• French anti-doping agency wants UCI backing to store Tour de France samples for eight years1 year 10 weeks agoWhy keep them because they

    Why keep them because they cannot re-tested at a later date, or am I incorrect with that belief ?, this is something I find totally stupid, surely to stop riders using "new" drugs that at this stage cannot be found, the rules should allow testing to go back and re-test previous samples with newly introduced tests, that is the ultimate deterrent isn't it ?

  • Waterproof Jacket Reccomendations1 year 10 weeks agoBit above your budget but

    Bit above your budget but worth mentioning as it does go on offer occasionally, Sportful survival, totally waterproof.

  • what are the benefits of shaving your legs....seriously1 year 10 weeks agoSurely it's about contrast,

    Surely it's about contrast, black socks & white shoes = good, black socks & black shoes = schoolboy

  • Trial Of Wight1 year 10 weeks agoThank you: I enjoyed this

    Big Grin Thank you: I enjoyed this well-written charming piece (& I like the bike).

  • Craft Zero Extreme Windstopper short sleeve1 year 10 weeks agoI have a couple to, they are

    I have a couple to, they are probably the best single item I have in my extensive cycling wardrobe. Even wore mine last Sunday when although it was 20c there was a cool wind, I knew if I went with a normal base layer I'd have a gilet on most of the day so used this instead and was comfy the whole ride in it + s/s jersey

  • Building up a frame/Canyon seen on ebay1 year 10 weeks agoAny idea what your current BB

    Any idea what your current BB Standard on your Jamis is?

    The Canyon should have a British Standard threaded BB so if your Jamis does too then a £20 tool and minimal mechanic's skills is all you need to swap them over, you simply unscrew the cups and grease and screw them in to your new frame, I did it with my Canyon and I'm no mechanical expert by a long way. If they have different BB standards a straight forward swap may be trickier but not impossible depending on the BB/cranks in question.

  • Video: Inside Trek's Project One1 year 10 weeks agoDid wonder how much detail

    Did wonder how much detail they'd go into on the moulding and curing process. not too surprised to see that it was "almost no detail at all".

  • what are the benefits of shaving your legs....seriously1 year 10 weeks agoMy road shoes are black. So

    My road shoes are black. So black socks look better with them. What's a guy to do?

  • #nudges4cycling… Social media campaign aims to aggregate the marginal gains that could transform cycling in Britain1 year 10 weeks agoHow about stopping councils

    How about stopping councils "copping out" when providing cycle facilities by saying no to cycle lanes on pavements.

    Pavements are for pedestrians.

    Roads are where the cyclist belongs.

  • Stanto Velo Protective Arm Warmers1 year 10 weeks agoHow about testing some 661

    How about testing some 661 Rhythms from a arm/leg warmer perspective? I'm very keen to know how they compare to these.

  • DAUPHINE1 year 10 weeks agoenrique wrote:... the highest

    enrique wrote:
    ... the highest scoring Purist team possible:

    Christopher Froome
    Richie Porte
    Rohan Dennis
    Warren Barguil
    Kevin Seeldraeyers
    Gianni Meersman
    David Veilleux
    Thomas Damuseau
    Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg

    For a total of 880 points!...

    Which really makes what electric did with his team team filthy cassette pro cycling pretty impressive... Meaning he only missed a perfect score by only 26 points! Smile

    electric's team

    Christopher Froome
    Michael Rogers
    Tony Martin
    Gianni Meersman
    Michael Matthews
    Rohan Dennis
    David De La Cruz
    David Veilleux
    Nikias Arndt

    If he had put another 3.0 rider in there, Jean Marc Bideau, he would have gotten 12 points closer! Smile Still, I wonder how the hell he thought of putting Veilleux in there! Worried

  • wheels1 year 10 weeks agoFInd yourself a local

    FInd yourself a local wheelbuilder, for about £80, you should be able to get a decent wheel. Something like an Ambrosio evolution rim laced to a deore or 105 hub.

  • broken shimano ultegra left shifter1 year 10 weeks agoAgree with the above...but

    Agree with the above...but just in case, flood it with GT85 work the lever, repeat, leave for a while, if it still doesn't work, give up.

  • Great Cycling books1 year 10 weeks agoDave Barter - Obsessive

    Dave Barter - Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder - funny and scarily familiar short essays on MTB and road obsessions.

    Ned Whatsisname - How I won the yellow jumper - no great literary classic but a good holiday read.

    +1 Escape Artist

  • An (ahem) slightly personal question for the lads!1 year 10 weeks agoDefinately found a cut-out

    Definately found a cut-out helped; +1 for the toupe and make sure it is level so that your weight is on the ishial tuberosities (sitty bones) and not the perineum. Sore baw-bag either means you need a better pair of shorts or you are using your sack as a cushion - not recommended.

  • Trial Of Wight1 year 10 weeks ago"The internal DS" - ah, yes,

    "The internal DS" - ah, yes, the anti-chimp. Nice.

  • Objects of lust1 year 10 weeks agoI'll keep an eye out for bank

    I'll keep an eye out for bank jobs in the area then... I assume it's going to be upwards of £12000. Do Brinks Mat still bring bullion through Heathrow?

  • Leisure cycle tourism could be worth nearly £250 million a year to Scottish economy, says report1 year 10 weeks agoGiven the relatively small

    Given the relatively small distances between towns in the central belt, a proper integrated Dutch style network of cycleways should be invested in. All Scottish ministers ever bang on about is leisure facilities. Fair enough but I like to think that if I felt like it one day I could just hop on my bike and cycle to Ayr or Stirling without having to use canal towpaths or railway paths or short bits of road like the old A77 which is great till it reaches Fenwick then just stops. Don't get me wrong without railway paths etc many people probably wouldn't even go for a Sunday cycle, so they have their place. If only we had politicians with vision and the political will to make big changes in this country. I firmly believe through talking to people about cycling as a commuter that there is a substantial portion of the populace ready to embrace cycling as a viable method of making short journeys if only they could get past their fear of sharing space with traffic. I posted elsewhere and still believe this to be true, build good cycle infrastructure and they will flock to use it.

  • Sussex Police confirm just 1 arrest in 3 years for cycling while drunk1 year 10 weeks agoIf only they could stop

    If only they could stop hungover cyclists f***ing up Sunday morning club rides.

  • Bianchi 2014 range launch: New Oltre XR2 disc and Campag EPS 11-spd + new Sempre Pro, Infinito, Intenso and Via Nirone models1 year 10 weeks agovery clean how the disc

    very clean how the disc cables are also routed internally.

  • broken shimano ultegra left shifter1 year 10 weeks agoShimano STI shifters are

    Shimano STI shifters are effectively expensive throwaway items.

  • Updated: Cyclist airlifted to hospital after crashing on yesterday's Wiggle Dragon Ride1 year 10 weeks agoI have been a competitive

    I have been a competitive club cyclist for some 30 years,time trial (100 miles 12 hour) and now sportives for the last 6 years. Therefore, I count myself as an experienced cyclist. But, and it is a big but experience has taught me to know what i can't do and that is descend fast. You see I live in Suffolk and yer don't get exposed to the climbs or the descents and therefore for me I take it easy, Im still Learning how to descend, and big enough to accept this.

    Some cyclist on this ride clearly did not accept or even no their limitations. i am not saying the badly injured guy was one of these, just pointing out as others have done that we witnessed some near misses.

    I hope the guy recovers fast

  • FS: Garmin Edge 5001 year 10 weeks agoYes, still available.

    Yes, still available.

  • Dunwich Dynamo jersey available for one week only1 year 10 weeks agoReally like the jersey, the

    Really like the jersey, the colours and the badge. Not sure I can afford it given my budget and other things higher up in the purchase list. Anyone looking to gift to someone they don't know?

  • Getting my 10 year old son started racing1 year 10 weeks agoWhile I agree with DaveBinks

    While I agree with DaveBinks that racing can kill a child's enthusiasm, I think it's the pressure that burns them out. But they can enjoy racing if it's not taken too seriously.

    For a positive environment to develop and enjoy riding/racing find a Go-Ride club that is switched on to catering for kids. If there's a good gang there he may find the enthusiasm infectious. It's certainly the case among our youth riders.

    If he's keen to try racing then consider cyclo-cross, it's huge now. Local leagues will start in September. Relatively cheap, easy and family-friendly and he can race 'cross on a MTB.

    And if you enjoy the club scene then please, please help out. Every club I know is struggling to get enough helpers, whether it's standing around wearing hi-viz (instead of merely standing around), explaining the course/rules, signing on riders, checking gears...

    You can start time trialling at 12 but many parents are not keen. Closed circuit racing (a subset of the Road category at British Cycling) is popular but I'd say the difference in ability is more obvious than 'cross and MTB.

    Hope it works out well for him.