• road.cc's Bike Locking Bible1 year 5 weeks agoThe best advice I ever heard

    The best advice I ever heard was to use two different types of lock. Bike thieves are human (debatably) like the rest of us and therefore inherantly lazy. They'll either carry a car jack to deal with D locks, or some bolt croppers to deal with chains or cables, but since these items are heavy and awkward to lug around, they are unlikely to have both. So if you lock your bike with both a D lock and a cable, it's going to be that much more hassle to nick than a bike that's locked with only one. And also of course make sure your lock is away from the ground to prevent the thief just smashing it with a hammer.

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks agoAnd Nacer Bouhanni takes

    And Nacer Bouhanni takes it...

    1 BOUHANNI Nacer Equipe Cycliste FDJ.fr
    2 FERRARI Roberto Lampre - Merida
    3 DOCKER Mitchell Orica GreenEDGE
    4 BRESCHEL Matti Team Saxo-Tinkoff
    5 PETACCHI Alessandro Omega Pharma - Quick-Step
    6 MARKUS Barry Vacansoleil - DCM
    7 VANGENECHTEN Jonas Lotto Belisol Team
    8 VON HOFF Steele Garmin - Sharp
    9 MEZGEC Luka Team Argos - Shimano
    10 VIVIANI Elia Cannondale

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks ago1,8,9,10


  • Mauro Santambrogio saved from suicide bid by outpouring of support on Twitter1 year 5 weeks agoI don't think it occurred to

    I don't think it occurred to the writer that people would be so callous, wouldn't have occurred to me!

    Whatever his history, well done to people on twitter for not responding to him like the heroes on this page.

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks agoKasien last man caught and

    Kasien last man caught and it's headed for a bunch sprint...

  • Liestrong - Trailer1 year 5 weeks agoIs he going to recieve any

    Is he going to recieve any money from this film, and if so will the authorities take it off him as it is obviously profiteering from drugs/crime. Thinking

  • Rear mech sizes and cassette sizes1 year 5 weeks agoThe 5700 GS is the older

    The 5700 GS is the older model and is only rated to max 30t cog; the 5701 GS is rated max 32t. It might seem surprising that the 5700 has the same max cog in both short and medium cage lengths - but the older medium cage was there to increase the chain wrap capacity. So it's the 5701 GS you want.

    As for PG1050 vs 1070 - either works, they are sold in different cassette sizes. The numbers here indicate the range the cassette belongs to - PG1050 is Apex, PG1070 is Rival. I went with a 1070.

  • Is doping good for sport?1 year 5 weeks agoThat's not a fair summary of

    That's not a fair summary of the article. It's not even a good summary of the prisoners' dilemma.

  • Boardman launch Elite Series flagship, the AiR/TTE1 year 5 weeks agoFelt IA, new Ridley Dean

    Felt IA, new Ridley Dean Fast...as has been said, speed concept. There are plenty who have done completely internal cables.

  • Mauro Santambrogio saved from suicide bid by outpouring of support on Twitter1 year 5 weeks agoTBH, I would've disabled

    TBH, I would've disabled comments on this story.

  • Strava launch Route Builder1 year 5 weeks agoVirtually unusable - I asked

    Virtually unusable - I asked the route to go from A to B linked by a road (about one mile) it either went on the adjoining road or put in a 7 mile detour.

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks agosnap, resisted the urge to

    snap, resisted the urge to bring in a katusha man Wink

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks agoI made no changes either, its

    I made no changes either, its going to be a bunch sprint and I have a feeling Hushovd will not be right at the front Devil

  • Tour of Beijing1 year 5 weeks agoI picked my teams two days

    I picked my teams two days before this tour started and they've both disappeared!

    ANyone else had the same problem? Angry

  • MicroSHIFT M45 Rear Derailleur1 year 5 weeks agoI am yet to notice the

    I am yet to notice the difference between my Ultegra/105/Tiagra/Sora Mechs. Oh apart from the price that is!

    I do know that shimano stuff always goes together well, has well written instructions, which is great for Jap company, and lasts.

    It'd be great to see a groupset review of Microshift, the big brands have a monopoly which outs potentially better value alternatives.

  • NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE1 year 5 weeks agoSTEVESPRO 79 wrote:...I would

    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    ...I would prefer to pay £20 and road.cc pay a person to run the game so that we get a guaranteed level of consistency across the game...

    I'll take your £20, buy me a couple of beers and run the game for a free Premium membership! Big Grin

  • Autumn: Essential clothing guide1 year 5 weeks agoMerino armwarmers stay up

    Merino armwarmers stay up best for me!

    Planet-x do good ones, mine have their "on-one" branding on, but they now do black ones aimed more at roadies - minimal branding - for £5! I'm tempted myself.

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks agoMade no changes from

    Made no changes from yesterday so hoping for the peloton to hold together then bunch sprint... Thinking

  • Setting the bar high1 year 5 weeks agokeirik wrote:great article.

    keirik wrote:
    great article.

    my setup looks unusual with particularly high bars, required because I'm 6' 3" and have had a back operation, but some of the abuse I have received off other cyclists is unbelievable - and unlike most of the abusers I have actually had a pro bike fit done.

    My bike enables me to ride without suffering significant problems, a slammed stem would cripple me

    Same for me I have a duff shoulder (artificial joint and no rotator cuffs after an accident) that cannot support a low stretched out position without severe muscle cramps after about 10 minutes cycling. I actually have a 8cm adjustable head up on my Tricross. And I reply to arsy style comments with a polite sod off and come back when you know all the facts. OH how to make friends and influence people Smile

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks agoYoutube

    Youtube link


  • Setting the bar high1 year 5 weeks agoWho cares what you ride or

    Who cares what you ride or how you ride it! The most important thing is that it fits you,you like it and you ride it!!!! Too many people looking down their noses at other cyclists just because they do not confirm to some stereotypical image of what a "proper" bike and "proper" cyclist should be. We are all just cyclists with varying shapes, sizes and ability enjoying our sport. What is wrong with that???

  • Brian Cookson sums up his first two weeks as UCI president1 year 5 weeks agoAll very encouraging - the

    All very encouraging - the women's rule change suggests he is listening to riders and teams. What a novel idea!

    And he realized it needed doing quickly, before teams settle contracts and get rid of awesome riders who might be "the wrong side" of 28.

  • One ticked off the bucket list… riding the track with Sir Chris Hoy1 year 5 weeks agoThank you for sharing! He

    Thank you for sharing! He always seems enthusiastic about cycling, passionate, not just "in it for the money". A proper hero.

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks ago2nd sprint - 1. Bouet 2.

    2nd sprint - 1. Bouet 2. Beyer 3. Kaisen 4. De Gendt. Gap to the peloton 4min 4sec

  • Tour of Beijing Stage 21 year 5 weeks ago3rd KOM - 1. De Gendt 2.

    3rd KOM - 1. De Gendt 2. Beyer 3. Graziato 4. Kaisen 5. Bouet. Gap to peloton 3min 08sec