• Giro - Tappa 131 year 10 weeks agoHondo, Ermeti, Lastras,

    Hondo, Ermeti, Lastras, Ludviggson, Bak, Boem, Andriato have a lead of 3.40

  • Should I upgrade my wheels1 year 10 weeks agoif you're happy with the

    if you're happy with the bontragers there is no reason to change, there is not enough differance between the two to justify changing

  • Dutch-style cycle lane planned for Manchester's Oxford Road in major revamp1 year 10 weeks agobambergbike wrote:pmanc

    bambergbike wrote:
    pmanc wrote:
    Do you have any links to back up your comments that German cycle infrastructure is considered dangerous and the Germans are giving up on the idea?
    My point - I may not have made it very clearly - was that the Germans are increasingly moving away from off-carriageway infrastructure and towards putting cyclists on the road (in urban contexts)...

    I'm not being deliberately obtuse here, but the problem here seems to be that the cycle specific facilities in question are "old" or "poor quality", and then you appear to be moving on to say that on-carriageway infrastructure is the best alternative. Why not "newer" or "better-quality" facilities? One reason given is the lack of space in an urban environment. The PDF you link to doesn't appear to write off segregated paths altogether, but it does seem, to me, to be badly misguided. The use of the term "protection lane" appears to describe a lane which offers no protection (since cars are allowed to drive in it)? FFS. If the space exists for cars then surely it exists for bikes? It just depends on your priorities. And surely, if you're pushed for space, prioritising smaller lighter forms of traffic which pollute less is a good idea?

    We all know that most people will not regularly cycle sharing a carriageway with motor vehicles over a certain speed or volume, and all the "active press and PR work" in the world won't convince them otherwise. Like these people who keenly go on bikeability courses only to cycle home on the pavements afterwards and sadly lock the bike away in the shed again for another decade. The photos in that ECF article do not show cyclists next to lorries. Wouldn't it be a shame if, having seen a dramatic increase in the modal share of cycling, German cities force all the cyclists into the traffic and put everybody off again.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins withdraws from Giro on medical grounds1 year 10 weeks agoNot sure Uk is the best place

    Not sure Uk is the best place to recover, weather is better than the last few Giro stages, but not by much/ Surely there is somewhere warmer/sunnier that Sir Wiggo can go and cough up what ever is inhabiting his lungs?

  • Bikes like the pros ride (but slightly more affordable*) from Bianchi, Merida, Focus, Lapierre, Scott and BMC1 year 10 weeks agoRe: "I have read some

    Re: "I have read some negative experiences about Canyon and after sales." posted by Decster [181 posts] 16th May 2013 - 21:25

    I have heard some negative experiences about Paris Hilton, nevertheless would still ride her from here to Lyon and back happily. Cool

  • Should I upgrade my wheels1 year 10 weeks agoPersonally I'd stick with the

    Personally I'd stick with the wheels which come with the bike and get used to riding it and how it handles first. Save the cash for the time being.

  • Giro d'Italia - Tappa 111 year 10 weeks agoPhilip Unwin wrote:Georges

    Philip Unwin wrote:
    Georges (AG2R0 DNS today due to a positive test for Heptaminol 10/5/13

    Are we removing Georges' points scored in the Giro as we did with Frank Schleck in LeTour last season?

  • Castelli Velocissimo Team Jersey FZ1 year 10 weeks agoGreat. I have the Prima and

    Great. I have the Prima and love the fit, but know that Castelli sizing can be a bit all over the place (I had to go a full size bigger in the Fuga) so thought I'd check on this.

    Last question: assuming price was the same, which of the two would you go for, the Prima or the Velocissimo?

  • Giro - Tappa 131 year 10 weeks agoI can't see it being a bunch

    I can't see it being a bunch sprint today, i really can't. the climb to tre cuni is too long and the descent off it is narrow and steep and twisty.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins withdraws from Giro on medical grounds1 year 10 weeks agoIt will also be interesting

    It will also be interesting to see if the rest of Sky will ride hard for Froome in the TdF. Some of the rider comments suggest that Froome's attack on Wiggins last year didn't go down well with them.

    Michelle Cound v Cath Wiggins on Twitter will also be an interesting diversion!

  • giro stage 121 year 10 weeks ago95pts....enough for a 100+

    95pts....enough for a 100+ place move upwards in the Giro(albeit from a starting point of 828th)!!

  • Going to Italy to see Giro1 year 10 weeks agoOk, thanks for responses -

    Ok, thanks for responses - might need to do a little more research re the time trial. As for jealousy... I'll be thinking of you as I grind my sorry backside up the stevio at <8km/hr in the rain & sleet!

  • Wiggins, career over?1 year 10 weeks agohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?


    I was wrong, it's the rain not the hills (proof above) it'll all be fine (unless he wants to race in Britain this year)

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 10 weeks agoStill got 8, hoping Scarponi

    Still got 8, hoping Scarponi and Majka can finally come good. Also, hoping Locatelli actually does, well, anything. He's been totally non-existent so far.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 10 weeks agoIm down to 7 now Wiggins and

    Im down to 7 now Wiggins and Bouhanni has gone

  • Tour Of California Stage 31 year 10 weeks agobackflipbedlem wrote:Yes!

    backflipbedlem wrote:
    Yes! Finally got my first badge! Full House!

    That's a pretty good first badge!!

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins withdraws from Giro on medical grounds1 year 10 weeks agoI think the Tour will be a

    I think the Tour will be a test of what sort of person Froome is more than Wiggins.
    This changes the dynamic and whether Froome likes it or not Wiggins is the team leader, Sky's top GC contender and has a palmares that Froome can only dream of so he he needs to accept that he has to support Wiggins now.
    If he spits the dummy it will hamper his career.His time will come and he is still young and its all good experience. In my opinion.

  • Giro - Tappa 131 year 10 weeks agodrheaton wrote:They're

    drheaton wrote:
    They're pulling out at a good time for standard teams but they'll hit some purist teams pretty hard.

    Thankfully, I think most teams will have Wiggins so it might not make too much difference but if any team has neither and went for Evans instead they could surge right up the table.

    I'm happy I went for the all-Italian option for my team...come on Nibs. Can I rise from the bottom to the top?

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 10 weeks agoyup, down to six too now

    yup, down to six too now wiggns, hesjedal and cattaneo have all sacked it off. wonder if i'll lose any more?

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 10 weeks agoGood to see a league without

    Good to see a league without 'Hairpiece-William' at the top......Well at least for one day.... Smile

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 10 weeks agoso with wiggo pulling out im

    so with wiggo pulling out im now down to 6 riders...... Crying

  • Giro - Tappa 131 year 10 weeks agogot rid of Bouhanni and

    got rid of Bouhanni and Viviani
    for Ventoso and Evans

  • Mavic launch new CXR60 wheels with aero blades1 year 10 weeks agoWhat's the point of being

    What's the point of being another Enve?

    Mavic do make top end stuff but more than anything they make usable wheels. I know there are faster and lighter wheels than my SLRs but, for me, those gains aren't worth the durability and ease of use I get from the SLRs.

    I can't be bothered with tubs - I did all that 30 years ago when there wasn't a choice - and nor can I be bothered with switching brake blocks around.

  • Should I upgrade my wheels1 year 10 weeks agoRead this thread:

    Read this thread: http://road.cc/content/forum/82081-have-you-wasted-money-super-light-new...

    Better off buying some nice tyres

  • Giro - Tappa 131 year 10 weeks agoI cracked and made two

    I cracked and made two transfers:

    Ventoso (for Bouhanni)
    Mezgec (for Gavazzi)
    Di Luca

    Just want to keep pace today before throwing some penalty transfers at my team for tomorrow.