• Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 4 weeks agoKarbon Kev wrote:this girl's

    Karbon Kev wrote:
    this girl's an idiot imo

    Why might I ask?

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. it may be wrong, but that doesn't mean you can't have it.

    Sooner people stop focusing on helmets and start asking why cyclists are getting hit by cars the better! Might be me, I might be odd, but i'd rather not find out how effective or ineffective a helmet is if I get hit by a car.

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya1 year 4 weeks agoIt's roughly what the game

    It's roughly what the game suggested as the right average of prices, also, remember that this is not a big race in the grand scheme of things and that some of the riders who are expensive but targetting the Ardennes or Giro may not be riding to win anything.

    Sky in particular are an interesting set up. Will Froome be riding to win or will Porte be stretching his leadership legs ahead of the Giro? We can assume Wiggins won't ride to win but who will he support? What about Nieve? Will this be a race for him to race for himself?

    The same goes for AG2R with Pozzovivo, Bardet and Betancur, which will race and which will support?

    Which Contador will we see? He could race to win or could be recovering from TA.

    TJVG? What's his target for the season, will he be riding for himself or for a team member?

    Picking the preferred riders in any team will be key to getting off to a good start in this race.

  • Police identify driver who unleashed torrent of abuse on Sussex cyclist (+ video)1 year 4 weeks agovery very typical of the

    very very typical of the attitude of british drivers who think they own the road.

  • Pothole crash cyclist wins £70k pay-out from council1 year 4 weeks agoI got paid out by ETA cycle

    I got paid out by ETA cycle Insurance for a new Dura Ace C35 wheel @ £600 last month. ETA is chasing Croydon Council in London for reimbursement, and asked me if I could take a photo of the pothole (which I thought was amusing - wouldn't any photo do?)

    Needless to say, I spent two hours at the scene on a Sunday honing my photographing skills in the face of traffic chaos to get them their 12 photos in minute detail, as well as my Garmin FIT files and video footage in glorious 1080p!


  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 4 weeks agothis girl's an idiot imo

    this girl's an idiot imo

  • Video: Helmet camera footage leads to aggressive driver pleading guilty to four charges1 year 4 weeks agoMany years ago I got knocked

    Many years ago I got knocked off my bike from behind while in a right-only lane by a driver who wanted to skip the traffic queues and go straight. It wasn't an accident. he was hooting at me for several seconds beforehand but I ignored him.

    I yelled at him, which prompted him to get out of his car and start shouting at me in a typical anti-cyclist pay road tax tirade of abuse. I picked up my D-lock when he got close, at which point Plod, who had been at a roadside stall getting food throughout the episode (top of Putney Hill anyone?) and said they were going to arrest me for threatening assault with a deadly weapon.

    I did, at the time, tell them to bring it on given that the people in the pub opposite had watched the whole episode and would be on my side as witnesses. Much heated argument ensured, I was told that "they would drop it", I told them they were abusing their power and took their badge numbers and wrote a letter to the Met. I got a stock response saying the officers would be investigated. Nothing else happened.


  • A radical approach to junction safety - opinions wanted.1 year 4 weeks agoI would prefer the cameras

    I would prefer the cameras that are triggered when jumped. There's a junction my way the record is sitting at 6 and all doing 30mph. As for roundabouts. A total redesign to stop them being sling shots for motorists.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 4 weeks agoHelmet didn't prevent my

    Helmet didn't prevent my friend from sustaining major injuries. Depressed fracture of cheek bone and traumatic brain injury.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 4 weeks agoLight the blue touchpaper and

    Light the blue touchpaper and retire...

  • Video: Helmet camera footage leads to aggressive driver pleading guilty to four charges1 year 4 weeks agoJust a quick comment for

    Just a quick comment for Martin Cox on "tooling up". Courts will wonder why you were carrying such an implement ? Was it for a genuine mechanical need or was it a weapon ? Was it something cyclists normally carry ? Why had you chosen to carry it. If the answers are that it was for anything other than normal mechanical usage then you are in the brown stuff. Also, you have just put your premeditated thinking on the internet.....
    As others have said, avoidance is your best bet. Ian Botham famously said that he didn't fight because it was a choice between prison and hospital food, neither of which appealed.

  • Video: Helmet camera footage leads to aggressive driver pleading guilty to four charges1 year 4 weeks agoWhy did even they have to try

    Why did even they have to try him? He has ignored a judge or magistrate who removed his driving licence, why is this not contempt and automatic jail time?

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya1 year 4 weeks ago145 credits is real stingy

    145 credits is real stingy with this line up..... Sad

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya1 year 4 weeks agoCompetition is now open.

    Competition is now open. Strong field so a budget of 145.

    You'll note from the scoring information (http://fantasy.road.cc/stages?sid=7901) that only KoM points are listed, this is becauase this race doesn't appear to run a standard 'sprint jersey' or 'points jersey' (there's no record of it last year) and I remember this having to be cut last year so it's out entirely this year.

    There's no young rider comp listed and no 'combative' award which means the only jerseys scored will be GC and KoM.

    Something to consider when picking your team.

  • A radical approach to junction safety - opinions wanted.1 year 4 weeks agoHmm for starters.... 1) Its

    Hmm for starters....

    1) Its not illegal to travel through a junction at the posted speed limit, so the speed limit would need to be reduced locally.
    2) They are not cheap
    3) Average speed over distance cameras wont work over such a short distance
    4) Car speedo's are not accurate at 10mph
    5) Junction throughput would be ruined, junction capacity would plummet and massive queues would be caused.

  • Alternative To Cyclocross Tires1 year 4 weeks agoYou'll almost certainly be

    You'll almost certainly be able to fit any road tyre.

  • Spring into training mode (quietly)1 year 4 weeks agoragtimecyclist wrote:That

    ragtimecyclist wrote:
    That urge to ditch the tights and go out in shorts and kneewarmers is a tough one to resist...oh, to look and feel like a cyclist again!

    Err, what? It's been warm enough for that for around a month!

  • Giro Aeon helmet1 year 4 weeks agoum... dont buy one

    um... dont buy one then.

    pretty simple, we have to thank the lovely people that do buy them though as the tech trickles down to the £50 helmets

    savant is what i would buy as i know its basically the same but if mr large wallet feels faster in his £200 one then just remember to thank him for making yours cost less

    kie7077 wrote:

    Low weight, extremely high amount of venting, more advanced construction and materials all go into the cost.

    Low weight - a bit less polystyrene, should be cheaper.

    High venting? and? why should bigger holes cost more?

    More advanced construction? The worker in china got paid 50p no change there.

    Materials: plastic, nothing fancy.

    If you want complicated construction look at a cassette walkman from 30 years ago, they cost £10 back then, nothing about these helmets comes close in complexity.

  • A radical approach to junction safety - opinions wanted.1 year 4 weeks agoI'd rather all road users

    I'd rather all road users were watching the road rather than their speedometers.

  • Brim Brothers power meter to launch in August1 year 4 weeks agoReally interested to see how

    Really interested to see how these work out!

  • Pothole crash cyclist wins £70k pay-out from council1 year 4 weeks agoMKultra wrote:Standard lefty

    MKultra wrote:
    Standard lefty council official position is to vilify anyone brave enough to point out the council is in the wrong, they see this as a greater crime than the neglect they are guilty of in the first place. They will spend more money on legal battles and paying all the admin and legal staff involved at their end for arguing the toss over it than it would take to fix all the pot holes. Fixing the potholes would mean work going to labourers and contractors rather than to middle class employees of the council who work in an office. It's the age old protection racket, if they are not getting their cut for simply existing and being members of the party then they will ensure nothing will get done and public money will be wasted, it's simple blackmail based on a culture of non co-operation.

    If they don't want to see the floodgates opened for further claims then maybe they should stop using service providers for infrastructure and just pay the council lads to go out and fix the potholes, cheaper all round.

    I hate to tell you but it is standard operting procedure to deny claims. The council will have insurance for legal liability. Their legal people will demand they contest because it raises the bar for other claimants. They don't want to be seen as a soft touch that just pays up (or bang goes their insurance premiums).

    It's roughly the same principle as putting up a fight in the playground if someone demands your dinner money. If you just hand it over then it will happen again tomorrow and lots of other people will join in as well.

    There are some employers that made a "sensible£ decision to settle employment disputes with compromise agreements. They ended up having loads more disputes and loads more claims as a result. Once you get a reputation for rolling over and paying compo (because it's reasonable) then you become a target.

    Lawyers know this. Insurance companies know this. Lefty council or righty free market business isn't the point.

  • Sergio Henao suspended by sky1 year 4 weeks agocrazy-legs wrote:No one has

    crazy-legs wrote:
    No one has said anything about doping, you're all inferring that. Sky have removed a rider from racing while they investigate some unusual readings. It's not a positive test, it's not an adverse analytical finding, it's simply some unusual readings. The fact that Sky themselves discovered this, announced it to the UCI and took the rider out of competition would seem to suggest the very opposite of covering things up.

    A cover up is when an athlete (in any sport) suddenly comes down with a mystery illness or injury and is miraculously unable to do the doping test that's just been announced...

    As mentioned, the problems are caused by wild uninformed speculation on internet forums whenever something like this happens. Might as well hold a flag up saying "all cynics, sceptics and Sky-bashers to the forum please!"

    Applause Well said. Thank you!

  • 11-year-old son of late Andrei Kivilev asks TDF boss Prudhomme to award his father the 2001 victory1 year 4 weeks agoYes it would be a nice thing

    Yes it would be a nice thing to do and a pretty powerful gesture against the dopers.

    Is it practical to reassign that win? - probably not!

    Is it practical to run a 2,000 mile bike race across various countries (mainly France), with 198 of the world's top riders in all weathers and over a massive variety of terrain (even including Yorkshire)? - probably not!

    Does that mean they shouldn't do it? - probably not!

  • Pothole crash cyclist wins £70k pay-out from council1 year 4 weeks ago"Hertfordshire Council

    "Hertfordshire Council election, 2013 - Conservative 46, Liberal Democrat 16, Labour 15"

    Ye Gods. Up until last year, they had a BNP councillor. So I suppose one could say they're becoming more left wing...

    Kudos and cake to Mr Curtis and his legal team. Be interesting to see what this puts down in terms of case law.

  • Sir Chris Hoy says it may be time for Sir Dave Brailsford to give up GB role to enable a "fresh start"1 year 4 weeks agoSome Fella wrote:If only

    Some Fella wrote:
    If only there was a recently retired cycling God just looking for something to fill his time with.
    If only..............

    That made me chuckle Smile

  • Video: Helmet camera footage leads to aggressive driver pleading guilty to four charges1 year 4 weeks agousedtobefaster wrote: Why as

    usedtobefaster wrote:

    Why as part of the sentence can't the car be seized and crushed? Hit these people where it has most effect.

    Because that would probably be a breach of his/her 'Human Rights'...