• Six-year-old girl helps father get stolen bike back1 year 3 weeks agoPretty good spelling for a

    Pretty good spelling for a six year old! Kudos.

  • Updated: Donations flood in after RideLondon-Surrey 100 rider dies following heart attack1 year 3 weeks agoVery sad, condolences to his

    Very sad, condolences to his family and friends.

    Without wishing to be inappropriate but to back up KiwiMike's comments, while the odds are stacked against it being successful, CPR is not difficult to learn and is something everyone should be able to attempt. A friend of mine (37, no previous history) had a heart attack just before christmas but was fortunate to be at a school parents assembly where there were 2 medical professionals present who were able to do CPR until the ambulance arrived. She had surgery 2 days later is now back at work so there is always a chance and it's worth being prepared.

  • A wet sportive...1 year 3 weeks agostep-hent wrote:The water

    step-hent wrote:
    The water wasn't nearly as much a problem as the standard of riding - lots of the 'everyone else can go f* themselves' attitude

    Unfortunately something that seems increasingly common across all levels of sportive-type events, from this, to something like the SkyRide.

    A simple lack of common courtesy for others on the road, and it does work both ways - people trying to go inappropriately fast, or groups spread across the entire road pootling round at a crawl paying no attention to their surroundings/swerving across the road in front of others without even a brief glance over the shoulder.

  • Woman, 74, fined for using M25 as bike ride “short cut”1 year 3 weeks ago'Cyclists take to the M25

    'Cyclists take to the M25 with alarming regularity'

    Do you mean frequency? Alarming regularity would suggest incredibly precise intervals. Like Hailey's comet. Not necessarily frequent.
    *Pedant mode off*

    Of course motorways have an incredibly good cyclist safety record. So do railways. No one cycles on them. [Please do not tell me about when you did cycle along the M1 or the WCML.]

  • A wet sportive...1 year 3 weeks agoThe problem with sportives is

    The problem with sportives is a huge majority treat them like a race, and therefore ride like dicks, as thats what they think is needed.
    The fact that I saw on twitter RL allegedly had a podium sums it all up, and many cynical tweets with a 'finish line' shot of a sprint titled, 'number one sportive-ist' too.
    The sooner people treat a sportive for what it is, which is a bike ride with a few thousand other people where someone else has planned your ride, signed it all for you, and provided feeds so you don't need to worry about anything but riding the route the better.

  • Eneco stage 11 year 3 weeks agochrisdstripes wrote:... I had

    chrisdstripes wrote:
    ... I had missed the phrase "Crash involving Goss" on twitter... it was reassuring to see it... again today...
    Heh heh! Smile

  • Mavic Wheels1 year 3 weeks agoCompletely missed those. 1.

    Completely missed those.
    1. I've read about some snapping like that, though more on the DS where the chain might have dropped off the cassette.
    2. Lifespan is subjective, depends on the roads you ride on, your weight, if you're a smoother rider pick your lines carefully they'd last longer than someone nailing it through the bad surfaces, also if you've had any crashes as well. Personally I'd call 2/3 years about right for a £500 wheelset to need consumable parts replacing like bearings/pawls/springs, a hub cracking is different and I'd not expect that, but then if you have really bad local roads, weigh a bit more, had a crash etc, then it could be possible.
    3. Mavic seemed to be awkward to get an answer out of when a mate wanted something from them a few years ago, but things could have improved since then. Always worth dropping them an email (I imagine they'll refer you back to the dealer though).

  • Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah Forum Competition1 year 3 weeks agolivestrongnick wrote:... how

    livestrongnick wrote:
    ... how about scoring stages 5 & 7 just for fun?...
    You know, I should have probably scored stage 7, too... Thinking I didn't look at the results from last year for that stage and it didn't dawn on me that it would be the GC guys fighting it out on the last day, too.. Thinking Should have checked! Smile I'll probably add it next year, unless we have it in the game next year(!) Big Grin

    It would have been a feast for those who had both (!) Cadel and Horner, since only Him and I didn't (!) have Kelderman! Smile But you had Horner and not Cadel and TER had Cadel but not Horner in the teams submitted for Stage 4! Smile And Him Up North would have had a tidy 14 points nobody else would have had with Putt and Tjallingi in the break... If I would have scored stage 5, only Him Up North would have benefited since it was a sprinter's stage and he had Tanner Putt.

    I should have offered 2 more transfers and scored the last stage (!) Big Grin I'll look more closely next year and in the future! Smile

    Anyways, here are the rider scores for stage 7:

    28.9 Cadel Evans BMC Racing Team 48
    23.9 Wilco Kelderman Belkin-Pro Cycling Team 45
    16.9 Chris Horner Lampre-Merida 43
    12.5 Thomas Danielson Garmin Sharp 42
    7.2 Winner Anacona Lampre-Merida 40
    10.1 Ben Hermans BMC Racing Team 27
    3.0 Carter Jones Optum p/b Kelly Benefit... 27
    8.2 George Bennett Cannondale 18
    3.0 Dylan Teuns BMC Racing Team 18
    4.9 Yannick Eijssen BMC Racing Team 16
    3.0 Lachlan Norris Drapac Professional Cyc... 13
    3.0 Alex Diniz Funvic - Pindamonhangaba 12
    3.0 Dion Smith Hincapie Sportswear Dev... 10
    3.0 Clément Chevrier Trek Factory Racing 9
    3.0 Ilia Koshevoy Lampre-Merida 8
    7.2 Danilo Wyss BMC Racing Team 7
    6.8 Matthew Busche Trek Factory Racing 6
    3.0 Joey Rosskopf Hincapie Sportswear Dev... 5
    3.0 Robin Carpenter Hincapie Sportswear Dev... 5
    6.7 Rick Zabel BMC Racing Team 5
    3.0 Jure Kocjan Team SmartStop 5
    3.0 Rob Britton Team SmartStop 4
    3.0 Kiel Reijnen UnitedHealthcare 4
    3.0 James Oram Bissell Development Team 4
    10.1 Michael Schar BMC Racing Team 3
    3.0 Chris Butler Hincapie Sportswear Dev... 3
    4.9 Riccardo Zoidl Trek Factory Racing 1
    10.8 Jens Voigt Trek Factory Racing 1

  • Eneco stage 11 year 3 weeks agoLooks like the wind blew, I

    Looks like the wind blew, I didn't see it, but it was pretty chaotic apparently. I had missed the phrase "Crash involving Goss" on twitter recently, so it was reassuring to see it crop up again today...

  • Woman, 74, fined for using M25 as bike ride “short cut”1 year 3 weeks agoPaul J wrote:Yeah, riding a

    Paul J wrote:
    Yeah, riding a bicycle on a 70 mph multi-lane road, on the hard-shoulder that's guaranteed to be there, is dangerous.

    Cyclists should stick to the much safer 70 mph dual-carriageways without hard-shoulders, and the 60 mph single-lane roads.

    UK road/cycling safety logic at its finest.

    Well true enough. So what are you saying? They should allow cyclists on to motorways (I presume along with milk floats, mopeds, tractors etc) or alternatively ban us cyclists from A roads. And what do you think is more likely?

  • Signs marking Yorkshire Grand Départ route being stolen by souvenir hunters1 year 3 weeks agoCommon theft. Flog the perps.

    Common theft. Flog the perps.

  • A wet sportive...1 year 3 weeks agoDare I say it but how about

    Dare I say it but how about using services like Strava to estimate riders times for them?

    If the organiers could get data about a riders average speed and the average length of thier rides they could do a relitivly simple calculation to estimate their time over 100 miles. They could add in elevation data etc. to get a really accurate figure but this is probably overkill. There seems to be a lot of data out there that could be used in this way if it could be gathered together. Even if they could provide a way for riders to do the calculation themselves it would be better than just taking a guess.

  • Updated: Donations flood in after RideLondon-Surrey 100 rider dies following heart attack1 year 3 weeks agoHaving recently been

    Having recently been diagnosed with large mass bilateral embolisms at 37, I can testify that your body can let you down regardless of how fit you are at any time and without warning.

    Do what you love and love what you do.
    my thoughts go out to his family.

  • Updated: Donations flood in after RideLondon-Surrey 100 rider dies following heart attack1 year 3 weeks agoRIP. Such a sad event.

    RIP. Such a sad event.

  • Eneco stage 11 year 3 weeks agoWhat happened?

    What happened?

  • Chris Boardman says it’s “ridiculous” for government to continue building roads1 year 3 weeks agoJeevesBath wrote:Agreed, I'm

    JeevesBath wrote:
    Agreed, I'm sure every driver would like less congestion. But I've also had countless conversations with motorists (in a professional capacity) who all think that their journey is necessary and it's the other people that should be getting off the road first. All the things in your alternative manifesto are desirable, as long as no-one has to change their behaviour, at which point it becomes "inconvenient" to them.
    Sorry, not having a go but I've had too many arguments with members of the public in the past who are unwilling to change their behaviour and therefore I'm automatically pessimistic about any real change occurring.....

    I agree with you completley and I'm equally pesimistic. For any real change it will be necesary to play the political game. I think that the key to changing behaviours is to lead people to make the choice to change themselves; try to force it and you will meet such strong resistance that your aims will never be acheived in a democratic environment.

    Here's an example that I think would work in the real world, although I concede only to a limited degree: removing VED (or road tax for those living in the '30s). Replace this with duty on fuel so that drivers actually pay duty according to how much they use the car (and thier actual emmisions) rather than for the simple fact that they own it. It's fairer to motorists and reduces the fixed costs of motoring; who could say fairer than that? With fuel prices increased drivers will be led to consider the cost of travelling by car in real terms. For some this might mean choosing alternative modes of transport, others may simply drive less or be more inclined to combine journeys or car share.

    Combine this with other measures to make the choice even easier (cheaper trains, compulary secure bike parking for large employers, legislation to include cycle-planning in every new road build etc.) and we'll begin to see a shift.

  • Signs marking Yorkshire Grand Départ route being stolen by souvenir hunters1 year 3 weeks agoChris James wrote:Stage two

    Chris James wrote:
    Stage two (or at least the bits from Huddersfield to Langsett) never had the brown road signs.

    There were certainly ones around and on Holme Moss.

  • Cube Bikes /Company1 year 3 weeks agoCube can be a bit irritating

    Cube can be a bit irritating regarding contacting them and warranty.
    I work part time in a bike shop, but because they're based in the Netherlands, we can't actually phone them (no international calls at work!) so have to resort to email.
    Which usually ends up sitting in someone's inbox for ages.
    I've only seen two incidents of it, so it's by no means evidence of a recurring problem, but two Cube owners have both had a couple of problems with the headset loosening on their Agree GTCs. A new star nut fixes the problem completely, but still.
    For the most part, I'm quite fond of Cube. You get a pretty decent amount of bike for your money and a nice all around package of quality, particularly at the entry level. Having said that, I think there are better bikes I can spend my money on.

  • Updated: Donations flood in after RideLondon-Surrey 100 rider dies following heart attack1 year 3 weeks agoI am very sorry to hear about

    I am very sorry to hear about this.

  • Help - carbon road bike.1 year 3 weeks agoYes.. longer than 2 months,

    Yes.. longer than 2 months, actually Sad. There are some advantages of getting a 2015 bike with my required spec, which is getting the new 11 speed 105. But this demo bike came up with a very good discount, so wondering what are the cons of this purchase. Warranty will be the same as a new bike and they will change things like wheels, break pads, etc. It's actually the frame and non-visible damage that I worry about...

    I have my eyes on this Bianchi, but still so expensive Sad
    Bianchi Intenso Dama Bianca 105 Compact 2014 Women's Road Bike

  • Canyon sell off team bikes1 year 3 weeks agoI wonder if the quality/fame

    I wonder if the quality/fame of the rider bumps the price up or not.

  • Signs marking Yorkshire Grand Départ route being stolen by souvenir hunters1 year 3 weeks agoStage two (or at least the

    Stage two (or at least the bits from Huddersfield to Langsett) never had the brown road signs.

    I thought it was a nice idea so you could easily follow the route. It was obvious that they are proper road signs, and what their purpose was, so whoever has taken them must have known they were stealing them.

  • DEAR DOUCHEBAG BIKE THIEF.... ‘poor student’ writes to criminal who stole Giant bike1 year 3 weeks agoandyp wrote:'Obviously

    andyp wrote:
    'Obviously foreign? Then why "our majesty's (sic) finest" rather than "her Majesty's finest"?'

    I beleive the miserable old cow is queen of various countries.

    It should be Her Majesty's finest as in HMS or as in 'at Her Majesty's pleasure.' You don't own the Queen, the Queen owns you bitch!

  • Updated: Donations flood in after RideLondon-Surrey 100 rider dies following heart attack1 year 3 weeks agoJoeinpoole wrote:^^^ Nice

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    ^^^ Nice words KiwiMike.

    Unfortunately it's not that uncommon to have the occasional death on these mass-participation events.

    Condolences to the family and friends.

    It is very very sad to hear of this but it isn't that uncommon. It's nothing really to do with the event or only in the fact that the event got 10's of thousands of people out on a bike all together on one route and over the course of just a few hours.

    dig deep folks. Let's make sure Woking Hospice benefits and his family has at least a tiny bit of solace out this.

  • A wet sportive...1 year 3 weeks agoPerhaps there should be a

    Perhaps there should be a penalty for those who are more than 30 mins outside of their estimated time?! For those that put faster than say a 20mph average anyway. OK, this would never happen.