• Wheelsets - the basics?!1 year 6 weeks agoWhile we're on it, what

    While we're on it, what constitutes 'wheel weight'? I'm assuming it's just rims, hubs and spokes and excludes tape, tyres, tubes, QRs, etc. Yes?

  • Clear glasses recommendation...1 year 6 weeks agoThese have been excellent and

    These have been excellent and only a tenner:


  • Bradley Wiggins' Beard wins SPOTY 20141 year 6 weeks agoWell the photo is impressive

    Well the photo is impressive all around. Beard is on Bradley's face, I think he is talking to a retired Scottish first division footballer from the 60's and 70's sitting to the right of Bradley's wife, though I can't quite tell if its her, part of her is obscured.

  • Getting a bike fit at Paul Hewitt Cycles1 year 6 weeks agoBought a bike from Paul

    Bought a bike from Paul Hewitt's in October after visiting many many shops. the service is astounding, the bike fit and Paul's time costs you nothing if you buy a bike at the end of it. He set up my old bike for me as best he could so it rode better whilst I was waiting for them to build up my Van Nicholas titanium one. He also missed his lunch whilst doing my fit, maybe that's how he stays so slender.
    At no point did I feel pressured into anything, just seemed to be given honest advice. The Van NIcholas is a lovely bike and all those niggling pains I used to get on long rides appear to have gone now. Which may be down to the quality of titanium but also I guess form being in the right position on the bike. I also broke most of my strava records on my old bike with no greater effort after Paul had adjusted it for me.
    i would recommend Hewitt's if you are up north, possibly even worth the travel.

  • Video: Boris bike vs Mont Ventoux1 year 6 weeks agoHope your knees survive.

    Hope your knees survive.

  • AnaNichoola Hello Yello Commuter Jacket1 year 6 weeks agogack. You are kidding. The

    Sick gack. You are kidding. The colour is the last of its problems. No wonder you like if Fishface, only good for a fisherman's wife.

  • More photos of SRAM’s new electronic groupset1 year 6 weeks agoSRAM are using the doubletap

    SRAM are using the doubletap levers, but they are going sequential for shifting. Left hand level goes up, right down. That is how the differentiate themselves from Shimano and Campagnolo.

    The other thing I've heard that might fit in with the pictures, its actually wireless for transmitting the signal and the wire is for battery only.

  • Bradley Wiggins' Beard wins SPOTY 20141 year 6 weeks agoPensioner? Beard? Where... I

    Pensioner? Beard? Where... I only noticed the person on his right in this photo....!

  • Video: Boris bike vs Mont Ventoux1 year 6 weeks agoWell done that man, and

    Well done that man, and actually, maybe the new UCI weight limit should be 20Kg, that would make the climbs a bit more interesting Smile

  • Dundee cyclist assaulted by fellow rider he asked to get off pavement and ride on road1 year 6 weeks agoFluffyKittenofTindalos

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:
    Matt eaton wrote:
    Schizophrenic signage re: where cyclists should be has a lot to answer for. I see a lot of those little blue signs with the bike flying over the ped's head telling me to pedal along the pavement. I haven't taken the signage too literally and attempted to bunnyhop an old lady but have been tempted to see if I've got the pop to clear a toddler. There's the odd no cycling sign but with the proliferation of 'shared path' signage on otherwise unmarked footways its easy to reach the conclusion (particuaraly if you cycle in mostly urban environs (excepting the big cities)) that our transport planners prefer for us to keep off of the roads wherever possible.

    I too feel the urge to point out to some pavement cyclists that they are adults and should behave accordingly but haven't found myself in a fighty enough mood to make comment so far.

    The problem with those signs, I find, is the way they appear and disappear at random. You'll be on a marked 'shared use' path, then start to wonder "I haven't seen a sign for ages, am I now breaking the law? Oh, wait there's one now", or you'll slowly realise you are now on the pavement illegally and need to get off of it, despite the absence of any dropped kerb or any sign signifying the ending if the shared use bit.

    Or you'll be in the road and the first sign that you _could_ have been on the pavement will be the sign saying the shared use bit has just ended, despite the fact there was never any sign telling you it had started.

    Or there'll be a toucan crossing yet no indication that the pavement on either side is legally cycleable.

    Or you'll be expected to constantly get on and off of a nasty busy road, as the shared use pavement keeps starting and ending every 20 yards for no logical reason ("how come I can use that bit but not this bit when both the pavement and the road are exactly the same?")

    End result being I now never bother with them and just stick to the road or get off and walk. Shared use is mostly a crap box-ticking cop out, I think.

    And I have a couple of times (as a pedestrian) gotten into altercations with pavement cyclists but only when I'm in a really bad mood that overcomes my common-sense and risk aversion.

    I'm the same as you in that I stick to the roads. Shared use paths of this sort are a recipe for disaster unless you are pootling along at 5mph. I sometimes find them handy if I'm towing the kiddy trailer up a hill but other than that its just not safe enough to progress quickly enough compared to the road. Despite this I can easily see how the decision to stick to the roads (like you and Sleepy could easily go the other way for a less confident cyclist who might choose to stick to the footway instead.

    I think that this sort of shared use path is often an afterthought by the road planners. They invest massive amounts of time and money analysing traffic flow and planning road systems with motor vehicles at the heart of them without any thought for cycle provision only to discover that what they have built is out of bounds for all but the most confident riders. Their solution is to make the footways 'shared use', thereby removing bicycles from the road infrastructure and 'solving' the problem that they created. The A34 through Newbury is a good example of this.

  • Bristol speed cameras to be reactivated1 year 6 weeks agoOh and well done Bristol!

    Oh and well done Bristol!

  • Bristol speed cameras to be reactivated1 year 6 weeks agoIn Hertfordshire the max mean

    In Hertfordshire the max mean speed limit for 30mph zones is 30mph. The max mean speed limit for 20mph is 24mph. Plus mean speeds have to be already as low as 25mph before a road or area can be considered for 20mph. Also ACPO guidance I believe is that 20mph should not expect to be enforced because it should not be implemented unless the speed limit is self enforcing, ie looks like a 20mph zone. However the govt is consulting on changing the guidance for ACPO.

    http://www.hertsdirect.org/services/transtreets/tranpan/ltp/LTP3/ltp3con... for the info about max speeds etc. Not sure where I found the ACPO guidance bit.

    Oozaveard where did you find the bit about penalties in 20mph's?

    I think I fancy joining one of these community speed watch efforts.

  • Ralph Lauren takes London's Chunk clothing company to European court in bike polo trademark row1 year 6 weeks agoeurotrash wrote:It's nothing

    eurotrash wrote:
    It's nothing like Specialized/Roubaix, this is very obviously based on the RL logo.

    Exactly mate, I was with Cafe Roubaix, but this is way too similar, sorry.

  • Insurer outlines to lorry owners the dangers cyclists face1 year 6 weeks agoI think it's good. My one

    I think it's good.

    My one quibble was the bit about signalling - I think it could have been explained that cyclists may signal very briefly or not at all in situations where the safety benefits of having both hands on the bars/brakes outweigh the benefits gained from giving a hand signal to say something which is probably obvious enough from what the rider is doing anyway (road positioning, eye contact.)

  • Ralph Lauren takes London's Chunk clothing company to European court in bike polo trademark row1 year 6 weeks agoIt's nothing like

    It's nothing like Specialized/Roubaix, this is very obviously based on the RL logo.

  • Video: Boris bike vs Mont Ventoux1 year 6 weeks agoTruly the Bulldog spirit !

    Truly the Bulldog spirit !

  • Chris Froome says he's now free of parasitic condition bilharzia1 year 6 weeks agoVery interesting take on it

    Very interesting take on it Gizmo.....good point.

  • Chris Froome says he and Bradley Wiggins have settled their differences1 year 6 weeks agoHis gravestone says 'I told

    His gravestone says 'I told you I was ill' in Gaelic as the cemetery trustees would not let it be in English.

  • Genetic Carbon Micro Fender1 year 6 weeks agoI was looking at motorbikes

    I was looking at motorbikes the other day which use this approach and wondered if the same principle could be applied to bikes - now I know.

  • Bradley Wiggins' Beard wins SPOTY 20141 year 6 weeks agoNo one cares to comment in

    No one cares to comment in 24hours?! It is magnificent. Look at impressed this pensioner is:

  • Video: Boris bike vs Mont Ventoux1 year 6 weeks agoWonderfully insane. Donation

    Wonderfully insane. Donation given.

  • Genetic Carbon Micro Fender1 year 6 weeks agoI'd want the full works for

    I'd want the full works for that amount of WONGA !

  • Parker International closes website1 year 6 weeks agoUsed them a couple of times.

    Used them a couple of times. Plenty of bargains amongst the often pricier items.
    Service was always good though

  • Italian ex-pro Roberto Gaggioli claims Lance Armstrong paid him $100k to throw race1 year 6 weeks agoMmm, panettone. What a

    Mmm, panettone. What a wonderful Christmas story. Lance as Robin Hood, taking money from the evil corporate sponsors and giving it back to his fellow riders. Bless you one and all.

  • Course announced for 2014 road world championships1 year 6 weeks agoI reckon the World Champs on

    I reckon the World Champs on the Odd Down circuit would be insane! Sure it'd be only 200 laps! Thinking