• McQuaid: Judge cycling by London 2012, not Lance Armstrong1 year 17 weeks agoEvery time he opens his mouth

    Every time he opens his mouth he is digging a bigger hole for himself. I just hope there are enough people with some clout to to help fill it in with him at the bottom.

  • Carbon bike hunting, any ideas?1 year 17 weeks agoworth checking the ridley

    worth checking the ridley outlet shop online,its updated all the time,you can often pick up some great bargains.

  • Fizik Arione R1 saddle1 year 17 weeks agoI spent too much money on

    I spent too much money on saddles until I bought an old used Arione for 6000 yen = $72. I love it. And a used top rate saddle is a good deal.
    Yes, secondhand underwear is banned from being sold in many places including Zimbabwe, but this is different.

  • Sustrans tells cyclists using Strava and other apps to keep off shared use paths1 year 17 weeks ago"Now I am one that slows down

    "Now I am one that slows down and gives warning to horses, walkers etc...But why do people insist on taking up the whole path? why when you shout warning do they question why you don't have a bell? and are generally angry that you are warning them that you are behind! why when you shout a warning do the people on the left turn to the right and those on the right turn to the left essentially causing you to stop completely? "

    That's just the way it is on sidewalks and paths. That is never going to change. Accept the reality, let go of your anger, enjoy the human feeling of caringly slowing down to near full stop whenever you are near a pedestrian. The karma may protect in this life, or it may not, but you are still a better person.

  • Sustrans tells cyclists using Strava and other apps to keep off shared use paths1 year 17 weeks agoI agree with Sustrans, when

    I agree with Sustrans, when we use shared lanes then we have to do the best we can to share the facilities and look after each other. Yes pedestrians sometimes behave erratically, but they're not used to looking behind them before they change direction the way a cyclist used to travelling on the road does.

    I think in general the majority of cyclists do seek to take care of the pedestrians (putting up with the occassional annoyances and delays) in the same way that we ask car drivers to accept the occasional short delay when we are on the roads. I've never used Strada but, as others have already suggested, to me it sounds totally inappropriate for use on shared ped/cycle paths which surely could be easily removed from their database.

  • HTML geeks??1 year 17 weeks agoJust seen your tweets about

    Just seen your tweets about losing the site Smile

    Found this, which might help ...

    Jessamy said on 26-05-2009


    Just installed the theme to my new blog after setting up links and pages and it overwrote all my hard work with default links.

    not cool- give some warning next time!
    John said on 27-05-2009

    simply switch back to your old theme, themes doesn’t destroy your work

  • Motorist found not guilty of manslaughter in connection with death of London cyclist1 year 17 weeks agoJust an accident, could have

    Just an accident, could have happened to anyone, jailing him won't bring the cyclist back,...


  • Bradley Wiggins Tour de France Bottle1 year 17 weeks agoThanks very much! This is

    Thanks very much! This is what the campaign is all about... trying the spread the word as much as possible by social media.

  • Bradley Wiggins Tour de France Bottle1 year 17 weeks agoI've entered, not in a

    I've entered, not in a position to donate I'm afraid, having my own funding to get me back cycling. But I have followed you on twitter and will retweet and whatever. Good luck Nerd


  • Just in: Charge Hob 31 year 17 weeks agoThat rear brake cable run is

    That rear brake cable run is horrible.

  • Suffering from a lack of winter motivation1 year 17 weeks ago@racefaceec90, there's

    @racefaceec90, there's nothing wrong with being patient. Inexperience and a new bike mean understandable caution. There's a point where trying to mtfu can lead to a stupid decision that unnecessarily risks your season or even your life.

    Those tongue-in-cheek 'rules' are only taken literally by neophytes and those anxious to impress. Nobody tells me what to wear or when to ride my bike.

  • Just in: Charge Hob 31 year 17 weeks agoFull length mudguards? Not

    Full length mudguards? Not the front one! Looks nice though.

    Anyone have any experience of the SFR3? Might put one on my winter bike for when the headwinds get me down Sad

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 17 weeks agohere's my new bike (2013

    here's my new bike (2013 specialized tarmac sport) i loves it Big Grin

  • This week I have been mostly listening to...1 year 17 weeks agoSince shopping yesterday it's

    Since shopping yesterday it's alternating between
    Black Sabbath Greatest Hits
    Slipknot Antennas to hell
    2 for £10 at HMV
    Usually Kerrang Radio or Radio 4

  • Motorist found not guilty of manslaughter in connection with death of London cyclist1 year 17 weeks agoAnd in the week in which

    And in the week in which Wlodzimierz Umaniec was jailed for two years for defacing a Rothko. Yet another example of how, when it comes to road fatalities, the legal system in this country is truly useless. A shameful reflection on the succession of self serving buffoons who we've had governing us for as long as I can remember.

    And there rests the case for armed insurrection........


  • Giovanni Visconti latest Italian cyclist banned for working with Michele Ferrari1 year 17 weeks agoAnd we think the system has

    And we think the system has learnt from the Armstrong farce, yet people are given bans back dated to cover the off season period.

    AND 3 months? I know the precedent was set Pozzato, but thats the point Pozzato should have been given more.

    If a Doctor is banned from the sport what sort of idiot would associate themselves with them UNLESS they were doping? How can they be expected to be viewed as anything other than a doper by associating with him? They should receive a minimum or 1 year, I would prefer 2, and those convicted of doping like Contador etc given 4 years and to serve from the date of conviction, not be back dated.

  • Motorist found not guilty of manslaughter in connection with death of London cyclist1 year 17 weeks agoThe judge, Mr Justice

    The judge, Mr Justice Saunders, told the jury: "This is a case where there are no winners. Everyone is a loser."

    Such an insulting crass comment from a High Court Judge in the circumstances of the death of Mr Harding who, with his family and friends are losers here - (oh not forgetting the needs for justice which has also lost out).
    I don't expect the unbelievably stupid Kenan Aydogdu feels he's a loser .

  • Suffering from a lack of winter motivation1 year 17 weeks agobeing a road cycling novice,i

    being a road cycling novice,i haven't ridden my new bike for the last week,as it's been pretty frosty.i really want to ride it,but hear the horror stories about crashing the first sniff your road bike gets of icy roads Sick

    i know that (the rules) i just read,mtfu comes to the fore in answer to this predicament.i do not have the balance/reactions of a cat * Big Grin so i will leave the bad riding conditions to the "hard men" Wink next week the weather looks a lot better Big Grin

    * i also don't want to bin my lovely new tarmac either (or slide under the wheels of an 18 wheeler Crying

  • DA mechanical or Di2?1 year 17 weeks agoTBH, my friends and teammates

    TBH, my friends and teammates who have Di2 have Ultegra Di2 too, but for the bike I eant it comes with either DA Di2, DA mechanical or SRAM Red. Same(ish) frame with lower spec equipment (bar, stem, seatpost, saddle) come with Ultegra mechanical.

    I get it that ultegra Di2 is great and would probably just go with it if it was an option.

    Am still leaning towards Di2.

  • Sustrans tells cyclists using Strava and other apps to keep off shared use paths1 year 17 weeks agoPerhaps it is a stupid idea

    Perhaps it is a stupid idea to have a public app that encourages people to ride ever faster on public paths or public roads. Statistically it is going to encourage rider's worse side, and lead to more accidents.
    Logically, if the apps cause this statistical change, then the apps should be legally liable.
    Before it comes to that, at least public ways and steep downhills could be removed from the apps. Not so difficult to do with a little bit of computer work.

  • Sustrans tells cyclists using Strava and other apps to keep off shared use paths1 year 17 weeks agoHorse riders and cyclists

    Horse riders and cyclists share the road uneasily here; my high-viz jacket, which affords me some protection from drivers, means I have to be very careful approaching horse riders, especially from behind. Asking the rider if it's OK to pass produces a grateful response 9 times out of 10. A group of 4 of us came across avery agitated horse on a country lane recently and had to dismount and wait for the rider to get it calmed down. The cause? a pair of cyclists going the opposite way who just zipped past out of the blue. Of course, in the New Forest the horse riders can go anywhere while cyclists are grudgingly given some very disjointed and easy cycle tracks and attacked regularly in the local paper.

  • Wiggins says Sky may have two leaders at 2013 Tour de France1 year 17 weeks agoI am sure that having Froome

    I am sure that having Froome in front of him breaking the wind, and (metaphorically) having Froome breathing down his neck both helped to drive Wiggins on to victory in the last tour. It was a perfect combination of cooperation and competition, but I feel it worked because Wiggins was the only captain, and not necessarily because Wiggins was the captain.

  • McQuaid: Judge cycling by London 2012, not Lance Armstrong1 year 17 weeks agoum VINOKOUROV ffs. (prob

    um VINOKOUROV ffs. (prob mis-spelled)

  • Yorkshire to host Tour de France in 2014... stage finish in London too1 year 17 weeks agoCongratulations to Yorkshire,

    Congratulations to Yorkshire, Edinburgh would have been more convenient for me, but perhaps there was a concern about wheels getting caught in the tram lines. Devil

  • No war on Britain's roads says British Cycling incident data but much needs to be done to win the peace1 year 17 weeks agotony_farrelly wrote:Actually

    tony_farrelly wrote:
    Actually I'm not sure that's true Dr F. My guess is that the number of out and out racing cyclists as a proportion of the whole is probably surprisingly small. As with the CTC lots of people are members of BC for the insurance and other membership benefits and BC have had various initiatives to boost their numbers over the years including everydaycycling.com which was very much aimed at commuter and leisure cyclists.

    Im with you on this Tony as Im a BC member on their Ride category membership which is just right for me as a commuter.