• Video: Sussex Police use CCTV footage of motorist knocking 12-year-old girl off bike in safety campaign1 year 4 weeks agojellysticks wrote:PhilRuss

    jellysticks wrote:
    PhilRuss wrote:
    [[[[[ Absolutely outrageous comments from Sargeant Carl Naff...
    Just who, and who alone, should he should be lecturing here?

    What on earth are you talking about? His comments are entirely appropriate and reasonable. He's not lecturing anyone.

    I think he's talking about the tosser from the police force who, in the aftermath of another cretinous motorist ploughing into a cyclist, saw fit to open his trap and vomit forth rubbish about helmets and hi-viz.

    Would you like anything else obvious explained to you?

  • Podium boys and equal prize money for women’s race at Tour de France finale in Paris1 year 4 weeks agoEqual money is right, but

    Equal money is right, but what I meant is, how can you compare a one day 90km race to a a 138km race which comes one the back of 3,518km's that the men have already covered.

    The reason that prize money for the stages of the TdF is high, is because the race is one of the toughest in Pro cycling.

    But it will get the best racers from the best teams attending, so I guess it is all good

  • Tour De Romandie Stage 11 year 4 weeks ago6th on the stage, will take

    6th on the stage, will take that...although should have gone with my gut and gone Herrada not Gautier, but hey ho

  • shocking police video1 year 4 weeks agoThe comment "This was a

    The comment "This was a deliberate, shocking attack against an innocent man, who was lucky to escape more serious injury".

    err no he is not, anyone who abuses a child is not an an innocent man. However taking the law into your own hands is not something i would recommend.

  • Tour De Romandie Stage 11 year 4 weeks agoThe only good thing to come

    The only good thing to come out of today for me was a 5 point bonus for Hepburn in the 3.0 comp.

  • Bike for sale1 year 4 weeks agoHere it is.

    Here it is.

  • Bike for sale1 year 4 weeks agoOk, she hasn't posted. I know

    Ok, she hasn't posted. I know this much.

    Kuota Khatma
    105 groupset
    Mavic Aksiums

    As to size, I don't know. I'll chase her up in the morning again

  • shocking police video1 year 4 weeks agoIt's not as if anything will

    It's not as if anything will happen to the "driver" that will be worthwhile but they must show they are doing something...

  • Riccardo Riccò reportedly caught red-handed buying doping products1 year 4 weeks agoWhen the real cheaters get

    When the real cheaters get found out, it's time to reel out the sacrificial lambs...

  • Bike for sale1 year 4 weeks agoI am happy to negotiate and

    I am happy to negotiate and this depends on the year of the bike and the make up of the parts if it has been personalised.
    I would be happy with an 8-gear set but open to an investment.

    Many thanks for getting in touch

  • David Cameron says "this is a cycling nation" - as DfT stats reveal bike use falling across England1 year 4 weeks agoIanW1968 wrote:Oozy - the

    IanW1968 wrote:
    Oozy - the world around you is like it is by design and it can be what we want if to be by design.

    Btw I'm surprised to hear the "your not taking my car away" argument on a cycling website, that's usually the preserve of the more narrow minded end of the local newspaper websites.

    So for clarity..you can keep your car, you can work wherever you like however neither car users or the car/transport industry should expect everyone else to pay for your choice, not directly through taxes on infrastructure or healthcare or indirectly in quality of life.
    We can and do already regulate similar industries (alcohol/fags/gambling/drugs etc) without world coming to an end.

    Is this kind of like the intelligent design theory so beloved of born yesterday Christians?
    Who designed the modern world. James Watt? Stevenson? Trevithick? Benz? Diesel? Macadam?

    There is no great designer either in the sky or here on earth. There are merely a succession of scientific discoveries that underpin technologies applied in a variety of ways and under varying political and economic systems to address human needs. Evolution my good friend. Hard for some to get their heads around the fact that we have had an continue to have an infinite number of futures. And no big beardy fellah or some omnipotent mythical Bond style villain is designing the present or the future. Scary isn't it?

    Yea I drive a car. Handy for getting to bike races and triathlons and other longer journeys.

    Are you Amish? Just thinking about the combination of religious style beliefs in supernatural designers married to an aversion to modern contraptions?

  • Bike for sale1 year 4 weeks agoExcellent i look forward to

    Excellent i look forward to hearing back from them! Much appreciated :]

  • shocking police video1 year 4 weeks agoThe Telegraph article leaves

    The Telegraph article leaves out the background detail.

    This story doesn't: http://manchestergazette.co.uk/2014/04/29/police-release-video-cyclist-h...

    It's entirely possible this is someone who was targeted not because he was on a bike, but because of who he is.

  • Fog1 year 4 weeks agoWent out at 6am this morning

    Went out at 6am this morning for a quick hour before breakfast here in East Yorkshire. Totally clear at home. Got completely caught out by fog as I ploughed (slowly uphill). Felt very vulnerable. It's so easy to do.

  • Tour de Romandie Stage by Stage Dream Teams, the Giro Budget and a Giro Forum Competition Idea1 year 4 weeks agoMy premise is we can safely

    My premise is we can safely increase the budget quite a lot without getting 'a lot of similar teams' and 'making it too easy'. Of course, the Tour de Romandie isn't quite the right race to make these comparisons. It doesn't have a lot of sprinters for the sprint stages and there's no real true mountaintop finish where people would be tempted to choose the same or similar teams, and all the highest value riders, but, as an experiment, I'll score teams composed of the 4 highest value riders for each diferent type of stage to actual results when we get some of those stages in the Giro. I'll display the results of just putting the highest valued riders on a team, for both mountaintop and flat finishes, when we get to the Giro.

    I'd be surprised if a team that could fit in just the 4 highest valued riders and 5 3.0 riders would have won any (!) stage whatsoever, but it'll be fun to find out. If any team like that ever wins out, I'll be the first person to admit I'm wrong, if it ever does happen. Thanks! Smile

    In the meantime, the 4 highest valued riders for this competition are below, with 5 3.0 riders to make them company:

    40.0 Christopher Froome
    37.8 Michal Kwiatkowski
    37.7 Vincenzo Nibali
    33.7 Rui Faria Da Costa

    Ponder this... When do you think this particular team may finish with its highest score? Friday's Stage 3 mountain stage or Sunday's final time trial? Thinking Do you think it can beat out any team put to gether under the current budget? Thinking

  • Video: Greg LeMond shows how to quickly change an inner tube1 year 4 weeks ago'the lance hate gang'?

    'the lance hate gang'? really? ffs.
    and why would anyone hate anyone because they set up a charity?
    That's just a bizarre thought process. And no, he wasn't on a level playing field. Read up on that a little.

    The drug cheating thing, for me certainly, is the minor part of it. The perjury, slander, intimidation, ruining of others' lives...that's the side of it which really stinks. Simple 'cheating' can be forgiven, on the whole. Stamping all over anyone who gets in your way, that's a different thing altogether.

  • Video: Sussex Police use CCTV footage of motorist knocking 12-year-old girl off bike in safety campaign1 year 4 weeks agoSB76 wrote:A question, should

    SB76 wrote:
    A question, should the sentence be worse because it was a cyclist? No doubting the consequences of hitting a cyclist are potentially far worse and more dangerous but would anyone be calling for a harsher sentence if it was car on car??
    I'm not defending the sentence but I don't know if the law views car/bikes or pedestrians differently??

    If it had been car on car, there would almost certainly have been no injuries, no police called, no offence recorded, just another piece of shit driving the cost of which adds to everyone elses insurance.
    One in 6 people claim on their car insurance each year. The massive majority for accident damage. Obviously barely any resulted in any driving offence charges. I think the law changed in about 1965 that all knocks had to be notified to the police. Personally I'd revoke that, increase the number of traffic cops tenfold and fund them from the roughly 5 million fines that would be issued from crashes alone.

  • Pilates for flexibility?1 year 4 weeks ago+1 for a class. I have a

    +1 for a class. I have a couple of DVDs and a real instructor who comes and prods you when you get it wrong makes all the difference. Plus it's a good laugh. Or at least the class I go to is.
    From someone who could not get on the drops, I now ride on the drops mainly, I've dropped my stack height, and I get so flat on tri bars my knees are coming right up to my chest. Riding on the drops, I'm not putting my weight through my arms, so I have them bent, and loose, so no more ulna paralysis, and being able to drop my shoulders in, I don't get neck ache any more. All after 6 months of classes. 3 years of using the DVDs did nothing.
    One other benefit, my musclature is rather different to the girls, none of whom cycle as much as I do, and we've had to tailor some of the exercises a little. Which my instructor has been brilliant at doing.

  • Video: Greg LeMond shows how to quickly change an inner tube1 year 4 weeks agoWhile a expect to get shot

    While a expect to get shot down I think the L.A hate a bit too much. Yes drug cheats are wrong, thought I qualify this by the question, when L.A won't the tour was he playing on a level playing field by taking drugs? I would also ask why other drug cheats are still admired and no one sees that as a problem , Coppi (speed), Simpson (speed and alcohol), Merckx positive test 1967 Giro, Mosser when training for hour record, Kelly had corticode injection, Chiappucci, Roach implicated in EPO 1993, Pantani, LeBlanc, the list goes on and on and on. I'm not fed ending any of them but why does Lance get the stick while others are still heroes? Is it because he set up a cancer charity that did and does still do good or is it because he survived cancer and inspired millions of patient, who benefitted from that inspiration even if it was a lie? Can any of the Lance hate gang explain why he is treated differently? Genuine question.

  • shocking police video1 year 4 weeks agoYep, it's an alarming

    Yep, it's an alarming incident. Luckily the victim wasn't badly hurt but it could've easily been very different. I'm sure a lot of people will be happier once the driver is found.

  • Podium boys and equal prize money for women’s race at Tour de France finale in Paris1 year 4 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:.....I am all

    Gkam84 wrote:
    .....I am all for equal prize money...BUT, how can 90 km racing be compared with the last stage of a 3 week race.....

    It's not for a whole race, it's for just the one stage and at the same rate that the men get for the equivalent stage. They're being paid for the win not the 89.5km that goes before it, again the same as the men.

    About time too. The only way to raise the profile of women's racing is to put it on the same stage as the men's.

  • Met says thieves target mass-market commuting bikes - because they are easier to sell1 year 4 weeks agoIf you've got a carbon frame,

    If you've got a carbon frame, consider dropping one of these down your seat tube or steerer column. The signal gets picked up by the nearest phone (maybe even the thief's phone Big Grin ) and then you get an alert on your phone as to the whereabouts of your pride and joy. Clever concept.

  • shocking police video1 year 4 weeks agoI saw this on the Manchester

    I saw this on the Manchester Evening News site. I am at least glad to see that the police recognise that the car was 'used as a weapon'. Hope they catch the driver.

  • Riccardo Riccò reportedly caught red-handed buying doping products1 year 4 weeks agoHamster wrote: SPORTIVES

    Hamster wrote:


    Someone had better let the journalists know as plenty of reports on these events I've seen recently refer to "the race".

    Easy to get confused...I have the etape caledonia 'race guide' here!

    Timed, yet non competitive mass participation tack hunt?

  • Podium boys and equal prize money for women’s race at Tour de France finale in Paris1 year 4 weeks agoPrize money. About bloody

    Prize money. About bloody time, it is the 21st century.