• Lars Boom's Stage 5 win on Strava1 year 3 weeks agoAs bonkers as that speed is

    As bonkers as that speed is in those conditions, he is a 'cross world champion, so he was in his element where many others were just looking to survive.

    (The fact that I would have been chuffed to the moon with the performance of the slowest rider on the day is a whole other matter!)

  • Deda Superleggera Black Bar1 year 3 weeks agoNick T wrote:Well CFRP is

    Nick T wrote:
    Well CFRP is less dense than an aluminium alloy, so it isn't hard to imagine that less vibration is passed from atom to atom along the structure while retaining a comparable resistance to bending than a metal alloy.

    Wether this is measurable enough to notice though, is a different question.

    Sorry NickT, I'm looking for facts, not imagination. (Hence the request re an engineer with specific experience).

  • Calling all Planet X RT58 owners.1 year 3 weeks agoI've now had the RT-58 for

    I've now had the RT-58 for three weeks and 220 miles, and I'm very pleased with it. I'm 5'11" and went for the large size, and it seems a very good fit — and there's no toe overlap for me...

    That said, it's taken me a while to get it set up how I like it, but that's nothing to do with the bike — and, with no post-purchase fit check, the pre-purchase bike 'fitting' from an LBS was largely a waste of money.

    My longest ride so far has been 50 miles and I did finish with a bit of a stiff back so there's still some tweaking to be done. The riding position isn't too extreme, though, and it's a much smoother ride than my alu Fuji, despite the narrower tyres (23mm compared to 25mm).

    It's very light (compared to my Fuji, at least) and feels fast — though it's actually not that much faster in practice. It does respond extremely quickly when I go for it, though.

    Feel free to ask me anything else.

  • London 100. Getting there and getting about1 year 3 weeks agoScoob_84 wrote:Cycle...its

    Scoob_84 wrote:
    Cycle...its cheaper, quicker and you get to take the sites in. There's less heavy traffic on Saturdays, just ride patiently and you'll be safe.

    Alternatively, ride from Euston to Bank and get the DLR. Bikes are allowed on there during off peak hours.

    Bikes are allowed on the DLR but *not* from Bank unless they've changed the rules recently.

    I'd just ride it. Take it easy, and keep your wits about you if you're not used to riding in London (and even if you are...)

  • Chris Froome out of Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoI think it's really

    I think it's really refreshing to see a stage where it's not all about watts/kg, power meters and all that bollox but who can actually ride a bike in less than perfect conditions.. Well done Nibbles.

  • London BMW 4X4 driver faces jail for assault on cyclist1 year 3 weeks agoGeorgee, I think the second

    Georgee, I think the second paragraph includes the line "...also convicted of dangerous driving ..."

  • TdF Stage 5: Lars Boom wins, Chris Froome crashes out, Vincenzo Nibali takes time on Alberto Contador1 year 3 weeks agocub wrote:I'll add, if

    cub wrote:
    I'll add, if Wiggins was there:
    He makes the final selection with Nibali, attacks on the final cobbles, time trials to finish, gets 1 min over Nibali so 3 over Contador, we get to see him defend it, maybe lose it, then win it again on the final TT.

    lol, no.

  • Chris Froome out of Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoandyp wrote:'Why make

    andyp wrote:
    'Why make insinuations against one rider, but not another?'

    why not?

    If you can't see there's anything inherently wrong in that, or indeed taking sections of my post out of context, then go ahead.

  • London BMW 4X4 driver faces jail for assault on cyclist1 year 3 weeks agoWho's in for the

    Who's in for the sweepstake.

    I'm going with £200 fine and £50 victim surcharge, no points or ban as it wasn't a driving offence.

  • Bristol plans £35 million spend on cycleway network1 year 3 weeks agopikeamus wrote:The Bristol

    pikeamus wrote:
    The Bristol post covered this story yesterday as well. The comments beneath the story there were pretty depressing. One of the relatively civil replies suggested that cyclists don't use the paths they're given anyway, citing Hartcliffe way as a road where they are held up by cyclists that aren't using the path.

    Does anybody here use Hartcliffe way?

    I do when heading from that side of town. I understand the frustration of drivers if there are cyclists in the road as the pavement on both sides is shared use. There's really no excuse not to use them, especially as the one on the right going up is really wide, well marked and usually dead quiet.

    I can't bear to read Post comments if bikes are mentioned. Obviously whatever the tenuous link you can predict Mr(or Miss, or Mrs) Angry will be along with the 'fact' that ALL cyclists jump red lights, ride on the pavement, never use lights and mow down any pedestrian in their path. Ironically they want us all off the road (and presumably into a car in front of them in the congestion, but their limited brain power doesn't extend that far).

  • Is it worth a wheel upgrade?1 year 3 weeks agoI weigh the same as you, I

    I weigh the same as you, I upgraded my wheels last year after my old Mavics died (they were at least 10 years old) Bought some Forza Stratos, They were 100 or so gramms lighter, but more aero for £180. I noticed a slight difference (i ride a modified Ventoux Saracen) i bought second hand 10 years ago, it had a campy groupset when I bought it, still does. I treated it it a respray and some cheap carbon forks to replace the steel ones last year. the whole thing weighs about 10KG.

    I am riding faster, now than I was a year ago, but more to do with weight loss, and more specific training, I ride about 150 miles a week on my trusty steed. As someone once said, it's not about the bike!

    I would probably go faster for less were I to swap my standard for a compact, and my 12-25 for a 12-28 particularly on the hills!

  • MAMILs may be at greater risk of prostate cancer diagnosis1 year 3 weeks agousedtobefaster wrote: So the

    usedtobefaster wrote:

    So the prostate analyses was only on 42 men, so where does the 5200 mentioned in this article come from?

    I think I'll carry on riding and take the risk, oh and avoid heart disease, weight gain, possible diabetes (weight gain), better mental health plus I'm sure there are many other benefits.

    5282 male cyclists answered the online survey. Of that number 42 men answered that they had been diagnosed with prostate cancer by a doctor. The researchers analysed the medical history answers compared to number of hours cycled BUT only for the cyclists over 50 years old, not all those surveyed. So the "link" between saddle time and prostate cancer is being taken from a sample of possibly fewer than 42 men out of 5282.

    +1 on carrying on doing what we're doing. Smile

  • Chris Froome out of Tour de France1 year 3 weeks ago'Why make insinuations

    'Why make insinuations against one rider, but not another?'

    why not?

  • London BMW 4X4 driver faces jail for assault on cyclist1 year 3 weeks ago"He said that he raised his

    "He said that he raised his hand up by instinct and hit the vehicle’s wing mirror then lost control of his bike and fell off. "

    Err... I think we all know what that means, and of course would all react "instinctively" in this manner.... Liar

  • Chris Froome out of Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoNo real surprise to me that

    No real surprise to me that Nibali did well yesterday. his bike handling skills are second to none out of the GC guys. i was surprised that Contador didn't do better.

  • Worlds greatest sprinter: Kittel or Cavendish?1 year 3 weeks agoKittel's ability to perform

    Kittel's ability to perform over a range of scenarios has improved hugely. A couple of years ago, him winning on a difficult finish like Harrogate would have been pretty much unthinkable.

    I'd still say Cav was tactically more astute: you don't really see Kittel ghosting in from nowhere to take a stage, and you probably never will. Partly that's because he's a big lad and can't hide like Cav does, and he relies on his lead-out which is very well drilled. but on a drag strip finish i'd say Kittel is pretty much unbeatable right now

  • Is it worth a wheel upgrade?1 year 3 weeks agoThose Race 24 wheels have a

    Those Race 24 wheels have a max ride weight is 80 kg for those wheels. I think I am 87. Thats something I have learnt from this forum...to check the max ride weight.

  • what bike to buy as a new heavy starter1 year 3 weeks agoI started dieting and

    I started dieting and exercising at the start of this year when I was 22 stone as well; I'm now down to 17 stone and cycling around 100 miles a week.

    I'd recommend the Dawes Galaxy Plus I bought through the cycle to work scheme. It's a nice bike and the steel frame is both strong and good at managing road vibration. The drop handle bars offer a good range of hand positions, the wheels have proved sturdy for me and now my weight has dropped I've gone moved down from 32mm tyres to 25mm. It comes with a good touring triple and the range of gears has got my bulk up everything I've thrown at it so far; including the odd 25% gradient in Cumbria.

    OK - so it's around £1,000 (I got mine for £899) but a good option if you're committed to the job in hand.

  • London BMW 4X4 driver faces jail for assault on cyclist1 year 3 weeks agoShades wrote:He's been done

    Shades wrote:
    He's been done for assualt; shame they didn't put dangerous driving in there as well.

    They did, he was convicted.

    That's probably the most surprising thing about the story, the CPS for once actually stuck with dangerous driving rather than water it down to careless. That's now another case that can now be referred to by anyone finding themselves in a similar position dealing with the CPS in the future.

    Trying to intimidate a cyclist off the road isn't carelessness.

  • Chris Froome out of Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoArmchair DS-ing; isn't that

    Armchair DS-ing; isn't that one of the great joys of watching cycling? Indeed one of the joys of many a sport. Done with respect, it's great.

  • Chris Froome out of Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoandyp wrote:Are you

    andyp wrote:
    Are you suggesting Nibali was on the juice yesterday?

    No, just noting that some out-of-the-ordinary performances are overlooked, while others seem to be used as 'evidence' against a rider just because someone don't like them.
    Your reference to 'steak' suggests that you believe Froome to be using something, while making no notice of the fact that another climber was putting in an unexpectedly good performance on a flat stage.
    Why make insinuations against one rider, but not another?

  • Is it worth a wheel upgrade?1 year 3 weeks agoI had an interesting, eye

    I had an interesting, eye opening experience at the weekend. I've always thought that my upgraded wheels (Campag Neutron Ultras) made a real difference to my performance until this last weekend, when I went out on my old Khamsins (approx 400g heavier) and set PBs on a number of climbs on my usual route. Granted, hardly a scientific study as there are all sorts of variables involved, but it does make me think that light wheels are not the answer to everything.

    The Neutrons do look nicer than the Khamsins though, and, again in a purely unscientific way, I think they just "feel better" all round, so they'll be back on the bike soon enough!)

  • Lars Boom's Stage 5 win on Strava1 year 3 weeks ago28.5 is nuts. Tailwind or

    28.5 is nuts. Tailwind or not, the driving rain, those roads, that Pave all the crashes.
    That's mental.

  • Is it worth a wheel upgrade?1 year 3 weeks agoSimon E wrote: It sounds like

    Simon E wrote:
    It sounds like you're wanting a subjective reaction. Like with clothes and music, sometimes you just have to decide for yourself.

    You mean....spend the £700 and then find out it makes no difference....maybe.

    Amongst the cyclists out there there will be some that have done exactly what I am contemplating. Surely that is the point of a forum, to learn from others and get various opinions.

  • London BMW 4X4 driver faces jail for assault on cyclist1 year 3 weeks agoGood, although if the

    Good, although if the motorist had just driven away after knocking the cyclist off, without any witnesses, registration or helmet cam footage, nothing would have happened and, even then, the driver would probably have got off pretty lightly. He's been done for assualt; shame they didn't put dangerous driving in there as well.