• Cycle campaign group Spokes stops publicising events requiring participants to wear helmets1 year 29 weeks agoAnecdote #4,583: 2 and a

    Anecdote #4,583: 2 and a half years ago I was taken off on Duke St Hill in that London and although my chin was only slightly scuffed the polystyrene of my helmet was visibly squashed flatter where it took the brunt of my fall. That would have been goodnight Vienna without the helmet.

    Unfortunately the rest of me wasn't covered in polystyrene so I broke both hands and did so much damage to my knees that I still can't even rearrange the fridge without a cushion.

  • Delete Me1 year 29 weeks agolbs shop wins every time.

    lbs shop wins every time.

  • Broken Hip1 year 29 weeks agoSea2Sea posted a link to this

    Sea2Sea posted a link to this on Twitter http://www.revolutionsportsinjuries.co.uk/news-room/7-latest-news/33-tom...

    it's about the rehab process of Tom Von Kaenel

  • Criterium Du Dauphine stage 41 year 29 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:deciding

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    deciding Kelderman would not top 20 so took a risk could cost me a chance of winning the dauphine Sad

    Yeah, I thought of picking him as well. Toss up between him and Durbridge and went wiith Durbridge because of his form. Would have been about top 5 on the stage if I'd chosen Kelderman rather than Grivko and kept Durbridge, but 182 wasn't too shabby. Nearly caught you up Wink Wink

    Taken a risk for tomorrow but not saying what it is Wink Wink

  • Manchester aims to become England's leading city for cycling and cycle hire scheme is part of the plan1 year 29 weeks agoThis will mean nothing to non

    This will mean nothing to non Mancs but a good start would be to allow cyclists to go south along Oxford Street in the bit between Portland Street and Whitworth Street. Cyclist priority at traffic lights would be nice too. And the police actually giving a to55 when you inevitably get your bike nicked if you leave it in town. And some decent tarmac. And better weather. And Wiggins to win the Tour de France. And to buy me a nice new bike too. Nothing fancy.
    Not asking for much.

  • Broken Hip1 year 29 weeks agoFracture of a neck of femur

    Fracture of a neck of femur is a broken leg not a broken hip! Speak to your Dr and explain your concerns, the Dr may not necessarily be unsympathetic. Getting back too soon is not great, I suspect the pro's who get back super quick are not doing themselves any good long term. I am thinking that taking up swimming could keep up your basic fitness and be good physio(I hate swimming) again your Dr could help! A fractured hip is a very serious injury you may just have to be patient. All the best; when you have cleaned your bikes, mine could do with the once over Big Grin

  • Broken Hip1 year 29 weeks agoYou could get really good at

    You could get really good at cleaning your bike.

    Bad luck though.

  • Recommendations & Suggestions required. *UPDATE and MAIDEN VOYAGE*1 year 29 weeks agoGet some 'Trikeman'

    Get some 'Trikeman' decals.

    Or: My other bike is a Tarmac.

    Oh, and what else is in your garage?

    Any nice carbon wheelies? Confused

  • FS: Shimano 105 cassette (12-27) - VGC1 year 29 weeks agoFor the avoidance of doubt

    For the avoidance of doubt this is the 10 speed 5700 model

  • Gore, Giordana, Garmin and Look Keo1 year 29 weeks agoPedals sold will be posted

    Pedals sold will be posted tomorrow. If you are reading this joselito then I keep emailing, I cannot find the bolts for them. You can get spares for a couple of quid online

  • Broken Hip1 year 29 weeks agoHi Mate Yes in exactly the

    Hi Mate

    Yes in exactly the same position as you! Broke the neck of my femur in March. Just coming up to 3 months now.

    I was toe touching though from start and now 50% weight and using a Wattbike. Up to 100 Watts (hooray).

    So far so good, but realise that a very bad break and can lead to necrosis etc. So until I can walk and use again as before hard to tell, but going well at the moment.

    Just take it easy and heed advice.

    Friend of mine broke his at 49 & then again 13 years later - he still managed the e2e 4 months after latest break - amazing.

    But I am prepared for a limp and limited ability on bike from now on due to pain etc - could be worse though.

  • Broken Hip1 year 29 weeks agoI broke the neck of my femur

    I broke the neck of my femur back in January. 6 weeks non weight bearing (2 crutches), then 6 weeks partial (1 crutch). During the partial phase I started to do some easy turbo work, and at 3 months I started back on the bike.

    The most important thing is to do your physio exercises religiously - treat them as a form of training and devote an hour or more per day to them.

    There is an excellent and extensive thread that you may find useful on bikeradar:

    All the best,

  • Cycle campaign group Spokes stops publicising events requiring participants to wear helmets1 year 29 weeks agoIt's OK to say that you don't

    It's OK to say that you don't agree with making helmets compulsory (is anyone actually saying this?) but saying "a helmetless head is better at preventing rotational injuries, so in some crashes, helmets are more dangerous." and "there is very limited evidence of bicycle helmet effectiveness" weakens your argument and make you sound like a nutter. Deriding anecdotal evidence is also illogical. I went over the handlebars at speed and hit the back of my head and shoulder on the road. Compound fracture of collar bone requiring surgery and a titanium plate and a helmet that looked as it it had been hit with a sledgehammer. Medical team said my helmet saved my life. No doubt you will disagree. I didn't suffer any "rotational injuries" and I don't need any further "proof of effectiveness".

    The logical argument against compulsory helmet use (which I don't think many propose or support) is personal choice not illogical arguments about helmets being ineffective or worse dangerous. My head, my helmet, my choice.

  • Critérium du Dauphiné Stage 4: Wiggins outclasses opposition to take grip on GC1 year 29 weeks agoTo me as a cyclist you can

    To me as a cyclist you can shove the green jersey (already won though not in Sky colours) and the Olympics where the sun don't shine. For me there is one jersey that matters and it will be awarded at the end of July. I remember when Chris Boardman and Sean Yates both got to wear the yellow jersey for a couple of days. The feeling was amazing, the first Brits since Tom Simpson. "We" now have the best chance we have had probably since the 60's (and it could be argued that the overall was always beyond TS) of a British winner of the Tour de France. I think even our media might take notice of that. Not that I care about the general media or public's opinion of cycling.

  • Dancing on the grave of Andy Schleck...1 year 29 weeks agoI don't think Andy can win

    I don't think Andy can win the TdF, he'd need three of the best TTs of his life (remember he only lost 38 seconds to Contador on the last TT in 2010) and to put some time into Evans and Wiggins in the mountains. Personally I don't think he'll have enough to win but I could see a podium for him, on his day he can TT well enough to keep up with the likes of Nibali and as one of the few in the peloton who can go uphill at real speed and accelerate away from those who are just very good climbers he can gain time on his rivals.

    Hopefully, if his head is right at the start of the TdF, he should make this one of the best ever. He and the other climbers need to attack Wiggins and Evans early and often, it should be an explosive few weeks.

  • Cycle campaign group Spokes stops publicising events requiring participants to wear helmets1 year 29 weeks agoJohnS wrote:Head (with or

    JohnS wrote:
    Head (with or without helmet) without concrete is even better. Crashes are very rare and can be avoided (even if you're bring paid to ride like a nutter i.e are a professional racing cyclist).

    You're absolutely right, all crashes are avoidable. That's why I took so much time and effort planning each and every one of my spills over the years; would've been tragic if I'd missed a good opportunity for skin loss or concussion. That said, I'm getting on a bit now so reckon I'll take the easy option and just choose not to have any more accidents.

  • Cycle campaign group Spokes stops publicising events requiring participants to wear helmets1 year 29 weeks agomatt637 wrote:head + concrete

    matt637 wrote:
    head + concrete = poorly head. head + helmet + concrete = no poorly head. it's not rocket science. and yes you should be allowed to choose what you want to do, but i can't see why taking a couple of seconds to stick a very light, comfortable, smart helmet on your nut is a big problem.

    Wrong, because there is some science to it, the correction is:
    Head + cycling accident = rotational brain injury, non-lethal.
    Head + helmet + cycling accident = Worse rotational brain injury = fatal.

    That is the whole point, rotational brain injuries are the most common fatal accidents for cyclists and wearing a helmet makes these injuries worse, the helmet adds surface area so when your head hits the ground spinning, it gets a worse rotating shock which can be deadly. At least that's my understanding of the situation.

    Not so simple as just nutting the ground.

    Another factor is that some drivers drive worse around cyclists that are wearing helmets, that alone makes wearing a helmet more dangerous. Approx 25% of cyclist deaths are caused by someone driving too close to the cyclist.

  • Shimano Ultegra SL rear mech RD-6600 GS1 year 29 weeks agoStill available but it's a GS

    Still available but it's a GS model which is medium cage.

  • Recommendations & Suggestions required. *UPDATE and MAIDEN VOYAGE*1 year 29 weeks agoHi All, just came back in

    Hi All,
    just came back in from the 'garage of many bike bits' after finishing the recommended Matt Black paint jobby on the S-Works Tarmac frame et al.
    I know its been some time since I started it (been up to my cravat in it) but now it's nearly finito. I stood it on a pair of carbon 50mm's and it looked really 'stealthy'. Devil
    In the end I decided not to carry on with the red bits as in the picture above as now it just blends into the background, very 'ordinary' looking. Big Grin


    Trikeman. Wink

  • i just orderd one of these!1 year 29 weeks agoall the blather seems to

    all the blather seems to imply its the same geometry and tube shapes as a real one but with a slightly different carbon fibre.

    thing is you could pick up your 6k pinarello, ride 20 miles, bin it on something in the road and write it off. even with a crash replacement policy its still a massive write off. where as the chinarello you order another for £350.

    took the same view with the glasses, dropped a set the other day but if it had been my real set i paid £180 for i would have been livid. fortunately i just picked em up thinking thank god they are replaceable.

  • Delete Me1 year 29 weeks agoFor some balance pro cycles

    For some balance pro cycles in Nottm is great Scott will often offer discount without being asked is very knowlegable, always helpful when asked for an option or alternative willing to offer advice.

    i would always use LBS you build up a relationship with the shop and this pays in the long term Cool

  • Shimano Ultegra SL rear mech RD-6600 GS1 year 29 weeks agois this still for sale. is it

    is this still for sale.

    is it short cage


  • bottom bracket ID1 year 29 weeks agocoIT thank you for that so


    thank you for that so simple. i have English

    thank you once again.

  • i just orderd one of these!1 year 29 weeks agorussyparkin wrote:have to say

    russyparkin wrote:
    have to say i have bought some oakley 'replicas' recently from china. had them checked by an optician and they are uv400 safe. radars with 5 lenses. i have traditionally been against such things and do own genuine oakley as well. but you cannot tell the difference, everything is the same except with 5 lenses they were 14.99!.
    this is almost a bit of the industries fault. they went to china to get people to make products for a reason. the cheapest costs and highest margins.

    what it has done though has made some switched on chinese people realise that they can make money off the manufacturers greed. the de rosa r386 is a classic example. its the same frame as the ribble stealth yet if you bought the exact bike specs the de rosa is £1100 more. they have bought the frame off the shelf so to speak. so your paying £1000 for stickers and paint.

    I'd be really interested in seeing how the Chinarello actually compares to a "real", as in bought through 'official' channels, Pinarello frame. I wonder if its possible to have it professionally appraised? I'd love to know. It could be interesting to see if its a straight copy, an actual Pinarello frame produced 'out of hours' or just someone knocking together a look-a-like.

    If nothing else Wheelz, your project has certainly been a great source of discussion.

  • Thieves target Bristol pro cyclist and roadcc tester - steal high end road and MTB bikes1 year 29 weeks agoEmail, Tweet, Facebook, Text

    Email, Tweet, Facebook, Text to everyone you know in the cycling community.
    It's amazing how they will rally round.
    LVYCC recently had a bike stolen at one of it's races.
    By using all of the above; Condor, LMNH, Rapha and others put posters up.
    Before long the old bill had caught the culprits.
    Best of luck and as Shaw Taylor would say; "keep em peeled."
    p.s. Remember to put an exclusion zone on Strava ect.