• Chamois cream ... Idiots guide1 year 4 weeks agoLard


  • Team Colombia withdraws from Tour of Turkey due to missing passports1 year 4 weeks agoI'm desperately trying to

    I'm desperately trying to work up some form of Bernard Matthews joke about "withdrawing from turkey" but I'm struggling

  • Councillor calls for work to be stopped on 'dangerous' £300,000 Sustrans cycle route until junction priority sorted1 year 4 weeks agoLet me guess, it's some

    Let me guess, it's some shared path rubbish...

  • Mark Cavendish launches CVNDSH clothing range with Specialized1 year 4 weeks agoCav is evidently a massive

    Cav is evidently a massive fan of Only Connect (and not just for when V C-M wears something low cut)

  • Updated: One in ten collisions between car and bike in Scotland are prosecuted, investigation finds1 year 4 weeks agoThey shelved the vote didn't

    They shelved the vote didn't they?

    Also...when I came to read the story...this ad came up, do we really have to see them on here aswell as almost every tv station and website??

  • British Cycling Club Tool1 year 4 weeks agoSimon, could you not strip

    Simon, could you not strip the code and then make it work for your purposes?

  • Romandie1 year 4 weeks agoI think he might be away from

    I think he might be away from home at the moment, not sure. But it should be open tonight/tomorrow

  • Showers Pass Rogue Pant1 year 4 weeks agoIf 'aslongasicycle' reads

    If 'aslongasicycle' reads this, these are the trousers I'd like Vulpine to make!

    And if Showers Pass visit, is there _ever_ going to be a .co.uk site, rather than the press release?

  • Carbon wheels1 year 4 weeks agoCDK1962 wrote:Jonny_Trousers

    CDK1962 wrote:
    Jonny_Trousers wrote:
    How much are you looking for for the wheels, Colin?


    They were £800 new, so around £600 inc post.



    Thanks for getting back to me, Colin, and sorry for hijacking your thread, Slide.

    £600 is over my budget, I'm afraid, Colin. I was looking for a pair of Campag fit
    carbon clinchers second-hand for no more than £500, I'm afraid.

    Best wishes


  • Canterbury Bike Shops1 year 4 weeks agoThanks for the

    Thanks for the suggestions.....he visited Canterbury Cycle Centre yesterday so is on his way Big Grin

  • Cheap bikes1 year 4 weeks agoI've got a Lager, I paid £200

    I've got a Lager, I paid £200 for it new and have done over 30'000 all weather miles on it fixed with front brake only. The original BB lasted about 2 weeks and was swapped for a UN54 which is still in. I fit a Dura-Ace sprocket straight away which is now worn out as is the front rim and rear wheel bearings. Obviously I have worn a few chains, tyres and brake pads and fitted other parts to preference such as saddle, bars and pedals.

    As for £45 to fit a sprocket, chain and BB they are taking the piss, that's 15 minutes at worst for a proper mechanic, I would charge you £10-£15 plus probably £35 for the parts, you need a better mechanic.

  • RANT ALERT - Getting fed up..1 year 4 weeks agodon simon wrote:Quote:On

    don simon wrote:
    On another note if you dont like using the website then dont , its like every other internet page or forum people make a choice if you choose to read something and you dont like it time and again then why come back?

    Do people still think that this is a valid response or defence in order to excuse offensive or unacceptable behaviour?

    I wasn't using it to excuse any behaviour I was making a statement and I'll hold to it , if you as an adult make a choice you are the only person responsible for your actions.

    So yes it's a valid response

  • British Cycling Club Tool1 year 4 weeks agoShort version: It's useable

    Short version:
    It's useable and may be OK if you don't already have a system in place but it has shortcomings.

    Long version:
    Been using it since late last year, though I'm not overly enamoured. It's a bit clunky and you can't customise it.

    When I joined we had ~150 current and past members listed on there who had listed us as their club, not the current membership. You can upload a list using an Excel template. Club members don't need BC membership but the person administering it does, so while my first year was free it will cost me money to use from next year (I would not join BC otherwise).

    We thought it may help to get people to pay their subs more readily and we can send notices of events. We have had a few renewals and a couple of new members pay via BC but it's not made the membership sec redundant. Slackers don't appear to respond any more readily and I haven't noticed anything to manage helpers.

    If anything, it has created extra work. I'm logging in frequently to check for new payments and I have to remember to update members' expiry date on the site when renewed as well as in the club's simple Access database I inherited (though I'll be switching to FileMaker as I much prefer it).

    Have used it to send renewal reminders and notice of imminent events but I don't know if it helps. I don't get notified if it bounces or if a member has no email address in their profile.

    If you want an online facility then a couple of google docs spreadsheets shared with key members could hold the same data.

    You are welcome to message me via my profile on here if you want to ask me anything.

  • Romandie1 year 4 weeks agoMarvellous.


  • Romandie1 year 4 weeks agoI've asked for it to be

    I've asked for it to be opened....Dave's got to activate it.

  • Chase the Sun - free ride - 200 miles, coast to coast1 year 4 weeks agoLast few weeks to sign up to

    Last few weeks to sign up to ride Chase the Sun on 21st June 2014 - get in touch via the website www.chasethesun.org Smile

  • Should I get a power meter?1 year 4 weeks agoPower meters, I hate em, some

    Power meters, I hate em, some love em. Either way it's a lot of money to drop so why not borrow one or have a go on a WattBike before deciding if it's for you?

  • New road bike around the £1000 mark1 year 4 weeks agoIf it's C2W bear in mind you

    If it's C2W bear in mind you might want to put some clothing, a lock, some lights and other accessories on the ticket.

    This question is asked in the forum frequently and it's worth looking at the Reviews and Buyer's Guide sections linked at the top of every page.

    There aren't many shops that will let you have a meaningful test ride (car park slalom doesn't count, and I agree with the bloke quoted in this recent forum thread).

    As long as the bike fits you properly then pick the one you like best - they are all excellent.

  • Apple patents technology to stop texting while driving - but 6 years on, it's still not live1 year 4 weeks agoTrue, but it's still

    True, but it's still irresponsible and illegal behaviour going on inside the vehicle, so I guess they were lumped together because the method of detection was the same, ie looking through the window. Why this can only take place as part of a "Road Safety Campaign" rather than everyday is beyond me.

  • Rider Names - Giro1 year 4 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:It seems someone

    Gkam84 wrote:
    It seems someone moved him for me...

    Probably. That's good, though! Smile I know you haven't gotten around to the Pro Continental Teams but I was looking at the Giro D'Italia start lists and looking at Team Colombia I see that Edwin Alciviades Avila in the game appears as Edwin 'Alcibiades' on the UCI page and the Team Colombia website...

    I have a suggestion. You probably have all these folks at Team Colombia and probably most of the riders from Spanish Speaking countries down with their first name, middle name , father's last name and mother's last name...

    The truth is, with all these Spanish and Latin American names, you could probably do away with their middle names for the game. For the most part, riders, like Segio Luis Henao, are usually just called Sergio Henao, Nairo Alexander Quintana could easily just be called Nairo Quintana, etc...

    It would make the names shorter, the database neater and it would visually look less congested with less names around a rider...

    I would even get rid of the mother's last name, as in Igor Anton Hernandez, and just use Igor Anton, and only use the mother's last name to distinguish two riders who have identical first and last names, if necessary... I think it would look neater that way... Thanks! Smile

  • Buyers guide: Sportive and endurance road bikes1 year 4 weeks agoMy Charge Juicer WITH FULL

    My Charge Juicer WITH FULL TIAGRA I TELLS YA was £300 on eBay. Did about 7,000km on it last year, including a few 200k+ days no injuries or posture niggles.

    This whole 'sportive bike' thing is a crock. Ride up grades, not upgrades. Shut up legs. Rule #5. Rule #1,446. yadda yadda...

    That all said, I will defend to the death your right to spend your money on whatever the hell bike you like.

  • Apple patents technology to stop texting while driving - but 6 years on, it's still not live1 year 4 weeks agodrfabulous0 wrote:arowland

    drfabulous0 wrote:
    arowland wrote:
    "using a phone at the wheel or not wearing a seatbelt."
    Why are those two lumped together? Does 'not wearing a seatbelt' kill other people?

    Yes it does if they are sitting in front of you.

    How? Do you mean 'sitting behind you'? *

    In any case it still doesn't kill other people outside the vehicle. If they are sitting in your car you presumably have some control over whether they wear a seatbelt or not, which is not what happens in the mobile phone case.

    * edit, OK, I've figured out that 'they' in your comment means the 'other person'n not the non-seatbelt wearer. So scrub that bit. The second paragraph still holds though!

  • Disappointed fans miss out on Giro d'Italia Belfast team presentation tickets as website crashes1 year 4 weeks agoI was one of the unfortunates

    I was one of the unfortunates who actually got to the booking screen several times just after 9am but was not given a drop down to select the number of seats until after my basket timed out and reallocated my selection (not once but 10 times). I then had to head up to work and before I went in visited Visit Belfast to be told they had no tickets left there to give out and to try online, so I told them I had been trying to do just that.

    I then logged on at work, but when I got to the front of the queue was not redirected to the Giro booking page. When I finally did get the booking page I must have been just after the last tickets were allocated after 4hrs 16 minutes from logging on to a second computer at 11am.

  • Carbon wheels1 year 4 weeks agoThanks for all the feedback

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, I appreciate it. I've narrowed it down to the Fulcrums or the Mavics (I think). Is there much to choose between the two for nearly £200 difference in cost?

  • Has Boris Bike price hike put off London’s cycle hire users?1 year 4 weeks agojacknorell wrote:kie7077

    jacknorell wrote:
    kie7077 wrote:
    Why is it that approx' 12 cyclists deaths per year gets proportionately so much more coverage than pollutions deaths at 4300.

    Easy, squished and bloodied body on the ground is a lot more dramatic than some poor sod dying quietly in a hospital from respiratory failure...

    Plus they are different kinds of risks.

    There's no way an individual can avoid the pollution, its a collective problem, and one mostly that involves doing harm to others not yourself. An individual can avoid the risk of a bike accident by not cycling. Not driving doesn't stop you having to breath in the pollution produced by others, so any one individual might as well carry on driving.