• Chris Boardman to assess Jeremy Clarkson's cycling safety public information film on Sunday's Top Gear1 year 4 weeks agomikeprytherch wrote:Comment

    mikeprytherch wrote:
    Comment about how shit it is after its shown not before, glad you lot are not on a jury, judged and sentenced before the the evidence has been shown, you just make cyclist look like a bunch of whiners.

    Yeah, because nobody can ever make a judgement about something based on prior knowledge and experience. Ever. Don't have a view on a possible BNP government till you've tried it, don't assume anything about how a particular paper (whether its the Mail or the Guardian) will cover a particular story, and don't believe decades of evidence tells us anything about Jeremy Clarkson's attitudes, or about the nature of TV-audience-chasing, because everything is a blank-slate, everything should be approached with the innocence of a new-born child!

    And a jury? Are you saying this programme may be a crime? Will we have some sort of legal authority over its makers that gives us a strict burden of neutrality? I wish!

    My prediction is this will be somewhat annoying, with plenty of the usual "I pay road tax" sort of guff, but not as bad as expected, because JC is a smart guy and probably at some level understands the issues a lot better than do most of the audience he happily panders to.
    ("Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand" - as Homer Simpson put it)

  • Bar change newbie.1 year 4 weeks agoThanks for all your comments

    Thanks for all your comments here guys, sorry I should've worded my post a little better, just a few things to clear up;

    1. Wrappings not an issue, I'm very experienced in the field of wrapping, and have unbelievable OCD haha, so I do all 10 bikes out of mine and the BF's on a regular basis, but thanks. Smile

    2. I need 38's, after having three retul fits for different bikes in the last 6 months, that's not really up for argument. I've been riding 38's forever so it's not like I'm changing to something new, the reason I'm getting rid of the 40's because it's my first big race of the season next week and I don't want to be riding with something that's so out of the ordinary. Also, like it's been mentioned by NickT there, the smaller the better, aerodynamics are important to me Smile

    The bars, the bikes and everything in between are all measured up - I'd just like to know if I need to be concerned about cabling etc or if it's just going to be a straight off/on job.

    @NickT that's helpful re housing thanks Smile

    I'm not really afraid of doing anything on the bike, I do my own servicing & modifications all the time, but due to there being a bit of a lack of pointers on the "bits you need to bear in mind" in tutorials online and on youtube I thought it best to put it to the board...

    Reason I'm not dragging the other half in to help me is I'm finishing work at 4 and will want these changed before training tonight, due to it being a recovery ride before tomorrows "big session" - ideally this is the time to do it so that I don't leave it too late to get rid of any niggles.

    So essentially, sti's should just pop off easily without cabling becoming an issue, allowing me to throw the new set on, is this the case?

  • o-synce navi2coach GPS computer1 year 4 weeks agoAs long as its better made

    As long as its better made than my Garmin, I'm interested.
    At 14 months old my Garmin 500 has no power button, I have turn it on by plugging it in to charge, and it isn't recognised by any computer, so I am manually uploading anyway. Garmin will replace the unit for £70 or so, pah! not fit for purpose I say

  • Trek UK stores to host Precision Fit & Ladies' Night events1 year 4 weeks agoWe'll be doing more of these

    We'll be doing more of these throughout the year. This is just our next round of events.

    Plus, MK is only half an hour from Euston, and the Trek Store here is right next to the station. Smile

  • The 3.0 rider competition.1 year 4 weeks agoJC wrote:Can I join now with

    JC wrote:
    Can I join now with Nuyens?

    I believe the cut off point was end of Tour Down Under

  • Rapha launch new Training & Racing range1 year 4 weeks agoWeird isn't it? Tell you

    Weird isn't it? Tell you what, next time a new poster asks a forum question about what bike they should buy for less than £800, how about all the Rapha wearers (why not the Assoss/Castelli/Vulpine/Road Rags wearers? That stuff isn't cheap either) wade in with "Don't buy that cheapo stuff, if you can't afford at least £3000 then don't bother, take up running!"

    Would sound fairly bizarre, no? Not to mention obscene.

  • Video: Cereal offender filmed eating breakfast while driving Maserati1 year 4 weeks agocaaad10 wrote:Bikebikebike

    caaad10 wrote:
    Bikebikebike wrote:

    Because obviously there is no difference between riding a bike and driving a car.

    I can still perform an emergency stop whilst eating a bowl of cereal in a car, I don't believe do this on my bike. So I suppose there is a difference.

    In my opinion (as a cyclist) the cyclist is more of a potential 'hazard' than the driver of the car, cycling in heavy, moving traffic, mind on the youtube money shot, not looking in the direction of travel, "if a child ran out" etc. etc... watch the video & make your own mind up.

    Yeah... you're clearly trolling as you have nothing sensible to add. Keep blaming those who are concerned about the law and doing campaign work - on YOUR behalf

    As I said last night on twitter - ANY cyclist that defends a driver like this is an enemy of their own safety. Dont come crying on internet forums when you become affected.

  • Chris Boardman to assess Jeremy Clarkson's cycling safety public information film on Sunday's Top Gear1 year 4 weeks agoThis is know. Boardman is a

    This is know.

    Boardman is a really good advocate for cycling
    Boardman is savvy media operator
    Boardman is a good businessman with independent income that doesn't need to play politics. I trust him.
    Boardman does not go along to get along with stuff he doesn't think helps cyclists
    Top Gear is a massively popular programme
    Clarkson has the attention of a lot of motorists
    If you want to get a message to a lot of motorists Clarkson is the "go to Guy".
    This may be risky.
    It may yield high rewards

    Clarkson et al may stitch Chris up. Could happen.

    But Boardman is an Olympic medallist.
    He is able to get media attention
    He is a formidable opponent articulate, knowledgeable, he drives 25k miles a year, he is not a beardy, sandalist, type of cyclist.
    If you wanted to try and stitch someone up on Top Gear he would not be your low hanging fruit.

    Let's see how it goes shall we. But if you want to do something about driver attitudes there's no point to talking only to the faithful and preaching to the choir. You need to campaign amongst the heathens as well.

    “If sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. And if they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for.”
    Charles Spurgeon

    Allez Chris and chapeau!

  • Garmin launch £99 Vivofit fitness tracker1 year 4 weeks agoWith the heart rate strap

    With the heart rate strap you'll be able to do just that, but it won't do speed or distance or anything like that on the bike. Garmin have their Forerunner and Edge computers for that

  • Crud Roadracer Mk2 mudguards1 year 4 weeks agoIf you're running winter

    If you're running winter tyres, then you may well struggle to fit these Crud guards. I have a Cannondale R700, so not a tight racing whippet by many standards, and have swapped my normal Rubino Pros for 25mm Gatorskins because of the amount of standing water and cack on the roads at the moment. Those tyres aren't a noticeable increase in overall size, but it makes it impossible to fit the Crud Road Racer guards… and I tried a lot of fiddling and fettling to no avail.
    The only practical way that I could find to fit the rear guard was to put it OVER the brake calliper… but that's a fudge too far, so they'll be going back I'm afraid.
    See… http://mombee.com/gear/wheels/crud-road-racer-review/

  • Bar change newbie.1 year 4 weeks agoThe best wrap job I ever did

    The best wrap job I ever did was my first one, I didn't waste any rolls either so don't expect to need a half dozen backups after you balls it up because you won't. I really took my time on that attempt so it was meticulous, now I just wrap them without caring too much and end up with a tiny gap under the hoods but only I know it's there.

  • Trek UK stores to host Precision Fit & Ladies' Night events1 year 4 weeks agoWhat about us London folk?

    What about us London folk?

  • Leeds vetoes proposal to spend less on council cars, more on cycling1 year 4 weeks agoCouncilors trying to avoid a

    Councilors trying to avoid a smaller lining in their pockets rather than improving the health, wellbeing & safety of those who live in the city that they are supposed to represent. Sad but only too typical.

  • Leeds vetoes proposal to spend less on council cars, more on cycling1 year 4 weeks agoIt's a disgrace that they're

    It's a disgrace that they're getting anything. They should have pool cars for official business. Little super economic ones... not big swanky BMWs and Audis... Ideally, they should also have pool bicycles for short journeys.

    Make them eat their own dogfood in IT terms... They'd soon get the cycling infrastructure sorted out if they actually had to use it themselves.

    Apparently we're in austerity measures and supposed to be cutting our carbon footprint as well, you wouldn't think so the way they spend other people's money on themselves and burn petrol/diesel while doing it...

  • .1 year 4 weeks agoOscar wild once inquired as

    Oscar wild once inquired as to the success of his new book by telegram, it went thus


    The reply


  • Bar change newbie.1 year 4 weeks agoDeda measure centre to centre

    Deda measure centre to centre so a 38 is the same as another brands 40 measured outside to outside.

    I ride a 40 Ritchey so the same size, and I'm a 6 foot tall dude. Smaller the better. Adam Hansen uses some custom 36s IIRC.

    Watch a few videos to see if you feel up to it, it's not all that hard to do in honesty. Or might need to trim the cable housings a bit if the bar shapes are different enough to warrant it. Just make sure the STIs are bolted on at the right position for you before wrapping the bars.

  • Garmin launch £99 Vivofit fitness tracker1 year 4 weeks agoIf this has come up with a

    If this has come up with a way of counting activity on the bike, I'll definitely get one when my Nike Fuelband eventually gives up the ghost.

    It's a bit frustrating that a brief walk counts for way more on it than a long, tough ride. And that it doesn't register a thing when I'm killing myself on the turbo.

  • Leeds vetoes proposal to spend less on council cars, more on cycling1 year 4 weeks agoSickening. Arrogant fat cats.

    Sickening. Arrogant fat cats.

  • Leeds vetoes proposal to spend less on council cars, more on cycling1 year 4 weeks agoAhh more councillors mumbling

    Ahh more councillors mumbling something about the peasants eating cake.

    More to the point howcome they get 65p a mile, some of us are restricted to 27p regardless of engine size.

  • Pinarello Dogma stolen from sportive bike park by thief in cycling clothing1 year 4 weeks agoYou will have probably

    You will have probably already seen above the suggested measures which sportive organisers should implement, all at a cost of time and money.
    Isn't this pandering to the"nanny state" syndrome?
    Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own property?
    If you have a bike which may have cost you multiples of thousands of pounds,
    why would you leave it unlocked and unattended?
    Before anyone starts to do so, I don't think this is the forum topic to complain of the high entry cost of some sportives. And no, I have no connection to any sportive organisation or promoter.

  • Leeds vetoes proposal to spend less on council cars, more on cycling1 year 4 weeks agoIt is an absolute disgrace

    It is an absolute disgrace that they are spending taxpayers' money on 65p per mile allowances for motoring when as a private businessman the maximum allowed is 45p.

  • Video: Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2014 ends with criterium and hill climb on Jersey1 year 4 weeks agoDurham

    Durham Smile

  • Bar change newbie.1 year 4 weeks agoRather than asking on a

    Rather than asking on a forum, surely you can ask a friend to help you? Its one of those things that isn't that hard but just takes a little time.

    Check out youtube on how to change a stem, how to wrap bar tape. how to attach shifters to handlebars and you should get how to do it all. With new bar tape, have a practice wrapping without taking the backing of the sticky strip to get a feel so you dont have to go through a few packs of tape. You shouldnt need to recable.

    And 38cm is very small. Im a mid height size 8 lady and ride 40-42cm on road bikes.

  • .1 year 4 weeks agoOutstanding; short, to the

    Outstanding; short, to the point. The finest, most insightful statement I have read for some time.

  • Chris Boardman to assess Jeremy Clarkson's cycling safety public information film on Sunday's Top Gear1 year 4 weeks agoClarkson is on record as

    Clarkson is on record as really getting urban cycling: http://road.cc/content/news/56433-jeremy-clarkson-turns-cycling-advocate...