• Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoKm 74.6, GPM 2e cat. à

    Km 74.6, GPM 2e cat. à Villars-Bramard :

    1er Burghardt , 8pts.
    2e Bérard, 6.
    3e Bilbao, 4.
    4e Kruijswijk, 2.
    5e Brändle, 1.

  • Hoy's Hidden Bikes compo gives you the chance to win a £1,000 bike1 year 11 weeks agoI'm guessing you need the

    I'm guessing you need the third clue to finish the combination. Might be 4-2-?, from simply taking numbers mentioned in the tweets. Crickdale to Southend on the Thames is 215 miles - so 2-1-5 perhaps? Could do with knowing how long the combination is.

    £1k of vouchers would be nice, regardless of the fact that it's Evans.

  • Controversal - Trailer for Paul Kimmage Rough Rider Documentary1 year 11 weeks agoIt was the same Sticky

    It was the same Sticky Bottle, who referred, rather brilliantly, to Kimmage as Journalism Jesus.

    That must have really got under Kimmage's skin.

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoAdam Blythe has abandoned as

    Adam Blythe has abandoned as well.

  • Why do so many Strava segments suck?1 year 11 weeks agoCheck out the last part of

    Check out the last part of this Dr. Hutch column which shows the mindset of some Strava users:


  • Hoy's Hidden Bikes compo gives you the chance to win a £1,000 bike1 year 11 weeks agoOK. I'll pop down there after

    OK. I'll pop down there after work. Can anyone help with the combination?

  • Staying visible!1 year 11 weeks agocojones wrote:I am doing the

    cojones wrote:
    I am doing the London - Paris this year and one compulsory piece of kit is as follows...

    Hi-viz vest compulsory!
    With BS EN471 class 2 standard label to wear in bad weather conditions

    Now I have two questions...where the heck do I buy one and why would the French be interested in a BS item?!!

    It's a BS item alright, but maybe not quite in the way you were thinking! I'd have a major issue with mandatory hi-vis. Perhaps they have arranged for you only to share the road with yellow cars.

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoCruise quick is only 31

    Cruise quick is only 31 seconds behind Froomedog cannot see them letting that group stay away. Stevie can TT too.

    Moreno is ill.

  • Bike Fitting in Scotland1 year 11 weeks agoCraig Hardie at Hardie Bikes

    Craig Hardie at Hardie Bikes is the man to speak to.

  • Controversal - Trailer for Paul Kimmage Rough Rider Documentary1 year 11 weeks agoI was waiting for the

    I was waiting for the USPS-style train argument. Very predictable.

    They've got an incredibly strong squad made up of incredible strong climbers. The best way to remove the advantage from the out and out climbers like Nibali is to ride as hard as you can up the climbs, right on the limit. No chance to attack that way. It's a bit dull but incredibly effective. How can we assume Sky aren't doping like USPS did? Well, I've not seen anything like this from Wiggo or Froome. Have you?


  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoBilbao is up the road too I

    Bilbao is up the road too I understand.

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoHmmmm Anyone know why

    Hmmmm Thinking

    Anyone know why Moreno has pulled out? He was looking in good form and I was half-tempted to throw him into my Giro purist squad.

  • Controversal - Trailer for Paul Kimmage Rough Rider Documentary1 year 11 weeks agoInteresting that it is coming

    Interesting that it is coming from the Sticky Bottle site, wasn't it them that Kimmage publicly cunted out via Twitter recently?

    He appears to be coming a very bitter and twisted individual whose schtick has become being abusive to anyone that doesn't want to join him making unfounded and potentially slanderous accusations.

  • Controversal - Trailer for Paul Kimmage Rough Rider Documentary1 year 11 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:An ex cyclist,

    Gkam84 wrote:
    An ex cyclist, who was RIGHT for many years about riders doping, wrote a book, got into various spats with people, got sued, had the case dropped and is now getting filmed travelling round France in a camper van following the sport he loves.....

    So he was right then but not now?

    He wrote the book first, about his own experience, but the reaction among his friends and former colleagues was such a shock (as he says in the trailer) that he couldn't leave it there. Verbruggen and McQuaid tried to sue for defamation, even though their case was ridiculous.

    Sometimes you need to be told when to LEAVE IT ALONE and get on with your own life, stop worrying about others...Someone needs to sit him down and explain.

    I hope and pray that he tells them to f**k off. It suits the teams (many run by unrepentant dopers) and the UCI to keep it quiet. The sport will not change without massive pressure from us. If he is once more treated like a pariah for asking awkward questions that suggests to me that he's doing something worthwhile. By wanting Kimmage to shut up you are going to be part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    bashthebox wrote:
    I imagine it gets incredibly tiring and frustrating to have to constantly answer the same questions, questions that don't have a shred of evidence to warrant being asked.

    No shred of evidence? Ah, you're pulling my leg now! The last minute refusal of access in 2010. Leinders, Yates, Barry and Rogers all had strong links to doping. The way Brailsford handled Leinders was dreadful. Then they belatedly hit the riders with this "confess or be gone" ultimatum, which was widely criticised (correctly IMHO).

    bashthebox wrote:
    The question is, why does Kimmage feel the need to ask questions almost exclusively of Sky and Wiggo? Why not Astana? Katusha? Blanco? Saxo? Movistar? IAM? Radioshack?

    Fair point, I would like to know too. Most of those teams are toxic as hell. But Sky have touted themselves as a clean team, as being transparent. They are not convincing everyone. The USPS-style team massed on the front up the climbs makes some feel uneasy, and it prompts Kimmage to ask questions.

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoPhilip Unwin wrote:Sorry

    Philip Unwin wrote:
    Sorry Nizzolo and another as yet unnamed DNS

    Well at least I know early that I shudda swapped out Nizzolo...defo shudda kept Clement two days ago

  • Staying visible!1 year 11 weeks agoBrett, are you just designing

    Brett, are you just designing stuff from the waist up?

    I'd be very interested in some Brett Clouser Over Trousers.

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 21 year 11 weeks agoJAndrewHill wrote:Heres

    JAndrewHill wrote:
    Heres mine...

    Christopher Froome (SKY)
    Richie Porte (SKY)
    Rui Alberto Faria Da Costa (MOV)
    Andrew Talansky (GRM)
    Giacomo Nizzolo (RSN)
    Garikoitz Bravo (EUS)
    Kenny Dehaes (LOT)
    Marcel Wyss (IAM)
    Sebastien Reichanbach (IAM)

    Brought in Nizzolo and Bravo today

    Shuuda kept Clement rather than go for Nizzolo, but Im keeping Nizzolo now...

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agosimon F wrote:Burghardt,

    simon F wrote:
    Burghardt, Kruiswijk, Berard, Reza, Brandle and now Bilbao after a chase on are the break. 3'25" ahead after 47 km. Daniel Moreno has abandoned.

    Debating Brandle Berard or Bravo guess which one I choose?

    Sick Sick Angry Angry Sick Sick

  • Who's doing the Nightrider ride on June 8th1 year 11 weeks agoOne more thing - when the

    One more thing - when the route is released have a good look at it, use a garmin as a backup if you have one. Even though the route is really well signed, at night in a city it's easy to miss a turning. last year one sign was scumbagged and about 20% of the riders missed out Highgate Hill - and you don't want to do that!

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoKruijse kwik, Reza, Branadle,

    Kruijse kwik, Reza, Branadle, Berghard, and Berard, have 3.12 Sky pulling the peleton.

  • Controversal - Trailer for Paul Kimmage Rough Rider Documentary1 year 11 weeks agoSimon E wrote:jova54 wrote:If

    Simon E wrote:
    jova54 wrote:
    If he's as good as he thinks he is he should provide proof and let people make up their own minds not use insinuation, innuendo and spiteful comments because he can't get all he wants.

    I don't think it's about himself or his ego. He's asking questions and does not get satisfactory answers. Unlike many, he doesn't give up. He's not accusing, he's doubting and asking. As he states in one of the articles I linked to, he is querying why the Wiggins of 2012 has such different responses on the subject of doping to the Wiggins of 2007. Is that not a legitimate question?

    Kimmage's current campaign is based not on fact but on the fact that people are sick and tired of him asking the same questions, getting answers he doesn't like and then asking them again because there must be an answer that better suits his needs.

    I ask again; Where is the proof? Just because Brad doesn't want to talk to him doesn't mean he has something to hide. Kimmage then passes on his opinion as fact and then the lazy people think it must be true because he was right about Armstrong. Yes he was but it doesn't make him right all the time.

    Does the team's pathetic and delayed response re. Geert Leinders or non-answers as to why a so-called 100% clean team hired Rogers and Barry really give you confidence and mean you can make your own mind up?

    SKY made some mistakes, they believed answers they were given by riders they trusted to be honest. Are they the only ones? No. But SKY are an easy target because everyone, especially the great unwashed, has heard of them, not just in the UK but across Europe, the same cannot be said about most of the other teams in the peloton.

    Only when the questions are answered and serious doubts allayed will we be able to make our own minds up. Too many people who claim to be journalists just want to file easy stories and a bit of gossip and most readers are undemanding and content to let sleeping dogs lie. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

    The questions have been answered, not to his liking perhaps but hey, that's the way of the world. He should ask the questions, publish the answers and the supporting facts and then let people make up their own minds, not tell them what to think.

  • Tour de Romandie - Stage 31 year 11 weeks agoBurghardt, Kruiswijk, Berard,

    Burghardt, Kruiswijk, Berard, Reza, Brandle and now Bilbao after a chase on are the break. 3'25" ahead after 47 km. Daniel Moreno has abandoned.

  • Leeds and Manchester each seeking £20m from DfT's £30m Cycle City Ambition fund1 year 11 weeks agoAfter the £500,000 Manchester

    After the £500,000 Manchester wasted on an unwanted cycle hub (http://cycling.tfgm.com/join-a-hub-city-tower.htm), I'm not sure they can be trusted with £20m.

  • Sidi’s new Frame shoe comes out the box1 year 11 weeks agoI like the Mavics.

    I like the Mavics. Blushing

  • Who's doing the Nightrider ride on June 8th1 year 11 weeks agoTuvelo - thanks for the

    Tuvelo - thanks for the insight, good to know the nightlife were generally encouraging and not an extra danger. I have better look at my registration to see what time I start as I don't want to miss the start as I did for a sportive last summer.... Confused

    I may take sone form of camera to take shot of the wildlife etc.. could be good for a laugh