• British Cycling appoints its first infrastructure expert1 year 7 weeks agoWe'll see what he comes up

    We'll see what he comes up with, but for me, its money for old rope. Everything is out there, its just got to be integrated. GO Dutch.....

    Any of these "new" ideas, like those of TFL need to be taken out of the picture

  • Scott Addict and Solace launched at Eurobike1 year 7 weeks agoIt obviously doesn't rain in

    It obviously doesn't rain in Switzerland... Devil

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 7 weeks agoNobody mentioned rule #5

    Nobody mentioned rule #5 yet.... or is that not appropriate here. And by the way wear a helmet. Oh and if you see me pass you on the road (or as is more likely, you pass me) its not Sylvain Chavanel you have bumped into, I'm just wearing his shirt, and I don't care if I didn't win the right to wear it. I'm not not actually French you see, nor do I have any hair and if I did, I wouldn't have highlights.

  • N=D-1 problem1 year 7 weeks agoCant you get rid of the

    Cant you get rid of the person giving you 'friction'?

  • Vuelta - Stage 131 year 7 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Completely

    drheaton wrote:
    Completely throwing caution to the wind, making some bold transfers (including three penalties) so fingers crossed it pays off. I've omitted a couple of obvious choices so hoping that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

    I reckon the next few days will be GC but some people may stay away in a break, although probably not as many as today. Who they'll be is anyone's guess though as the mountain point table doesn't give you any help. Gone mainly GC tomorrow and then we'll see. I have a few spare transfers so could go on instinct for a couple of riders.

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 7 weeks agoThis is hilarious. I say

    This is hilarious. I say this as someone who rode 2 sportives several years ago, as a new "sportivist". Wasn't much good riding in a group. Crashed in a sharp left-hand turn the first time (although not in a close group).

    I think most of us have been there at some point, and it's entirely reasonable to poke fun at some of the more "erratic" riding, which I'm sure we've all been guilty of.

    And if it gets more people out riding in groups, working on their skills, at their universities, workplaces, or just "proper" club runs, what's not to like?

  • Vuelta - Stage 131 year 7 weeks agoCompletely throwing caution

    Completely throwing caution to the wind, making some bold transfers (including three penalties) so fingers crossed it pays off. I've omitted a couple of obvious choices so hoping that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 674km, 34-hour, 16,000m Trans-Alps epic, part two1 year 7 weeks agoThis is all kinds of crazy

    This is all kinds of crazy awesome. Chapeau, brilliant stuff. Thanks for the video, pretty inspiring!

  • UCI rejects call for election rule change arbitration from five national federations1 year 7 weeks agoJust go Pat..............

    Just go Pat..............

    Anyone but you in charge..... Wave

  • When do you change your chain?1 year 7 weeks agoI disagree about never using

    I disagree about never using chain baths and solvents in case you flush out the internal lube, it's not hard to replace.

    Besides, once you get a really filthy chain, fine grit or grinding gunk in between the plates you need to flush it out. No amount of wiping is going to remove it.

    If you clean the chain thoroughly with a degreaser, rinse with very hot water - you need to take it off to do this obviously - dry, then relube each link at the join with wet or dry lubricant, then back pedal the chain round then the lube will work it's way inside the links easily.

  • Multipower Power Layer recovery bar (box of 18)1 year 7 weeks agoBedore riding, after riding,

    Bedore riding, after riding, any time I'm not actually on a bike is the easiest time to get nutrition right for me, there's plenty of better and cheaper protein sources available to eat at leisure. On the bike I can understand why some sort of bar or gel is useful but these sorts of things I really can't get my head around the existence of.

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 7 weeks agoJust come back from a charity

    Just come back from a charity ride around part of Europe. Very mixed abilities, some had never ridden in groups before. Some of them I would not like to ride behind as erratic could be described as generous! However, those who do know the rules for group riding tried to encourage safety by teaching some hand signals(!) and basic instructions (do not brake in a 'pace' line, do not move erratically, etc. It was quite nice to ride in the convoy at the end to see that many had taken it on board. Some people just need a nudge, some need telling & some need to be shouted at. Talking to them is best though, they are often completely unaware that they are doing anything wrong.

  • Clubs in Fareham/Portsmouth/East So'ton1 year 7 weeks agoFareham Wheelers!! My only

    Fareham Wheelers!! My only ever cycling club. Definitely worth a try.

  • Vuelta - Stage 131 year 7 weeks agoTERatcliffe26

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    chrisdstripes wrote:
    Good for me - no-one in the break but had a mainly GC team so didn't drop back that much. Txurruka in the purists.

    Made my transfers for tomorrow - tried to play safe but I can never resist picking for the break on a day like tomorrow!

    Same for me, gonna lay it safeish tomorrow, as I think Txurruka will go again on Sunday, so will bring him in for then

    9 climbers, two from a certain team in the news recently!! Plus, amazingly, 2 free transfers.
    Had Gilbert today plus 6 GC including the big scorers. Glad Txurruka didn't do too great, don't want Chris catching up my purist team Wink

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 7 weeks agoConsider all; and appreciate

    Consider all; and appreciate everyone riding a bicycle. Or maybe your the : I'm the greatest kind of Pratt? a Selfindugent numpty.

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 7 weeks agoilovemytinbred wrote:It is

    ilovemytinbred wrote:
    It is funny though.

    You should hear the things we say about triathletes Cool

    Or the things those mean road racers say about time trial guys like me. Crying

    Do not get too upset about a bit of gentle piss taking, all the guys I know are really supportive of helping new folk into the sport.

    What about the old brigade of X- rr & tt cyclists, those that can no-longer keep the pace they once had. Would you consider a we bit of ridicule of them?

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 7 weeks agoSquiggle wrote:Ace! What's

    Squiggle wrote:
    Ace! What's the point of doing a sport if we can't mock those below us Rolling On The Floor

    There will be lots above you in talent and fitness; and hopefully a lot less patronising.

  • UCI rejects call for election rule change arbitration from five national federations1 year 7 weeks agoThey really don't seem to get

    They really don't seem to get that a lot off people watching would like someone to display some integrity so that the UCI might actually be seen as a credible organisation do they.

    A credible election that doesn't look rigged even to a casual passer by -

    Might lead to -

    An organisation that people trust not to be complicit in doping and covering up inconvenient results.

  • N=D-1 problem1 year 7 weeks agoWhichever one you'd look

    Whichever one you'd look forward to riding more in the winter is the one to keep - it's hard enough to get out when the weather is grotty - ride the one that will put a smile on your face. My riding buddy runs a nearly £3k carbon aero bike as his winter frame and puts his Colnagos away for the winter - it'll be on it's 3rd winter this year and he still kicks my butt every time we ride together Smile

  • N=D-1 problem1 year 7 weeks agoMy thoughts would run along

    My thoughts would run along the lines of:
    Which one am I less worried about dropping?
    Which has the cheaper components to replace when the salt and muck wears them out?
    Which one is more "resaleable"?
    Also, just think how nice it will be getting back on the posh summer bike if the winter bike is not the world's best riding experience...

  • When do you change your chain?1 year 7 weeks agosomething that does a huge

    something that does a huge amount of damage to the drivetrain is:

    -cleaning the chain with aggressive cleaning products or mechanisms (like chain cleaning machines) that strip out the lubricant inside the rollers. Chain manufacturers like Shimano and KMC specifically advise against using any solvents or cleaning machines as it just strips lube out of the chain rollers and dramatically reduces chain life. Once this internal lube is removed, its hard to replace.

    -running a very dirty drivetrain, this simply is a grinding paste and will wear chain, cassette cogs, chainrings and derailleur pulley wheels in short order

    -abusing the drivetrain with poor gear choices like big/big combos or riding constantly on the 11t cog at the rear, shifting under heavy load or forcing bad shifts going up into sudden climbs

    on my own bikes (I am a workshop manager in a high-end bike shop) I will never clean my drivetrain with anything more aggressive than warm water and mild detergent, using a nylon brush and tooth brush.

    Then rinsed with warm water, allowed to air dry and dry chain lube carefully applied to each roller on the chain, then back pedalled on a workstand through a clean rag to remove excess lube

    between washing sessions, I would wipe the chain with a clean rag whilst back pedalling (pulling the chain down, up or applying side pressure with rag) on a workstand whilst in a gear combo giving a neutral chain line; apply a small amount of lube to a new rag, then backpedal again whilst using the rag, you can clean much surface dirt off the chain using the method

    found this dramatically increases drivetrain life. Will check chain stretch every couple of weeks using Park chain checker and replace at recommend intervals.

    something to bear in mind is that a spotlessly clean chain, is generally either a brand new chain, or a chain that has been abused using a parts washer or aggressive solvents in a chain cleaning machine, and external appearance is no indication of long-term durability when a chain is stripped of internal lubricants in an effort to "clean" the drivetrain

  • Cornering on descents1 year 7 weeks agoI'm not the best at this

    I'm not the best at this myself, so understand the frustration....you work like a bast*%d on the climbs and then get dropped on the descents Crying
    Still, few things that I found have helped:
    Look as far ahead as possible.
    By the time you're into the bend, you should be looking "through" the corner at the next stretch of road.
    Outside leg down and hands in the drops; this will get your weight in the right place.
    If you have a Garmin (other GPS units are available Big Grin ) set the display to the route page so you know what's coming next.
    Follow a mate that descends well and watch his lines.
    Enjoy...you worked your balls off getting to the top of the climb...the descent is the free bit Party
    Once you get into it, you'll be amazed how far you can lean in and what a decent set of tyres will do on a dry, clean road.

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 7 weeks agoworth pointing out that this

    worth pointing out that this sort of thing is common to very many sports- you should see the inter-class banter that infects sailing (and we have the best part of 300 active classes in the UK alone); lighthearted snobbery is not harmful

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 674km, 34-hour, 16,000m Trans-Alps epic, part two1 year 7 weeks agochapeau. inspiring, awesome

    inspiring, awesome just a couple of words come to mind off to do the raid pyreneen tomorrow makes that look like a sunday club run!
    well done mike

  • FS - 2013 Genesis Vapour Disc1 year 7 weeks ago£750. Needs to go, off away

    £750. Needs to go, off away from the 14th as getting married.