• Which UCI technical rules should be updated? We asked the experts1 year 7 weeks agoSimon E wrote: But is the

    Simon E wrote:

    But is the RaceBak really where some in the industry thinks the effort should go?

    Nope - the RaceBak is where the bloke from CamelBak thinks the effort should go. Odd that Smile

  • Which UCI technical rules should be updated? We asked the experts1 year 7 weeks agoSethjkay wrote:This way,

    Sethjkay wrote:
    This way, hopefully, the strongest rider will always win.

    Well, that works, to some extent, for time trialling. In road racing, it's rarely the strongest rider who wins, especially higher up the ranks. Strength, tactics, allegiances, equipment - they all contribute to the beautiful uncertainty of a bike race - and that's what makes it fun. It's the balance between all that that has to be maintained - so I agree that the UCI shouldn't let technical advantages win out, but it would be nice to add a few more technical variables to the pot.

  • Trial of driverless pods on pavements of Milton Keynes heralds "science fiction future" (+ video)1 year 7 weeks agopuppet-head wrote:I think by

    puppet-head wrote:
    I think by pavement they include redways, these must have a bylaw somewhere which the council can fiddle with.

    They'll have to pull out a lot of the silly yellow bollards then!

    And yes, Johnny Cab! Please let it be voiced by that same actor off of Star trek!

  • UCI Management Committee agrees Anti-doping audit and independent commission into wrongdoing1 year 7 weeks agoWoohoo! Someone at last

    Woohoo! Someone at last *talking* sense at the UCI. Fingers crossed it is all followed through, whatever the outcome of the investigations.

    Just a thought, but wouldn't the moment of election be a bit late for seizing all the files? If I were McQuaid and I'd been covering up doping positives AND I'd been stupid enough to keep records of it, then I would have started getting rid of them as soon as it looked like there might even be a second candidate for the Presidency. Not that there's anything Cookson could have done about that, but it does seem more of a gesture than a useful practical step.

  • DfT urged to change road design rules now or risk strangling David Cameron's 'Cycling Revolution'1 year 7 weeks agohampstead_bandit wrote: on a

    hampstead_bandit wrote:

    on a street I commute every day (Royal College Street, NW1) they decided to remove the old dual-lane segregated cycle lane and replaced it with a new "armadillo, plant pot and paint" scheme that has actually reduced cycle safety in terms of vehicles often parking across the cycle lane or just ignoring the cycle lane completely

    officials openly admitted at a Camden Cycling event it was much cheaper to build the new scheme, than to rebuild with proper segregated solution.

    But that is a scheme that is strongly supported by the local cycling campaign and replaced the previous facility, also strongly supported by the local cycling campaign, because Camden local authority found it had an abnormally high cyclist accident rate, particularly cyclists being hit on the cycle lane at the junctions. The wonderful new scheme protects cyclists with parked cars whose driver's and rear offside passenger doors open into ..... you've guessed it......the cycle lane.

  • Cyclists and cabbies unite to protest road layout and tram tracks at Edinburgh Haymarket station1 year 7 weeks agoIn the US some 80 streetcar

    In the US some 80 streetcar (tram) systems have returned to cities, many to deliver a high capacity link between residential areas and downtown activity. They have generally been delivered to a budget of around 10% of the cost per mile of the Edinburgh tram system, which (at current estimates) is costing £4m more per mile that the projected costs of the putative HS2 railway.

    How is this achieved? Well for a start many systems actually start operation with second-hand trams, or as many German systems have done in the past, they buy basically a standard tram, and the trams can thus be bought in bulk and moved between networks.

    But the real money-saver is that the amount of on-street running is reduced to an absolute minimum, as this is the most expensive track to build, and has the biggest problems with buses (damaging the track), cycles (falls etc) and other traffic. Reserved track, often laid out as a giant green strip through the city is commonly seen. In busy central areas, where pedestrian movement can swamp the ability of all other modes to move efficiently through the area, the electric tram, with its close guidance system, can be sent underground - putting the trams under Princes Street would perhaps have been the right move?

  • DfT urged to change road design rules now or risk strangling David Cameron's 'Cycling Revolution'1 year 7 weeks agoThe problem with going ahead

    The problem with going ahead before the standards are rewritten is that most local authorities will continue in the established tradition of trying win a Cycle Facility of the Month Award rather than building something that might actually be useful.

  • Third of cyclists support mandatory hi-viz clothing claims survey1 year 7 weeks agoOne word, choice as I don't

    One word, choice as I don't need the Government of the day pretending to protect cyclists by doing my thinking for me. I wear it myself but it is sweet fa use against a driver not giving driving its due attention as I know from experience.

  • Video: Thor Hushovd stars in Norwegian cycle safety clip1 year 7 weeks agoeverybody on the road has to

    everybody on the road has to be careful - that is the message

  • Are police fining 'speeding' cyclists in Richmond Park exceeding their authority?1 year 7 weeks agoI think you will find that

    I think you will find that not withstanding all the, possibly confusing, details concerning vehicle definitions, their does exist another legitimate possible defence.
    This is that, because a bicycle has no way to reliably or accurately determine the speed it is travelling at, it cannot be prosecuted for it.
    This works on the basis that, if one takes the trouble to know, and try to stay within the law, but one has no reasonably practical method available to a normal citizen to determine wether one is doing so or not, then one cannot be prosecuted for it. I think this is known as "Habeas Corpus"(?).
    Perhaps Dr Hutchinson might like to comment on this?
    I think this is the main reason that speed limits are not applicable to cyclists on normal roads (but "furious riding" is!).

  • Which UCI technical rules should be updated? We asked the experts1 year 7 weeks agoI interpreted it to mean keep

    I interpreted it to mean keep the costs down for UCI entry level racers, who are generally poorer than amateurs buying entry level bicycles.

  • Stolen bike1 year 7 weeks agopossible places to log it in

    possible places to log it in case anyone spots it

    Remember to set up an auto alert on google and on ebay, and gumtree if htey do such things.

  • “Safer” lorry cabs delayed till 20151 year 7 weeks agoYorkshie Whippet wrote:No

    Yorkshie Whippet wrote:
    No such thing as a dangerous vehcile, it the person behind the wheel in so called control that's dangerous!

    Sorry to bring up a cliched internet argument, but that is an idiotic thing to say. Americans use the same argument to oppose gun control. A safer truck by design will mitigate deaths, we are talking about percentages here, not absolutist 'trucks don't kill people, people do,' arguments.

  • Video: Thor Hushovd stars in Norwegian cycle safety clip1 year 7 weeks agoThe message is, I agree, a

    The message is, I agree, a bit complicated. But at least it exists. It would be great if we had something similar to argue over!

  • DfT urged to change road design rules now or risk strangling David Cameron's 'Cycling Revolution'1 year 7 weeks agoRegarding the £10 per head

    Regarding the £10 per head spending figure mentioned by Roger...
    The Minister for Transport and Veterans (Keith Brown) told the Scottish Parliament (in the debate where he refused to support strict liability -- see HERE):

    Outside London, the spend per head of population in other parts of England is around £1.50 whereas in Scotland this year it is around £4.00 and will be around £6.00 next year—and that does not include the contributions from local authorities.

  • Which UCI technical rules should be updated? We asked the experts1 year 7 weeks agoHi to you all out there. It

    Hi to you all out there. It strikes me that Cycle Racing both Road & Track especially but not forgetting all other facets of the sport are getting further and further away from reality than I could ever have imagined.
    Indeed,it is becoming the pedal powered version of Formula 1.
    The machines that are being ridden today are so far away from what was the accepted standards and in most cases regular off the rack/hand-built bespoke cycles.
    These bikes were ridden by the greats and built by the local cycle dealers and or frame makers in there respective countries/regions.The entry level road bikes for the masses are the furthest thing that could be imagined by the newbie to the world of cycling. Starting with one of these entry level bikes is a sure-fire route to either loosing interest or putting a financial noose around the necks of the gullible.
    The building of bikes for the mass retail market has little or nothing in common with competition/road race bikes.
    The professional riders are simply riding examples of 'Badge Engineering' and potential manufacturing One-upmanship.
    The notion of our component is better than yours and the constant striving by the general public/club rider to aspire to emulating their heroes is doing very little for the recycling of whole cycles for the market that serves the less fortunate and well heeled buying public.
    The cross compatibility of parts and components is becoming a nightmare and it is likely to stifle any progress by the older routes of swapping and changing parts/components in a manner of upgrading with minimal expense incurred.
    The trade will often refer to it as 'Protecting The Product'.
    A great many would interpret that as Milking the already milked cash cow.
    It is often counter productive to any intention of promoting cycling and cycle sports because the higher priced the product becomes,the fewer are in a position to purchase.
    The fewer that are purchased the higher is the 'On Cost' per unit,this invariably will lead to a cheapening of the product because of the need to source cheaper components and the cycle starts all over again.

  • Trial of driverless pods on pavements of Milton Keynes heralds "science fiction future" (+ video)1 year 7 weeks agoWhat's not being said

    What's not being said directly is that these are a proof of concept for replacing human-driven vehicles 100% with self-driving autonomous cars.

    Vince Cable: "This investment goes to the heart of our industrial strategy which is giving the British automotive industry the tools it needs to plan for long-term growth and international success."
    means by developing this proof of concept in the UK, and because small UK automotive firms are some of the best in the world... then as self-driving cars become reality, we'll be very well placed to profit from all the engineering, design, legal etc etc work which will need to be done.
    Think how many cars there are in the world now and think how massive the market is to replace them...
    Oh and it will deal with the anti-cyclist hostility in one fell swoop.

  • Giro Air Attack helmet1 year 7 weeks agoI'm using my Air Attack as my

    I'm using my Air Attack as my only helmet and commuting 10 miles each way through northern Sydney in late spring (afternoon temps 30+ degrees) and as a blue skinned sweaty scotsman I've not noticed any real difference in cooling from my Giro Aeon. Great Helmet and I bought the shield version so I use it for triathlon too Smile

  • Trial of driverless pods on pavements of Milton Keynes heralds "science fiction future" (+ video)1 year 7 weeks agoThis is so ludicrous it is

    This is so ludicrous it is beyond satire.

    The answer? One word - Brompton
    How is this silly car IN ANY WAY BETTER?

    P.s. granted for disabled people it would be great, but is this the most cost effective solution for them?

  • Third of cyclists support mandatory hi-viz clothing claims survey1 year 7 weeks agoHi-viz just seems like a red

    Hi-viz just seems like a red herring to me. In low lighting conditions white clothing and reflective strips seems a better idea.

    Most of the people I see wearing hi-viz seem to get it so dirty that if there is a benefit it seems to fade. So do we have to get it washed spick and span for the proposed legislation too? Tell me what else to do….

  • Cycloc Wrap1 year 7 weeks agoColin Peyresourde wrote:This

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    This actually solves a cycloc problem I have, when I hang my bike up my front wheel turns (I think it's because of the break/gear cables).

    [[[[ I use an old Q/R toestrap to connect front wheel to down-tube. No cost solution.

  • Video: Thor Hushovd stars in Norwegian cycle safety clip1 year 7 weeks agoflobble wrote:Am I the only

    flobble wrote:
    Am I the only one who finds the message rather confusing?

    In about half the incidents our 'hero' was at least partially at fault. e.g. Pulling out of alleyway without looking, turning off without signalling, riding in the middle of the road with a vehicle approaching.

    Completely agree. In about have of those scrapes, he's riding like a div.

    The same video with Sir Brad would do nothing for motorist/cycling relations in this country.


  • Week At The Pyrenees – Because It’s Here1 year 7 weeks agoLovely write up Jo. Did

    Lovely write up Jo. Did Tourmalet in the fog as part of last year's TdF stage 16 (loved it) and then did Port de Bales the next day as part of stage 17 in the blazing sun and hated it (ABSOLUTELY hated it), was a serious brute of a climb. Would love to get out there and try some of 2014's route...and a revisit to the Tourmalet to try and get a view!

  • Bianchi Infinito CV1 year 7 weeks ago£7100 and Bianchi have fitted

    £7100 and Bianchi have fitted the rear derailleur cable housing seal the wrong way round! (see photo 33, or 16 - the little rubber thing that goes on the end of the housing)

    I only noticed because I've just fitted one of these myself last week and have the instructions in front of me Smile

  • Doping scandal hits Belgium - but it's pigeons, not cyclists1 year 7 weeks agoNorthernbike wrote:I hope

    Northernbike wrote:
    I hope this means we're not in for a flood of self-vindicatory books by retired pigeons assuring us that even though they were up to their necks in doping they were really against it all the time and the reason they waited so long to go public is absolutely not because they were holding out for a book deal

    [[[[ Yes! To be published by Penguin.