• Looking for ride buddies near Congleton, Cheshire1 year 4 weeks agoLfcquin wrote:There is a ride

    Lfcquin wrote:
    There is a ride from Congleton Cycle Centre at 9.00am Sundays, normally home for 12.00 to 12.30 covering 60 miles. (Depends who is out and time of year) It's a small fast group of local racers, often led by Mark Lovatt. It works for me, I've two young kids, so I get to spend the afternoon with them.

    Cool, sounds a bit quick for me currently, but I reckon I could work back up to that. I'll bear it in mind, thanks.

  • Noise when peddling hard uphill1 year 4 weeks agopants wrote:i always hear

    pants wrote:
    i always hear really loud breathing whenever I go up hill.

    That's a lubrication issue. After every hard ride you should apply liberal amounts of beer directly into the hole that the sound comes out of.

  • Noise when peddling hard uphill1 year 4 weeks agoI had a weird knocking on my

    I had a weird knocking on my bike that would only occur when I was out of the saddle and found that one of the bottle cage screws was loose on the downtube.

    +1 on checking for dry joints on cranks / pedals, etc, and even just greasing them as a precaution.

  • A wet sportive...1 year 4 weeks agoCXR94Di2 wrote:Looking at a

    CXR94Di2 wrote:
    Looking at a few videos of last years event and done a 100 miler in the rain , I would re assess your expectations. The wheel spray from hundreds of cyclist will be terrible, especially if you want to draft. I was absolutely soaked and filthy. So far the the latest weather, rain is expected in the afternoon if it arrives at all. Personally, I was hoping for sub 6 hrs but will now make a judgement call on the morning.

    Based on the spray that you mention, would it be fair to conclude that mudguards are rare on the sportive scene? It seems to be that it would be polite to put a set on for a wet ride; it's not a race after all Wink

  • A wet sportive...1 year 4 weeks agoI've been unlucky with

    I've been unlucky with Sportives this year, two that I did in June/July both ended up being 4 hour rides in the rain.

    Like most weekend riders, if it's pissing it down I tend to shrug my shoulders and do something else. Of course when you've booked a Sportive that's not really an option.

    Things to be careful of, make sure you have wet weather gear. IMO it's better to be over-dressed and possibly too hot, than caught out in nothing more than shorts and a jersey in the rain for hours. I made this mistake doing the Wiggle Chiltern Classic the other week - the forecast was iffy so I took a chance.

    The first two hours were lovely and sunny, summer gear + shades was perfect. Then the heavens opened and I got very cold and wet very quickly - it made the last 30 miles miserable if I'm honest.

    Shades are something to be particularly aware off, I always ride in glasses as I've had issues with things getting in my eyes at high speeds. If the forecast is dodgy accept that you need clear or low light lenses, on the aforementioned Chiltern Sportive I could barely see anything due to rain and low light while wearing shades.

    I'd personally recommend against drafting anyone in the wet, it's just miserable with spray from other riders.

    Regarding descending, it's a Sportive not a Race. IMO it's not worth going all gung-ho on descents in the wet. Neither your grip nor your brakes will be anything like as good as normal - play it safe. Five minutes extra on your time is better than stacking and damaging yourself or your bike.

    If you are set on beating last years time, just ride harder on the flat and up hills!

  • Cyclist killed in crash in Derbyshire still unidentified1 year 4 weeks agoCXR94Di2 wrote:I can't

    CXR94Di2 wrote:
    I can't believe no one has come forward to say their neighbour is missing. You have to assume he lives alone. What about work? He can't live outside the area unless he audax specialist.

    Being in Derbyshire, he could easily live in an apartment building in perhaps Manchester or Sheffield or whatever. Half the time those flats aren't occupied anyway, and no-one knows anyone. Still, no family/friends/colleagues missing him? At this rate, it's going to take until his direct debits start bouncing before anyone investigates. That is so sad.

    Unfortunately it's a very common bike, you see them all over the place during the rush hour commute, so that's no use for IDing him.

    I do carry ID, but I think a RoadID bracelet is probably something I should get.

  • Noise when peddling hard uphill1 year 4 weeks agoi always hear really loud

    i always hear really loud breathing whenever I go up hill.

  • New disk-brake road bike suggestions please1 year 4 weeks agoThanks for the suggestions.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Checked out the Boardman cxr 9.0 and it's certainly looking good and got everything I want and also very light but at the top of my budget. No idea how the SRAM Force 22 will be like. Read good things about it.

    The Croix de Fer is a good shout too, better price and good specs.
    Also looked at the Equilibrium disk version and can't see now how can that bike be better than the Croix de Fer.
    I read somewhere that Tiagra shifts more reliably and is more durable than 105.
    So Tiagra rather then 105 but would prefer Force over Apex with SRAM.

    Also looked at the Whyte Dorset and Eastway cx2.0, both similarly specced and same price at a grand and I think I would prefer the Dorset with some custom changes made Smile

    So far the Genesis Croix wins, as it got most I want and leaves me with money to buy 'accessories'

    Any ideas how these above ride or compare to each other? Also any other suggestions? I think I'm closer to get a cyclocross (maybe road oriented) then a disk-braked roadie now.

  • A wet sportive...1 year 4 weeks agoYou'll get wet, you adjust

    You'll get wet, you adjust your riding to suit the conditions.
    Maintaining a reasonable pace on the downs in the wet comes to experience and confidence, and understanding how the wet affects your braking points and turning.

    Of course if you're really bothered about a better time perhaps you should have put some more training in to get quicker on the ups instead of relying on the downs!

  • Just in: Shand Stoater Rohloff1 year 4 weeks agoMy dream touring bike.

    My dream touring bike.

  • Spada Wheels Breva Forgiato Wheelset1 year 4 weeks agoColT wrote:How, exactly, do

    ColT wrote:
    How, exactly, do they spin effortlessly?


  • Spada Wheels Breva Forgiato Wheelset1 year 4 weeks agoThey would work very well on

    They would work very well on my black red and white bike Big Grin

  • Lorry speed limit increase will kill cyclists, says Department for Transport1 year 4 weeks agoMy point was that not all

    My point was that not all roads are the same, when you move out of the urban environment onto country lanes they are often national speed limit when the proper speed for some of these roads should be nearer 20 mph whilst some B roads are quite capable of 60 mph or more. As to deaths, unfortunately as soon as traffic moves accidents happen, so what we end up with is compromise between death rates and traffic movement. Speed limits and speed cameras are usually a cop out from engineering roads properly to be safe. Unfortunately on many roads there just isn’t enough room for a cyclist and two lanes of traffic so again we have a compromise. Round here we have inexplicable speed limits, some should be increased and some decreased but the logic of application defies understanding.

    I came back from Wales recently and they have a shared use path alongside one of the dual carriageways, the cycle lane was barely 18 inches wide, that shows you the competence of traffic engineers.

    As to reducing speed limits why not bring back the man with the red flag and reduce the country to a standstill?

    Personally I don’t mind a car overtaking me at 50 mph if he leaves a good separation but I get pissed off with the driver in the 20 mph zone squeezing past with little more than elbow room. Speed limits are not the answer, lots of traffic trained police are, but they have been all but eliminated in favour of cameras that cannot catch dangerous and drunk drivers.

  • A wet sportive...1 year 4 weeks agoI know a fair few people who

    I know a fair few people who have applied twice and not got a place in the ballot.
    With that in mind, I will ride the event whatever the weather.

  • Lorry speed limit increase will kill cyclists, says Department for Transport1 year 4 weeks agoThe current speed limits on

    The current speed limits on rural roads aren't even enforced so no chance that any change for HGVs will be.

  • Billie Piper questioned by police after collision hospitalises cyclist1 year 4 weeks agoOk she made a mistake and

    Ok she made a mistake and someone got hurt. Let the law do it's job.
    However there seem to be comments that scoff at wearing a helmet while cycling. Fair enough most cycling injuries are to the shoulders and hips but please don't go out without your lid on.
    I cycle a bit. I also see cyclists after they fall off. Being a paramedic I see what can happen and how 'lucky' some injured cyclists are. It's not luck. It was their lid that saved them.
    If a truck hits you head on that helmet will ... do bugger all but smash to bits.
    If however you get knocked off or just lose it and fall off then any head impact will be absorbed by the lid.
    Incident. Real. A guy (no helmet) goes under the back wheels of a truck the other day and squashed his foot and bust his leg. Should have been the end of it but as the wheel went over him it locked up and it spun him against the floor (think rolling a sausage of Play-do kind of thing) so his head hit the floor a few times. Just his head against the floor. No neck injuries so the force wasn't so very great really and it's just the weight of his head. The helmet would have prevented or at least massively reduced the gross brain injuries the poor chap now has.
    Don't scoff at the helmet wearers and don't ever think you are going to protect yourself properly without one if you do have a spill. And if you think it won't happen to you ... it probably will.

    We all have to use the roads together, play nice people.

  • Billie Piper questioned by police after collision hospitalises cyclist1 year 4 weeks agoPJ McNally wrote:I once

    PJ McNally wrote:
    I once brought the Daily Mail into my home by mistake.

    I needed some newspaper to line our compost / kitchen waste bin.

    So I picked one up from the communal recycling. Took it upstairs, lined the bin, only to realize what I'd just done. "ONE IN THREE HOUSEHOLDS ON BENEFITS" or some other nonsense, staring up at me.

    I couldn't stick it, had to put it out for recycling again.

    So, at least round here, Daily Fail is officially not even fit to line a box full of rotting vegetable matter.

    I saw that headline. Neither of my neighbours on either side are claiming benefits which means that I must be on benefits! Who the hell is taking my benefit money?!? Big Grin

    My dad was inhospital last Christmas and asked me to get him a copy of the DM. I can only put it down to the morphine he was on. I felt really dirty buying it and was tempted to get him a copy of Razzle instead.

  • Fizik Arione...which one?1 year 4 weeks agoThanks for the advice

    Thanks for the advice chaps.

    I've seen a lot of the same comments about the channel on the versus so I reckon I'll go for this - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/fizik-arione-saddle-with-kium-rails/

    Theres no shops easy for me to get to that do the fizik try thing really, but I think I'll go for the arione anyway. I think the perfect saddle doesnt exist really anyway! Its a constant battle Sad

  • Cyclist killed in crash in Derbyshire still unidentified1 year 4 weeks agoI can't believe no one has

    I can't believe no one has come forward to say their neighbour is missing. You have to assume he lives alone. What about work? He can't live outside the area unless he audax specialist.

  • Cyclist killed in crash in Derbyshire still unidentified1 year 4 weeks agoSad indictment of British

    Sad indictment of British society, neighbour has unexpected dissapperance which goes un-noticed Sad

  • Cyclist killed in crash in Derbyshire still unidentified1 year 4 weeks agoYou wouldn't expect an

    You wouldn't expect an experienced/committed audaxer would be using a fairly standard Carrera TdF, my apologies if that appears a bit bike snobby but I'm sure most people would agree its a strange choice of bike if he were to be racking up brevets.

    As for neighbours not coming forward? It's the summer, someone being away for a couple of weeks probably isn't going to set alarm bells ringing.

  • Lorry speed limit increase will kill cyclists, says Department for Transport1 year 4 weeks agoadriank999 wrote:I use to

    adriank999 wrote:
    I use to drive for a living some many years ago when the roads were regularly policed and truck drivers stuck to 40mph with the result that there would be long queues. The number of near misses I saw from frustrated motorists trying to overtake was incredible. For every road the safest speed is the 85th percentile but more often speed limits are adjusted for political reasons not based on the science. For cyclists to ask for all rural roads to be reduced to 40mph is very selfish and impractical, it would be much better to educate drivers but then in reality 85 percent of drivers are average to good and the odd 15% are idiots who will never be educated. I guess that there isn’t much difference to being hit at 40 or 60, the result would be very similar.

    Actually the more time I spend on these sort of roads, both on the bike and in the car, the more I tend to think that 40mph is a sensible limit. I don't perceive that my journey times would be much longer in the car and for any extensive journey I would inevitably be using motorways or dual-caridgeways for the bulk of it anyway (OK, maybe this is not applicable in some areas). For cyclists there is no doubt that the speed differential between even a fast rider and a car is vast and I'm confident deturs many from taking to two wheels. A 40mph limit would also detur dangerous overtaking of lorries, which seems to be the key argument in favour of letting lorries go faster.

    Finally, take the cycle lobyists' request for 40mph limits with a pinch of salt. It's fair to say that they are hoping for a compromise, perhaps splitting the difference at 50mph. If they were asking for 50mph the compomise would be 55mph and this level of change would not be considered worth implimenting.

  • Video round-up: Bad driving, bad cycling & a great brother1 year 4 weeks agoThe _Kaner wrote: Beats

    The _Kaner wrote:

    Beats injury, loss or damage to possibly expensive property and loss of life....

    Sort of, and I'd take this approach if cycling in the counrtyside on the odd occasion that there was a car poking out of a junction like this. In the city, however, it's a bit different. Every junction you pass could have a car poking out of it and as we have seen from other recent videos there's also the hazard of cars turning into the junction. We should ride defensively but we should also be making progress on our journeys, just like all other vehicles. The roads only work because we can all assume that, on the most part, users obey the rules and priorities that have been defined.

    There is also the factor of drivers following you in situations like this. What sort of response are we likely to get from your average Brit driver by taking primary and dropping our speed by 5mph every time we pass a side junction? I'd venture that it would not be universally possitive.

  • Poland stage 21 year 4 weeks ago1 pt for my purists this

    1 pt for my purists this time(get in there EBH).......up from 0 pt in stage 1.....once again though,watch them fly in stages 5/6/7

  • Lorry speed limit increase will kill cyclists, says Department for Transport1 year 4 weeks agoQuote:I guess that there

    I guess that there isn’t much difference to being hit at 40 or 60, the result would be very similar.

    I suggest there is a big difference between 40 and 60. First, travelling at 40, you have much more time to avoid a collision in the first place, and second, the difference in impact in a crash is significant.