• Strava updates mobile app with an improved activity feed1 year 5 weeks agoWrong!! It's 11.3% market

    It's 11.3% market share in the UK, 17.0% market share in Italy, 9.6% market share in France and 10.1% market share in the EU5 (all Europe except France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy).

    Source Kantar: http://www.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-remains-fastest-growing-mobile-os...

    No real excuse for not having a WinPhone version, especially as it's a subset of the .NET interface which would give them apps across the rest of the Windows ecosystem for very little extra work.

  • Lost cyclist follows sat-nav over Manchester's huge M60 Barton Bridge1 year 5 weeks agoThat's a solid piece of

    That's a solid piece of advice, that.

  • Women's World Cup - Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe1 year 5 weeks agoIf you're struggling to pick

    If you're struggling to pick a team then my top tips would be:

    1 - look at last years result - http://www.procyclingstats.com/race/Ronde_van_Drenthe_2013

    2 - take a look at the results from the most recent races like Molecaten Drentse 8 -

    3 - pick Emma Johansson, she's a beast.

    Job done.

  • Women's World Cup - Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe1 year 5 weeks agoVery Exciting! Nice to

    Very Exciting! Nice to include the womens races.
    Very limited in my knowledge of female cyclists, but happy to learn!
    Should be good!

  • Enfield, Kingston and Waltham Forest get £30m each to become Mini-Hollands1 year 5 weeks agoNot sure exactly what you

    Not sure exactly what you mean here? Is this High Road Leyton at Leyton Station? Or do you mean a different slide? If so, do you mean with Maud Road junction? It's a zebra crossing there? Don't know if they're legally allowed to run a cycle lane through a zebra?!

    Either way, please understand the drawings particularly in the bid were a rush job (see the Whipps X spaghetti tangle particularly). Things will change still a lot. And the Leyton station bridge is certainly one area we're not happy with the plan - and the council know that.

  • Just in: B'Twin Triban 500 SE1 year 5 weeks agoThe headset clamp is

    The headset clamp is brilliant, makes switching out stems a faster job, but also works well if your puting the bike in a small car, just take the bars of the fork and dont worry about it all falling apart.

    I....if I havent said it 1000 times... think BTWIN are realy putting out some decent bikes for the price, but the frames are brilliant, even after the groupset falls apart you have a decent frame for a sexy 105 groupo.

    I did about 3000 miles on my T3 before I changed the drive train, and that want out of necessity, its now on an old bommer and going fairly strong for what it is

  • Video: 5.45 Rouleur - riding in London as you seldom see it1 year 5 weeks agoRecommend you watch that

    Recommend you watch that 'Boy' film that won the BA prize at London 2012 if you want to see how to do a short film about cycling that feels fresh rather than derivative...

    Admittedly not everyone has the budget to hire Tim Spall but still: http://www.selectism.com/2012/04/11/watch-boy-london-olympics-short-film/

  • Enfield, Kingston and Waltham Forest get £30m each to become Mini-Hollands1 year 5 weeks ago1. Sorry for delay, been a

    1. Sorry for delay, been a bit busy here and I didn't realise I wasn't getting notifications from road.cc

    2. "It's a load of rubbish, why did you put your name to it? (assuming you did?)"

    Well, chap, you're going to have to be a bit more specific on what bits are "rubbish" for me to get a handle on what you're after.

    It's not *my* bid, so my name isn't on it. It's the council's bid. But I, as Council Liaison for Waltham Forest CC, was one of the people who've been most involved in back-and-forth negotiations on the bid. And WFCycling (as we're also known) officially "endorsed" the bid. So, I guess you could say I put my name to it.

    Why? Because I genuinely believe it's a massive, huge leap forward in attitude and action from a council who was already moving in the right direction on cycling. Because I believe it's better to get 30million spent on a good bid than some of the rubbish bid that were put in. Because I believe the bid was one of the more visionary and serious bids put in - and was at the very limit of what a) local residents who aren't cyclists will accept without Walthamstow devolving into a political warzone, b) what TfL indicated to the boroughs was actually deliverable and c) represents actually good money spent on good stuff. You don't agree, I'm inferring.

    3. "How many deaths have happened whilst the ctc and lcc and other cycling organisations have stood around and watched it happened making quiet noises but not enough to rock the boat properly because you'd lose your funding from tfl etc?"

    I have no idea how many deaths have happened, or the timeframe you'd count as being the time those orgs have "stood around". But really? I mean really?

    You don't want a "political answer", so how's this? F-you. I haven't ever "stood around" or made "quiet noises" about anything. Anyone who knows me will be ROFLing at that one. So how dare you characterise someone you have no idea about at all and lump me in with organisations I have, at best, tangential relationships with. That's like, I don't know, drivers calling all cyclists red light jumpers! I'd also add, how on earth do you get through life with such a rude, dismissive and uninformed attitude about those around you?

    To calm down from that slightly, and give you a more political answer, WFCycling is a part, but independent part of LCC - that's the way LCC is set up. It's not affiliated to CTC. I don't see eye to eye with either org on everything. And I'm certainly much happier with LCC since its last AGM and motions that properly, finally embrace all-ages, all-abilities cycling, segregated measures etc. I have for many years, in my volunteering work at WFCycling fought for Dutch-style measures, and been very loud and forthright about the issues we face. I have had a fractious and difficult relationship with councillors and engineers. But I kept up those relationships because I believe it's good to engage, be clear, but polite and hopefully change minds than just carp from the sidelines.

    In return, I'll ask you - what are you doing to make cycling better for everyone? And no, flaming people on forums doesn't count...

  • Just in: B'Twin Triban 500 SE1 year 5 weeks agoGive that chainset and gears

    Give that chainset and gears a good hammering, then look forward to the report!

  • Just in: B'Twin Triban 500 SE1 year 5 weeks agoI have a T5 (Sora) which has

    I have a T5 (Sora) which has the same clamp on the stem.
    As far as I can see it essentially does the same thing as a well fitted stem (and as such is surplus to requirements). Probably a belt and braces approach.
    Got to also say I love the T5. Great bike and it's fantastic value.

  • Just in: Orbea Avant M10D with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and hydraulic disc brakes1 year 5 weeks agoPretty sure it's Or-BAY-ah...

    Pretty sure it's Or-BAY-ah...

  • MöBIUS Cycling launch 236g Infinity pedal on Kickstarter + video1 year 5 weeks agobe good to get the road cc

    be good to get the road cc test team to try them out. lots of opinion on surface area, clear wear etc, but lets see how they fair. its great to see some innovate design, saving 200 grams of your pedals might excite a lot of people.

  • Just in: B'Twin Triban 500 SE1 year 5 weeks agoNice! What is that thing


    What is that thing under the stem, bottom of the stack of spacers, just above the headset? The thing which looks like a seat post clamp?

  • Smartphone mounts1 year 5 weeks agoI recently got a Finn, which

    I recently got a Finn, which I'm using with an Xperia Acro S - waterproof, but smaller screen than the Z1. I was quite nervous about stretching it even far enough for that to start with (review at http://road.cc/content/review/99482-bikecityguide-finn says much the same thing), but it does seem robust enough, and when you take one corner off the rest don't ping off, so I'm guessing if it does eventually break one strap it won't immediately be catastrophic.

    It is a little bit of a fiddle to put on and off, and make sure the strap doesn't get in the way of buttons.

    I have considered getting something like http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2012/01/review-of-sportypal-sony-ericsson.html 3D printed, or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-grade-Bicycle-Motorcycle-Bike-Mount-H.... Or even using the bike holder bit of the latter and making a less clunky handlebar mount. But the Finn's doing the job for now - it's not as if I actually need a bike computer/GPS or handlebar mounted phone.

  • Mood buster1 year 5 weeks agoThis morning I was forced to

    This morning I was forced to bail out of a Friday afternoon ride due to work commitments...

    ...it's now cold, wet and foggy, and I'm feeling quite pleased with my decision!

    (a couple of days sunshine and suddenly I'm a fair weather rider Cool )

  • Strava updates mobile app with an improved activity feed1 year 5 weeks agogazzaputt wrote:Wheres the

    gazzaputt wrote:
    Wheres the bloody Windows phone version?

    Probably when it accounts for a significant market share, it's sub 10% at the moment.

  • Women's World Cup - Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe1 year 5 weeks agoSanderville wrote:I've been

    Sanderville wrote:
    I've been all the way through the women's startlist and I can't see Minge anywhere. What's up with that?

    She's not on Hitecs lineup for this race.

    ...and to answer your question on the other thread, she's Norwegian and currently the youngest rider for the team.

  • Strava updates mobile app with an improved activity feed1 year 5 weeks agoBikeBud wrote:Nice press

    BikeBud wrote:
    Nice press release Yawn

    That's not the press release

  • Mavic Cosmic Carbon 40 wheels1 year 5 weeks agoourdave wrote:I would also

    ourdave wrote:
    I would also love to see a review of the new Reynolds Assault SLGs. They look to be a relative bargain!

    Ahem. Watch this space. For a little while.

  • Women's World Cup - Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe1 year 5 weeks agoI've been all the way through

    I've been all the way through the women's startlist and I can't see Minge anywhere. What's up with that?

  • TRANSFER AND SELECTION PROBLEMS1 year 5 weeks agoWell unable to make transfers

    Well unable to make transfers again....This is fast becoming an unlevel playing field.... Sorry Dave but "should be back now" is not good enough for a paid for service... People due to real life commitments have only certain windows of opportunity to make transfers etc and its unfair when this keeps happening...There should be a back up e-mail system to cover server problems...

    Problem that we have is the success of the game as made it more than just a game....

  • Women's World Cup - Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe1 year 5 weeks agoPricing worked well I

    Pricing worked well I thought, makes you think a little bit Smile There's also some sh** hot classics riders in the mid price range which might be overlooked!

    I've picked mine based on last years results plus those showing good form so far this season.

    Nice one GKam, well organised.... roll on the race! Smile

  • Womens World Cup1 year 5 weeks agoGizmo_ wrote:Outside of the

    Gizmo_ wrote:
    Outside of the three above, the leading lights of the Wiggle squad, Wyman and Siri Minge I really struggle.

    Siri Minge? Are you serious? Well that's one choice I'll make that doesn't have to be random. If she's Chinese that would be icing on the cake, or pie if you will.

  • Plans to upgrade A9 fail to provide properly for cyclists, say Scottish Greens1 year 5 weeks agoOldRidgeback wrote: The A9

    OldRidgeback wrote:

    The A9 carries a high percentage of HGVs. As our truck driving, cycling chum Neil 753 said, raising the limit for trucks to 40 would reduce the incidence of suicide passes. Turning the route to a dual carriageway along its length will improve safety even more, but claiming that it costs to much to install a cycle lane alongside is nonsense. Average speed cameras would deal with the maniacs who seem to think it's a racetrack - they are vastly more effective than single speed cameras that drivers typically slow down for and then speed up again once they have passed.


    I try to avoid using the word accident, as most are avoidable and are therefore not accidents. Calling them crashes is more accurate.

    Sir, you speak sense. A mixture of infrastructure, enforcement and morals. I really hope this decision can be reconsidered as its an important route for local and visiting cyclists.

  • Strava updates mobile app with an improved activity feed1 year 5 weeks agoWheres the bloody Windows

    Wheres the bloody Windows phone version?