• Bikes banned from Sheffield-Rotherham trams in a blow for integrated transport1 year 7 weeks agoCharles_Hunter wrote:You

    Charles_Hunter wrote:
    You can't take bikes on the metrolink in Manchester either, unless "folded and fully covered"

    Another system run by Stagecoach.

    It almost seems as though Stagecoach have something against bikes....

  • Vasectomy and Cycling1 year 7 weeks agoGizmo_ wrote:Spend a few days

    Gizmo_ wrote:
    Spend a few days looking at recumbents. Wink

    Or switch to a BMX or a trials bike for a while.

  • London police seek armed robber who fired shots as he made his escape by bike1 year 7 weeks agoSimon_MacMichael wrote:It's a

    Simon_MacMichael wrote:
    It's a police witness appeal. Among other things, we have a good few site users who commute into Central London and who may have noticed someone wearing a balaclava while pedalling furiously, as it were.

    Sounds like he might get a furious cycling charge to go with the others then?

  • Vasectomy and Cycling1 year 7 weeks agoSpend a few days looking at

    Spend a few days looking at recumbents. Wink

  • Castelli Prima Gloves1 year 7 weeks agoLooking at a set as liners to

    Looking at a set as liners to go under a shell glove. I am guessing that they are similar to the DeFeet gloves?

  • Vasectomy and Cycling1 year 7 weeks agoI remember getting impatient

    I remember getting impatient with mine and taking the stitches out myself. Think I was back on the bike after a week or so.

  • Winter Bikes1 year 7 weeks agoAnd my winter bike's a

    And my winter bike's a Racelight Tk with 25mm GP 4 Seasons and full Chromoplstic guards. It's what it was designed for!

  • How a carbon wheel is made + video1 year 7 weeks agoHeh, yep. Good eye on

    Heh, yep. Good eye on that.

    The video includes footage from the layup and forming of 4 different rims. One of which was damaged because of delaying a crucial step and is now in our showroom as a 'bounce tone demo' model... Carbon rims have a tone that rings out almost like a bell. We'll try to include an audio byte of it some day. Carbon that has compacted well will sound like a bright note and bounces very well. Carbon that hasn't tends to thunk or sound a bit dead. Kind of like an instrument.

    Also shown in the video are some alloy Rosa wheels (spoke lacing) and a 50mm carbon tubular for a prototype Road Disc type wheel that was on the table that day. It was just too difficult to get consistent light into the clincher bed, so I opted for the tubular. The filming for the wheelbuilding segment shows 4 different Bracciano Caliente Carbon Clincher wheels. I did my best to stick to just 4 of the batch through the whole process, but I couldn't tear down a built wheel just to get a shot of the rather shy lady putting the spokes in the hub for example. Some things required a bit of time to let people relax with a camera with a big honking lens pointing at them... These are not actors. Meanwhile, it's actually a factory and things are still moving on apace behind me.

    Please note that this is just a teaser for a bigger video with more detail. I hope to finish within 2 weeks.

    You'll also see a sequence in that vid showing an MTB wheel getting loctite'd even though the carbon clincher does not get loctite. I was going to put it in this one, but it needs a bit of explanation.

    You probably would have noticed it too. I hope you liked it though. Smile

  • Annual Oxford bike lights crackdown sees 171 cyclists fined1 year 7 weeks agoThis get my full support. I

    This get my full support. I cycle responsibly with hi-viz & lights. No excuses. Roll this out countrywide and it will do cycle no end of good.

  • rapha.. why do people on ebay insist on paying more than it can be bought new from rapha1 year 7 weeks agoThis thread just reminded me

    This thread just reminded me that I had an unworn Rapha jersey, it's now up for sale. It might just pay for a good rear light for me.

  • Does the way you ride say what sort of employee you'd be? Lucy Kellaway thinks it might.1 year 7 weeks agoIf only Jon Snow hadn'd said

    If only Jon Snow hadn'd said such nonsense the other day, we could come up with a theory about good journalists being cyclists and bad ones (like Petronella Moir) being non-cyclists. Damn.

  • How a carbon wheel is made + video1 year 7 weeks agoOne of the things about

    One of the things about carbon fiber manufacturing is that there really isn't much margin for error. And while robots can do some things fairly well, the type of work involved in layup is not all that well suited to a machine. There's a lot of 'finessing' things into place and making sure things line up with other things that is very dynamic.

    If you look at a typical "made in China" garment, you almost always find things like excessive thread used to finish edges, skips and loops in things etc... they make a lot, so they can throw away a lot.

    A lot of that is because of a reliance on machinery.

    Now imagine that on the inside of a carbon rim. You can't see it to check it. And remember, it's not just like one garment, it's like several garments in layers and stitched together. And they all have to be correct. Which is why Ultrasound or MRI is often used to check things like that.

    Take that illustration the other way and now you've got something like a tailor made garment. Button holes are tidied up, stitching is careful and even. The number of garments made is fewer, but the percentage of product that is no good because of inattention and general carelessness is much, much lower.

    It's probably worth noting that simply the act of filming this video ruined one rim at the forming process because it disrupted the timing from the cold room to the primary forming stage. Something slipped and the bead lip was around 1mm too shallow for a section around 5cm in length. Oops. That's an expensive frisbee....

  • Winter Bikes1 year 7 weeks agoI think your blog sums it up

    I think your blog sums it up at the end - they're both great in their own way.

    My winter bike is a Kinesis Racelight T, it's limited to 28c tyres, but I tend to ride it with 25mm tyres and full mudguards. It suits what I do, which is quick(ish) training through the winter, commuting and sticking it on the dreaded turbo. The tyre size is limiting though, because it doesn't take studded tyres, then again, that's a nice money saver otherwise I'd be £60/70 out of pocket by now! Big Grin

    Everyone's winter bikes are different though, all dependant on what you want them to do, and how you want them to do it. Next frame I get will be disc braked and have a larger tyre clearance (essentially it'll be a CX frame) mainly to allow fitment of studded tyres, the ability to go off road with knobblies and (most importantly) so that I'm not having to build new rims onto the wheels after a few thousand miles.

  • Annual Oxford bike lights crackdown sees 171 cyclists fined1 year 7 weeks agojmaccelari wrote:So the

    jmaccelari wrote:
    So the police do their job and you complain? When they don't do their job, you also complain. What WOULD you like them to do!!!???

    Who are you talking to?

    (and why does the 'reply to poster' function here appear to serve no useful purpose?)

    Personally I wish the police would be a little more consistent and stop picking-and-choosing which laws to enforce and which to ignore. Or at least be consistently random about it - toss a coin or something.

  • rapha.. why do people on ebay insist on paying more than it can be bought new from rapha1 year 7 weeks agoi might list a pink tea pot

    i might list a pink tea pot we have in the house as rapha just to see what it goes for. insane

  • London police seek armed robber who fired shots as he made his escape by bike1 year 7 weeks agoThere might be an upside. if

    There might be an upside.

    if motorists start to fear that cyclists might be "packing heat" they might start to show more respect.

  • Pilgrimage to Flanders - a cyclist’s chance to endure cobbled roads and extreme suffering.1 year 7 weeks agoRegarding organised tours vs

    Regarding organised tours vs independent trips, as well as covering cycling for road.cc, your humble correspondent also covers travel for various publications, where this is a frequently discussed topic, so here are some thoughts:

    Specialist bike tour companies can save you hassle. Transport, accommodation, transfers, bike carriage, ride entry etc is all taken care of. You pay your money, sit back, and let someone else do the work.

    DIY travel gives you more independence. A private trip for just you and maybe a couple of buddies means you can depart, stop, eat and sleep when and where you like. But, of course, you have to arrange hotels, ferries etc yourself.

    DIY travel also means you can choose where to stay – be it hostel, B&B or boutique apartment - and keep away from the large busy hotels if you prefer the quiet life. On the other hand, the hotels used by bike tour companies are often full of other cyclists, which is great for cameraderie and part of the buzz, although it can make the foyer smell a little sweaty.

    So there are pros and cons to both options. Over the past few years I’ve travelled to four big European sportives/cyclos. One was totally self-organised, on two I bought a complete package with a tour company, and the other was a mix (self-drive, own ferry bookings, hotels on route self-arranged, main hotel and event entry arranged with tour co). They all worked out well. So I’d suggest the choice between organised tours vs independent trips is not just about money. It’s as much about the spare time you have to arrange your own trip, and the style of travel you prefer.

  • How a carbon wheel is made + video1 year 7 weeks agoI think I must have missed

    I think I must have missed something. Why does this indicate that the carbon footprint of a Chinese or Taiwanese built bike is significantly different from anything else that you might buy?

    The factories in Taiwan are generally fairly close together as there are two main districts for manufacturing. And they are fairly close to a major port. Well compared to distances traveled in delivery...

    Parts are trucked sensibly as well, maximizing space for every stage. It only starts to become more carbon-footprinty when there's a lot of wasted space in packaging.

    Importing anything by sea is going to have carbon footprint, but remember that there is always a process of materials too. For example, if you are using German steel, or Swedish Steel (ie Pro-Lite Spokes), or Japanese Carbon Fiber (ie the carbon used in the vid for the layups), or Aluminum Alloy.... it is all moving around a lot.

    The only way around that is to use product generated locally. IE flax fiber (where does the resin come from?) and maybe locally sourced aluminum...

    But then, you are going to end up using less efficient manufacturing methods and vastly increasing the cost of labor.

    Not to mention creating jobs of a type that are not well liked by much of the population. How many kids in the UK go into 'assembly line work'? Probably less than go into "sitting at home on welfare"... I'm from Canada and I don't know anybody in my home town working in a 'make stuff' type of job.

  • Annual Oxford bike lights crackdown sees 171 cyclists fined1 year 7 weeks agoSo the police do their job

    So the police do their job and you complain? When they don't do their job, you also complain. What WOULD you like them to do!!!???

  • Canadian doctors call for mandatory cycle helmets for all 'to reduce head injury'1 year 7 weeks agoIn other news: Police in

    In other news:

    Police in Kentucky the place with the highest levels of firearms ownership have called for body armour to be compulsory. They claim that when people are recklessly shot, it prevents some but not all of the injuries and that this was a sensible measure to prevent injuries. Asked why they didn't seek to stop the reckless use of guns that caused the problem in the first place the spokesman for the Kentucky State Police merely looked puzzled.

  • Annual Oxford bike lights crackdown sees 171 cyclists fined1 year 7 weeks agoandybwhite wrote:I'd like to

    andybwhite wrote:
    I'd like to know how many motorists were given fines for having defective lights (or unlit lights) during any similar period?

    I doubt it was anything like 171 in the space of three hours in the entire country, let alone the centre of just one city. Surprise

    Good grief, our brightest students supposedly go to study in Oxford and Cambridge and demonstrate such an alarming level of dimwittery when it comes to basic road safety. Silly

    The mind boggles.

  • rapha.. why do people on ebay insist on paying more than it can be bought new from rapha1 year 7 weeks agoHappens with almost

    Happens with almost everything on Ebay. Some people just like 'winning' auctions, as if its a competitive sport or something.

  • Pilgrimage to Flanders - a cyclist’s chance to endure cobbled roads and extreme suffering.1 year 7 weeks agoThanks for the comments. The

    Thanks for the comments.

    The official site is set up for 2014 registrations now.

    You guys who’ve ridden it before – care to share more info on the bikes and wheels you used? And especially what tyres you used. General consensus seems to be that the cobbles of Flanders aren’t TOO rough, so I probably won’t go for the bombproof (but heavy) options I used when I rode the Paris-Roubaix cyclo.

  • Annual Oxford bike lights crackdown sees 171 cyclists fined1 year 7 weeks agoOk Fair enough. It's an

    Ok Fair enough. It's an offence. If I am driving my car with a defective or missing light chances are I get a "producer" though.

    That would be a better use of the £50 than the fine. The bikeshop idea is a good one as well. ie you can have a £50 fine or go over there and buy some lights and get them fitted.

    the fitting makes sure the bike has lights in the future and the fine does not.

  • How a carbon wheel is made + video1 year 7 weeks agoGood question. That machine

    Good question.

    That machine can test wheels with several different modes. The video shows vertical with bumps and angled with bumps and with strong downward pressure switching rapidly from left to right.

    The bump height is shown briefly. The wheel can be run on the bumps on the angle or vertical. Another factor is time.

    The test factors on the wheel are not the same for every type of test. For example, one normal type of test that is done during the prototyping stage is 1000km per run, checked thoroughly on the digital tension checker (shown at the end with the square screen monitor) which makes a spreadsheet before the wheel is re-trued and put back on the machine. Each subsequent pass measures how much each spoke goes out of true and if by the 10th pass, there is a good record of how badly the spokes are fatigued. That test uses 50% more weight than a standard test and has a pre-programmed route that simulates a variety of terrain and usually repeats around every 30 minutes.

    Wheels that take that level of testing are not sold to anyone since this is designed to be destructive to the wheel. And it is part of the prototyping process, so the wheel wouldn't be saleable anyhow.

    For wheels that are for production and sale, there are usually 6 passes on the side press (which actually pressed 4 times before being re-checked, but shortened for this teaser... see the stage with the guy with the dishing tool). By then, the spokes are usually well seated.

    Every wheel is also checked and has a spreadsheet built.

    Wheels that do not pass are sent back for 6 more passes on the fine tuning and side press.

    Then, they are greenlit by QC. From there, the rule is 4 wheels randomly chosen from 10. The testing is not destructive to the wheel and the wheel is checked on the spreadsheet again, then re-trued and regreased before sending it out.

    I am not sure how many km the test is.

    At that point, few wheels show any significant issue - and this is mirrored by the general response from riders that the wheels usually remain true.

    I have personally had wheels built by professionals who have worked for Olympic teams that have required a re-true after a couple of weeks and were otherwise amazing wheels.

    Only a wheel with thorough de-stressing and spoke seating can do this without a re-true after a couple of days/weeks though.