• Fuller "disappointed" as doping expert Ashenden quits Change Cycling Now over Lance Armstrong contact1 year 14 weeks agoSomeone help me out.... why

    Someone help me out.... why in the world would anyone reach out to Armstrong? That makes no sense whatsoever... unless they are looking for a handout. Thinking

  • Body Muscle percentage1 year 14 weeks agoAlso, I'm not going to link

    Also, I'm not going to link this, as its a livestrong post. So take it with a pinch of EPO....

    Step 1
    Weigh yourself with a body fat scale. The scale will automatically calculate your percentage of body fat.

    Step 2
    Subtract your body fat percentage from 100 to get your lean mass percentage. Here is an example: 100 -- 25 percent body fat = 75 percent lean mass.

    Step 3
    Divide your lean mass percent by 100 to calculate the decimal for your lean mass percent. Here is an example: 100 / 75 - .75

    Step 4
    Multiply your lean mass decimal by your total body weight to calculate your lean mass weight. If you weigh 175 lbs., multiply 175 by .75 for 131.25 lbs. of lean mass.

  • Body Muscle percentage1 year 14 weeks agoGoing on that BMI, here are

    Going on that BMI, here are my results. Just at the top range of "normal" but I was told by doctors to ignore BMI, because below my hips, you cannot even pinch a little bit of skin. Its all muscles.

    Your new BMI: 24.06
    Your old BMI: 24.68

    So I thought, lets do Chris Hoy, I use him as a body example as we all know he's fit and has massive legs.

    Giving his 6ft 1 and 14.5 stone. His results are

    Your new BMI: 25.32
    Your old BMI: 26.52

    So he's in the overweight range....Cause he's really fat and unhealthy Devil

    Further more, Mr thunder thighs himself. Robert Forstemann. He's 5ft9 and 14st. He's at the high end of overweight

    Your new BMI: 28.42
    Your old BMI: 28.94

    So it goes to show. BMI doesn't work if you have any extra muscle bulk Nerd

  • knee pain.. do I need pedal extenders1 year 14 weeks agoWhats the cost of a bike fit

    Whats the cost of a bike fit these days?

  • Video: Kinesis Tripster ATR Ti prototype1 year 14 weeks agoLooks a lot like the Van

    Looks a lot like the Van Nicholas Amazon and similar money too.

  • Fuller "disappointed" as doping expert Ashenden quits Change Cycling Now over Lance Armstrong contact1 year 14 weeks agoLook, at the end of the day

    Look, at the end of the day CCN are going to do feck all about sorting out the UCI.

    I've been talking to a number of pro cyclists for a while now to get their views. Here is a quote from one conversation

    "It's my understanding that those in power are not put there by cyclists. So hard to 'topple' them from grassroots."

    If that's a pro's view, who ultimately is dictated to, through his management, team and sponsors, all under the direction of the UCI and WADA Rules. What is the hope that a "movement" like CCN can do anything.


    They can bring things to light, but other than that, there is nothing anyone outside of the voting members of the UCI can do to sort it out. If pro's don't believe in the system, but can't change it. Normal folk like us have no chance.

    As for bring up my comments from September, what's that go to do with this? Those are still my views.

    McQuaid may have done alot wrong, but he's also changed alot of thing. He may not be the perfect man for the job, but from all those who can be voted into the hotseat. I cannot see any others who I could point to and say honestly, they would do a better job.

  • Body Muscle percentage1 year 14 weeks agoThere is a new BMI calculator

    There is a new BMI calculator that suggests Brad Pitt may have been obese under the old system:


    This new system drops me one point to 25.9. Plus I know for a fact that my body shape doesn't favour my BMI score. I used to kayak a lot and once lent my boat to a friend, but when I got to the bottom of the river my playboat was nowhere to be seen (though he had lost it!) but he just said he couldn't fit into it. I was perplexed as he was the same height as me, a bit thinner but not much. He said the kayak was too short, we stood beside each other and although the same size his hips were about 2.5"/6cm higher than mine. He was like a Spider Monkey boy with long limbs though.
    I normally wear 32" leg jeans so reckon I have a long body like a ferret. More body, so I could knock another point off for that and yeah, I am just into the normal range.

    So my sensor thingy is way off, I will just have to use it as a up or down indicator and stick to good old fashion weight.

  • knee pain.. do I need pedal extenders1 year 14 weeks agoPedal extenders are an

    Pedal extenders are an option, but they increase the 'q' factor (distance between feet) - this can cause other issues because unless you have exceptionally wide hips, your legs will no longer be parallel.

    I have fallen arches, so I have custom orthotics for everyday shoes etc. However, walking around/running/whatever are heel-posted activites, whereas cycling is forefoot-posted, so use of heel-based orthotics is of debatable benefit.

    I also have a neutral foot stance where my soles are tilted inwards by about 4.5 degrees (outstep lower than instep, in other words). This meant that when I was pedalling easy it was ok, but once I pushed on, each foot would collapse inwards on the downstroke. This in turn caused my knee to knock inwards by a couple of cm with each pedal revolution.

    I went to see a sports therapist who does bike fittings, and ended up with the following:

    Specialised Body Geometry footbeds, in the +++ (green) flavour (this is their maximum arch support).

    Varus wedges to support the tilted foot stance, essentially bringing the instep upwards to meet the foot. This consists of 1 x 1.5 degree varus wedge under each insole, use of Spesh Body Geometry shoes which include a built-in 1.5 degree tilt (since they reckon the majority of people need that), and a further 1.5 degree wedge slotted into the Speedplay cleats. Total 4.5 degrees.

    Interestingly, while all the above was definitely necessary (they would have caused me problems at some point, and prevention is better than cure), my knee pains were actually solved rather more simply. Basically, the vertical track on which the kneecap runs relies on equal tension from the attached inner and outer quads. Contrary to what you might think when looking at your thighs, the outer quad is used more than the big strong teardrop shaped inner quad. This meant that the outer quad wanted to pull my knee off-track when I tensed the muscles. So, some foam roller work on the outers, and regular tensing of the inners (when just standing around or whatever) solved it. Your mileage may vary, obviously.

    Oh, and check that the bike fitter will look at pedals/cleats, a lot don't touch them.

    Good luck.

  • Thomson to launch instantly adjustable dropper seatpost1 year 14 weeks agowell a lighter drpper post,

    well a lighter drpper post, suited to narrower tubes might suit some in the XC racer segment, but really on a road bike?! Most of us spend a fair while sorting out saddle height to be "just so" for the road bike, can't see it being of any use what so ever.

    On my full susser though, saving my notes now, ready for this one, looks to be the best of the bunch, if a tad expensive.

  • Pat McQuaid writes to all IOC members to seek support for UCI in battle with WADA1 year 14 weeks agoYes, this is sadly needed.

    Yes, this is sadly needed. Ban road cycling, and task the UCi with putting its house in order.

  • One23 Super Bright 0.5 rear light1 year 14 weeks agoAh I see you do say AAA in

    Ah I see you do say AAA in the report lower down, it's just in the article it says AA.

  • London construction firms lack awareness of danger lorries pose to cyclists, says TRL report1 year 14 weeks agoCarrot rather than stick:

    Carrot rather than stick: There would be no quicker incentive than including a zero-casualties target for transport sub-contractors - they are probably incentivised for on-site safety targets, so let's extend that to all activities related to the project. The Government could start with all public service contracts.

  • One23 Super Bright 0.5 rear light1 year 14 weeks agoThanks guys, looks like my

    Thanks guys, looks like my kind of light, complete with rubber fixing - good for the Brompton seat post. Any news of the similar One23 front light? Also you say it runs on AA batteries but the todayscyclist website says it uses AAA. http://www.todayscyclist.co.uk/product.aspx?X=ONLA052 Can you confirm please.

  • Video: Kinesis Tripster ATR Ti prototype1 year 14 weeks agoI take my hat off to them for

    I take my hat off to them for welding an alu head tube to Ti top and down tubes Wink

  • Core Bike Show 2013: Castelli, 3T, Thomson and PDW1 year 14 weeks agoI had them too on my ten

    I had them too on my ten speed, they weren't really any good. You couldn't apply enough force to stop from any sort of speed, and they reduced the amount of cable pull available to the main lever as well. They also had a nasty habit of falling off. I got rid of mine pretty sharpish I think.

  • Fuller "disappointed" as doping expert Ashenden quits Change Cycling Now over Lance Armstrong contact1 year 14 weeks agoGkam84: I've already asked

    Gkam84: I've already asked them to take my name off the CCN Petition, I don't want to be aligned with anything that has ANY connection to Lance, even if it was just a phone call to arrange a meeting.

    I'm sure CCN is weeping as we type. The approach to Armstrong may be wrong but it may just be useful in putting pressure on the UCI. You get more out of people, even shysters like Armstrong (perhaps especially sociopaths like Armstrong), by cajoling them rather than excluding them (from discussion, not competition obviously). I respect Ashenden hugely but I think he's wrong here. In terms of root and branch cleansing of cycling as a sport, Armstrong will be invaluable if he spills beans - which I think he will ultimately because he loves being in control and having power (he can bring the UCI down if he implicates them in conspiring to cover up doping) - and that will happen if someone is clever with him.

    CCN, as Fuller explains, is not a formal group. But its message and momentum needs to be supported. I recall that your view back in September was that any type of pressure on the UCI - in terms of a petition at that time - was "absurd, futile, ineffectual un-intelligent, ill informed, pointless", and on mad fat Pat, "I still don't think Pat McQuaid is at fault for everything that happens in world cycling and doping issue's (sic). He is responsible for what goes on in the UCI though. I don't think he's doing such a bad job with it". Well, mad fat Pat has been doing and continues to do a bad job and has been and continues to be, along with Verbruggen, at the heart of the fraudulent malaise in professional cycling. Pressure on them needs to be maintained at all costs for the future of the sport before more Rabobank-type withdrawals and Sport Australia-type ultimatums see it wither.

  • bottom bracket1 year 14 weeks agoRecent FSA bottom brackets

    Recent FSA bottom brackets have the part number stamped on the lockring so have a good search and see if you can find that - then you should be able to get a replacement or find an equivalent....

  • FS: Giant Defy 3 Full Bike with upgrades1 year 14 weeks agoAlso forgot to say that the

    Also forgot to say that the saddle is a Selle Italia SLR Gel flow

  • Tour of Qatar....Problem1 year 14 weeks agoAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The


    The official website is shocking.

    Go to the start list....remember it starts on Sunday....

    Riders list
    The starters are not yet known.

  • Graeme Obree: UCI beyond repair, but doping far less prevalent nowadays1 year 14 weeks agoSam1 wrote:alun wrote:I have

    Sam1 wrote:
    alun wrote:
    I have the greatest respect for Graeme, but this is not his best quote!

    “I know for a fact that riders are still doping, because somebody told me.

    Ah. Hadnt clocked that first read through. Hmm, that's a bit Phil Liggett-stylie.

    Yes, we see this too often these days. Anyone, Obree included (especially Obree given his historical stance) should speak out if they know about doping. This comment is tantamount to protecting those that are.

  • Body Muscle percentage1 year 14 weeks agoDON'T even go near a BMI

    DON'T even go near a BMI score. Its all sh*t.

    If everyone was identical, then yes, BMI would work, but it doesn't take in the fact of your bone structure, so you may have wide shoulders. Woman have wider hips....etc.

    So if I'm the same size and weight as you. we would have the same BMI....but you might have massive shoulders and I just have a huge gut....

    That is why BMI is just nonsense.

  • 3 riders from the same team.1 year 14 weeks agoIf I didn't think I would get

    If I didn't think I would get in trouble. I would put him into the race to see how many picked him Devil

  • bottom bracket1 year 14 weeks agoIt might help us if you have

    It might help us if you have a make and model of the bike along with a year?

    Then we can trace down parts and numbers for you Nerd

  • Video: Kinesis Tripster ATR Ti prototype1 year 14 weeks agoWhy would you want a carbon

    Why would you want a carbon fork on a titanium frame? What if the fork fails in the middle of nowhere? Shouldn't a 'go anywhere' bike be made of stuff a local blacksmith can fix?

  • Core Bike Show 2013: Castelli, 3T, Thomson and PDW1 year 14 weeks agoVecchioJo wrote:auxiliary/bar

    VecchioJo wrote:
    auxiliary/bar top/cross top brake levers aren't suicide levers

    this is a suicide lever

    just sayin Smile

    I had them as a kid. Why were they called suicide levers? Always thought they were a safety measure...