• GELS: best/tastiest/most economic1 year 4 weeks agoA lot of people suggesting

    A lot of people suggesting flapjacks from supermarkets which are packed full of fat.

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agoWait, is this the same guy

    Wait, is this the same guy who's been knocking about in one of the specialized aero lids for a few years now???

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoIt's hard to know where to

    It's hard to know where to start.

    OK, low hanging fruit first. Did anyone see any of that Roman gladiator style presentation from a couple of years ago? I thought the whole point was to embarass the riders by making them do something stupid. Surely no one goes to these team presentations? Even if they are free?

    Can we all get over that ever so slightly sickening sense of entitlement? Cycling is free to watch because the organisers haven't worked out how to make you pay. Yet. As soon as they can do so - and Flanders Classics, the people who bought the rights to most of the early season races in Flanders, are leading the way in this regard - they will. Do other countries have the same sense of entitlement I wonder? Or is it just us with our (fiscally unsustainable) free at point of delivery NHS and our (postcode lottery, random outcomes) education system who have come to expect that someone (else) should pay for stuff that we consume?

    Also, don't diss wealthy newbies. So what if a some well paid private equity executive kits himself out in new sky kit and buys a sky replica Pinarello with flat pedals. He's doing more for bike shops (and HMRC - all that 20% VAT) than most of the rest of us. We should all be applauding his selflessness. (It's almost always a "he".)

    And finally, just don't go. Don't be outraged at the cost, really, you will miss absolutely nothing if you stay at home. Spend the money you save on something bike related (or better yet, beer), you'll have a far better time (especially if you buy beer).

  • Scottish Road Share campaign steers presumed liability law towards Parliament1 year 4 weeks agoformat- do you have anything

    format- do you have anything to support the statements "most of the costs are incurred by going to court" whilst also saying "most cases dont go to court" ?

    Seems a bit contradictory.

    Once again I support Presumed Liability and your campaining but I also understand the influence insurers have on policy especially at the moment when our goverment wants to been seen as "champions" of the great british motorists and keeping cost down.

    Have you approached the insurers for a view?

  • Team Sky announces Giro line-up, GB's Swift & Kennaugh join Ireland's Deignan for Belfast start1 year 4 weeks agoGood team however no stand

    Good team however no stand out GC contender. Give Pete ago as team leader as he will be the future of British GC cycling. Bit unsure which Heneo will turn up.

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agoI'm also in the not buying it

    I'm also in the not buying it boat.

    If aero was to blame for other riders winning and beating him. They all had less aero stuff before and he was miles ahead.

    That should be the same in like for like aero conditions.

    I do think he's lost a bit of power, but it is more that others have learnt how to control him and give themselves the best advantage in sprints. Also that there are a new crop of good sprinters out there for him to go up against. Making it hard to dominate for anyone.

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoWhat a load of whinging

    What a load of whinging minnies there are. You don't like it? Don't go. I wouldn't be paying to go myself even if I was local, but if the place ends up sold out then they've got the prices right, whether you like it or not.

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agoThey do make a difference,

    They do make a difference, quite a big one. You need to combine your physical logic with biological factors. The introduction of aero mods (and they aren't mini, at those speeds they actually make a lot of difference..) means that the bigger riders can sustain their speeds for longer, it's not how quickly these modifications move through the air but the amount of watts saved per kph. It's physical power that matters in these cases and while Cav's numbers are less he gains many advantages that are actually being made slightly obsolete by the introduction of these new aero bits.

    Cav *used* to have (and imo still definitely does) the advantage of being able to last that little big longer than his bigger burlier peers, now that the playing fields becoming more slippery, that extra distance is becoming a smaller gap. He is also crucially hyper-intelligent, that has always played a huge part in his sprinting ability, again with age comes the increasing need to hone this and keep those skills in check - not least a new wave of multi-talented sprinters is coming through the pack some of whom are equally bright.

    Technology has changed as has his body, Cav will need to adapt - that doesn't mean he's been sandbagging, it's simply a realisation that there are different ways of doing things.

    We're all allowed shit starts to the season. I can empathise, each of my races so far this year have brought a brand new learning curve of both tactics and training methods.

    His dominance will return, and it'll be f***ing epic when it does. Smile

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoI'm very happy that Yorkshire

    I'm very happy that Yorkshire got to host, it will be a great sporting spectacle and is well deserved but I decided not to go to Yorkshire. I can't be bothered to get fleeced at a hotel then wait 8-20 hours at a spot on a hill to see 20 seconds worth of action. As for the opening presentation, I can't think of anything more dull.

  • Love and hate1 year 4 weeks agoI love that climb do it loads

    I love that climb do it loads never easy but the pain is worth it

  • Love and hate1 year 4 weeks agoIs it not a case of just

    Is it not a case of just looking at something, seeing the challenge and thinking "I'm going up there" then feeling proud of yourself when you reach the summit.

    As kids it was climbing frames, slides, trees etc, going up hills and mountains on bikes or on foot is just a natural progression.

    There's probably some clever link with our past as primates.

  • Giro-del Trentino Stage 31 year 4 weeks agoMade 4

    Made 4 changes


  • Love and hate1 year 4 weeks agoNicely written. People slate

    Nicely written. People slate Strava, but it's a good feeling to know that your times on your regular hills indicate that your fitness is better than ever.

    (I don't currently get that feeling. At all.)

  • Giro-del Trentino Stage 31 year 4 weeks agoAlso found this interactive

    Also found this interactive update on the main website, quite good for seeing who is in break etc rather than trawling through twitter #trentino14


  • Giro-del Trentino Stage 31 year 4 weeks agoTeam for

    Team for today


    Hoping for a good showing from Txurruka & Bongiorno today

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoWon't it be on tv? I'd

    Won't it be on tv?
    I'd happily watch the presentation from the comfort of my sofa with a beer in my hand before going out to watch the actual race in the flesh

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agoMark Cavendish wrote:“It's

    Mark Cavendish wrote:
    “It's not beneficial to go when it's three degrees.”

    So when will we see you again?

  • Love and hate1 year 4 weeks agoWe love a challenge, whether

    We love a challenge, whether it is pushing for that extra MPH on the flat, or riding a hill. If we didn't - well, we'd be at home in front of the TV wouldn't we!

    I'm heavier than I'd like, and have nowhere near enough power. I still "like" riding hills! Hills are interesting both to ride, and to look at. They're the foundation for great stories, bragging to clubmates and measuring your fitness.

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agoSounds like gamesmanship to

    Sounds like gamesmanship to me. He had a poor lead out last season, this year should be greatly improved, that's basically the difference in his prospects.

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agocub wrote:I don't buy that

    cub wrote:
    I don't buy that claim, more aero bikes and helmets won't make that much of a difference, especially with most sprints won on the acceleration phase.

    If anything I'd expect a reduction in bike aero drag to benefit a smaller more aerodynamic rider like Cav, similar to the way that reducing bike weight helps smaller riders.

    I think the logic is that the bigger riders were always hindered by their size as they had more surface area which meant he could accelerate with less power.

    Now, the bikes and everything else, along with the way the riders have themselves set up the bigger riders are seeing bigger overall gains, if they're all able to shave 10% off their surface area then actual shaved amount for Griepel or Kittel is going to bigger than for Cav, but they already have the bigger muscle so I guess he is just going to try and meet them in the middle.

    The other point, that I haven't seen mentioned or alluded to yet is that track sprinters can get away with being a bit bulkier than road sprinters in terms of muscle.

    I don't suppose there would be a large sporting event featuring track cycling coming up that Cav would have an eye on by any chance....?

  • Replacing rear hanger — will I need an alignment tool?1 year 4 weeks agoyou shouldn't need one as

    you shouldn't need one as it's the hangers' job to protect the frame ....

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agoI also disagree with this

    I also disagree with this claim due to basic physics:

    Aero bikes and helmets mean the final velocity is higher, for an equal power output. Governing factor still is aero drag as it squares with speed, therefore Cav should have an even greater aero advantage against his rivals.

    Cav should win more races. QED.

    Although he is correct not to rest on his laurels!

  • Eric Pickles turns down Cambridge councillors' car vs bike challenge1 year 4 weeks agoCars in Cambridge should be

    Cars in Cambridge should be safe, legal and RARE.
    It's frightening that people like Pickles are given any access to an opinion that matters, the man is a landfill of wrong.

  • Tour de France Grand Depart hosts slammed for "outrageous" team presentation ticket prices1 year 4 weeks agoUK public in "wanting

    UK public in "wanting something for nothing" shocker!

    You can see both sides of the argument. The organisers want to make it a big spectacle (more of an "opening ceremony"), which costs money. The sport wants to attract more attention, publicity & sponsorship. The public are used to seeing this fantastic sport (and the team presentation) for free.

    Personally I'm not sure I'd bother going to see the team presentation - I'm more interested in seeing the stars racing their bikes. Some people will want to see it, and some of those people will be willing to pay the prices that have been set. Some tickets will be bought by companies to entertain clients.

    However, are we really going to slate the Yorkshire organisers over this after they've led a hugely successful bid to bring the world's greatest events to Yorkshire?!?!

  • Mark Cavendish says aero bikes and helmets have reduced his edge over rivals1 year 4 weeks agoCan't see micro aero mods

    Can't see micro aero mods (bike, helmets) making a difference over the distances that a sprint occurs, but I don't have data to provie it. Accept macro aero mods (getting low over bars) might make a difference. Cav seems to have bought his sponsor's line about aero helmets and bikes. Its his job to sell stuff.

    Cav WAS simply faster than anyone else on a bike for many years. He appears to be slowing down a bit as age catches up with him. Its great that there are new guys coming through who can match him for (his current, slightly reduced) speed. I don't think Griepel is or has ever been in the same league as (even a slightly slower) Cav. I don't have the stats but I think head-to-head it must be about 8.5 Cav: 1.5 Andre the Giant. The only times I recall Griepel beating Cav there have been extenuating circumstances - e.g., crash that held up Cav. Griepel good for sweeping up all the sprint finishes in a race like the Tour of Poland but otherwise he flatters to deceive.