• The Giro Purist thread1 year 10 weeks agoNeed Cav (and preferably

    Need Cav (and preferably Bole) to have a good couple of days now!

  • Spin London Pt 1: 14 Bike Co, Festka, Singular, ColourBolt & Saffron +mighty gallery1 year 10 weeks ago.900g is that a steel frame?!

    .900g is that a steel frame?! 1. 35kg steel frame and carbon forks?! I need one of those !? Isnt columbus zonal aluminium? I keep reading this but am I missing something?!

  • Knowing and comparing components, Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo1 year 10 weeks agoTim that is false. SRAM and

    Tim that is false. SRAM and Shimano operate on slightly.different draw lengths. They'll work together, but not well. Best go full drivetrain on one or the other imo.

    Decide which shift style you like best, I despise Shimano shifting and love SRAM.

  • Roux Etape 250 (2013)1 year 10 weeks agoThe bit under the headline

    The bit under the headline says 16000g. That's 35kg. Nerd

    At 35kg, I'd look for a full length front mudguard, protecting the shoes and drivetrain, not one stopping at 3/9 o clock.

  • New Guy with another which one of these bikes threads, 3K spend1 year 10 weeks agoI have no experience, only

    I have no experience, only dreams... but the S5 has an ugly arse. The Canyon is elegant and stylish in black, you don't want to spend that money and have puke green stripes on it. Don't make 'marginal gains' the be all and end of of your choice. Whatever you get you will get a hell of a bike and for the money you should expect a good spec and light wheels, after all you have already specified your own weight target.

    I am glad at least someone is clicking on the adverts and spending money.

  • Odds slashed on Bradley Wiggins to be knighted following Tour de France win1 year 10 weeks agops Search on "Bradley Wiggins

    ps Search on "Bradley Wiggins odds" and this story is fifth result on Google... I suspect after losing a little time in Giro today, some people were checking whether they could get some decent value.

  • Odds slashed on Bradley Wiggins to be knighted following Tour de France win1 year 10 weeks agoCounter resets to zero once a

    Counter resets to zero once a day, so for a very brief time after you do sometimes get the odd random old story topping the pile... suspect it sometimes depends on what people are searching for at the time and a story finishing high in Google results. They usually drop off the list quickly.

  • Knowing and comparing components, Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo1 year 10 weeks agoI've always been told sram

    I've always been told sram and shimano are fully compatible assuming you are comparing like with like (i.e. Both 10 speed)
    I'm not sure if anyone can confirm this?

    Also, not sure if you are a weight weenie, but if you are you might find the below link interesting to see how many grams you can shave off by up grading.


  • Knowing and comparing components, Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo1 year 10 weeks agoJust from what you are

    Just from what you are saying.

    I will make some suggestion's

    SRAM Cassette, give me the number of gears you have and the spread you would like, i'll find you one. Because for instance, I KNOW there is a 10 speed that goes 11/12 - 36 I saw it yesterday.

    Chains, KMC every time, they make SRAM and Shimano chains for them.

    Chainset, Depending on if its compact, double or triple and the number of teeth, I can make a suggestion on that.

    Then its a case of getting derailleurs to match, they should be the last thing on your list to find.

    Unless you buy a full groupset (Which is easier, but more expensive)

  • FS: Road shorts, Endura top, Trek 1000SL frame&forks1 year 10 weeks agoAre your Pearl Izumi shorts

    Are your Pearl Izumi shorts still available?

  • Too much Cycle City Ambition… and not enough cash1 year 10 weeks agoUnder what criteria would the

    Under what criteria would the many loosing bids NOT deserve to win? It is ridiculous to say that major cities and towns across the whole country are going to loose out and have to wait, meanwhile no change happens and the roads get worse.

  • Odds slashed on Bradley Wiggins to be knighted following Tour de France win1 year 10 weeks agoWhy is this a 'top story'

    Why is this a 'top story' today?!
    Everyone knows Sir Bradley Wiggins now.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 10 weeks agoKept Cav in my purist team as

    Kept Cav in my purist team as the only sprinter, he seems on form and with the added points from the points comp he is a better bet than some of the gc boys.

  • Stevens Izoard (2013)1 year 10 weeks agoTo be fair to Stevens they've

    To be fair to Stevens they've been making the Izoard for while, it's been in their range since the 2010 model year so this is the fourth incarnation

  • Stevens Izoard (2013)1 year 10 weeks agoYou shouldn't, by rights, be

    You shouldn't, by rights, be able to claim dibs on a number either but Peugeot did that when Porsche released the 901. They claimed to have already established the use of 3 digit naming conventions with a 0 in the middle, and so the new Porsche was renamed as 911.

    Basically, Wilier could argue that their Izoard has been about for a few years already and this new Izoard could cause confusion and steal sales. Seems bizarre that Stevens would even want to try to use the name, because they'll just have to change it like Campag did with the Daytona, or Ford would if they ever unveiled a new sports coupe called the E-Type.

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 10 weeks agoChester Line wrote:If I'm

    Chester Line wrote:
    If I'm honest I find my neck and shoulders ache after a long ride, and the usual rear end numbness!!
    Head stem spacers 3 carbon.
    I accept a bike fitting would be the best option as I bought the Cannondale purely due to the price at the time with the frame size for my height etc.
    I do prefer comfort to speed so I see the roubaix v tarmac point.
    Thanks for your help, if I do get a bike fit i'll share the results.
    Cheers m8 Smile

    Ok, so now it gets interesting - you cite a similar complaint to mine. I was expecting to need a taller frame with more spacers, but the opposite was true; removing spacers and a bit of Physio to mobilize my neck has sorted me out, increasing my comfort AND speed. The point I'm making is this: ideally you would want no spacers, which would lead you to a taller frame, such as the Roubaix. BUT what if you subsequently found that you needed *less* head tube, after you've blown the budget already?

    Re the sore rear - the Arione is for racing snakes only; light body weight and narrow sit bones, I really can't see it working out for a 90kg rider. Try some others. You shouldn't be putting up with rear end numbness, that's where problems start, like impotence.

    Re the parts list -seems like you already have the minimum groupset, so why not? In your shoes, I would buy a Cervelo R3 and some handbuilt wheels, then transfer your components across. Unless you want the Synapse as a winter bike, which is fair enough.

    Seriously though, I realize you want to get stuck in with the cool stuff, but a bike fit is THE BEST upgrade you can buy to ensure both comfort and speed, and you'll learn a lot about making your bike an extension of your body, rather than an awkward marriage of the two.

    Good luck and have fun, I wish I could liberate some cash at the moment! Big Grin

  • Samuel Sánchez’s 2012 Olympic Orbea is up for grabs1 year 10 weeks agoOh well, I am not in Spain,

    Oh well, I am not in Spain, but I am not sure it would have fit me anyway. Maybe Wiggo will throw one of his bikes at me.

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 10 weeks agoChester Line wrote:Mix of 105

    Chester Line wrote:
    Mix of 105 and ultegra groupset
    105 brakes
    Mavic Aksium Race wheels
    Fi'is'k Arione saddle
    Cannondale Fire finishing kit
    Interesting suggestion on the frame front, I service my own bike so building it wouldn't be an issue, in fact I might enjoy it?? Smile

    Decent kit, and you will definitely enjoy building it and it gives you a greater sense of ownership (and it will be set up better).

    With regards to the frame that's the tough question as I have not done much research on the sportive frame front .

    Perhaps the Planet X RT-58 Comfort Sportive frame and forks? http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/FRPXRT58FAF/planet_x_rt_58_carbon_ro...

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 10 weeks agoTR McGowran wrote:Good work

    TR McGowran wrote:
    Good work Dave, what's next? 600 or big beard?

    contemplating a 600 or even a SR series next year, but also keen to go do some stomping round the odd down circuit so don't know which'll take precedence Smile

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 10 weeks agoAt least my transfers kind of

    At least my transfers kind of paid off, brought in Uran, Santambrogio, Paolini and Weening last night (for Bouhanni, Haas, Zandio and Vicioso who would have scored me zilch) and already had Visconti

    Think I will keep it the same for tomorrow

  • UPDATED: Vachery Triathlon price drop as organisers downgrade event to open roads1 year 10 weeks agoMany of the people in the

    Many of the people in the area have UKIP placards outside their large estates, I see them when I ride around there.

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 4: Bardiani Valvole's Enrico Battaglin wins at Serra San Bruno1 year 10 weeks agoit is surprising though that

    it is surprising though that Wiggins was left trailing on his own with his helpers Henao and Uran finishing ahead of him. None of the other main contenders finished without a team mate in tow. Lack of concentration maybe?

  • Chris Froome will definitely maybe lead Team Sky at this year's Tour de France confirms Sir Dave Brailsford (again)1 year 10 weeks agomr-andrew wrote:I don't know

    mr-andrew wrote:
    I don't know if I have the stength for another Mrs Froome verbal assault this year. At least Mrs Cavendish is out the picture...

    And Cath Wiggins took herself off Twatter at the same time as Brad. But you'll never get Madame Froome off Twatter - so very much to say for herself... Yawn

  • Painful calves - updated1 year 10 weeks agozekizeki wrote:I'd advise

    zekizeki wrote:
    I'd advise getting a professional bike fit if you haven't had one before.

    I haven't had a bike fit before, so maybe something to think of.

    zekizeki wrote:
    That said it might be worth trying to move your cleats further back toward the heel of your shoe (if they are not already) and checking that your seat is not too high.

    The further towards your toe the cleat is positioned the more the calves will have to work to stabilise your foot during the down stroke.

    Having your seat too high will also mean that at the bottom of your pedal stroke your toes will have to dip to complete that portion.

    I've moved the cleat back on the shoe so my foot is further forward on the pedal and after a quick (very quick) trundle round the car-park, it feels as though the ball of my foot is much better planted on the pedal compared to what it was so, if nothing else, power delivery should be better! In comparison, it feels as though it was my toes that were pushing the pedal round.

    I've got a 70 mile ride coming up on Sunday so I'll let you know how I get on.

    I've noticed though that following Sunday's ride just gone, I have no pain in my calves and my thighs are the usual stiffness.

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 10 weeks agoGood work Dave, what's next?

    Good work Dave, what's next? 600 or big beard?