• European Parliament sounds beginning of the end for brick-shaped killer trucks1 year 5 weeks ago44 ton is still 44 ton no

    44 ton is still 44 ton no matter how you wrap it up. Are there plans to do anything about the nob driving the new style HGV?

  • Tour de France in England could face shortfall of more than £2m, internal report reveals1 year 5 weeks agoTake the extra cost out of

    Take the extra cost out of the overseas development budget, technically the event is overseas and will develop anglo French relations!!!

  • Not sure what to wear to cycle in the rain? There’s an app for that1 year 5 weeks agoScoff all you like, even

    Scoff all you like, even after decades of riding I still make silly mistakes picking kit to match the forecast. With (at last count) 7 pairs of inner/outer/overmitt gloves, 4 types of sock, 4 shorts, 3/4 knicks, two tights (Roubaix and not), 3 hats, 4 jackets plus arm/leg warmers plus booties - getting the right combo matched to the ride matched to the weather can be a gamble. Particularly when it's a last-minute rush. I'd be interested to hear from someone who's actually used this app across a few seasons, not just piss-takers.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agoThe Great UK Helmet

    The Great UK Helmet Debate.

    As pointed out during many such debates, the 30+ years Danish/ Dutch experiment on the whole population as cohort should serve as the basis. Cycling should be divided into 2 main categories: (a) urban & leisure transport at an average of 15 km/hr, (b) sport at an average above 25 km/hr. Since (a) can revolutionize the very way we live in the most positive way imagineable AND the cohort experiment mentioned above shows marginal safety improvement of wearing helmets, if any at all, helmets should not be made compulsory. The disadvantages - putting people off biking - massively outweigh the hypothetical advantages. Safety under (a) can be dramatically improved by better cycling infrastructure, education and truck safety measures. The helmet debate is irrelevant.

    For the small minority of us under (b), I can only speak of personal experience, I fell once or twice during my 50 years cycling life,interestingly recently, and was glad I wore a helmet. I look forward to further research into helmet safety, has MIPS died a quiet death?

    Legislation forcing the compulsory wearing of helmets would discourage people - who are incidentally also car drivers - from using bicycles on their daily errands and paradoxically make roads LESS safe for ALL bicycle riders.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agoHelmet debate. Rudeness.

    Yawn Helmet debate.

    Yawn Rudeness.

  • Stylish Cycling Clothing - Research Survey1 year 5 weeks agochokofingrz wrote: "What do

    chokofingrz wrote:

    "What do you primarily use your bike for?

    a) Travel"


    Why, what's wrong with that? I've got trips planned to Orkney and Germany this year, and yes, by bike.

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya1 year 5 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:They are

    Gkam84 wrote:
    They are seriously not that good. I won't touch them, they also are just rehashing results from the UCI site, they didn't even have womens startlists.

    My point wasn't really about PCS - I was pointing out that contrary to what you said, the official race website had published a startlist. Don't let Enrique rule the airwaves - others of us actually have pertinent points to make and its easy to avoid responding to them by engaging Enrique in some bullshit argument instead.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agoFor those of you wondering

    For those of you wondering where the evidence is, try www.cyclehelmets.org

    It seems to me that, at least for normal; everyday cycling (hard riding and mountains might be different) then there's no evidence that helmets are effective overall. So for every injury they 'save' they must be causing another e.g. by risk compensation (drivers or cyclist) , or 'rotational' injuries . They're only really designed for simple spills at about 12 mph. A shattered helmet might have given no protection because the 'catastrophic failure' (in mechanical engineering parlance) means it absorbs little or no energy, which get passed on to the skull regardless. I.e. no difference, at least when hitting a flattish object. And there there's the principle of victim blame / burden of care. (The rape analogy is not far fetched in my view) ), Plus helmet promotion deters people from cycling, by making it seem more dangerous than it is, whereas more people cycling is a key way of making it safer. Even so health benefits outweigh risks 20 to 1 - it's dangerous not to cycle. Finally by falling back on helmet promotion, officialdom is able to avoid taking real measures and insurance companies, courts etc can claim ' contributory negligence' from injured cyclists.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agoallez neg

    allez neg wrote:
    cyclingDMlondon wrote:
    levermonkey wrote:
    "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire

    Indeed. She does have that right. But at the same time, her status gives her opinions extra added 'weight' that they manifestly do not merit. A bit like the 'Russell Brand of cycling' (although a lot nicer to look at, I'll grant you).

    Unfortunately, she doesn't have the maturity to realise this, and shut up. So her words should be reported with the disclaimer that they were uttered by an child with an inflated sense of her own importance.

    I get the gist, but your tone regarding her is rather disrespectful. You can google her palmares just like anyone else.

    I don't have to 'google her palmeres', man. I'm well aware of her athletic prowess, and it's admirable.

    That doesn't somehow endow her words with some aura of mysticism and authority.

    She's a 21-year-old who doesn't have a clue about statistics, and was previously talking utter shit about helmets. Now she's reversed her position, and we're supposed to accept this as some sort of manna from heaven?

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agoAs the law stands at the

    As the law stands at the moment re: cycling helmets, people can do as they wish and good luck to them if they choose not to wear one. That's their prerogative and hope they are stay safe.

    I personally wear one whatever type of ride I'm doing 'just in case' I had an accident where I head a potentially serious head injury. Yes, there are other types of (fatal) injuries that can happen, but I can only do my best to make myself visible and ride confidently. There is always the chance that other road users are not as vigilent and could seriously injure or kill me. And the same goes when I drive. There is always a risk. But by wearing a cycling helmet I do feel that I am lowering that risk, even if just by a small amount. Why chance it?

  • Where's daddy going?1 year 5 weeks agoRoss K wrote:It's a tough

    Ross K wrote:
    It's a tough one. My kids are 1 and 4, so I want to spend as much time with them as possible (as my wife wants me to too!).

    My solution has been mentioned already which is more or less the only one available to me - a decent light (Exposure Toro in my case) and the rather underrated experience of night time training, all on rural backroads, after kids' bedtime.

    Here, here. There is something very special about night riding. I'm very lucky in that I'm surrounded by quiet rural back roads with very little light pollution. There is something mesmerising about cycling in that tiny bubble of light with total isolation from every other distraction. It's about you, the bike and the next few seconds; requiring total concentration. Maybe I just need better lights?

    As a bonus in this total darkness a car can be seen coming from miles away so no (less) nasty surprises around the next bend. Just watch out for the rabbits!

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agoLaura T can try my helmet for

    Laura T can try my helmet for size any time Cool

    I guess she prefers sitting on the fence on this one. I bet she wouldn't be able to race without one, something to do with insurance cover perhaps or UCI rules?

  • European Parliament sounds beginning of the end for brick-shaped killer trucks1 year 5 weeks agoVehicles this big should on

    Vehicles this big should on the rails not roads. Madness.

    One day a frame builder will build an absolutely hugemongous giant heavy MTB and some one like DM will ride it over one of those monster trucks back flipping onto the cab crushing it.

  • Stylish Cycling Clothing - Research Survey1 year 5 weeks ago"What do you primarily use

    "What do you primarily use your bike for?

    a) Travel"


  • Brim Brothers power meter to launch in August1 year 5 weeks agoAny information on accuracy?

    Any information on accuracy? I went to their website, nothing published there as well unless I'm missing it. +/- 2% is what most systems have.

  • Travis Tygart says USADA may share redacted names - but cycling needs to seize moment on doping1 year 5 weeks agoWhat? Give the names up and

    What? Give the names up and he'd have to give up his place in the spotlight which he seems very keen to keep.

    This stopped being about Armstring and became all about Travis Tygart a long time ago

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agophiltregear wrote:for me, it

    philtregear wrote:
    for me, it is crazy not to wear a helmet, it is crazy to wear headphones.

    Deaf riders seem to manage not to get killed every time they go out riding.

    Headphones, like helmets, are a personal choice.

  • The battle of the CXes1 year 5 weeks agoI was sad to miss the entry

    I was sad to miss the entry for this, and in my home town, but a great write up - cheers, and hope to catch it next year.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 5 weeks agoHim Up North wrote:If we

    Him Up North wrote:
    If we can't all agree on mandatory helmets can we at least agree that Voltaire never said, "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"...?


    "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - At least one person in every internet comments debate.


  • Video: Helmet camera footage leads to aggressive driver pleading guilty to four charges1 year 5 weeks agoHi to all of you two wheeled

    Hi to all of you two wheeled potential victims.
    Irrespective of the alleged behaviour of Magnatom this footage should be taken for what it really is.
    It shows very clearly the aggressive reaction/ actions of a serial banned driver.
    What is the point of banning the guy any-more than has already been done,he was driving dangerously and without insurance or a driving license and also causing a breach of the peace.
    He clearly has little or no regard for the law and clearly wants taking off of the road by jailing him.
    The car should be confiscated and impounded.
    If people like this are allowed continued liberty they are going to continue offending and wagging two fingers at society and the law.
    One day they will kill whilst doing just what this individual was doing,wagging two fingers and with total contempt.

  • Video: Helmet camera footage leads to aggressive driver pleading guilty to four charges1 year 5 weeks agoSedgepeat wrote:Again the

    Sedgepeat wrote:
    Again the same pattern. Cyclist initiates confrontation with a gesture then aggro ensues. Don't forget what cyclists perceive as too close, drivers don't. In fact cyclists often pass cars at speed too close hence dooring collisions. This driver deserved all he got but cyclists don't react like this. This could've been far worse.

    Maybe a highly trained fast jet pilot or an F1 driver can make a high speed pass off a cyclist on the off-side of a vehicle and judge the distance so accurately as to be able to get past safely. But 99.99% of car drivers are not that highly trained or skilled and cannot make that judgement call. In any case, a motor vehicle generates wind draft as it passes at speed that sucks in a cyclist towards the vehicle and is dangerous.

    By comparison, a cyclist (or motorcyclist has hands on the handlebars, the furthest point in most instances of the two wheeler. It is very easy to judge the distance between the ends of the bars and any vehicle being passed. And when a cyclist overtakes a motor vehicle, there is no draft of air sucking the bicycle towards the motor vehicle.

    This is simple science. it is not complex.

  • Police identify driver who unleashed torrent of abuse on Sussex cyclist (+ video)1 year 5 weeks ago"Am I a wanker or not?" Yep,

    "Am I a wanker or not?"

    Yep, you're a total wanker.

  • Recommendations for a good accident solictor1 year 5 weeks agoI'm a cyclist and an accident

    I'm a cyclist and an accident solicitor!

  • Giro Aeon helmet1 year 5 weeks agoCan't really see any issue

    Can't really see any issue here??? Giro do a fantastic range of cheap,mid-price,expensive helmets...you get what you pay for? Isn't this how it works or am I missing something.... Christ innovation in anything costs mega money...

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya1 year 5 weeks agoWere they the ones you were

    Were they the ones you were referring to when you wrote:

    Gkam84 wrote:
    I think its better to stick to World Tour races, as "certain" website's that helped us seem to want to make money now and are not interested in linking up... Although, they just recycle and publish publicly available information. They seem to think someone (team's) should pay for it.

    in the Suggestions/Requests for the 2014 season thread?

    By the way, how's this coming along?

    Gkam84 wrote:
    I am thinking about setting up a site... as part of [the R]oadcc game or on my own, to include historical race data