• Tour of Poland stage 21 year 9 weeks agoThe first few riders in a

    The first few riders in a breakaway score fantasy points at the intermediate sprints. The first few riders at the finish score fantasy points. In both cases, the top rider is awarded a jersey. There is some ambiguity therefore as to which jersey will receive extra fantasy points for the competition. The scoring notes for this race explicitly stated which jersey would used for scoring these fantasy points, thus removing the ambiguity. I do not understand why you consider that your opinion as to which jersey should be used overrides that choice.

    I realise that you have volunteered your services to help run this race within the game and that this is no trivial task but I don't see that this authorises you to arbitrarily change the predefined rules of the game. I would like to see some arbitration by the owners/creators of the game.

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 9 weeks agoIndeed. I am in favour of CM

    Indeed. I am in favour of CM if only for the reason that it challenges the status quo, where cyclists are treated as second class citizens. Drivers have got to learn that cycling isn't going to disappear any time soon and that we have equal rights on the road. I'm sick of being bullied & harassed simply for riding a bike. Here's one I suffered earlier this week. Ignorant Neanderthal meets token gesture cycling infrastructure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQupg9-XKI&feature=share&list=UUatqk5A4g...

  • Vuelta Espana1 year 9 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:... most

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    ... most will use TdP and Eneco to assess riders before final decisions...

    Thanks! Smile

  • Tour of Poland stage 21 year 9 weeks agoScores will be done

    Scores will be done soon.

    There will be NO scoring for the "Attractivity" classification.

    Also, the points competition in this race, is purely for the first 20 across the line.

    So it will be the sprint points that will count as they are separate, similar to other races this season.

  • Any positive stories about getting back on the bike after ankle surgery??1 year 9 weeks agoNot many surgery's for my.

    Not many surgery's for my. But I have gotten back cycling after being told I have Parkinson's.

    I was having issues with balance and tremors while out riding, which was forcing me to only do a mile here or there.

    Now I'm back, all be it on a recumbent trike. I can do any mileage my body can handle, stop have a break and then get going again Big Grin

  • Any positive stories about getting back on the bike after ankle surgery??1 year 9 weeks agoI have a plate and a bunch of

    I have a plate and a bunch of pins in one of my ankles. I think it was about 12 weeks until I was back on the bike (about 17 weeks for running). Seemed like forever at the time but I was able to ramp up the mileage again quite quickly after that and get more or less all movement back, and definitely all fitness.

    The best thing I did was to pay for a couple of sessions with a sports physio. They'll be able to tell you what you can do in your individual case to get back to normal as soon as possible without taking risks.

  • Tenerife help1 year 9 weeks agoPff haha

    Pff haha

  • Any positive stories about getting back on the bike after ankle surgery??1 year 9 weeks agoYes Mike,I was buried on the

    Yes Mike,I was buried on the coalface in 1988,and nearly lost my left leg below the knee,but fortunately Mansfield General Hosp,and Harlow Wood Orthopeadic Hosp,saved my leg.I was off work for 18months,and found the physio and the constant to and fro,harder than the accident.I started slowly once the all clear came,and set little goals,around the local lanes.My left ankle is 15 degrees off centre,but it does not make any problems,I use Look pedals,on all my bikes.I am 66 and have cycled since age 9,and am still Time Trialing at least once per week,and beat the Vets standards for my age at 10-25miles.Keep your chin up pal,you will be pleasantly suprised how you will get on.I had to build up all of my muscles on the left leg,and I play havoc with airport scanners.Tony Fox,Mapperley CC,Notts.

  • Buyers Guide: Summer cycling jerseys1 year 9 weeks agoCan recommend Funkier pro

    Can recommend Funkier pro range. Excellent value at about £35 and wear well. Three good size pockets and a water proof zip pocket to boot. Latest versions are 50 spf

  • New to Road Bike - Typical 'Which One' Dilemma1 year 9 weeks agodustyrunning wrote:Will keep

    dustyrunning wrote:
    Will keep looking here though in case someone has a 'clincher' based on first hand knowledge etc.

    They're all great bikes. You need to choose for yourself.

  • Sizing help please - Synapse / SuperSix1 year 9 weeks agoWe are all different, in body

    We are all different, in body proportions, flexibility and preferences. A bikefit at a decent shop will be far better than asking strangers on the internet.

  • Driver who killed cyclist while adjusting her sat nav faces a jail sentence1 year 9 weeks agoI think driving bans - and

    I think driving bans - and often lifetime driving bans are appropriate - send out a message to all drivers that driving is fundamentally dangerous and something which is not a right, but a privilege that can be revoked.

    I don't think custodial sentences make that point more successfully. When we read that somebody got a custodial sentence, we can it as a story about criminals being locked up. We don't tend to feel we have much in common with criminals, and therefore we don't feel personally affected by how they are dealt with.

    I think it makes sense to save custodial sentences for cases such as breaches of driving bans and to impose punishments like community service. In certain cases where a driver has been extraordinarily negligent, it should also be possible for the driver's insurance company to pay out to victims or their families and then sue the driver to try and recover some of the payout. (I would prefer this to fines, since it would be clearer that drivers are facing the consequences of their own actions rather than being dealt out some random punishment by the state.)

  • FS Sram Red Groupset1 year 9 weeks agoI commented on the wrong

    I commented on the wrong article, please ignore!

  • Anti-doping systems in sport doomed to fail, says study1 year 9 weeks agoInsulin pumps check blood

    Insulin pumps check blood glucose levels and then deliver the required doseage. Maybe technology will advance where riders can opt to wear something similar that monitors a week or more worth of blood levels, and have it only 2/3 times a year at random intervals.

  • Driver who killed cyclist while adjusting her sat nav faces a jail sentence1 year 9 weeks agoI'm not extending the

    I'm not extending the argument to all killers. Those who kill or injure through intent or rage deserve custodial sentences IMO (though, importantly, note that other charges such as GBH are able in these cases, and have been used accordingly), and it should always be a sentencing option, eg for cases of extreme negligence or lack of remorse.

    But this is a tiny minority of cases. Most incidents are caused by people who have absolutely no intent to harm, but who have allowed their driving standards to carry significant risk of these kinds of incident. (The effects of malice and negligence may sometimes be the same, but the causative factors are quite different.) And a crucial aspect of this is that those attitudes to driving are reinforced and normalised by the media, by commercial companies, by the law and by the licensing system.

    How can you deter people from being distracted? You socially stigmatise distracting behaviours and you punish them heavily. 3 points and £60 does not deter someone from an activity that can kill.

    Reversing the question: How do you deter someone from causing a death, when that death occurs as a result of an activity that you do not deter and which the perpetrator does not for one moment believe will cause death? You cannot. It is impossible. All you can deter is the activity that leads to death, which means punishing people for using satnavs while driving, teaching them not to do so (and why) when they learn to drive and perhaps even making it impossible to do so - which would be technically trivial to implement.

    Yes, of course some people ignore bans. You missed the bit about saying the use of bans would require draconian punishments - eg lengthy imprisonment - for breaching them?

    There is no silver bullet. But can you not see that simply calling for greater *punitive* measures (rather than retrospectively preventative ones such as removing drivers from the road) for *only* those who have already killed or injured is not going to achieve a damned thing?

  • Tour of Poland Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:NO, the points

    Gkam84 wrote:
    NO, the points jersey is NOT scored.

    This still seems to be your arbitrary decision and NOT what was announced before the race.


    Scoring notes for this competition

    Points jersey points based on the white jersey classification, not the red jersey (intermediate sprint points)

    I still don't agree that this should have been changed without any prior warning.

  • Tour of Poland Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoPity you on this one Gkam....

    Pity you on this one Gkam.... organisation, information and coverage coming out of Poland is not good... Sad

  • Tour of Poland stage 21 year 9 weeks agoYea missed deadline too. Will

    Yea missed deadline too. Will need to read up tonight to see what's been going on

  • Tour of Poland stage 21 year 9 weeks agoIts based on points scored at

    Its based on points scored at sprint and mountain points. Its the UCIs attempt to try and take the subjectivity out of the combativity prize.

  • World Naked Bike Ride proves to be all a bit too much for Clacton on Sea1 year 9 weeks agovery funny, knowing Clacton

    very funny, knowing Clacton as I do lol

  • World Naked Bike Ride proves to be all a bit too much for Clacton on Sea1 year 9 weeks agoSounds like this Halliday

    Sounds like this Halliday chap wants it "put a stop to" regardless of what his constituents think.

  • Specialized Tracer Pro CX Clincher Tyre1 year 9 weeks agoThese tyres lasted 6 miles.

    These tyres lasted 6 miles. Don't go into the wood with them.
    My Challenge Grifo tyres lasted a year of none stop on off road mayhem b4 getting a puncture (back tyre very worn by then). front tyre still going.

    The Specialized Tracer Pro CX Clincher Tyre lasted for 6 miles Crying of on off road mayhem b4 getting a puncture.

    Bloody pathetic. I wont be using it again. I wouldn't even trust these tyre to get across a few miles of beach.

  • Sizing help please - Synapse / SuperSix1 year 9 weeks agoThanks both, my Mortirolo has

    Thanks both, my Mortirolo has a 120 stem, though I can't track down the geo for that bike to compare it directly to both the 'dales. My bigger problem is the Synapse DA is a 54 and the SS Ultegra DI2 is a 56, and of the two I think I prefer the idea of the Synapse for 100+ milers.

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 9 weeks agoI went on a Mass ride once.

    I went on a Mass ride once. The group headed to parliament square and then just stopped. I didn't find it particularly celebratory to be honest, more like just being stuck in traffic in central London. After 10 minutes of waiting a cabbie hurled some verbal abuse and for once I agreed. Maybe I was doing it wrong but I left as soon as I could get away from the crowd.

    I prefer to celebrate cycling like I did this morning, on a club ride taking in the views and roads that Hertfordshire offers without a load of people constantly parking in front of me.

  • Tour of Poland stage 21 year 9 weeks agoCan someone tell me what the

    Can someone tell me what the 'Attractivity competition' is? is it just like the combination classification in the Vuelta but awarded day by day, or is it different in some way?