roads. I pay my local taxes too and pay for the roads on top. it has been hell on wheels quite literally until the police stepped in in our area and the cyclists are a lot nicer than they used to be - am guessing a few were fined, as they were VERY confrontational. You were lucky to have the nice ones. I think taxation etc is contentious but may well come as I say. The bad ones break the law and ride off with no way of identifying them and that's the issue and the good cyclists will be left to pick up the pieces and pay for them - unless you guys get together to stop them. I have always taken the stance with everyone that people should be able to share tracks and roads and not assume they have a right of way or ride past at a rate of knots - actually horses have the right of way if you read the highway code but I don't want this to be an argument. it wasn't what was intended at all. I hope you can see now why non cyclists as I used to cycle and have a bike at my stables but don't use it any more - due to a foot injury - but which allows me to ride albeit slowly - want some form of registration brought is - isn't that what they do in Holland? I don't know for sure but maybe you do.

  • If you had £1500 to spend...1 year 9 weeks agoI don't know what your

    I don't know what your thoughts on buying used is but I recently bought a used canyon ultimate aluminium, for ~£800, the seller also had the canyon ultimate carbon fiber and said he preferred the ride of the al, the ride of the cf was a little too stiff but if that's what you are after maybe the cf is for you.
    A 56size with rival/force mix with decent wheels comes in at 7.3kg including pedals and two bottle cages.

    Best of luck with your search.

  • Tour de France Stage 15 reaction after Bastille Day fireworks on Mont Ventoux1 year 9 weeks agoSimonT1971 wrote:Personally

    SimonT1971 wrote:
    Personally think that Sagan is just a young bloke living the dream. And when you have talent to burn, you've just wrapped up the green jersey and your race is run for the day, why not pull a wheelie if you can. Sagan's character adds value and interest to the Tour and rather than be envious of him, take a step back and laugh with him !

    He does occasionally get it very wrong (e.g. the incident with the podium girl in flanders) but generally I agree with SimonT1971 - he's not disrespecting anyone on the climb, he's just entertaining the crowds once his serious business is over. McEwen used to pull wheelies over the top of the climbs, I think - it's just a bit of fun. God knows the sport needs a bit of fun sometimes!

  • Why can’t we have a women’s Tour de France?1 year 9 weeks agotherealsmallboy wrote:The

    therealsmallboy wrote:
    The Rumpo Kid wrote:
    therealsmallboy wrote:

    In terms of hill-climbing, a lot of good amateur men will beat even the fastest pro women up a col.

    Are you sure about that? Morgan Arritola, the fastest Woman in last year's ascent of Mont Ventoux, finished 10th overall out of 308, 258 of whom were Men. And she was a Skier.

    If Marianne Vos thinks she can ride the TdF (without, as some have suggested, immediately falling off the back), I say let her. She knows a damn site more about road racing than most of us.

    Fair point, I stand corrected. Remove 'fastest' and replace with 'most'. I still hold my point that the main spectacle (as we saw yesterday) at the TDF is the proper HC mountain stages. There was a group of 10 really good climbers, with 2 utterly awesome climbers ahead and up ahead of them were simply put, 2 super-humans. Further back were dribs and drabs of good climbers spread out down the mountain. Then, because of careful calculation, the autobus rolled in 32 minutes afterwards. This saved them from time cut-off.

    That wouldn't be the case with the female race. The small hump that is box hill (I live in the peak district so I'm allowed that one) proved at the Olympics what would happen to most of the women's field. Multiply that by 10 and you have an idea what I'm getting at for Alpe d'Huez, Ventoux etc. Even if you set the women off 10 hours before the men, some would still be rolling in after the men had finished.

    Let me get this right. You're saying some of the Women would have taken over sixteen and a half hours to do yesterday's stage?

  • Price inflation1 year 9 weeks agoDave, I know there are way

    Dave, I know there are way many more important things than answering my frivolous questions about this, but, to be clear, when I look at the "Picked by" section, which tells you what % of teams picked that rider for the last stage, it would be cool for it to refer to the actively managed teams.

    I wish I could tell easily so I looked at the figures (below).

    I looked at the "This competition: Tour de France" league. I counted a total of 6,330 teams.

    519 of those teams have a score of 0. When I click on the score (0) of those teams, all the ones that I click on seem to have a blank roster. They seem to have no riders on the team selected, no points scored. So maybe those teams should be out of the calculation... Thinking

    The same thing happens when I look at the scores for individual stages. Stage 9, for example, has 366 teams scoring 0 points and none of the ones that scored a 0 that I clicked on have any riders in them. Stage 13 has 389 teams scoring 0 and I couldn't find any that scored 0 that I could see any riders in the team.

    Could it be that these are teams that registered for a previous competition that didn't register specifically for the Tour de France? Maybe they too should be out of the calculation.

    So, just to be clear, if they got a score of 0, does that mean that they were given a score and that, therefore, they are considered by the system as a team that has been selected and confirmed and there fore part of the calculation?

    Do they, therefore, count as teams that did not (!), for example, pick Cavendish for Stage 13? or Froome for Stage 15?

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    it's based on all teams given a score for a stage; ie those that have selected and confirmed a team

    I'm just wondering why the riders on these teams can't be seen. Thinking

    So, are these teams that score 0 and I can't see any riders in them part of the equation to determine the % of teams that had a particular rider on their team? Thinking...

  • Trek SL1000 frameset, bits & shorts1 year 9 weeks agoAny offers?

    Any offers?

  • Why can’t we have a women’s Tour de France?1 year 9 weeks agowrevilo wrote:To take a

    wrevilo wrote:
    To take a different view for arguments sake - is it wrong if no one wants to watch it? As the women say, men can do the events faster which makes for better TV.

    I'll just point out that while it may or may not have been slower, the Women's Olympic road race last year was incredible - far more exciting than the dreary men's event.

    thereandbackagain wrote:
    I'd like Dave or someone else from road.cc to respond to this point. It's good that you're featuring articles about the debate, but as a media outlet you can make a direct impact on the situation by featuring women's races.

    Would like to see this.

  • The National Trust loves cycling - and they've painted Box Hill to prove it (well, the road)1 year 9 weeks agopreviously I would have

    previously I would have pointed to the NT's poor record on allowing MTB access to its land (despite its published policies)- generally the only access is the minimum legal eg bridleways. Whilst as a large landowner they could allow access by bike to vast areas just by giving permission like Forest Enterprise do and some Water co's

    Anyway here was a recent move in the right direction and in an environmentally sensitive area permissive bridleways rather than open access probably the best way forward
    more of the same please

  • Bike Rack recommendations1 year 9 weeks agoI have found a few myself so

    I have found a few myself so far, but still cant make up my mind:

    Not too expensive, which is something I like

    This one you can move around

    I dont know about the price, but I like the way it looks

  • Riding on the pavement1 year 9 weeks agoPeter_Mould wrote:That is

    Peter_Mould wrote:
    That is really shocking to know that cars are even allowed to drive on pavements, especially outside a school where kids can just dash anywhere outside the compound! Cambridge police have indeed been nabbing the wrong guys! Sometimes these drivers are just selfish because they know their cars are huge or expensive like BMW so they think they own the road AND the pavements! Thus, they do not take into account the safety of other road users, including pedestrians who might just get knocked down because of the drivers' rashful act!

    Driving/parking on the pavement has been illegal for a long time. The 2007 highway code (the most recent edition) says it is forbidden right through London, and anywhere else there has to be signage expressly permitting parking on the pavement. If you have to cross the pavement to access parking, etc it has to be done with caution, and recognizing that pedestrians have right of way. This is ignored all the time by the police however a tonne of bricks will land on a cyclist who dives out of the way of a driver and has to get on the pavement to preserve his/her own life due to the monumental aggression used by most drivers.

  • Winter Bike Project - Good Aluminium Frame1 year 9 weeks agoTK3 ... lovely ride, well

    TK3 ... lovely ride, well made - love mine to bits Smile

  • Why can’t we have a women’s Tour de France?1 year 9 weeks agoA crucial point that has yet

    A crucial point that has yet to be addressed. If a women's TdF were to go ahead, should we have Podium Dudes to hand out the prizes? Thinking


  • Winter Bike Project - Good Aluminium Frame1 year 9 weeks agoA friend built up a Planet X

    A friend built up a Planet X Team Alu frame when he cracked his carbon winter bike. From a weight perspective, it came out pretty light though he had an Ultegra groupset and an RS80 C24 wheelset.
    He's a powerful rider and hasn't reported any undue flex, reckons it's fairly comfortable and, all round, seems fairly happy with it...can't speak first hand though.