• Scottish Road Share campaign steers presumed liability law towards Parliament1 year 4 weeks agoThe bicycle has been around

    The bicycle has been around for over 130 year and all that time there has never been a requirement for cyclists to have insurance. Motorist have been legal required to have third party insurance since 1903, seven years after the first pedestrian was killed by a car. The reason that cyclists are not, and have not ever been, required to have third party insurance is because they do very little harm to other.

    In the event that Presumed Liability becomes law, I see no reason why I would need to go out and get third party insurance, because I ride with care and attention, and therefore don't pose a threat to pedestrians. This such a law would have no negative consequence for me because I do not ride in a reckless manner. Only the reckless have anything to fear from Presumed Liability.

  • K-Edge launch XL Mount for Garmin’s Edge 1000 computer1 year 4 weeks agoAnyone know if 3T/Garmin are

    Anyone know if 3T/Garmin are going to produce an updated mount plate for their Integra Stem? I spent a small fortune on one and now looks like the 1000 will be too long for it. E-mailed 3T and Garmin but no reply yet.

  • Frog Bikes to launch three kids’ road bikes1 year 4 weeks agoit's just me, but PX offers a

    it's just me, but PX offers a better bike..

    Most kids cannot easily use the microshift shifters (they require quite a force to operate, and the levers are cannot be reached that easily..)

    Miche offers a crankset option for the aspiring young riders.

  • Scottish Road Share campaign steers presumed liability law towards Parliament1 year 4 weeks agoIn 1982 Lord Denning stated

    In 1982 Lord Denning stated that:

    In the present state of motor traffic, I am persuaded the any civilized system of law should require, as a matter of principal, that the person who uses this dangerous instrument on the road – dealing death and destruction all round – should be liable to make compensation to anyone who is killed or injured in consequence of the use of it. There should be liability without proof of fault.

    To require an injured person to prove fault results in the gravest injustice to many innocent persons who have not the wherewithal to prove it.

    Thirty two years on this state of injustice remains on our roads, it is time for change!

  • Boris bikes fuel rising prices in London rental market, says lettings agency1 year 4 weeks agomd6 wrote: I think you are

    md6 wrote:

    I think you are misunderstanding the point being made. People aren't against the infrustructure. They are against defining the resultant increase in price as a 'benefit' (at least that's my point)

    The price increase itself isn't a benefit, obviously, and Mr Alworth from TfL never said it was. He appeared to be espousing the realisation of quick and cheap local transport options, welcomed by Londoners that are then prepared to spend more to ensure they have access to them. A significant number of people are willing to pay more owing to the benefit of having bikes nearby. Enough people value the bikes that it's skewing the overall market, therefore it must be a decent percentage. Otherwise once the one or two bike freaks had signed up the rest of the buyers would look elsewhere, eschewing the inflated rents. But there's enough demand to shift the whole market. That's my point Smile

  • Colombian cyclists refused UK visas for Giro d'Italia Big Start in Northern Ireland1 year 4 weeks agoWhilst it would be possible

    Whilst it would be possible to do this due to the border being so open it depends on the teams point of entry. Many of them may have come via France/Belguim/Netherlands and stop of in Yorkshire where Giant Shimano currently is to get a lay of the land before progressing to NI.

    Even to travel up through the Republic, the teams may be subjected to a surprise visit at their hotel in Belfast by the UKBA. The whole thing is a complete shambles.

  • La Flèche Wallonne Féminine1 year 4 weeks ago1,4,5,6,7,8,11 in the end,

    1,4,5,6,7,8,11 in the end, which I'm happy with. Got me into the 70s overall (though the less said about my purist the better).

  • Eric Pickles turns down Cambridge councillors' car vs bike challenge1 year 4 weeks agoOh, please, Please, PLEASE

    Oh, please, Please, PLEASE put that wobbly bowl of lard on the bike!

  • Kent motorist branded "a danger to cyclists" by judge is jailed for 10 months1 year 4 weeks agoWe all know that 'car

    We all know that 'car drivers', have for some inane reason, lack exactly that REASON. When I drive i find unbeleiveably inane. I amaze' at the comfort and look in admirance at cyclists who 'tough it out' on the roads just like myself and us'.

    I view anyone who even thinks negatively towards anyone on a bike as an instant war-crimes subject.

    To put it plainly;

    Their's a bad attitude in this country amongst people who drive, a VERY BAD attitude, it needs to be addressed and addressed firmly.

    The standard of driving is diminishing to astounding levels...to the extent i literally feared for my life even just riding a straight road.

    At one point i even considered giving it up after 25 hardcore years and in December had 3 misses that very nearly ended me' !

    I've noticed with a small minority of vehicle users that they just dont like us'; be it jealousy, aggression or absent mindedness, this the resultant thoughts via experiences in group rides or chain gangs.

    I hope the entry of the 'tour to this land gets and changes some people attitude away from the get, get, get of daily life to consider 2 wheels and realise that we are flesh and bone not glass and metal and soo dearly injure and damage when impacted.

    Stay safe out there, all !

  • Cycling in Derby1 year 4 weeks agolbs - Mercian - good enough?

    lbs - Mercian - good enough? Samways isn't bad but the staff are not helpful IMHO. There's an independent -The Bike Shop on (I think) Monk Street which I use the most. All a matter of personal preference of course.

    Derby Mercury are the long established club in town. I'm not a member (wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member).

    If I can be of more help, just ask

  • Eric Pickles turns down Cambridge councillors' car vs bike challenge1 year 4 weeks agoSince when should we take

    Since when should we take note of what a Sontaran says?

  • Cheap bikes1 year 4 weeks agoThe parktool.com website is

    The parktool.com website is pretty handy for repair advice, as is youtube.

  • 2014 WorldTour bikes: The bikes of the peloton this season1 year 4 weeks agoMiles253 wrote:I wish team

    Miles253 wrote:
    I wish team colour bikes were more readily available throughout the range, rather than just the top rung. Good article guys

    Merida have team coloured bikes at various price points right down to £850, only the colour scheme is tamed a little and looks great, especially on the £1000 Ride Alloy 94.

  • Michael Rogers cleared in clenbuterol case, as is Jonathan Breyne, young Belgian who attempted suicide1 year 4 weeks agonorthstar wrote: You seem to

    northstar wrote:

    You seem to condone cheating?

    No, cheating is wrong, but it is human nature. I think you will find most people cheat, lying about your age to buy drink, modifying CVs. etc

    every rider seeks advantages, i doubt a single top level pro doesn't sale close to the wind when it comes to supplements. However i am hopeful that things are better than they were. I am hopeful that the fall out of the LA affair will warn riders that cheating today may come back and get you later. Your winnings may be stripped, that those years you devote to being a pro will be worth nothing.

    And yes i do look at some teams and the way they ride and wonder, i look at how Movistar performed at last years tour and wonder, Sky collapsed, one good day one bad day, but Movistar?

    Fundamentally pro sport is about entertainment, was Pantani entertaining, was he on drugs?

  • K-Edge launch XL Mount for Garmin’s Edge 1000 computer1 year 4 weeks agoI notice the plastic insert

    I notice the plastic insert now compared to the older versions, which I used to own. It stops them ripping the back of the Garmin if you swap it around bikes a fair bit.

  • Updated: Casting agent inundated after Emmerdale cyclist extras appeal - no more please!1 year 4 weeks agoComplete SKY kit on order.

    Complete SKY kit on order.

  • Eric Pickles turns down Cambridge councillors' car vs bike challenge1 year 4 weeks ago" if we don’t put our plans

    " if we don’t put our plans together on how people live and how some of the elite think we should live"
    I like this concept of telling the elite where to shove their ideas.

  • Is it just me or is the classics game really boring?1 year 4 weeks agostevemarks wrote:... the

    stevemarks wrote:
    ... the favourites are... expensive... with the very high points scores for the first three, there is little point in going for the 11/20 position potential riders, at the expense of the big guns...

    If what you're saying is true, then it could mean that it'll be really hard for anyone to score over say, 175 points for Liege Bastogne Liege... Thank God for Vanendert and Arredondo! Smile

    I would have to say everybody would have Valverde, Kwiatkowski, Gilbert, Vanendert and Arredondo... That would be 97.7 credits in the budget with some 52.3 credits left over for the likes of Dan Martin, at 25.6, Simon Gerrans at 29.8, Bauke Mollema at 29.7, Daniel Moreno at 26.1... Thinking Then you could fill up with Tom Jelte Slagter at 17.6, Simon Geschke at 20.8, Michael Albasini at 21.0
    or Wout Poels at 12.8... Yeah, it'd be nice to be able to fit in a few more riders...

  • Is it just me or is the classics game really boring?1 year 4 weeks agoI missed the deadline for the

    I missed the deadline for the Purist Team for the Giro del Trentino, but looking at the game start list I see, wow, to my count, 29 (!) 'Popular' riders...

  • Updated: Casting agent inundated after Emmerdale cyclist extras appeal - no more please!1 year 4 weeks agoi would love it if it was

    i would love it if it was full of fat mamils, although not that I am going to watch emmerdale either way.

  • Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Socks1 year 4 weeks agoWarm is more important than

    Warm is more important than dry. Merino socks and neoprene covers mean feet get wet, but so what? So long as they're not cold, it's not really a problem, is it?

  • GELS: best/tastiest/most economic1 year 4 weeks agoThose who prefer flapjack

    Those who prefer flapjack should try the GCN Power Bar recipe.
    I made some just to try and love them, so handed them round to running/cycling friends and they were blown away by the taste too.


  • Between these 3 bikes1 year 4 weeks agoI'm pleased you could see

    I'm pleased you could see where I was coming from.

    The seat stays on the K are like those on the DogmaK (which, iirc, took over from the Kobh) and are designed for a more comfy ride. It is the design used for the bikes at Paris - Roubaix for example.

    Both a lovely bikes (IMHO) and for the riding you describe I'd be edging towards the K.

    All the best with what you decide.

  • Viewing other people's teams1 year 4 weeks agoRight cheers enrique

    Right cheers enrique

  • Viewing other people's teams1 year 4 weeks agoYou click on their score

    You click on their score after a stage is over to see their most current team, before they make next day's transfers, of course...