Try Gaviscon, it works a treat.

  • Take me out.1 year 5 weeks agoI simultaneously hate it and

    I simultaneously hate it and love it. I cringe when they show a girl making herself look stupid or desperate, I worry about some of the weirdos they have on and I cringe at the awful 'dates' in Tenernandos.

    But: part of me still thinks that it's actually a more valid way of 'skimming the market' than getting drunk and going to a club...

  • TDU Stage 41 year 5 weeks agoTook a 10 point penalty to

    Took a 10 point penalty to get Kittel in and he did nowt. Ended up with 93 points and red arrows across the board Crying

  • TDU Stage 41 year 5 weeks agoAny idea about

    Any idea about KOM/intermediate points? Think Hansen is still leading KOM.

  • Tour de San Luis Stage 41 year 5 weeks agowoohoo, stage win ! shame its

    woohoo, stage win ! shame its not in the full comp. I normally average one stage win a year so looks like i've used it up !

    The Lucas scenario doesn't effect me but i go with what other people have said, its just for fun and let the results stand imho.

    Unless of course Lucas wants to fall on his sword.

  • Kinesis Aithein: now in orange and green1 year 5 weeks agoNice....and light...Im

    Nice....and light...Im getting more and more tempted by Kinesis...

  • Lezyne Zecto Drive rear light1 year 5 weeks agoCr*p light in my opinion. Had

    Cr*p light in my opinion. Had one for a couple of months before it packed up and died on me. Battery charge was awful in any event and a couple of rainy days commuting and it now refuses to charge.
    Design wise, for a light which requires regular (too regular) recharging, the rubber band connection is fiddly and cumbersome (especially wearing gloves). In addition it's design and material doesn't hold the seatpost particularly well either.
    If you want a decent rechargeable rear light nicely designed and robust, aim for the Knog Blinder

  • Kinesis Aithein: now in orange and green1 year 5 weeks agoWould have preferred a colour

    Would have preferred a colour matched fork but, as young people say, they look pretty sick innit!

  • Kinesis Aithein: now in orange and green1 year 5 weeks ago35g fork? Shurely shume

    35g fork? Shurely shume mishtake? (350g more like.)

    Nice looking bike, although font on name on tup tube/inside leg of fork jars when viewed against font used on rest of frame.

    Al frames are the new fat bikes. (Seem to recall Spesh are pushing the high end alu thing again this year as well.)

  • TDU Stage 41 year 5 weeks ago(No subject)

    Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Crying

  • Cateye launch smartphone-compatible Strada Smart computer1 year 5 weeks agoa_to_the_j wrote:in response

    a_to_the_j wrote:
    in response to the above comments, i use a Motorola Defy Mini weatherproof phone, inside a 5 quid ebay clear top waterproof case (that also holds my electronic car key and wallet when raining)
    In Flight Mode, with just GPS and a decent mapping / routing app, i get plenty of battery life. the case is also big enough to contain a USB lith-ion emergency charger for the phone if its a very long ride.

    Hardly any cost at all, and it gives everything you need on nice clear screen for hardly any cost.

    Had considered that, the processor is a bit anaemic, but maybe if only running Viewranger it would be fine. Smaller = better too.

  • Distance is the new speed1 year 5 weeks agomrmo wrote:KiwiMike wrote:By

    mrmo wrote:
    KiwiMike wrote:
    By all the gods in Asgard, anyone doing more than 4hrs on 23's needs their head reading. There is simply no reason not to go for 28's. None.

    Nothing wrong with 23's, did 5 1/2 hours last Sunday and was fine.

    I am not buying a new bike just so I can fit bigger tyres and mudguards.

  • Police in Cornwall appeal for help in tracing bike after cyclist found dead1 year 5 weeks agoMaybe I'm being a massive

    Maybe I'm being a massive cynic but I assume some scumbag stole his bike as he lay there dying. Perhaps if the Police published a picture or description of the bike somebody might spot it.