• Pictures of your Bike1 year 4 weeks agoMy two bikes I use a lot. the

    My two bikes I use a lot. the 1986 Brian rourke is a great bike and I have just upgraded the wheels to the new Mavics. The Omega I have just built up over a period of years to the latest spec but will upgrade again as soon as finances allow. I do love Campag for the durability and the build quality.

  • Yorkshire beers up for Tour de France with celebratory ale and pub hubs1 year 4 weeks agoMany happy returns, sir!

    Many happy returns, sir!

  • VIDEO: Risk-taking cyclist nearly pays ultimate price for dicing with trams1 year 4 weeks agoIn Dutch cities cyclists

    In Dutch cities cyclists still have to cross tram tracks sometimes. Crossing is quite safe as long as you ride perpendicular to the tracks. It's most dangerous when you ride in the same direction next to the tracks and then try to cross them. It's best to always stay on the same side (not overtaking traffic) and make a big loop when you do cross them. For instance, when approaching a crossing where you want to go right over the tram tracks (assuming left-handed riding), go left at the crossing and then turn to cross perpendicular.

    Unfortunately it is easy to forget about the tram tracks when the traffic becomes hectic.

  • Liverpool to host start of Tour of Britain in September1 year 4 weeks ago'The Tour of Southern

    'The Tour of Southern Britain!'

    The Tour of Britain works fine. The Tour de France doesn't call itself 'The Tour of some of the perimeter of France with a few of the mountains thrown in for good measure'.

    If it's a geopolotical argument rather than a pedantic one, remember that the scotch are splitting off to go their own impoverished way, so this is just helping a little.

  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 4 weeks agoUnless I'm mistaken, the ToB

    Unless I'm mistaken, the ToB takes the route to places that support it financially so it can only go where the councils are willing to a) host it and b) pay for it. That's one of the main issues behind the long transfers and the geographic inequalities. If you want a stage, a council near you has to be willing to do it and to put its hand in its pocket.

  • Primal Hi Viz Race Cut Fusion Jacket1 year 4 weeks agoErm the main area where you

    Erm the main area where you need visibility is black.

  • Lidl cycling gear!1 year 4 weeks agoI've got the stand too; it's

    I've got the stand too; it's good. Very solid, though the clamp could be a little better.

  • Lapierre to launch Pulsium endurance bike1 year 4 weeks agoAh, good old elastomers. This

    Ah, good old elastomers. This sounds like the evil love child of a Girvin Flexstem and a Raleigh Activator.

  • Liverpool to host start of Tour of Britain in September1 year 4 weeks agoLet's rename it The Tour of

    Let's rename it The Tour of Southern Britain!
    Great to see a stage in Liverpool - the city deserves it

  • Spring cycle clothing guide: the best kit and ways to wear it to get the most from cycling in spring1 year 4 weeks agoI've been wearing a thin pair

    I've been wearing a thin pair of 'performance sports trousers' which I got from lidl under my shorts. They basically look like a pair of tights and they keep my knees and legs warm whilst still offering flexibility.

    I couldn't find my overshoes one morning so wrapped some kitchen foil round my socks before putting the shoes on. It had all fallen apart by the time I had finished but it was a good short term solution.

  • Widow of cyclist killed by drink-driver says he should have been jailed for life1 year 4 weeks agounless clearly stated as an

    unless clearly stated as an accident, any death should result in your "life" being taken away, i.e. jail for life.

    this guy will be out in 4 years on good behavior after watching plenty of Sky Sports tv in his cell while the widow will still be grieving coming up to her 40th wedding anniversary.

    At Wits End

  • Spring cycle clothing guide: the best kit and ways to wear it to get the most from cycling in spring1 year 4 weeks agomartincashman wrote:Anyone

    martincashman wrote:
    Anyone know of a shot sleeve jersey with a windstopper front?

    No but a good idea is the Castelli Flanders wind baselayer which has the windstopper front and then you can just wear your regular jerseys over the top.

  • Widow of cyclist killed by drink-driver says he should have been jailed for life1 year 4 weeks agoAirzound wrote: The scum bag

    Airzound wrote:
    The scum bag should be strung up, but sadly all the liberal do gooders and Guardian readers won't hear of it. They do those that have to deal with the loss of their loved ones a great disservice.

    Killing a murderer does no real good to the bereaved. Some of those who had a family member killed by the IRA have publically forgiven the murderers. This forgiveness is what is taught by the Christian religion, and other religions too. It is not confined to liberals or Guardian readers.

  • Widow of cyclist killed by drink-driver says he should have been jailed for life1 year 4 weeks agoI find it hard for any

    I find it hard for any accident to be classified as careless,

    But feel it should automatically be dangerous driving if you are breaking the law whilst driving and cause an accident.
    If you knowing break the law by being on the Phone, Speeding , drunk etc. the defence of carelessness should be unavailable as your decisions have automatically created a dangerous situation.

  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 4 weeks agoSimon_MacMichael

    Simon_MacMichael wrote:
    Yorkshie Whippet wrote:

    Not as greedy as it would seem that London is

    Olympics route/Prudential or whatever they call it, a finish of le Tour and still "two stages" on top.

    Okay, so London gets three days of racing at UCI HC or WorldTour level, and probably two HC in future.

    One of those races, RideLondon, will take place mainly in Surrey, while this year the Tour de France spends maybe an hour in London.

    But from next year, Yorkshire - and nowhere else - gets its very own THREE-day stage race, arranged by ASO and probably also at HC level.

    Don't get me wrong, it's great that it will be taking place.

    But it does rather shoot down the argument that London (home to around 60 per cent more people than Yorkshire, by the way) gets everything.

    Simon, not quite sure what your point is, other than you can cut and paste to take things out of context.

  • VIDEO: Risk-taking cyclist nearly pays ultimate price for dicing with trams1 year 4 weeks agoI think you miss the point.

    I think you miss the point. The thread is quite complimentary about the tram. As a daily cycling commuter I am looking forward to taking the tram to work when it is too windy or icy to cycle. Trams are great and much better than buses. However, my knackered knee and permanently bent thumb, and numerous injuries to other cyclists - even a class action law suit - attest to the dangers of crossing tram tracks: sometimes you have to, to avoid buses or the road configuration forces you. The answer must be to keep trams, buses and cyclists apart - Holland and Denmark seem to do it well. Edinburgh's Princes Street has not done this well and certainly, to me, appears to be the most dangerous road to cycle on with tram, bus, taxi and cycle all competing for a lane. Incidentally, this is where I wiped out with a bus luckily stopping as quickly behind me as the tram in the video.

  • Commuter X4 bike light included in British Inventors' Project at Gadget Show Live1 year 4 weeks agoMKultra wrote:I wish

    MKultra wrote:
    I wish Ortleib/Dueter/Alpkit etc etc would just start stitching MOLLE panels on to the back of all the kit they make and then you could shove what you like on there such as pumps, lights, glowsticks etc etc

    PALS is under patent until 2016. Who knows, they might start doing it then, maybe with reflective webbing. I'm not convinced though eg panniers don't want them on the rider facing side for foot clearance. A Carradice with no side pockets and PALS all over instead... that might work.

  • Sergio Henao suspended by sky1 year 4 weeks agonotfastenough wrote:is this

    notfastenough wrote:
    is this thread still running?

    Yep! (although I've just now added to it lol)

    Sadly I remember this site as a far more interesting and pleasant place. You might recall the likes of Trikeman, Andylul, Chris (from Dubai iirc) and others too. Genuine good advice, friendly banter, race coverage and discussion.

    Now it's all doom and gloom stories of commuting misery or arguing over team Sky.

    Ironically, the venom was out for Froome and the arguements during last years TdF were constant. Yet when Mr Horner turned on a performance in the Vuelta that could have raised eyebrows, hardly a word was said. In fact I had not seen much mentioned of it till this thread. (although it wasn't as shocking as that rider - his name escapes - in the Tour of Turkey a couple of years back!)
    But I think that is why either Sky fans or those wanting fair comment get annoyed.

    There are some who only post when it involves Sky bashing.
    This isn't a dig directly at you Colin, although one such Sky basher did state (during the Froome TdF battle ground) that we should all listen to you as you were an ex-pro, former top rider and voice of experience. Are you?

    To me, imho, Sky have 2 cases recently that could go either way. JTL and Sergio. If Sky are what they say (and you know what, I'd like to believe they are, along with certain other teams) and it's either a Pre-Sky issue or something that a rider has done off their own back, then flagging it up / acting on it / cooperating is the right thing to do.

    However, IF it is that Sky are dodgy, then BANG the bubble bursts in Lance stylee! No amount of slick PR could mop that mess up and there will probably be some mass UK cycling burning of Sky jerseys or something! (although I'm not going to be melting down the Pina!)

    Time will tell. The truth has a habit of rising to the surface, ask LA.

    I know this has been a long post, but maybe it will be good to reflect on how this forum and site used to be.

    Yes, debate is normal. Opinions are the life blood of forums. But the direction it's heading now will put people off joining up, joining in or even riding at this rate!

    But let's get back to the banter, the advice and enjoyment of cycling.

    Happy cycling!

  • Winners Thread1 year 4 weeks agoI won Tour de Suisse in 2012

    I won Tour de Suisse in 2012 thanks to Albasini's breakaway heroics. My only top 10 in a non-premium comp (ie lots more competition) was 9th in Spring Classics last year, but I have to say that isn't going quite so well this year!

    3rd overall in purist last year, but that was more down to enthusiasm, consistent top 100s, and not missing any races than any actual knowledge...

  • Commuter X4 bike light included in British Inventors' Project at Gadget Show Live1 year 4 weeks agoGreat - a light that's a faff

    Great - a light that's a faff to put on every time you ride, and points up at the sky.

  • TfL to trial optical & radar detection technology on buses to alert drivers to cyclists and pedestrians1 year 4 weeks ago1 person in London becomes a

    1 person in London becomes a KSI statistic every day because of a bus. Pedestrian crossing times have already been cut to try to 'smooth' the traffic, and it kills people. TfL knows this, and have for some time.

    While I think the additional technology could help, there are better ways - get drivers out of vehicles and onto bikes during training as standard. Stop prioritising time over safety. Introduce and enforce (with average speed cameras) the 20mph speed limit city-wide.

  • Wheel bearings - tell tale signs1 year 4 weeks agoSealed bearings are easily

    Sealed bearings are easily regreased, I do mine frequently on my FS pivots. You just need to be careful when picking the seals out. Bearings will feel gritty when they start to wear or run low on grease. Don't over pack with grease though or you run the risk of blowing the seals. When you replace them, go for quality. Cheaper bearings are normally a lower grade.

  • Faith in Humanity Restored1 year 4 weeks agoAh but they are a from a

    Ah but they are a from a different "culture", and we should respect and embrace all of these different "cultures". Even when they are stealing from you, which they are not doing because it's wrong, it's just their "culture".

  • HELP! Squealing front wheel.1 year 4 weeks agoComrade wrote:Redmeat - check

    Comrade wrote:
    Redmeat - check the wheel by means of a visual inspection, and see if the squeal sounds when a particulat spoke is in the vacinity of the ground. Then look at the rim/ spoke area and see if a squirrel, hamster or mouse is attached. If so, remove it and administer first aid.

    Good luck and blue skies!

    That's twice you've made me chuckle at the breakfast table this morning... thank you for brightening the start to my day! Laughing

  • ribble gran fondo vs dolan l' etape1 year 4 weeks agoHow 'comfy' is the geometry

    How 'comfy' is the geometry on the Dolan?

    My father has been tempted with one as an upgrade from his 2010 Allez (the last year it wasn't quite as racy as the tarmac).

    He was looking at the Mekk Potenza too.

    I'll watch this thread with interest.