• The Last Kilometer (DVD) Stuffilm Creativeye1 year 15 weeks agoHello from the film

    Hello from the film production
    We thank Road.cc for the review and want to inform the readers that english subtitles have already been fixed in depth on the NTSC dvd version and will be soon fixed on the PAL version too.

    Stuffilm Creativeye
    "The Last Kilometer" film production

  • Lance Armstrong to make 'limited confession,' David Walsh suggests questions for Oprah Winfrey1 year 15 weeks agoThere is only one question to

    There is only one question to be asked.

    "In the course of your professional cycling career did you ever take banned drugs or undertake banned procedures. In other words, Lance Armstrong, were you a doper ?"

    Everything else comes from that - who, what, why, when and how much, plus the personal stuff and the tearful plea for redemption.

    With all due respect to David Walsh his questions are not great for TV. A lot of them could be dodged or argued because they are based on a double premise. They're of the "Have you stopped beating your wife" style.

    Print journalists can ask as much as they like in convoluted ways and cobble together the responses to make sense.

    Say what you like about Oprah but she knows good TV and she knows perfectly well that "Lance Armstrong confesses on Oprah" is a lot better for her then "Lance Armstrong continues to deny everything on Oprah".

    And even worse, if he later confesses, she will look very stupid. I would not be surprised if lawyers had written something like that in, or tried it.

  • Recommendations for a bike maintenance stand1 year 15 weeks agoclive_s wrote:Thanks....I've

    clive_s wrote:
    Thanks....I've just ordered it. Looks like a great piece of kit.

    Presuming you mean the Park, then be prepared to be impressed at how solid a piece a kit it is. I was genuinely taken aback when I opened the package - it's a lot of bike stand for £90.

  • 2014 Giro d'Italia to start in Belfast, reports L'Equipe1 year 15 weeks agoAll went well until someone

    All went well until someone proposed raising the italian flag at the town hall, at least there are lots of tyres to burn.

  • Damon Albarn's bicycle security tips... just buy a new one1 year 15 weeks agoSome Fella wrote:Dick That

    Some Fella wrote:

    That sums it up well,

  • FS: Tubular front wheel, Ultegra brakes and 29er MTB kit1 year 15 weeks agoi'd like the brakes can you

    i'd like the brakes
    can you message me?

  • 2012 LOOK 695 TEAM REPLICA FULL ZIPP AND SRAM RED1 year 15 weeks agoSold


  • Carbon or Aluminium Brake Surface?1 year 15 weeks agoRaleigh wrote:You'll be fine

    Raleigh wrote:
    You'll be fine as long as you use the supplied brake pads.

    Thanks for that.
    Do you know about the Fuerte Bici wheels in particular; are they okay?

  • road.cc's tips for riding on ice and snow1 year 15 weeks agoI've listed my own set of

    I've listed my own set of guidance for ice and snow conditions below:

    1. Get permission to ride from neighbour and/or property occupier.
    2. Lay down turbo trainer mat.
    3. Change in blue turbo trainer tyre
    4. Set-up turbo trainer.
    5. Don't forget to set up the circulator fan.
    6. Ensure that all paintings are firmly placed and don't catch the fan draft, dropping on you and smashing expensive whiskey everywhere.

    I was supposed to be doing the Chieveley ride this morning but they cancelled due to the adverse conditions. Confused

  • does anyone prefer the good old days of cycling to today (le tour e.t.c)?1 year 15 weeks agoThe original (first post) was

    The original (first post) was about the : GOOD OLD DAYS OF CYCLING! Then you young guys started to take another approach to the nostalgic past. Why Comment on Drugs (again and again) When there's nothing new in your statements. BTW, I'm heading towards 65, this year. I did some Racing. TT's and a few Triathlons in years gone bye; but to be honest, the bikes are far better today; and the equipement we use. I began cycle racing in the mid 1960's the amateur cycle events were tough on the competitors in those days, but with a true comradeship of like minded people who loved cycling and their ever evolving bicycles.

    Nice to look back sometimes; but don't want to go back.

  • Points for GC1 year 15 weeks agoThose GC points are awarded

    Those GC points are awarded at the end of every stage as well as points for Sprints Competition Leaders(1st to 5th),Mountains Leaders(1st to 5th)and Young Riders(1st to 5th) if such a jersey exists.

    Hope that helps.

  • Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 groupset1 year 15 weeks agoI cannot believe anyone would

    I cannot believe anyone would pay (or even have that kind of money) for a groupset that costs as much as a good quality used car. Must be some Forrest Gumps out there?

    Nice looking groupset; they just need to lower the £price by 75% But, there-again, anything involved in bicycle maintenance is expensive.

    Stupid is as those who pay the price.

  • Just In: RoadHawk Ride High Performance Bullet Camera1 year 15 weeks agoFATBEGGARONABIKE wrote:Is it

    Is it me? or am I the only one that has noticed that the loop is only 5mins long so implying that (god Forbid) you are knocked off you have to remember to turn the camera off to keep the crash footage before it is recorded over and then miss the comments from the idiot and his mates gloating over what they have just done.

    It records 5min segments, not on a 5min loop.

    "The 8GB SD memory card that’s supplied will hold about two hours of high definition footage. You can upgrade to a 32GB card if you like, to save over eight hours."

  • Bristol Mayor calls for overarching transport authority in the style of Greater Manchester1 year 15 weeks agoGreater Manchester is a long

    Greater Manchester is a long way from being anyone's idea of a public transport utopia.

    Some Fella is right, and in particular the confusion of transport companies (without the overarching stick that, say, Transport for London has over the capital's network) leaves the network user confused and short-changed by an impractical network driven primarily not by the needs of the public but by the profit motive.

    If I were to get the bus to work (I cycle, obv.), I'd have the choice of three companies with three different prices running exactly the same route. Bonkers.

    The Metrolink is a real busted flush of a transport network - it should be great, but dithering, curious planning choices (still no link to either the Trafford Centre or the Airport, though a languorous route to the latter is planned), limited capacity, poor integration, inter-borough infighting and a baffling price structure has rendered it a minority activity, with most Mancunians rarely using it.

    Cycling-wise, Manchester's not the worst and not the best, though positive noises are emanating from at least one of the ten councils. To be fair, the problems are infrastructural and unlikely to be resolved in these times of austerity. Happily, nobody's wasted money on blue paint quite yet...

  • Build or Buy?1 year 15 weeks agoHi, Perhaps you could


    Perhaps you could consider leasing.

    How does this suit you: http://www.bikeleasingcompany.com/road/racer/g6-8-1.html

    We can also lease custom built bikes, or frame only.

    It'll keep your costs down and we offer a price match promise.

    We don't offer Cervelo unfortunately, but Argon 18 produce some awesome frames, as do Felt, Merckx, De Rosa and of course, BH Bikes.

  • The best £900 to £1,000 road bikes1 year 15 weeks agojamjam wrote:what about

    jamjam wrote:
    what about thius, it comes with mavic aksiums and ritchey wcs finishing kit:

    That was my first thought, too. Way better spec than any of the suggestions, and by all accounts it's a pretty good frame, too.

    Unfortunately it doesn't fit the 900-1000 price point, as it's £80 under!

    You'd have to be bonkers to pay a grand for that Carrera.

  • Bristol Mayor calls for overarching transport authority in the style of Greater Manchester1 year 15 weeks agoIntegrated planning

    Integrated planning authority? Is old red trousers trying to snatch control of the green belt from south gloucs and north Somerset? And maybe force through the misguided bus?

    Not sure whether it would help cycling or not, but someone needs to regulate the first group near-monopoly around Bristol. Maybe there would even be decent bike carriage policies on trains and buses.

  • Just In: RoadHawk Ride High Performance Bullet Camera1 year 15 weeks agoIs it me? or am I the only

    Is it me? or am I the only one that has noticed that the loop is only 5mins long so implying that (god Forbid) you are knocked off you have to remember to turn the camera off to keep the crash footage before it is recorded over and then miss the comments from the idiot and his mates gloating over what they have just done.

  • Vuelta 2013 route announced (+ flythrough video)1 year 15 weeks agoNot road.cc's fault they are

    Not road.cc's fault they are supplied with a t1t n ar5e sized map!

    Cant believe there is 7 significant transfers in the route AND 13 of the 21 stages are mountainous, 2 time trials so only 6 flat stages including the end stage. Hardly an even mix of terrain is it? They seem to be making this a more and more mountainous route every year, and oh, what is it that Spaniards tend to specialise in? Oh yeah, climbing. FIX.

    Doubt it will be as interesting as the Giro or Tour, the ugly sister again then... Yawn

  • Bristol Mayor calls for overarching transport authority in the style of Greater Manchester1 year 15 weeks agoCompletely agree Some Fella,

    Completely agree Some Fella, the current Metrolink extension is an example of a non-integrated policy. The new trams, bikes not carried, will replace current local trains where bikes are carried.

  • Just In: Boardman Road Sport1 year 15 weeks ago[[[[[ Mmmm...very natty. But

    [[[[[ Mmmm...very natty. But why does this alloy-framed velo weigh almost 24lbs? It's a few ounces heavier than my trusty 1980 531c Raleigh Gransport.

  • North Yorks cyclist wins campaign for changes to road layout1 year 15 weeks ago[[[[[[ It "took the council

    [[[[[[ It "took the council nearly a year" to get their fingers out. Is that a shame too? Or is it shameful? Answers on a postcard to...

  • Schoolboys' year long campaign for a BMX track in Keswick paying off1 year 15 weeks agoWith good guidance (eg

    With good guidance (eg retired engineers & construction workers with the skills) a lot of the work can be done with hand tools and manual labour, and kids elsewhere have built their own tracks.

    Materials can often be sourced as donations - with local quarries, and road resurfacing (planings) possibly a source to check-out.

    Remember that the Bristol to Bath cycle route was started in 1978, and the initial work carried out on a shoestring budget, as were many early Sustrans projects until the 1995 Millennium Project. In many ways locally driven work with locally won resources delivers, at far lower cost that the figures being quoted

  • FS: Womens Specialized S-Works Amira SL4 2013 Compact Road Bike £30001 year 15 weeks agoKaren is 5'1" Inside leg is

    Karen is 5'1"
    Inside leg is 71cm's.
    Arm to fingers is 78cm

    I'd be more than happy to meet halfway or further, depending on when you were thinking of? We've had two serious enquiries so far today, with one person wanting to collect next weekend, but I will commit to the person that can buy the quickest.

  • Fancy joining me for a ride?1 year 15 weeks agoI'm not sure about the

    I'm not sure about the sportive, but the triathlon will be done, trying to challenge myself without over doing it and building up for bigger things in the future as I adjust to being a recumbent rider.

    Dont get me wrong, I love it more than anything, but its totally new being only a recumbent rider and need to build up to being able to do big rides again. So maybe by the middle/end of the year I can do the 50 mile events, then 2014 build up to longer ones and maybe some massive ones.