• Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoHere is a link to another

    Here is a link to another thread with all the usual people to tell you there can be only one GP4000S:


  • Challenge Criterium Open Tubular Road tyre1 year 9 weeks agoI bought 4 from ribble on

    I bought 4 from ribble on special recently, two have exploded in spectacular fashion, one on a ride and the other on hot day with the bike left in the garden. On both occasions the sidewall split near the bead. So far the other two have been fine and for race tyres I would say they are quite hardy as I have had no punctures (just explosions), they are on a par with Vittoria open corsas but on balance I would say I prefer the Vittorias for obvious reasons.

  • Sportful BodyFit Pro Bib Short Ltd1 year 9 weeks agoWhy don't you guys ever

    Why don't you guys ever include a photo of the chamois ?? Plain Face

  • A Sportive breakfast1 year 9 weeks agoFor my 40-50 mile training

    For my 40-50 mile training rides I normally have a cup of coffee with milk and sugar and take some water with me.

  • Buyers Guide: Summer cycling jerseys1 year 9 weeks agoActually do any of the female

    Actually do any of the female readers have experience with dealing with short tops? They seem to be aimed at those of a smaller stature in general.

  • Buyers Guide: Summer cycling jerseys1 year 9 weeks agoThe Castelli climbers jersey

    The Castelli climbers jersey is perfect for a blazing hot and humid day.

    Rapha's range of light weight tops are good too. I'd like to see if they release that climbers jersey that they all wore in the Pyrenees (and no doubt will in the Alpes - this post will quickly day).

    I'm sure there are cheaper options too.

  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoClassic which tire

    Classic which tire thread!

    Fastest: Vittoria Open Corsa CX (wears quickly)
    Fast and puncture resistant: Conti 4000s
    Medium fast and puncture resistant: Vittoria Rubino Pro, Conti 4 seasons
    Slower and puncture resistant: Conti Gatorskin

  • Video: Canadians win long-unclaimed $250,000 prize for pedal-powered helicopter1 year 9 weeks agowell thats a start! hopefully

    well thats a start! hopefully it will evolve to an outdoor version. Cant wait to see real human powered flight. Well done guys!

  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoI keep flipping from Contis

    I keep flipping from Contis to Michelins to Vittorias (GP400S, Kryilion Carbon or whatever they're called these days, and Corsa Evo CX respectively). Can't go wrong with any of them if you ask me.

  • Tour de France Stage 13 reaction after an enthralling day's racing1 year 9 weeks agoThat finish was so exciting I

    That finish was so exciting I nearly wet myself. Brilliant day's racing.

  • Tour de France Stage 13: Mark Cavendish takes stage, Chris Froome loses more than a minute to GC rivals1 year 9 weeks agoThis is really an interesting

    This is really an interesting tour. Froome was caught with his pants down! dont understand why he didnt take the initiative and carried on following the back wheel of cav to rejoin the front group.(Well spotted Cav!) it was obvious what was going to happen as there were many gc contenders in that front group. perhaps he has plans in the mountain stages? cant wait for sundays stage!

  • UCI President Pat McQuaid regrets(again) accepting Lance Armstrong donation1 year 9 weeks agoIf McQuaid was made of wood

    If McQuaid was made of wood his nose would be as long as the TdF's route.

    The $125K is what can be proved, what about the $500k Nike gave Hein that ended up in Thom Weisel's investment bank being managed by Stapleton?

    Also are their other so called 'donations', was a 'donation' being negotiated from Contador for his Clen positive till a German journalist ran the story?

    The UCI are another dirty federation hiding from proper laws governing such things in Swisscorruptland.

    Will Cookson be any better. He has been on the UCI committee a long time. He surely knew lots of the stuff that was going on and damaging cycling. He must have known Armstrong was doping!

  • Tour de France Stage 131 year 9 weeks agoLast french man to win on

    Last french man to win on Bastille day was Moncoutie in 2005.... Thinking Nerd

  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoConti 4 Seasons all year

    Conti 4 Seasons all year round for me - can't stand repairing p******es road-side, and considering how tough they are, they roll very well and relatively light.

    Whatever you go for, try pairing with latex inner tubes for better rolling and a little more p******e protection.

  • Surrey councillor calls for regulation of sportive events around Box Hill1 year 9 weeks agoI’ve been following all the

    I’ve been following all the comments and felt as a local person i should respond to some misconceptions.

    Firstly, as someone said, not everyone has a huge house and drives a mercedes its probably 70/30 in favour of small properties or flats.

    There are a large number of council properties here also.

    Leatherhead, where a lot of the cycling is targetted since the Olympics, on the road, is a tiny town with very narrow passing places and people are penned in if they are closed off.

    We already have huge yellow warning signs up all over the place for 4th August. Please come and have a look, it looks hideous, like some kind of dictatorship has taken over. A lot of the abuse from cyclists is targetted towards horseriders too of which I am one.

    We are shouted to get off the roads which we don’t want to be on but sometimes we have to as roads cut through our bridleways, and when we are on our bridleways, sportives run us off of them.

    I almost ended up in hospital due to a mass cycle ride piling past Polesden Pacey near Box Hill as there was no forewarning and no signage apart from tiny pink arrows which appeared that morning.

    We were suddenly taken by surprise and hit by an onslaught of brightly clad bike riders racing sometimes at 37 mph (also noted on a utube blog). If you dare or care, please read Horse and Hound 4th July edition where there is a two page article. Horses have died and people have ended up in hospital from being thrown by terrified horses that would not bat an eyelid at much else. It IS dangerous for bikes to come speeding past or up behind horses.

    We would like people to call out, slow down, let us know they are there etc somehow.

    We are taught that you never trot or canter past walkers or other people on your path, to slow down and walk as it can cause distress.

    We should all realise that our actions do cause distress to some people and just take a step back.

    I am sure there are a few out there who will give me a lot of flack, but deep down you know what I am saying is true.

    Cyclists in Surrey have and still do go straight over lights, straight over roundabouts when someone else has right of way, it is heart stopping and happens all the time.

    They have their heads down and see nothing, presumably in their own world seeing themselves as Cav or Bradley Wiggins or is it Chris Froome now, on top level professional rides where the roads are closed off for a short while.

    This is not so.

    You must observe the highway code. People are dying because they don’t.

    Dont crawl alongside juggernauts, I wouldn’t when driving and certainly not when riding, we are too vulnerable.

    I see so many scary manoevres just sitting on the bus in London. You are so pushing your luck and your life. The attitude of such a large nunber of cyclists will surely see you all regulated, insured and taxed if it continues as it is.

    If you want parity on the road, and for the tax payers to fund cycle lanes etc, you have to pay for it I’m afraid.

    It’s cloud cuckoo land to think that any of us gets anything for nothing - as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    [Edited by admin to make it readable. Paragraphs and punctuation are good mmmkay.]

  • Tour de France Stage 131 year 9 weeks agoI'm going to put it out there

    I'm going to put it out there and say that a Frenchman will NOT win on Ventoux.


  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoNot tried these yet, but £4

    Not tried these yet, but £4 for a big name tyre - can they be any good? I've just ordered a pair:


  • Tour de France Stage 13: Mark Cavendish takes stage, Chris Froome loses more than a minute to GC rivals1 year 9 weeks agoNzlucas wrote:daddyELVIS

    Nzlucas wrote:
    daddyELVIS wrote:
    It'll be a travesty if Froome wins - he's no bike racer, as proved today. But Sky's money can afford the best ......... .

    I think thats a bit cynical daddyELVIS. I am pretty sure that he was racing last Saturday and Sunday.

    Also BMC, OPQS, Katusha all have alot of money also. Rogers was a main component of todays problems for Sky and if money was the end all be all he would still be there with them not causing problems for them. Sky have a young team in general terms and if you see Ian Stannard going out the back of the group you can bet that they gave it crack and didn't fold easily.
    its going to be a great with them heading into some hills, and if Froome wins, then I for one will celebrate.

    Anybody an expert in body language? - get past the BS and skip to 5.00 minutes into this video. What do you think?

  • Wolf chases long-distance charity cyclist in Canada1 year 9 weeks agoPuts being chased by a toy

    Puts being chased by a toy poodle into perspective!

  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoI've had a look and you can

    I've had a look and you can get the Conti GP4000s from Evans for £30 each which appears to be a good deal. Lokks like i might go for them.

    Use Vittoria Zaffiro's at the mo, they are only about a tenner each but have lasted really well despite being a budget tyre. Time to get something better though.

    Thanks for all the advice. Big Grin

  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoMy brother swears by Conti

    My brother swears by Conti GP4000s and I use Vittoria Pave's all year round. They arnt sticky but grip well, wear well, take loads of different pressures and thus adapt to varying conditions

  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoI've had the GP4000 for over

    I've had the GP4000 for over a year and have ridden the RAB LEJOG. Looking at them I think I could do with a new pair soonish as they've picked up quite a few nicks. I've punctured about four times with them. Pretty solid in the wet though.

  • Tour de France Stage 13: Mark Cavendish takes stage, Chris Froome loses more than a minute to GC rivals1 year 9 weeks agoThis is turning into a beaut

    This is turning into a beaut of a Tour. Froome looks nervous on the podium at the moment and you can sure as hell see why.

    Today was certainly opportunistic, but Contador's team are pretty well prepared for these conditions. Does anyone remember last year with Movistar distanced in the Vuelta.

    I bet he and team Sky were looking for a quiet couple of days before Sunday. Tomorrow will be an interesting one too. But I think a proper breakaway will get it with the GC contenders conserving themselves for the big climb Sunday.

  • Tour de France Stage 13: Mark Cavendish takes stage, Chris Froome loses more than a minute to GC rivals1 year 9 weeks agoThe commentators on the

    The commentators on the highlights kept going on about Richie Porte but without elaborating. Was he caught out and ended up in a different group from Froome?

    Sky have had a bit of bad luck but as a team they lok nothing like last year's well-oiled machine.

  • FS: Sabbath September titanium bike SOLD1 year 9 weeks agoReply sent via email.

    Reply sent via email. Cool