• Freight Transport Association says "blanket" London Safer Lorry Scheme proposals not the answer1 year 4 weeks agoYup, because finally the

    Yup, because finally the mayor has woken up to the realisation that the industry can't self-regulate and now they're not happy.

  • MP: 2-speed cycle lanes would get more women riding – and let them avoid “Lycra clad mad cyclists”1 year 4 weeks agoThe comments are worth

    The comments are worth discussion and I'm sure there is a section of the populous that they apply to but there is a bit of generalisation here. I am frequently passed on the cycle lane on the way to work by a women who is doing 25+ to my 20+.

    And what is "muck sweat"?

  • Astana used acupuncture1 year 4 weeks agoI think its fair to say that

    I think its fair to say that for most non academics, and even quite a few academics if Im honest, don't actually how to read the information, rather than saying they don't understand the information if that makes sense, I know many 'lay people' that have a better grasp on the meta process than some very clever Ph.D's

    Take the word theory as the best example, to most people a theory means an opinion, so the Big bang, Evolution, Relativity all theories. The most used and most incorrect response to Evolution is its just a theory, that does not make it true, but the actual definition of theory is an explanatory framework for some observation. So if I do an experiment on my bike (this is a bike forum) I ride on the turbo trainer for 30 min rest, repeat, rest repeat....measure my heart rate, blood pressure speed cadence or what ever, get all the data, these are observations, if I repeat this over several days or weeks, and can take all the information, I then have my theory to roughly know what my results will be next time because of the data and proof that I already have.

    Or I can hypothesise that by having some treatment or taking a supplement having a needle with or with out EPO etcetera that this will increase my output by 50%.

    Nearly everyone will call this part a theory rather than a hypothesise....so Theory is an explanation of the observations, not a good guess based on what we think we know.

    So in the research world, especially when it comes to meta analysis or systematic reviews, you may well see what looks at face value positive results, so for the neck pain it does look like it works, and the review panel can only say that the information provided indicates positive results as they only have that information to deal with, they cant say it was faked or false, but what they have done in this instance is used the JS to (not) say that the results are positive, however there are flaws in the trials that (probably) would alter the results if the flaws were not present.

    Unfortunately as the information is presented in such a way, non academics will use the abstract of a review to show that something does work, Homeopaths are the best for this, but to be fair to them I really doubt they understand the information they are posting, they just see positive results and think its all good.

    You really don't need to spend a lot of time reading the full reviews, if I see inconclusive on a Cochrane report, I wont look to deep unless im looking for a specific claim. Something else thats interesting is that when looking at CAM treatments its quite common to see a comment such as "more detailed or further trails required" or "more independent data required". This is normally because the people doing the trails are not really qualified to do so, or if they are, do not have ethics committees supporting them, so its uncommon for the reviews to say flat out that there is no evidence that this treatment does not work, typically as there is little supporting evidence. However this nearly never happens when you look at reviews for modern medical procedures, a search for cancer is a good example of this as its probably the most studied disease/condition.

    Finally, I don't like the term lay person as it makes out that a non lay person is superior, I know a bit about science, but I now next to nothing about plumbing, when my toilet is backflowing, the plumber is the smartest person I know, the reason that the reviews are contradictory and inconclusive, is that the are contradictory and inconclusive, none are positive or statistically significant.

    Finally Finally, you dont need to be an academic to understand how it works, Read Bad Science and Bad Pharma (this goes deeper into systematic reviews) but have a read of http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/ or http://theness.com/neurologicablog/ they tend to pull apart bad research and explan how/why they are doing it

  • Freight Transport Association says "blanket" London Safer Lorry Scheme proposals not the answer1 year 4 weeks agoHere's an idea. Do some

    Here's an idea.

    Do some serious investigation of operators to find out those who are particularly bad (some of whom will be members of the FTA). There are problems with doing this because it's difficult to find even drivers who have really bad records. But heavy enforcement of existing regulations means that a substantial proportion of HGVs will be found to be breaking regulations and can get fined appropriately (see

    http://road.cc/content/news/106178-two-thirds-lorries-stopped-police-are...) quoted by Housethecast, or just taken off the road.

    Then, because "having a bad record" simply means that collisions have been recorded rather than whether good practices are in place, make sure that all lorries are designed to minimise the possibilities of cyclists (and pedestrians) being crushed. Not just the cameras and side guards, but front under-run guards, plus the lower cabs Charlie Lloyd talks about. Then proper investigation of collisions and heavier penalties for drivers responsible for hurting or killing others in general. plus police activity over close overtaking.

    Plus highway engineering to keep lorries away from pedestrians and cyclists.

    That ought to do it.

  • Autumn Classics1 year 4 weeks agoPicking the riders who have

    Picking the riders who have just finished the Tour is a risk, after 3 weeks and x amount of miles in their legs will this one be a stage to much ?

  • MP: 2-speed cycle lanes would get more women riding – and let them avoid “Lycra clad mad cyclists”1 year 4 weeks agoNext up : separate cycle

    Next up : separate cycle lanes for black cyclists, for Asian cyclists, for gay cyclists, a separate lane for Tory and Labour cyclists, one for cyclists who prefer singlespeeds, another for tourers...

    How did this imbecile ever get to be an MP?

  • MP: 2-speed cycle lanes would get more women riding – and let them avoid “Lycra clad mad cyclists”1 year 4 weeks agoFeminazis, eh? Their own

    Feminazis, eh? Their own worst enemy.

  • Looking for ride buddies near Congleton, Cheshire1 year 4 weeks agoNot my area I am afraid but I

    Not my area I am afraid but I know the feeling. I can't join a cycling club as they all go too late and impinge on family life. I tend to ride early either with a few regulars or solo (better training that way anyway).
    I don't know whether go sky ride is any use ?

  • Legal case - sentencing passed so I think we can discuss1 year 4 weeks agotruffy wrote:notfastenough

    truffy wrote:
    notfastenough wrote:
    Clearly, the idea that this guy will ever be permitted behind the wheel again is truly worrying


    It was not the first case of road rage involving this man, and he should forfeit his right to ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

    it's NOT a "right", it's a privilege afforded from having passed a test proving competence... and should be very easy to take away... Sad

  • MP: 2-speed cycle lanes would get more women riding – and let them avoid “Lycra clad mad cyclists”1 year 4 weeks ago"Ms Hillier said: “One of the

    "Ms Hillier said: “One of the big things is… that women don’t want the “muck sweat” of cycling. "

    just go over to the Netherlands to see how it SHOULD be done...

  • Astana used acupuncture1 year 4 weeks agoQuite a comprehensive

    Quite a comprehensive response, so thank you for that.

    what you're saying is its my lack of knowledge or understanding when reading these reviews that is holding me back? Thats is not a trick question by I'm the way, I'm genuinely willing to hold my hands up and admit ignorance.

    Reading through the reviews, and im far from reading all of them, it seems to me to be contradictory and inconclusive, is that simply just down to me being a lay person as it were?

  • Legal case - sentencing passed so I think we can discuss1 year 4 weeks agoAn ounce of prevention is

    An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
    If there was a "fit and proper person test" with a driving licence whereby any road rage incident led to a period off the road, this could have been prevented as this guy clearly has anger issues preventing him from exercising due care when driving a vehicle.
    Way past time that anger on the roads was dealt with.

  • Freight Transport Association says "blanket" London Safer Lorry Scheme proposals not the answer1 year 4 weeks agoTurkey's vote against

    Turkey's vote against Christmas shocker.

  • Freight Transport Association says "blanket" London Safer Lorry Scheme proposals not the answer1 year 4 weeks agoWere all the operators

    Were all the operators involved in fatal accidents ones with poor safety records?

  • Kinesis Aithein Build1 year 4 weeks agoThe BB in mine is the

    The BB in mine is the standard press fit GXP BB86 bottom bracket. Easy enough to fit, but be careful because the drive side is slightly wider than the other, so you could end up having to do it again, not that that would happen to anyone.

    I have a carbon post in mine, an SL-K one, but it's 34.9mm, so you're not getting much of the give of carbon with that, I don't think.

    My wheels I got Mark at Spokesman Wheels to build on Novatec hubs. They seem good so far, I don't notice any flex and I am close to the upper limit of the Aithein's weight limit.

    I'll take a picture when I've chopped the steerer tube. It's sticking up a bit at the moment..

  • Is 5,500m too much climbing?1 year 4 weeks agoThat sounds awesome! I think

    That sounds awesome! I think I'd need CXR94Di2's motorcycle option, though!

  • Freight Transport Association says "blanket" London Safer Lorry Scheme proposals not the answer1 year 4 weeks ago"It also says that the

    "It also says that the proposals could impact types of traffic it claims are not typically involved in the deaths of cyclists, such as container trucks, and that TfL should instead target operators with poor safety standards that break existing laws"

    Who would have through I would agree with anything that
    The Freight Transport Association would have to say, given the below story that would be 2/3 of the lorries band from the roads then, that's fine by me.


  • Kinesis Aithein Build1 year 4 weeks agoLooks like a toss up between

    Looks like a toss up between Spada (http://roadcyclinguk.com/gear/spada-stiletto-wheelset-review.html) and Shimano RS81 C24s... (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-wh-rs81-c24-carbon-laminate-clincher-whe...)

  • Freight Transport Association says "blanket" London Safer Lorry Scheme proposals not the answer1 year 4 weeks agoIt's an obvious point, but

    It's an obvious point, but having a policy in which you only deal with the operators that have a poor safety records, means that you have to continue to have accidents to identify them.

    Healthy and safety policy is heavily biased towards prevention, if this association suggested such a solution for use within a construction site they'd be laughed at.

  • Astana used acupuncture1 year 4 weeks agoSimon E wrote: Compare the

    Simon E wrote:

    Compare the number of people infected by acupuncture needles with those by health professionals.

    Compare the side-effects of CAM to that of pharmaceuticals.

    My boss died of cancer last year. Billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research yet the horribly toxic chemicals they pumped into him still didn't help. He's not the exception, yet we are led to believe that it's black and white, that Chemo is a good thing but Chiro is snake oil. The human body is not that simple.

    I have no doubt that there are very bad MD's out there, Google Dr Andrew Wakefield or Dr Mehmet Oz to start with.

    My point was not that either was worse on side effects than another, I was replying to someone saying that it was harmless, even Homeopathy can have side effects (if you are diabetic)

    I am sorry to hear about your boss, but I have a very close friend that has just been given the all clear after some quite intense chemo, and it is quite toxic, my friend told me at times she wished she was dead. Chemo is not good, but it can work

  • MP: 2-speed cycle lanes would get more women riding – and let them avoid “Lycra clad mad cyclists”1 year 4 weeks agoI often pootle behind a lycra

    I often pootle behind a lycra clad lady Devil

    Come on I love a good pootle as much as the next lycra lout but isolating cyclists in groups is wrong with the exception of chavs on BSO's.

  • Astana used acupuncture1 year 4 weeks agoAgain, yes I have read them

    Again, yes I have read them all, but thanks far asking for the clarification, if you are interested I have also read over 600 reviews of Homeopathy and about the same on TCM...

    You are saying that you have no agenda, but you asked for

    Farrell wrote:
    I am more willing to be proved wrong and hold my hands up to it just being a placebo effect if you can point me in the direction of such evidence?

    So I posted a link to the most respected repository of the information you asked for, I did not say at any time that this was information only on back pain, it is however a brilliant start point for evidence on the efficacy of acupuncture, I could have sifted through them, or I could have posted 100's of other links that have similar information, but I am sure you would have come back with the same response, without reading the information provided any way. So you asked for the information, I provided it, you did not read it, rather you looked for some information that you though may have helped prove your point.

    I have read the review on the neck pain, as I said, I have read them all, what you will find is most of the reviews do go along a similar line, they will either out and out disprove the research or say at best, as it has on the neck pain

    The trials were of moderate methodological quality

    the number of participants in each trial was relatively low

    so we could not combine the results of the trials to get an overall picture

    However, a large proportion of the reviews will state along the lines of

    Further methodologically robust studies are needed to generate evidence-based conclusions.
    There is no reliable proof of effectiveness of xxxxx for xxxx due to lack of randomised controlled trials up to now.

    these are red flags straight away, I am looking for the words Statistically significant, not moderate. why? well If I were trying to get a drug to market and the results were moderate, I would not get approval at all, so why would you want to use a lower standard for any treatment.

    Back to the neck review, it says

    We did not find any trials that examined the effects of acupuncture for acute or subacute pain, but we found 10 trials that examined acupuncture treatments for chronic neck pain. Overall, methodological quality had a mean of 2.3/5 on the Jadad Scale.

    Unfortunately not a lot of people understand this last part, anything under a JS of 3 is considered to be a low quality trial, generally as its not been correctly blinded or randomised, and importantly, the drop out rate, if the drop out rate is high, the trail needs to be completely ignored as pts will drop out of they don't feel better, so if 100 people start, 50 drop out because they are getting worse or not seeing improvement, and out of the 50 that stay, 25 report vast improvement but the other dont, the result will incorrectly show as 50% showed improvement as the pts that drop out do not measure in the end result, I havent looked at the drop out rate for this review as it is not really significant given the JS score, unfortunately they do not always use a JS,.

    Back to the review


    Authors' conclusions:
    There is moderate evidence that acupuncture relieves pain better than some sham treatments, measured at the end of the treatment. There is moderate evidence that those who received acupuncture reported less pain at short term follow-up than those on a waiting list. There is also moderate evidence that acupuncture is more effective than inactive treatments for relieving pain post-treatment and this is maintained at short-term follow-up.

    You need to pay attention to the term moderate evidence, under the Cochrane guidelines this means

    Moderate evidence denoted findings in a single, high quality RCT or consistent findings in multiple low-quality trials.

    being that there is a review of 10 trials, there is a fair assumption that this score is given due to consistent findings in low quality trails (low JS scores)

    So let me ask you this, if I offered you a treatment that I have proven with 10 trails, but the trials were of poor quality, there was a high proportion of drop outs, blinding and randomisation was in question, but the results I publish are ok...would you actually pay me for the treatment?

    either way, you asked for proof, and I have provided not only the resource, but now a very brief introduction on how to understand and rate the results of the reviews, if you take the oppertunity to read through these reviews, and happen to come upon a Meta anaysis with a >4 JS or one with Strong evidence under the Cochrane Qualitative Analysis of Trial criteria, I would be more than happy to discuss

  • MP: 2-speed cycle lanes would get more women riding – and let them avoid “Lycra clad mad cyclists”1 year 4 weeks agohorizontal dropout wrote:It's

    horizontal dropout wrote:
    It's not derogatory as you can see from a bit of context: "those that want to pootle along at a normal pace ". Pootle - normal.

    Quite correct, pootling is absolutely fine. However, it has been adopted by a few commenters on this site as a pejorative term.

  • MP: 2-speed cycle lanes would get more women riding – and let them avoid “Lycra clad mad cyclists”1 year 4 weeks agoSo women don't wear lycra or

    So women don't wear lycra or ride quickly.
    Modern offices don't have gyms or showers.

    And of course I've never seen a woman travel to work either by cycle or public transport in business suit and trainers, and I've never seen that woman on arrival at work take out of her hand-bag a trainer bag and a pair of court shoes. Of course I haven't, women aren't that bright. They should stay at home and raise children shouldn't they and not worry their pretty little heads about complex things like bicycles. After all doesn't strenuous exercise damage a woman's fertility. Wink

    I hope that every woman in the country is lining up in an orderly queue to slap this idiot.

  • Is 5,500m too much climbing?1 year 4 weeks agoI have ridden up the Stelvio

    I have ridden up the Stelvio on motorcycle. From memory the hairpins can be very steep on the inside corner so go wide around each of them. The straights weren't dramatically steep , after 24km that might be a ill judged comment Smile