• New wheel set.1 year 5 weeks agoFulcrum 5 at about £180

    Fulcrum 5 at about £180

  • Carrera Foldable Helmet1 year 5 weeks ago60 notes would just about buy

    60 notes would just about buy you 2 perfectly adequate lids for commuting and general use. I say commuting 'cos I can't see peeps considering one of these for more enthusiastic cycling use.

    I'll pass, thanks.

  • New Forest Cycling Code published, sportive charter to follow in New Year1 year 5 weeks agoOver £300k into the local

    Over £300k into the local economy from one event in October. This surely is a significant sum, and ought to be a good leverage point in future event planning when presumably other events in the warmer months would bring more revenue in.

    As with most laws, rules and codes of practice, the mantra of 'Don't be an arsehole' would cover pretty much everything if adhered to.....

  • Carrera Foldable Helmet1 year 5 weeks agoI tried this on in store and

    I tried this on in store and my first thoughts were of some brain juice from a side impact.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 5 weeks agoCurrently have a cinelli

    Currently have a cinelli experience ( first road bike )
    Building a carbon bike for best, spec as follows:
    Planet x rt58 frame and forks
    Fulcrum racing 5 wheelset
    Bontrager vr-c bars
    Dead zero 2 stem
    Campagnolo chorus 11 chainset and shifters
    3t seat post
    Charge saddle
    Will complete with Athena 11
    Built with a balance of performance and budget.
    Also new to forum so hi!
    Will come back and edit as my pics don't seem to be compatible...

  • Belgium bound1 year 5 weeks ago@ dogcc - huh why?

    @ dogcc - huh why?

  • Business Idea - Mobile Mechanic1 year 5 weeks agomike the bike wrote:I wish

    mike the bike wrote:
    I wish you every success sir and I hope the world queues at you door. But wasn't it Mike Sinyard who said if you want to make a million from your bike shop, you should start with two?

    Thanks for the good wishes. I've heard that comment before about making a million out of a bike shop, however I'm hoping that sales will only be a minor part of the business.

    With the growth of internet and mail order cycles sales, I'm hoping that there will be a need for 'set up and fitting" to be done. I'm also hoping that with the growth of the larger stores, their reputation for poor service and the associated reduction in local bike shops, I'm hoping for a bit of a niche market. At 6'4" with long legs and size 13 feet, I may try a sideline of bigger cycling clothing as another niche market.

    I'm also planning to specialise in Campag, modern road bikes and suspension forks.

    With regards to being 'on the tools', with all the bad weather we've been having, I was thinking how unpleasant it would be working out of the back of a van in the freezing cold and driving rain.

    However, as people keep reminding me, you very rarely regret the things you have done (or at least tried) and nearly always regret the things you haven't,

  • OnYerBikeSeat Waterproof Saddle Cover1 year 5 weeks agoTena Lady for saddles...

    Tena Lady for saddles... Laughing

  • Canyon's: Decisions, decisions1 year 5 weeks agoThe third one down has last

    The third one down has last years 10spd Di2 on it which I'm not sure on. Mechanical gears have worked fine for years and don't know how much extra hassle electronic shifting is. Plus it looks a bit clunky. Ideally I would go for the bottom end cf SLX but can't quite stump up the extra cash to get the world tour frame. So the top end cf sl is my next best bet. Was thinking if I really didn't get on with the aero wheels I could sell them and get a better pair of wheels than the ksyrium anyway but cheers for the advice about those- not thought about that. I really just can't make my mind up if I like the look of the aero frame. Obviously a big part as you have to feel good riding it to enjoy it anyway. Cheers for the advice.

  • Carrera Foldable Helmet1 year 5 weeks ago..yep side on 'concertina'

    ..yep side on 'concertina' head squishing type injury seems to eliminate me from this type of design, so 'I'm Out'... Rolling On The Floor

  • rh+ Revo Jacket1 year 5 weeks agoNice looking bit of gear. If

    Nice looking bit of gear.
    If only I was approx 30 cms taller..... Sad

  • Canyon's: Decisions, decisions1 year 5 weeks agoI believe Canyon have been

    I believe Canyon have been working hard on their new Aeroad frame, presumably to be unveiled in 2014 - therefore I'd shy away from buying the now several years old Aeroad.

    If you manage at all to up your budget to £2799 then you could go for Canyon's top end frame Ultimate CF SLX, currently offered with 11 speed ultegra and, quite unbelievably, the Ksyrium SLR wheel set, which retails in excess of £1000 on its own! I currently ride this frame and have the previously CF SLX as well - the latest one is a big step up.

  • Australian cyclist takes axe to neighbour's car after being pushed off bike1 year 5 weeks agoTouche!


  • Castelli or Gore ?????????1 year 5 weeks agoBloody Gabba must be so

    Bloody Gabba must be so popular - no one has it in any sales Sad

  • Canyon's: Decisions, decisions1 year 5 weeks agoThe third one down, better

    The third one down, better wheels and same group set and for what extra it's costing, you are getting a better package with the wheel upgrade and add the fact that the Elites are not being sold in most places anymore which I presume is down to being discontinued so the WTS's should be easier to replace in the event of an of and failure. And I think the frame looks better in the gloss black.

    As for the aero wheels on the first one, I hear many people go back to normal rims as they don't get on with them. You could be paying more for a wheel set you might not get on with and losing out on a better frame. I know I would prefer the better frame.

  • Business Idea - Mobile Mechanic1 year 5 weeks agoBike fixing might not be such

    Bike fixing might not be such physical work as car fixing (lying on your back in the cold) but the car mechanics I know through my brother and his friends all want to go the opposite direction to you because they say being 'on the tools' in your 50s is no joke.

    Just a thought.

  • Carrera Foldable Helmet1 year 5 weeks agoThe last helmet I wrecked

    The last helmet I wrecked suffered a side-impact that broke one of the spars that is essentially missing in this design. So where does energy from this type of impact get dissipated? Into my head I guess.

  • Clear glasses recommendation...1 year 5 weeks agoB&Q have some that look like

    B&Q have some that look like the Bolles above, clear, yellow or dark £4.99.

  • Goodwill gesture: DfT pledges £30k to help Fill That Hole1 year 5 weeks agotoo be fair £30K doesn't go a

    too be fair £30K doesn't go a long way when professionally developing a website and app. Will probably include ongoing support (if they have any sense at all).

    Quite cheap for a pothole spotting army for drivers

  • Commute Bag1 year 5 weeks agoIv seen some of the Edinburgh

    Iv seen some of the Edinburgh Bike Coop own brand stuff "Revolution" and it looks pretty good, particularly the red panniers. In general from what iv seen it gets good write ups. I have infact bought stuff off them online and they've been a good firm to deal with. They must struggle a bit competing against a couple of the other big online sales players.

  • Clear glasses recommendation...1 year 5 weeks agoFor the first time in nearly

    For the first time in nearly 20 years I am Oakleyless.

    Sold both my pairs in the run up to Christmas as I needed cash.

    Having used them and ridden in them for years I was under the impression that they were completely beyond recognition as the best. That may still be true but I am not sure that with a young family I could ever justify the cost any more.

    I dont like the new M frames that have been leaked to the internet so not fussed about what I have next.

    BBB anyone?

  • Strava Heatmap shows worldwide activity on a single day1 year 5 weeks agoI am going through this post

    I am going through this post and thinking of it’s theme and trying to understand what is this post about. At last I can have found something from this post which feels pretty good.

  • British woman Maria Leijerstam under four days away from riding to South Pole1 year 5 weeks agoRegardless of the

    Regardless of the technicalities between each of the three rides, big pat on the back to each of them for what must be the adventure of a lifetime.

    No doubt Wiggle will add this to their Sportive calender in the not too distant future allowing us all to have a turn Smile

  • Goodwill gesture: DfT pledges £30k to help Fill That Hole1 year 5 weeks ago£30k seems a generous sum for

    £30k seems a generous sum for a site revamp and migrating an app to a second mobile platform.

    Looks like the austerity measures are coming to an end Smile

  • Chris Froome extends with Sky - but Sir Bradley Wiggins on the way out?1 year 5 weeks agoI work from home each year to

    I work from home each year to watch every minute of the TdF. I love Wiggo to bits but Froome is a much more entertaining rider.

    Wiggo is brilliant at monitoring his power output and grinding the miles away. But Froome has a fantastic balance of monitoring his power output whilst riding on instinct to attack at the right time and crush the opposition.

    Granted he's a nice bloke and pretty much the perfect professional athlete. To some that may be boring but I think he has a great opportunity to get his name down in history alongside Merckx, Indurain etc if he can avoid injury and any misfortune.

    If you haven't watched a complete tour it'd be worthwhile starting to sweet talk your gaffer to spend three weeks at home next July, this guy is a bit special.

    One name I would have liked to have seen on there is Ben Swift but I guess he has to prove himself in 2014 following his op this year. Does anyone know when he's contracted until?