• How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoHow to be a knob ... tell

    How to be a knob ... tell other people how not to be a knob.

  • Kask Dieci helmet1 year 5 weeks agoI also have this (2012

    I also have this (2012 version). I have a massive napper and this fits perfectly. I can also borrow it to friends safe in the knowledge it will fit. The quick closure system is excellent and it has good breathability. Bit heavier than some models but feels absolutely solid, and I know what's most important to me between safety and weight.

    This was the first thing I bought, even before I bought a bike, and probably the most expensive item I bought aside from the bike in the first year.


  • Composer makes his bike sing in ‘Bespoken’ track1 year 5 weeks agoEight thirds pi r cubed.

    Eight thirds pi r cubed.

  • London to Brighton1 year 5 weeks agoAlways wanted to do this ride

    Always wanted to do this ride & on moving to Brighton (well, the outskirts) many years ago, I finally signed up, and went on to do it several times.
    It's a great ride, for a great cause, but the sheer popularity just put me off. I'm all for getting folks on bikes & raising money for charity, but every year it has got busier & busier, with more & more silly accidents, the only way to describe my last experience was to liken it to a cattle market.
    People pushing & shoving. Far too many with absolute zero spacial awareness or any idea of how to ride in a group. People stopping with no warning to answer phones.
    I was knocked off while stationary at traffic lights not far from the start, by a woman wearing toe straps, she'd done them up so tight she couldn't get her foot out, so used me to stop herself, Twice by people clipping my back wheel, once by a man who just veered into me. I never managed to cycle up the Beacon on any of the rides.
    I decided that for my own self preservation that I might not make it out alive next time.
    I had friends do it last year & were lucky enough to get in the first bunch of starters...and had no problems at all. So if you are going for it then get an early slot.

    There are also other L2B rides, not just the BHF one.
    I have done the Midnight ride once & Capital to Coast ride for the last 3yrs , slightly different route, but nowhere near as manic, It aslo has the advantage of multiple starting points, 1 in London, 1 in Esher, a halfway start near Haywrads Heath, or a Hove loop, still covering 60 miles but start & finish on the seafront...
    Plenty of choices out there - Good Luck with whatever you decide to do

  • Forum competition: pick a 3.0 rider...1 year 5 weeks agoLasse Norman Hansen for me

    Lasse Norman Hansen for me please

  • Whole of Ireland maps for garmin 8001 year 5 weeks agoThis is a superb article with

    This is a superb article with instructions, and the maps are free (with the option of making a donation if you wish).


  • Kask Dieci helmet1 year 5 weeks agoLove this helmet. Best I've

    Love this helmet. Best I've owned, and I chunk through them at a fair pace (vanity, not inability to throw myself against objects head first).
    I got the matt black version meant for MTB and removed the visor. Mmmm...matt black.

  • Eat yourself fit - Nutrition for weight loss1 year 5 weeks agoKadenz wrote:Is there any

    Kadenz wrote:
    Is there any scientific evidence that not eating after 8pm helps reduce weight?

    I'd be interested to read the articles (or better still, a systematic review) on that topic.

    Sorry, should have said me specifically. When I get up early, by 8pm ish, or 9pm in summer, I'm already loosing my appetite, feeling tired. It's nothing to do with science Smile if I eat late when I get up in the morning I don't feel that hungry neither has my body processed what I ate the previous day through its waste management system. You get the picture. I like to get up in the morning feeling hungry.

  • Forum competition: pick a 3.0 rider...1 year 5 weeks agoRick Zabel for me. I was

    Rick Zabel for me.

    I was going to go for Caleb Ewan D Oh

  • Huge response to Tour Maker appeal, last call for volunteers closes tomorrow1 year 5 weeks agoVolunteered before chrimbo,

    Volunteered before chrimbo, heard nothing yet. Waiting

  • To Shave or Not To Shave1 year 5 weeks agoIn an era where the

    In an era where the agregation of marginal gains is clearly effective, I'm surprised that people haven't researched the question of aerodynamics on Google.

    If they did, they would discover research by the eminent Mike Burrows, who discovered that whilst really hairly legs slowed you down, slightly hairy legs were in fact more aero than shaved ones.

    And if you want to go to extremes, he discovered that slightly hairy legs, but with a shaved strip down each shin, were the speediest legs of all.

  • UPDATE: Police looking into moped rider caught on cam trying to kick London cyclist1 year 5 weeks agoFirst thing to do is report

    First thing to do is report the potholes to the local authority then when they haven't repaired them in the alloted time have an accident the sue the council. They would get mended pretty quickly then.
    I've experienced twatty moped riders myself, they seem to think its funny to whizz by flat out as close as possible. My tactic is to give a little "innocent" wobble as they approach, you can pretty much always hear them coming as most have removed the baffle silencers from the exhausts.

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoI know plenty of female

    I know plenty of female mountain bikers, they have bigger balls than most men who ride. I have even asked one who is a very good down hill racer and was a national champ for advice and I'm not ashamed to ask either.

    I would be lying if I said I don't think women look sexy in lycra but I wouldn't say it. No different to women saying it about blokes and it does happen both ways.

  • Forum competition: pick a 3.0 rider...1 year 5 weeks agoA. Rybakov for me.

    A. Rybakov for me.

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoMy brother is a triathlete

    My brother is a triathlete and a marathon runner. He does ultra-marathons, and fancies himself as expert Iron Man athlete (he hasn't done one yet!)

    My sister decided to do a triathlon after 20 years of no training for anything. Advice galore from brother, comments like "I'll stay back with you", etc... Heavy bike, wrong gear, cheap running shoes ... she thrashed him.

    Some people are just naturally better athletes Party

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoInteresting to see a general

    Interesting to see a general theme from some posters on here. "I know a girl and she would 'kill' you on the bike" etc (I'm paraphrasing).

    I don't care.

    I also don't care if I pass you and I don't care if you pass me and you're a bloke/girl/elephant/whatever.

    Yes it's sad that this article needed writing, I agree with the sentiment.

  • Bicycle Manufacturing Limited set up to start bicycle manufacturing in Yorkshire1 year 5 weeks agoI tried to do this in the

    I tried to do this in the North-East of England in the early to mid 1990s with my company Bombproof Bikes

    Unfortunately we failed to produce frames domestically in the UK after failing to establish our own facility in Newcastle, and then having a string of disappointments using non-bicycle fabricators to produce our aluminium alloy frame sets

    we ended up using an established frame manufacturer in Australia, who eventually disappeared with the money of about 6 companies including Bombproof, but that's another story...

    It was something that we really wanted to do (manufacture domestically) and its fantastic news to read this article and see what this new company intends to do.

    I can only give them my best wishes and hope their new venture will succeed, and bring domestic manufacturing (on a small volume scale) back to the UK, its long overdue!

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoJust read the comments on fb

    Just read the comments on fb following any updates from the Wiggle Honda team to get an idea of the that are out knobs out there.
    Cringeworthy doesn't even come close Sick

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins says he's looking forward to racing with Chris Froome, closer relationship will help Sky1 year 5 weeks ago"I think Chris Froome and

    "I think Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins is a pretty cool guy. Eh wins Tour de France and doesnt afraid of anything."

    Anyway, I'm glad they're friends again. Or at least, not fostering an ongoing resentment. Sport is more fun when it's about sport.

  • Forum competition: pick a 3.0 rider...1 year 5 weeks agoMikhail Ignatyev for me.

    Mikhail Ignatyev for me.

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoUnsurprising that the mantra

    Unsurprising that the mantra 'don't give unsolicited advice' is something that some on here have difficulty accepting (it's a forum of knowledgeable enthusiasts, after all)..

    I do try to live by this but easily said, not as easily done!

  • US Google Glass driver case thrown out, but law remains unclear1 year 5 weeks agoAnd, of course, a heads-up

    And, of course, a heads-up display in an aircraft is there to *increase* the situational awareness of the pilot.…

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoThings aren't quite so cute

    Things aren't quite so cute on the road.cc Facebook page. Why is FB always the lowest common denominator?

  • Paignton gets brand new closed road cycling circuit1 year 5 weeks agoThere's a pretty good 7-mile

    There's a pretty good 7-mile circuit in Surrey just waiting to happen.

    All they need to do is ban cars from it, and then Richmond Park becomes the ultimate Olympics legacy.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 year 5 weeks agoJan 19 101.1 kms 1

    Jan 19 101.1 kms
    1 point