• Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 5 weeks agoOr block thge junction, but

    Or block thge junction, but in a way that would have made it easy for the taxi to back out and take a legal route?

  • PCSOs to get power to fine unlit cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoFluffyKittenofTindalos

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:

    Can anyone possibly clarify for me what the law actually is regarding mandatory cycle lanes? Because I see no indication that those white lines mean anything at all.

    from the Highway Code (rule 119):


    You MUST NOT drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during it's time of operation.

    Are there any signs indicating the operation of the cycle lane in your case? These might be just "no waiting" signs. If the cars are parked in them outside those hours then I am afraid the drivers are allowed to, even though it renders useless the bike lane (but hey ho!, another tick on the sustainable transport list for the local council, though!). If they are parked there during the hours of operation then, yes, they are illegally parked. But don't hold your breath getting anything done about it. I spent years trying to get a local authority to enforce their own parking restrictions in a mandatory bike lane and got absolutely nowhere - I think it is still used as a car park to this day.

  • Race/Rider of the year1 year 5 weeks agoThe tour after a lot of

    The tour after a lot of thought, and Horners epic contest in the Vuelta. Applause

  • 10 reflective cycling products to help you stand out in the dark1 year 5 weeks agoWoo, Rapha rants! I don't

    Woo, Rapha rants!

    I don't care, I live in a solid gold house and drink swans' blood for breakfast, from goblets fashioned of baby panda skulls.

  • PCSOs to get power to fine unlit cyclists1 year 5 weeks ago@ oozaveared at least three

    @ oozaveared
    at least three times in the last couple of years. Once I thought it was that, but then it turned out he was just cycling the wrong way down the wrong side of the road!
    The other oddity is cyclists in pairs where one has lights and the other doesn't. Don't know what that is about.

  • PCSOs to get power to fine unlit cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoI once saw two PCSOs cycling

    I once saw two PCSOs cycling along together in Runcorn in fading evening light, on the pavement, without lights. It's a good job these powers weren't in then, there'd have been a warp in the space-time continuum. Or something.

  • Death of French student struck by lorry while riding Boris Bike "accidental"1 year 5 weeks ago@Neil753 I don't intend to

    I don't intend to mock anyone else with different sartorial choices! There are no absolute standards in such matters! And everyone has the right to do whatever they think will help keep them safe.

    But there is an argument that wearing hi-viz actually encourages non-cyclists to see cyclists as a weird out-group and thus makes it harder for them to get respect and makes it more difficult for people to imagine cycling as an ordinary mode of travel rather than a freaky special-interest hobby.

    See Kevin McKenna's recent generic anti-cyclist rant in the Guardian about those lycra and high-viz wearing freaks (in a new spin on victim-blaming he claimed that high viz and helmets 'distracted' drivers and so caused accidents!).

    As an aside - I doubt many evil people think of themselves as 'evil'! Apart from Dr Evil from Austin Powers, I guess. He probably wore the label with pride!

  • PCSOs to get power to fine unlit cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoWhen I was a kid (early

    When I was a kid (early paleolithic era) a policeman stopped me cycling when I had no lights. I'd been out at the park was late going home it was dusk.

    He asked me where I lived, which was a couple of miles away. It was getting dark and he could see it would take me a good while if I walked. Then he said "Look here, there's no one on the pavements so ride nice and carefully, and get off if you meet anyone walking. And don't tell anyone I said so."

    Good sensible policing.

  • Shimano Road Discs: Final thoughts (for now)1 year 5 weeks agoNot to mention brake block

    Not to mention brake block misaligning themselves and carving the sidewall out ending in a long walk home.
    Yes my fault but not uncommon I would suggest. Perhaps I should spend more of my riding time maintaining instead. Nah!

  • Brian Dorling inquest: Coroner to record narrative verdict on Bow roundabout fatality1 year 5 weeks ago"the number of times I have

    "the number of times I have nearly been run over by cyclists going through red lights when the pedestrian lights are green is going into 3 figures now. "

    I strongly disapprove of cyclists RLJing - above all when pedestrians are crossing. But I could point out that I've been nearly run over by motorists going through red lights more often than I have been by cyclists. I can think of three occasions of the former in the last couple of months, and not one such incident with a cyclist.

    A particular annoyance would be motorists 'stealing' then entire green-man phase at certain junctions as by the time the last 'its only just gone red' motorist has whizzed across, the pedestrian green light has gone out again.

    Interesting that you want cyclists killed for disobeying the highway code. Would it be OK for someone to get a gun and shoot some of the many, many drivers who do the same, then? Or are only cyclists subject to such sanctions?

  • Shimano Road Discs: Final thoughts (for now)1 year 5 weeks agoGood to read but very

    Good to read but very opinionated.
    Disc under UCI sanction; possibly not going to happen soon. I not sure Pro's will want them anyway, they don;t care about costs.
    For me; yeh I want them, having worn out two sets of rims in three years and 14,000miles riding in all weathers re-rimming a wheel is not economical buy the time the wheel builder scraps the rims and spokes. Wheel rim wear at my current rate costs me 5pence per mile!! I'm sure discs will reduce (with discs at £20 - 30 per disc) that giving me chance to save for the sunday best bike. How long will a disc last I wonder.

  • Pick 3 Riders Chrono Des Nations1 year 5 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Olga

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Olga Zabelinskaya
    Ellen Van Dijk
    Shara Gillow

    for me

    Pretty cool... That race is on Sunday, too, so, what the hell, I'll score your team... That should be fun...

    Heres the race info for the women:

    Date: Sunday, October 20 2013
    Distance: 20 km
    Map: http://www.chronodesnations.com/11-circuits-du-chrono

    2012 Top 20
    1 Amber Neben (USA) 0:28:34
    2 Alison Tetrick (USA) Exergy Team Twenty 0:01:08
    3 Edwige Pitel (Fra) Aspsa Grenoble 0:01:26
    4 Patricia Schwager (Swi) 0:01:29
    5 Marijn De Vries (Ned) AA Drink/Leontien.Nl 0:01:41
    6 Cecilie Johnsen (Nor) Hitec 0:01:57
    7 Mélodie Lesueur (Fra) Bigmat-Auber 93 0:02:03
    8 Jeannie Longo (Fra) Aspsa Grenoble 0:02:15
    9 Ann-Sophie Duyck (Bel) Lotto-Belisol 0:02:16
    10 Lina-Kristin Schink (Ger) Team GSD Gestion 0:02:32
    11 Jutta Stienen (Swi) 0:02:36
    12 Larissa Drysdale (Ned) CS Groningen 0:02:58
    13 Martina Ruzickova (Cze) SC Michela Fanini-Rox 0:03:05
    14 Mélanie Bravard (Fra) Vélophile Naintré 0:03:23
    15 Aurore Verhoeven (Fra) UV Angérienne 0:03:45
    16 Coralie Demay (Fra) Comité Du Morbihan 0:04:03
    17 Johanna Smith (GBr) TF Languedoc-Roussillon 0:04:27
    18 Sandra Levenez (Fra) UC Carhaix 0:04:30
    19 Morgane Charles (Fra) CSM Epinay-Sur-Seine 0:05:00
    20 Julie Augizeau (Fra) La Roche-Sur-Yon Vc 0:05:03
    21 Danièle Parot (Fra) TF Région Centre 0:05:33
    22 Murielle Rideau (Fra) St-Léger Cyclisme 0:05:47

    2012 cyclingnews.com race report

    For reference, here's the 2013 Women's Time Trial World Championship Top 20, too.

    1 Ellen Van Dijk (Netherlands) 0:27:48.18
    2 Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) 0:00:24.10
    3 Carmen Small (United States Of America) 0:00:28.74
    4 Evelyn Stevens (United States Of America) 0:00:28.78
    5 Trixi Worrack (Germany) 0:00:31.66
    6 Annika Langvad (Denmark) 0:00:39.51
    7 Olga Zabelinskaya (Russian Federation) 0:00:40.30
    8 Ganna Solovey (Ukraine) 0:00:42.48
    9 Tatiana Antoshina (Russian Federation) 0:00:42.57
    10 Emma Johansson (Sweden) 0:00:52.98
    11 Lisa Brennauer (Germany) 0:01:04.46
    12 Shara Gillow (Australia) 0:01:20.39
    13 Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy) 0:01:23.58
    14 Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands) 0:01:24.24
    15 Inga Cilvinaite (Lithuania) 0:01:42.98
    16 Eugenia Bujak (Poland) 0:01:48.07
    17 Rossella Ratto (Italy) 0:01:55.03
    18 Audrey Cordon (France) 0:01:55.77
    19 Joelle Numainville (Canada) 0:01:58.59
    20 Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen (Norway) 0:02:01.22

    And , finally, the event start list for all the events, men's and women's at all levels, can be found here:

    If you're really interested, Miss Velo France will also be chosen during the event.

  • Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 5 weeks agojellysticks wrote:Oh to have

    jellysticks wrote:
    Oh to have the Dutch/French drivers' attitudes on our roads...

    As an OT aside, I cycled a lot in the Vendee this summer and I thought France would be the land of milk and honey for cyclists. It was in general only slightly better than my experiences here, although I could still guess the English cars coming past due to the totally butchered rather than iffy overtakes.

    Back on topic, I don't think this group of cyclists has helped at all. Wouldn't it have been less antagonistic to photograph vehicles illegally using that turn rather than blocking the junction (although I suspect it would have done a fat lot of good)?

  • PCSOs to get power to fine unlit cyclists1 year 5 weeks ago"A number of times?" Well I

    "A number of times?"

    Well I have been cycling on the road in the UK since at least 1970. Club cycling, racing, now a commuter, a clubby, and leisure cyclist.

    I have never, even once, in all that time seen a cyclist with a white light on the back. I have seen them with no lights. I've seen them with lights that are so dim they were pointless. I have seen innumerable crazy set ups and get ups over that time. I even recently bought a light for time trialling on a dual carriageway that has a setting so when the sun is in the motorists eyes the light can be set to flash bright red with a a counter flash of green which scientifically speaking will enhance the red.

    But white lights on the back. Never. You've been lucky to see two.

  • Brian Dorling inquest: Coroner to record narrative verdict on Bow roundabout fatality1 year 5 weeks agoCS = Car Superparking.

    CS = Car Superparking.

  • Surrey pro-cycling petition gaining momentum1 year 5 weeks agoIt's one day a year, with a

    It's one day a year, with a year's (or more) notice. It's not an insurmountable problem.

  • Death of French student struck by lorry while riding Boris Bike "accidental"1 year 5 weeks agoAlexbb wrote:I find this kind

    Alexbb wrote:
    I find this kind of thing, inferring that someone was at fault because they didn't (for example) have a helmet on or they were not wearing high viz very, very callous and intimidating. Shifting responsibility onto the victim is really quite evil and nasty.

    Crikey, I've never thought of myself as "evil". I merely pointed out that wearing hi-vis can help avoid becoming the victim of a SMIDSY. I wasn't specifically referring to this tragedy but, each time an accident occurs, it makes me wonder whether hi-vis clothing may have made a difference in this, and other, cases.

    What concerns me is the relentless low level ridiculing of those who wear hi-vis, and the potential this negativity has on people making an informed choice. If cyclists are "bullied" into not wearing hi-viz, (the odd ribald comment here and there, the occasional dorky photo, the thinly disguised quips by journalists), then the uptake of hi-vis is reduced, and the chances of not being seen are increased.

  • Buyer's guide to cycling overshoes1 year 5 weeks agoReally getting good, warm,

    Really getting good, warm, dry mileage out of a pair of BBB ones.

  • Race/Rider of the year1 year 5 weeks agoRace was probably the Giro

    Race was probably the Giro for those epic snowy mountain stages.

    Rider for me was Kittel. Brilliant at Le Tour.

    Can we add team of the year?

    For me Argos for how they handled Kittel and out-sprint trained Quickstep.

  • Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 5 weeks ago...


  • Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 5 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:*fucks off and

    Gkam84 wrote:
    *fucks off and moans in private*

    Get a grip moron

    I never said I didn't understand what its about, but I have never attended one, because of the way that those involved conduct themselves

    If I could be arsed to go through past articles, I would dig out where you say exactly that.

    Face it, you're another moaner who indulges in pathetic childish tribalism, especially when it involves people empowering themselves.

  • Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 5 weeks agoI saw the title of this

    I saw the title of this article and thought 'ah..another group of well-intentioned, no doubt legitimately pissed-off but perhaps too excitable cyclists who end up going overboard on an individual motorist', and initially felt quite sorry for the taxi driver. Then I read his 'don't even pay road tax' comment. Oh dear.

    BUT, despite my huge enthusiasm for promoting cycling, making it safer, and my despair at reading all the stories where existent laws fail to be enforced, I don't think ripping off wing mirrors is going to do anyone any favours. Even though I probably want to do it to at least one vehicle a week.

    Oh to have the Dutch/French drivers' attitudes on our roads...

  • PCSOs to get power to fine unlit cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoA number of times I've seen

    A number of times I've seen cyclists with white lights on the back. Perhaps they were planning on going in for this backwards-cycling speed-record thing?

  • Race/Rider of the year1 year 5 weeks agoI'l take Sagan and the

    I'l take Sagan and the Tour...

  • Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 5 weeks agoas said in another thread,

    as said in another thread, and got poo poo-ed, unless the law does something about law breaking drivers there will be far more of this sort of thing.

    Traffic enforcement needs to be taken seriously against ALL parties, zero tollerance of any motoring offence for a starter.