So what if its been discussed before? I didn't realise we had to post only about stuff no one has mentioned yet.
There's loads of threads on the Giro and every one has loads of replies.

  • Daft cow grasses herself up on twitter after knocking over a cyclist1 year 9 weeks agojoc wrote:THEN you realise

    joc wrote:
    THEN you realise there are some smart arse arrogant p***s on this forum. FURTHERMORE you realise that you have a life and maybe don't sit on the Internet all day... THEN you wonder why you're explaining yourself to some keyboard comedian.

    And that my man is the perfect response.

  • Giro Prize Suggestion1 year 9 weeks agostumps wrote:Enrique, i still

    stumps wrote:
    Enrique, i still cant get over the fact you have so much interest and passion for the game but cant find a tenner to play premium, the mind boggles, it really does mate. Thinking

    I agree, it's laughable, he should put up or shut up.

  • Giro D'Italia - Tappa 161 year 9 weeks agoray silvester wrote:simon F

    ray silvester wrote:
    simon F wrote:
    simon F wrote:
    green arrows across the board except for the W.Mids region league where I dropped 3 places. WTF?

    Actually, really wtf? - the 3 above haven't changed position so how did I drop 3 places from (probably) 4th to 4th? Not an important point - I'm just curious.

    Could the 3 have just joind the West Mids League?

    2 of them are NeilG83 and TERatcliffe26 who've been there for ages. The league now shows them as having swapped positions (2<->3) and 1st remaining in 1st (grey arrow), whilst I went down 4 to 3. I'm not really bothered by any of this - it just looked odd.

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 9 weeks agoAll she's done is apologise

    All she's done is apologise for the tweet and is upset that her career is damaged, no mention of knocking someone off their bike or saying sorry.
    Also '...blown out of precaution', says it all really.

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 9 weeks agoAs I've had it pointed out to

    As I've had it pointed out to me (after I blew my top in indignation on twitter), she can only apologise for the tweet, not her supposed actions, as she will have been advised by her lawyer and/or insurance company to say nothing whatsoever about the incident itself.

  • Giro Prize Suggestion1 year 9 weeks agoTheBigMong yeah,

    TheBigMong wrote: yeah, sometimes you just gotta do... nothing. Big Grin ...

    Gkam84 wrote:
    ...took in Cav, Mezgec and Nizzolo for Uran, Nibali and Rollin today. Didn't lose to much, but... Angry

    Heh heh! Smile

    enrique wrote:
    Well, tactically speaking, I beg to differ...

    Stage 16 is, if you ask me, a transitional stage... You could technically keep your team from Stage 15, which is right before the rest day, and score enough points to keep in the running...

    Stage 17 is a flat finish... but, again, you might do quite nicely to just leave the guys high on GC on your team...

    Laughing Ha ha ha ha ha! Bow to the wisdom of enrique... Anybody care to argue against the foresight of the strategy I spelled out three weeks ago? Laughing Hah ha ha ha ha!

    Bow down, drheaton, bow down STEVESPRO, notwithstanding your recent stage win! Then again, maybe I should shut up, after all, at last call, I was No. 591 in the competition and you were No. 54 and No. 195 overall respectively! Thinking So what? Laughing Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Ok, so I'm a little deluded... Changing over to Visconti or Navardauskas, especially (!) Navardauskas, or Mezgec would have definitely done you good yesterday and today(!), but (!) all the same... it wasn't such a bad or bold idea to leave the team unchanged if you were Premium or (!) Standard (!) Smile Just kidding, of course... Blowing off all the frustration of not being able to play Premium... Broken Heart

  • Standard Team Giro Updates1 year 9 weeks agoAt the end of April I had

    At the end of April I had written:

    enrique wrote:
    ...I guess it would probably take a miracle for anyone playing Standard to win in this scenario....

    But (!) to my surprise (!) Smile :

    These were the highest ranking Standard Players in the Giro overall competition on May 15:

    3 petiagos petiagos 1155
    4 Pharmacie Roulant Jonas Lorenzen 1144 2
    5 Eyeballs Out richardk9 1135
    6 Mountain Renegade tony kappler 1127 2
    7 Gilbert and Sullivan Gilbert and Sullivan 1124
    8 karlake2 karlake2 1122 3
    9 ZACATON anita 1115
    10 Indurains lungs Samacollins 1105 7
    11 rock n rouleurs matanhale 1099 8
    12 Team Velosive Sebbe87 1094 4
    12= Rangaedge Rangaedge 1094 11
    14 Team Sky Blue NeilG83 1092 8
    15 mischelka mischelka 1086 5
    15= Hinaults Uno Hinaults Uno 1086 3
    17 Eds Ripley Riders Eds Ripley Riders 1084 11
    18 Guybrush Threepwood 2MeterPeter 1083
    19 ProVelo ricycle 1080 4
    20 pclark007 pclark007 1076 12
    21 Got Milk TheDoctor 1074 5
    21= CPT RACERS KIEF77 1074 7
    23 Lampre-LSD ewen 1073 4
    24 Polski Grifter Club PolishDave 1072 9
    25 kleff 1071 1

    Pretty impressive! Smile

    That was on May 15. Back then, there were, if I counted right, 23 Standard Players in the Top 25 of the Giro overall competition.

    Then this was the list of those Standard Players on May 20, just 5 days later:

    Overall Ranking Team Team Owner
    2 Mountain Renegade tony kappler
    4 rock n rouleurs matanhale
    7 petiagos petiagos
    8 Polski Grifter Club PolishDave
    11 Guybrush Threepwood 2MeterPeter
    13 Eyeballs Out richardk9
    14 Chute Collective Chute Collective
    15 Indurains lungs Samacollins
    17 Rangaedge Rangaedge
    20 BaggyBoy999 BaggyBoy999
    23 Leipheimer not weeks memories of meseeuw

    11 Standrad Players in the Top 25. Mountain Renegade (tony kappler) is sitting pretty at No. 2 in the overall and rock n rouleurs (matanhale) is at No. 4.

    Not that I've ever "seen" them here on the forum, but a hat's off to them! Party

    I'm looking forward to seeing if a Standard Player can win the competition. It would completely debunk my theory that Premium Members have a huge advantage over Standard Players, but I'd be mightily impressed with the smarts, strategy and logic of these players! Thanks for a thrilling ride! Smile And good luck! Smile

  • Carbon vs Titanium1 year 9 weeks agoI never quite understood this

    I never quite understood this hierarchy of comparing metals and people saying 'upgrading' to carbon or Ti. Each material has it's own properties that suit all manner of riders. I still use Alu/Carbon Bianchi. Yes it's a harsh ride at times, that can batter me on a long ride but I get the feel I want in the bars which communicate to me well.

    If I could afford and had the space I would buy a bike of each material to compare their merits. Simply don't write off Alu or any other material b/c the masses say so.

    Just get your leg over the bike and find out for yourself, you maybe pleasantly surprised of the outcome. Wink

  • Giro Stage 17 - bunch sprint ?1 year 9 weeks agoBelkov last again, would have

    Belkov last again, would have been last yesterday because of Gavazzi got DQ's

  • Half of British people believe cheating rife in football, horse racing and cycling1 year 9 weeks agoThen all the "squeaky clean

    Then all the "squeaky clean amateurs" who win get to have a well paid professional career, so the temptation remains the same.
    Interesting how public perception from a poll does not actually reflect the results anyone can read on the UKADA website.

  • Twit and run story goes viral, police question driver, cyclist's Facebook response, #bloodycyclists hashtag reclaimed1 year 9 weeks agoShe does look and sound a

    She does look and sound a little bit more respectable than her twitter account suggested. Bit of a Father Jack-type (a la Father Ted) apology though perhaps.

  • Giro comments1 year 9 weeks agoWow! What a great Giro! I

    Wow! What a great Giro! Smile I never thought the race would live up to the 2012 and 2011 editons, but, boy, was I wrong! Smile Kudos to the organizers and the riders! What agreat race! Smile Notwithstanding poor Wiggins and Hesjedal Broken Heart

  • Giro Prize Suggestion1 year 9 weeks agodrheaton wrote:I can't get

    drheaton wrote:
    I can't get over how much he requotes himself.

    drheaton wrote:
    I know, tell me about it!

    Laughing Ha ha ha ha ha! Good one! Smile

  • Killer driver sentenced to 10 years and 6 months for deaths of Bristol tandem couple1 year 9 weeks agoBetter than most but 10 years

    Better than most but 10 years for a double killing?
    stick a zero on the end maybe!

  • Daft cow grasses herself up on twitter after knocking over a cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoSuper Domestique wrote:Just

    Super Domestique wrote:
    Just to play devil's advocate here - if you hadn't checked your email and use the mobile site, perhaps say with forum as a bookmark, it could be missed.

    Just saying.

    Which is the exact way I use the site....well said that man Big Grin