• Video round-up: 10 big moments in cycling in 20121 year 16 weeks agoAbsolutely right,

    Absolutely right, iamelectron, both Keisse and Rabottini well worth watching, as would be other rides like Millar's TDF stage win and Cummings in the Vuelta.

    Thing is, we restricted it to big moments, so that means big-name riders on the whole and big races, even then some didn't make the cut for the final ten.. Sagan, as pointed out above, for example, Milan-Sanremo or Gilbert in the Worlds, to give just some examples.

    The one we included that doesn't really fit the mould is JTL, which wasn't so much one moment but a season-long journey from a third-tier team to the ProTour.

  • 6000 lose driving licence for poor eyesight in 2011 - and that's a 39% rise in the number of bus and lorry drivers1 year 16 weeks agoHow about having a "check

    How about having a "check box" on the licence stating wether the holder requires corrective lenses to drive. Then if the person does get pulled the officer can see (no pun intended) at a glance wether the driver is legal or not.

  • Injured cyclist tells how he lay by roadside for more than 20 minutes as cars sped by1 year 16 weeks agoThe second story reminds me

    The second story reminds me of when I stuffed the rear mech into my wheel in Marlborough and had to walk back to Great/Little Bedwin to catch a train home. A couple stopped & offered me a lift but there car was immaculate and the thought of putting chain grease on the seats was enough to make me shudder, so I thanked them but declined their generous offer. It just goes to show whilst there are a lot of sinners there are some saints.

  • 6000 lose driving licence for poor eyesight in 2011 - and that's a 39% rise in the number of bus and lorry drivers1 year 16 weeks agoA regular mandatory eye sight

    A regular mandatory eye sight check for holding your driving licence would be good. Relying on self checking doesn't seem to work.
    The chance of ever being checked by the police is low (unless you are in an accident).

  • Help and advice for loosing weight and diet.1 year 16 weeks agoI'd agree with the above

    I'd agree with the above comments.

    Try to eat more 'real' food instead of processed, packaged stuff with loads of sugars or padding. Eat as much unprocessed and raw fruit and veg as you can. A rule of thumb: the more processing the less nutrition remains.

    Cut down the amount of starchy carbs - don't fill up with spuds, pasta, bread and so on. These high GI products cause sugar spike and crash leading to further craving. At work I find the lunches where I have wraps or flour tortillas or homemade bread are more satisfying than sandwiches made with cheap supermarket 'packet' bread.

    Try making real porridge for brekkie (not instant sachets) or pre-soaked muesli using skimmed or rice milk with a mix of fruit, nuts and seeds instead of sugar-laced cereals.

    If you regularly eat smaller portions and less packaged stuff labelled as 'low fat' or 'healthy option' (which they invariably aren't) your body will gradually adapt to that intake. You may even find you enjoy refined products less as time goes by.

  • Christmas : what I wanted vs, what I got1 year 16 weeks agoMy birthday was in November

    My birthday was in November and none of my bike pressies arrived that I thought I would get...so Christmas was great this year; I wanted and got: new wheels/ tyres, casette, chainring, chain, bike tools and a bottle of old No 7...yahoo...

  • Help and advice for loosing weight and diet.1 year 16 weeks agoI've been slowly losing

    I've been slowly losing weight all year and I think for me that has been the secret. I've always been active, everything from running up stairs to lots of gardening and not sitting around, but my weight plateaued at 74.5 kg

    So I did a couple of things

    1. Started tracking my food - I use Myfitnesspal - since most of what I eat (and I'm a strict veggie) can simply be scanned in
    2. Started tracking my rides more carefully - I use Endomondo

    In both cases I set very achievable goals

    Lose 500gms a month, that's .5 pounds a week, basically a good 2.5 hour bike ride a week, whilst maintaining my calorie intake at the same level

    Note I eat what I always did (including chocolate Smile ) but just am a little careful about quantity. I travel a lot for work and whilst the missus thinks I obsessed - I do what I like (eat and bike)

    Also by using the above mentioned apps you can not only track your progress you can challenge yourself against others - for example my neighbour and I had a simple "who can ride the most in August" without ever riding together due to our different jobs

    What does all this mean - since June

    My average speed has increased by 2km/hour even as the weather gets worse
    I've consistently lost between a pound and 2 every month and went from 12 stone to 11 while still eating everything I always did
    Waist has dropped from 34" to 31" and falling
    I even lost weight over Christmas

    It's simply calorie restriction not so much type of food and a good food tracking app will actually help you see what you are eating better and enable you to make more healthful choices, e.g. 1 chocolate digestive = 3 chucks of dairy milk or a can of apricots

    Slowly over time you'll just automatically start making better choices about food and as others mentioned - cooking for yourself not because it's healthy but because you can eat more for the same calorific intake

    Home made cake is less calories than shop bought cake and without the preservatives

    Good luck!

  • Christmas : what I wanted vs, what I got1 year 16 weeks agoDidn't ask for anything this

    Didn't ask for anything this year, but bought myself

    Planet X carbon wheels
    Dura Ace 7900 shifters, mechs and Fightdeck computer
    Ritchey WCS bars and 260 stem
    Sidi shoes, Cateye helmet and 2 new tops
    Assortment odd and ends.

    Best Christmass for quite a while with parcels arriving since November.Big Grin

  • road.cc's top products of 20121 year 16 weeks agoThanks for choosing our

    Thanks for choosing our Softshell Jo, but DO wash it, or it won't work properly, innit. Sick

  • 6000 lose driving licence for poor eyesight in 2011 - and that's a 39% rise in the number of bus and lorry drivers1 year 16 weeks agoI've always thought it was a

    I've always thought it was a good idea for a mandatory eye test for driving as and when you went to the opticians. The optometrist could then forward the pass / fail information onto the DVLA.

    I suppose it would be too much like joined up thinking though.

  • Help and advice for loosing weight and diet.1 year 16 weeks agoFirst, I'd suggest you

    First, I'd suggest you develop a meal/snack timetable that you can stick to so that you eat meals at regular times and top up with healthy, planned snacks. Losing weight only happens if you eat fewer calories than you burn so it's vital that you regulate your input.

    Secondly, food shopping – buy only items that are recognisable as having been harvested or reared. So fruit and veg, meat and fish. Pulses (lentils, chick peas, beans, etc.) are a great source of protein; chicken and turkey are better than red meats. Not only will you lose weight but you'll probably save money on your food bill.

    You can get smart by cooking in bulk and freezing which works really well with curries, casseroles and soups. Aim for the daily five portions of fruit or veg.

    Avoid, ready meals and highly processed foods – they contain high amounts of sugar, the so-called 'empty calories'. That's particularly true of products labelled 'low fat' – when the fat is removed the taste goes with it so sweeteners are added to make it palatable I'd also cut out all takeaways, fast food, cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks.

    It's surprising how little time cooking from scratch actually takes - most people waste any time 'saved' by heating up ready meals and you may as well peel and cook a veg stir fry as go to the take away and hang about waiting for your order.

    Don't cut out all treats, but be disciplined. It's okay to reward yourself for sticking to your plan with chocolate or ice cream occasionally.

    Finally - hydration. Many people think they feel hungry when they are thirsty and snack when they are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water often to avoid this.

  • Welsh SPOTY 20121 year 16 weeks agoI'd like Gareth Bale to

    I'd like Gareth Bale to win.

    For proving that Tom Daley's not the only top-class diver Wink

  • Bottom Bracket Compatibility1 year 16 weeks agoYes, I have a Dura Ace bb and


    I have a Dura Ace bb and an older Gossamer chainset working as a treat.

  • Cycling barrister captures death threat on video… insufficient evidence say Met & CPS + video1 year 16 weeks agoMy comment has nothing to do

    My comment has nothing to do with this article but i feel i have to respond to the comment by TiNuts who wrote

    "Pretty galling as it's our money which is being used to prop up their increasingly fat pension fund.

    I pay into my pension, the sum of £350.00 every 4 weeks multiply that by 13 payments a year for 30 years gives a figure of £136500 i have paid in, no small amount from my own pocket and i was wondering how much you have personally paid into my pension ?????.

    The money you pay in council tax goes to the running of the Police forces not our pensions.

    On behalf of Officers who do care about their job and the people they serve i apologise to those who feel they dont get a good service.

  • Help and advice for loosing weight and diet.1 year 16 weeks agotry to eat as much 'real'

    try to eat as much 'real' food as you can rather than anything processed, you'll feel satisfied for longer and have more energy.

    My wife has been home on maternity leave for the last six months so she's been cooking dinner from scratch most days and I've lost a stone through very small tweaks to our diets. Homemade sauces instead of jars,swapping beef mince for turkey mince, fruit or nut/seeds for snacks instead of chocolate or biscuits, those sort of things. As Tony said, its about a lifestyle change so you've got to be able to stick to it long term without feeling like you're missing out.

    Plus homemade soups are quick and easy to make while getting loads of veggies into your diet in one go Big Grin

  • Help and advice for loosing weight and diet.1 year 16 weeks agoMy advice would be to find a

    My advice would be to find a varied healthy diet that works for you something you can stick to forever - so a lifestyle change rather than going on a diet.

    I eat most things but in moderation, what has worked for me is to re-organise when I eat them. So I make it a rule not to eat carbs after six o'clock in the evening (someone told me pro athletes don't eat them after 4pm, but then they probably go to bed a lot earlier than me).

    My last meal of the day is protein and lots of veg and I front load the day with a bigger breakfast and a big lunch. I don't eat any less than I did before, in fact I think I eat very slightly more carb than I used to, but I'm giving my body the chance to burn it off before bed time. The other benefit is that I seem to have more energy on my ride home too cos there's more fuel in the tank.

  • 6000 lose driving licence for poor eyesight in 2011 - and that's a 39% rise in the number of bus and lorry drivers1 year 16 weeks agoPut the onus on employers to

    Put the onus on employers to ensure that any drivers they employ have adequate eyesight - the threat of corporate manslaughter should get their attention.

  • London's cycle commuter boom causes problems on Regents Canal towpath1 year 16 weeks agoI've only ridden along the

    I've only ridden along the canal once and frankly I won't be again. It's too slow, too narrow, and why people walk straight down the middle of the path is a mystery to me.

    Also the stretches where the path slopes towards the water are dangerous; I know that tyres grip at quite serious angles when cornering but all it takes is a couple of wet leaves and I'm taking a drink of duck-juice.

  • London's cycle commuter boom causes problems on Regents Canal towpath1 year 16 weeks agoThink people should stop

    Think people should stop having pop at cyclists at every opportunity. Have a go at Horse riders instead, No road tax (whatever that is!!) insurance, MOT, License etc! Big Grin

    Do think that police should fine night riding without lights, FAST pavement cycling and unroadworthy bikes. I've seen bikes on the road with no working brake!

  • Christmas : what I wanted vs, what I got1 year 16 weeks agoWell i asked for Cash so that

    Well i asked for Cash so that i can up-grade my components? Thinking

    I got the cash (£120)plus bottle of Jack Daniels Honey and Sir Bradley Wiggin's Book 'My Time'

    So pretty chuffed Big Grin

    Although being a chef i was looking forward to 3 days off and ended up cooking crimbo lunch cause my sister in-law got that Winter vomin bug... Angry

  • road.cc's top products of 20121 year 16 weeks agoThat S3 review is 3 years old

    That S3 review is 3 years old though, and the shorts 2 years. surely that counts it out for a best of 2012 line up.

  • Bottom Bracket Compatibility1 year 16 weeks agoBrilliant, that's what I was

    Brilliant, that's what I was hoping! Smile

  • Cycling on windy days1 year 16 weeks agoSimon_MacMichael

    Simon_MacMichael wrote:
    londonplayer wrote:
    surely you should be able to go much faster when the wind is behind you? but I have never actually experienced this. anybody?

    Hell yeah. Took a ride out to Moreton last year, got there in super quick time. When it took twice as long to get home straight into a headwind, I realised why Crying

    went out round the north of Bath yesterday in 'mixed' conditions. got hit by a big shower and associated wind as we were heading east on an exposed flat stretch, got blown along at 50km/h+ for about four miles. it was *ace*

    it was quite a lot less ace when we turned for home though Thinking

  • Lezyne Pressure Drive Handpump; S**t. Recommendations for replacement?1 year 16 weeks agolezyne road drive cfh ...

    lezyne road drive cfh ... best of both worlds and never
    had a problem (got an alloy drive mini I use on the mtb -
    also faultless over the years !!)

  • Christmas : what I wanted vs, what I got1 year 16 weeks agoProper winter boots ...

    Proper winter boots ... bought them myself as they cost
    too much Smile
    New over shoes - the enduras finally died - got them Smile
    Thermal l/s base layer - got that too ....

    All the other chocolate, sweets, cake, tolkien book and
    the whole crimbo period with my wife and kids was a brucey
    bonus Big Grin