• "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoI'm gutted wiggo is not in

    I'm gutted wiggo is not in the tour. The door to cycling in this great country has taken a long time to re-open. To win the start of the tour in Yorkshire was and is huge, huge news. To not see britains biggest cycling personality riding it is crazy. This could be have been stratospheric. The shine has gone : ( for me and I bet many others too. I'm too sad to type anymore...

  • Actor Ben Foster on playing Lance Armstrong: “those guys suffer”1 year 3 weeks agoThe problem with all the 'he

    The problem with all the 'he was a phenomenal athlete, and everyone else was on drugs too' stuff is this: different people react to EPO differently, depending on their natural haematocrit levels. It can help some athletes much, much more than others. So there's no such thing as a level playing field if everyone is doping.

    This point has been made a hundred times in the debates over Armstrong, but it remains true. Some people ignore it, but they are wrong to do so.

  • Your Guide to the Best Commuting Bikes and Kit1 year 3 weeks agoHi - can you tell me which

    Hi - can you tell me which women's bike you recommend?

  • "People will take priority over bikes" - rail boss explains why bicycles not welcome on Grand Départ trains1 year 3 weeks agoteaboy wrote:As bikes will

    teaboy wrote:
    As bikes will not be allowed on trains what additional measures are they putting into place to ensure there's enough bike parking at stations for people who want to ride at least part of their journey?

    Somewhere between "none" and "nowt".

  • No speed limit sign means no prosecution for speeding driver who killed cyclist on pedestrian crossing1 year 3 weeks agoQuote:I don't get why some

    I don't get why some people, not yourself, are attempting to highlight this, why the hell would cycling or scooting a bike across a crossing be in any way an issue? Why should you have to get off and walk just because you're on a bike?

    Do we also expect babies and young children to get out of their buggies to use crossings? Or disabled people to rise up out of their wheelchairs like Lourdes miracles when the green man lights up? Of course not, it would be absurd, just as absurd as the notions being put forth by the nonsense from PC Beaumont.

    I also find it baffling how there are people who construct some justification for persecuting cyclists by treating them differently to other similar members of the public. Its as if the only way 'motorists' can justify their attitude to cyclists is by treating us like other motorists. They say we don't pay road tax and we don't follow the rules, so we deserve all we get. Totally bogus irrelevant arguments, in my view, but for some silly, small-minded reason there are more and more people who think like the anti-cycling petrol-head brigade.

    In my view the law should be changed to an automatic assumption that the pedestrian or cyclist is not at fault when a motor vehicle hits someone. Cyclists are more like pedestrians than they are like motor vehicles, so why do the authorities not get it? In my view, so long as cyclists ride with due courtesy to pedestrians, they ought to be able to use pedestrian areas without the need for bye-laws. At the very least the default situation of shared pavements should be around pedestrian crossings, busy main roads and busy junctions.

    In Twickenham they've been altering a busy junction to make it more cycle friendly. They have removed a bus lane, which may sound bad, but at the same time they have lowered the pavement to the level of the road all the way across the junction allowing cyclists to ride alongside pedestrians and negotiate the junction much more safely, whilst reducing delays at rush hour. These solutions are being implemented all over the country so why not go the whole hog and make all pavements, 'shared', where there is no room for a separate cycle lane. Obviously the rule should always be that pedestrians have the right of way, so cyclists ought to stop to allow pedestrians to pass and not ride at such high speeds to make the whole space unsafe, but it's got to be better than treating cyclists like a motor vehicle, which they clearly are not.

  • Disc Brakes (are they any safer)1 year 3 weeks agoI use discs for commuting

    I use discs for commuting because I ride all year round and they don't suffer from the same loss of performance in the rain as rim brakes do. I need to be able to stop or scrub off speed quickly, reliably and predictably. Discs give me that in wet weather as well as dry.

    I use rim brakes quite happily at the weekend because the emergency stop is less of a certainty. However, I need to be much more aware of how well each brake is functioning at any given moment and need to make sure that I ride and brake within a much smaller window of effective performance when it comes to avoiding hazards.

    So... In answer to you question, yes discs are "safer". However, what's more important is your braking technique, skill in handling the bike at speed, observation and anticipation.

  • Your Guide to the Best Commuting Bikes and Kit1 year 3 weeks agoNo women's bikes? Took me

    No women's bikes? Took me ages to find a women's bike that was fast and light enough for 20 mile round trip commute which involves occasional train journeys (and stairs), and also had room for mudguards and a rack, so would really have appreciated this information a few years ago

    Would also recommend looking at raising the stem on a road bike with drop handlebars to get the slightly more upright position along with the choice of handholds.

  • SRAM WiFLi - Cheating?1 year 3 weeks agoThe wife won't like that...

    The wife won't like that...

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoPoor man management is all I

    Poor man management is all I can say. The fact that petulant behaviour has been tolerated and sniping has gone on for so long means that here could only be one choice and here we have it. Quite frankly it's a PR disaster.
    Wiggins is and always will be the bigger draw to the crowds as the first British winner and his prior achievements need no introduction. Whatever Froome does achieve (fine cyclist that he is) denying the public why they want to see will be a massive long term own goal for which he will pay over the long term. That said, given he lives in Monaco and doesn't really pay any tax, he's probably not too worried about that.
    Perhaps we have this all wrong and Brad wouldn't really play second fiddle. Anyway, it's a rubbish outcome and not seeing the best riders in the biggest race is crap.

  • Your Guide to the Best Commuting Bikes and Kit1 year 3 weeks agoJamis Quest ain't no touring

    Jamis Quest ain't no touring bike, it's a steel framed road bike, much like an Equilibrium.

    Jamis Aurora is their tourer.

  • Opinions on Shimano 105 10-speed STI transmission ??1 year 3 weeks agoJust posting to say that the

    Just posting to say that the issue is now resolved! It was indeed the long length of cable between the exit under the handlebar tape and the down tube, caused by the bars being lowered over the past few months. Thanks for the comments on that. The bike came from the factory with Jagwire cables but I picked up a set of Park cable cutters and re-worked the cable outers. Everything is working great now after a 50 miler this afternoon.

    A big thank you to all.

  • A question for other commuters...1 year 3 weeks agoThis phenomenon is not

    This phenomenon is not restricted to London. I experience it in Glasgow every day.

    The other one that hacks me off is the obsession with getting into the ASL box. Don't ride past another stationary cyclist and wriggle down the gutter past that bus. Stop with the other cyclist thus allowing the bus to piss of into the distance rather than the guy who stopped having to wait for the bus to overtake you before he can overtake you.

  • new bike shop, Bristol1 year 3 weeks agomorseykayak wrote:Specialized

    morseykayak wrote:
    Specialized concept store also just gone live near Ikea

    I found them very unhelpful with a tech question I had on my full sussed.

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoI'm disappointed, was looking

    I'm disappointed, was looking forward to seeing him ride after his ToCali ride, where he looked to me very strong with what seemed a weaker team than would have been expected.

    I'm sure there are a lot of other teams who will be happy he won't be in the Sky team for the tour.

  • "People will take priority over bikes" - rail boss explains why bicycles not welcome on Grand Départ trains1 year 3 weeks agoOFFS - make one service a

    OFFS - make one service a "free-for-all" and warn the tender travelling public that it will be full of bikes piled willy-nilly. Maybe even add extra space on that one service for bikes (if We Have The Technology).

    Anyone wanting/needing to take a bike can book that service and then the Powers That Be can say they accommodated and made Special Provisions for the Bicycling Minority! Win-win!

  • Wiggo on the BBC morning news1 year 3 weeks agoWhat price smiling albert to

    What price smiling albert to to win the tour now ?

  • Best vehicle you've ever drafted?1 year 3 weeks agoTractor again for me, 28mph

    Tractor again for me, 28mph uphill for 5 miles till I was unable to hang on any longer as the gradient picked up. Turned off soon after so I could pretend I meant to be dropped. Smile

  • Brunton Metal 4400 Electronics Charger1 year 3 weeks agoEven more convenient, and

    Even more convenient, and much cheaper, are the ones that take 3 x normal AA batteries. Minimal weight and when the batteries are, just buy some more AA cells!
    Perhaps not so environmentally friendly, but if there is no source of power, the only way.
    They even come in a type that you can use to recharge rechargeable AAs!

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoRegardless of the team

    Regardless of the team strategy, leaving out a long serving iconic cyclist who's in great form just because the team captain doesn't like him is bad form and reason enough for me to hope team Sky fails miserably.

  • Video: Marcel Kittel teams up with ASO to give Tour de France fans safety advice1 year 3 weeks agoGrizzerly wrote:Am I the only

    Grizzerly wrote:
    Am I the only person who thinks that the unwarranted publicity given to 'Di-di, the devil' is encouraging these pillocks?

    Yes you are , I met didi last year in bourg and he was a lovely bloke , more than happy to take time out and pose for pics , he then rode and descended alpe d'huez on a recumbent..... and not once that I know of has he come close to interfering in the race

  • "People will take priority over bikes" - rail boss explains why bicycles not welcome on Grand Départ trains1 year 3 weeks agoIn truth, train operators

    In truth, train operators only want people on their trains. It must be galling for them that they have to waste space on seats, let alone bikes, baggage, prams, wheelchairs, etc.

    Hundreds of people, all in crammed in and vertical, must be their vision of heaven!

    Choose the bicycle and ditch the trains.

    And, switch off when any politician starts rambling about a 'joined-up transport policy'!

  • Your Guide to the Best Commuting Bikes and Kit1 year 3 weeks agoAirzound wrote:If you want a

    Airzound wrote:
    If you want a low maintenance commuting bike to ride in ALL weathers an open deraillieur system is NOT the way to go as you will spend all your time cleaning and lubing as the weather in this country is crap.

    I agree. I did an all year 25mile round trip commute on a derailleur bike and spent most weekends cleaning/adjusting/replacing various bits. I now have a steel alfine 11 with disc brakes which weighs a ton. It has added 90 seconds to my commute but removed hours of fettling at the weekend.

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoOldRidgeback

    OldRidgeback wrote:
    stenmeister wrote:
    andyp wrote:
    BTW folks. If you're going to start calling someone a 'prima donna', please learn how to spell it.

    Yeah, I was wondering what Madonna had to do with this. Didn't think she was into cycling.

    Has she been into any cyclists? Who knew?

    The question is, have any cyclists been in her...

    Anyway. Wiggo; Vuelta = much awesome, many wow!!! Vuelta is the most exciting GT by far, and the prospect of him going for it there is making me forget all about July.

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agoBollox..... Sky have lost a

    Bollox..... Sky have lost a massive PR hit there and it's a bit of a kick in the nuts for all the fans going to Yorkshire, me included Crying

    Oh well, come on Bertie Cool

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 3 weeks agopeteforde wrote:Froome

    peteforde wrote:
    Froome definitely need to shut it now and get on with it. Great bike rider, but I don't have much respect for those who try to belittle others.

    So you have come on and made the most random comment ever .....
    At what point in wiggos interview has froome belittled him? Silly