• Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 9 weeks agoKudos! And I don't mean

    Kudos! And I don't mean Strava-style kudos. I mean REAL kudos and respect.

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 9 weeks agototally misread yesterday,

    totally misread yesterday, and scored a big fat zero, with my squad of sprinters who were supposed to climb bumps. never mind... 4 out of the door ( -20 penalty points), to make way for these top 4, on the basis of chasing bonus seconds:

    S sanchez

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 9 weeks agoI messed up yesterday too by

    I messed up yesterday too by keeping sprinters in - in hindsight a terrible decision!!

    Brought in a couple of GC guys for today, plus one for the break. Long hot day today, I'm guessing the break will be given quite a big lead by halfway, but no idea whether they'll work to bring it back.

    Cav and Viviani (will probably keep til Friday now...)
    Hesjedal and Sammy S (in today)
    Wurf and Visconti
    Wauters (in today)
    Bole and Gatto (me either...)

  • First Ride: TRP HyRd disc brakes1 year 9 weeks agoI'm desperate to get my hands

    I'm desperate to get my hands on a set of these. Why can't I buy any?

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 9 weeks agoI screwed my self big time

    I screwed my self big time yesterday going from 1st down to 61th! by scoring a poultry 16... Crying

    used 4 transfers (2 penalties)

    Wiggins (for Cav)
    Aru (for Puccio)
    Betancur (for Blythe)
    Paolini (for Howard)

    If Paolini holds on to the Pink today then we could see him in it at the start of the Time trial Thinking Nerd

  • Stolen Pearson IMNOTANUMBER1 year 9 weeks agoWent to Brick Lane on Sunday.

    Went to Brick Lane on Sunday. There was nothing high end there at all. However, there was lots of other hooky looking stuff there. Shame people buy it as that's what creates a market to steal it.

  • Family to take legal action against bike shop after teenage boy killed when his front brake failed1 year 9 weeks agoEr...what about the back

    Er...what about the back brake?

    The shop owner might rightly be in a pile of worry offering a safety-of-life service for reward for which he holds no qualification...

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 9 weeks agoJust for clarification can we

    Just for clarification can we presume that the 2nd KOM point will be scored as the stage is classified as MM not SF?

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 9 weeks agoI think if yesteday is

    I think if yesteday is anything to go by then your team is at best average. I miss called it totally yesterday and have put in GC contenders and taken penalty transfers for today. If they attacked on that poxy little climb yesterday then today's bigger climb will leave an even more select group in think. It seems the days of sit and look at each other until the queen stage are gone. Good for watching bad for picking a fantasy team. Angry

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 9 weeks agoMassive respect Dave

    Massive respect Dave Smile

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 9 weeks ago"Guv'nor" Dave Atkinson

    "Guv'nor" Dave Atkinson continues his inspired start to the Forum's Scorum's Giro D'Italia(I never even considered Paolini for a second!!)by snatching the Maglia Rosa back from a 'Luca-Less' livestrongnick who fell to 7th.
    KeejayOV has taken over the purist lead thanks to his 2 W's(Wiggins/Wauters) from Alan Tullett's sprinty team.

    The Forum's Scorum's overall saw NeilG83 take back his 9th spot from obutterwick(4pts on the stage!!)and we have the same Wig_Billy/chrisdstripes 1-2 in both standard and purist.

    GC day today I think so maybe time for a bit of Cali-formulation?

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 9 weeks agoNice choice with Paolini

    Nice choice with Paolini JAndrewHill...although I doubt if he can hold on to pink today?

  • Chris Froome will definitely maybe lead Team Sky at this year's Tour de France confirms Sir Dave Brailsford (again)1 year 9 weeks agoVery clever wording by DB.

    Very clever wording by DB. Very nuanced.

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 9 weeks agoStarley bikes will give you

    Starley bikes will give you 105, a free bike fit and custom paint job for that money. They're really nice looking bikes and have good reviews

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 31 year 9 weeks agoYou know it's a low scorer

    You know it's a low scorer when 42 gives you green 'up' arrows across the board!! Well all except the London Giro table....must be a branch of the Luca Paolini fan club in London somewhere!!

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 9 weeks agoI have a Cube Agree GTC Pro

    I have a Cube Agree GTC Pro and although I quite like it I wouldn't buy another one. I will be replacing it shortly.

    I would strike that one off your list.

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 9 weeks agoGreat ride. I did my very

    Great ride. I did my very first 400 this weekend too, although I did the Porkers down in Dorset. Some interesting moments of self discovery although I would say I generally fared better than on my first 300, which was a month ago.

    There were several riders on Porkers who'd also done the Brevet Cymru. That presumably entailed finishing in Chepstow at about 0600 and hightailing straight to Poole to start Porkers at 1400. Bad, bad craziness.

    I am relaxing with a pot of sudocrem today.

  • Giro d'Italia stage 3: Paolini wins on final descent to take pink1 year 9 weeks agoBoom! And the Giro explodes.

    Boom! And the Giro explodes. Great ride by Paolini. Loved the attacks. Could be a great Giro.

  • -1 year 9 weeks agoI must be getting old; I

    I must be getting old; I can't read the words! I must need glasses!

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 31 year 9 weeks agoNeilG83 wrote:Does anyone

    NeilG83 wrote:
    Does anyone know what happened to Cataldo? I saw him struggling on TV and the results show he finished at 19.31.
    Would be a big blow to Sky if he is ill or injured.

    Apprently he had been up all night being sick. They hope he can continue.

  • Copenhagenize Index 2013 - Amsterdam still top, French make big strides - but no UK city in top 201 year 9 weeks agoDublin in ninth place?

    Dublin in ninth place?

    Didn't see much evidence of a strong cycling culture when I was there recently. Lots of busy main roads in the town centre that very few typical people would consider cycling on, plus some pretty low-quality segregated tracks in the suburbs.

    I can believe the city is improving but, overall, cycling facilities looked poor

  • Metric Century Challenge 2012-20131 year 9 weeks agoOoops, fairly poor start, but

    Ooops, fairly poor start, but hopefully things will now pick up!

    02/03/13 1 Point 112KM
    18/03/13 1 Point 114km
    19/03/13 1 Point 161km
    13/04/13 2 Points 232km
    15/04/13 1 Point 122km
    21/04/13 1 Point 129km

    Ok, at the Giro now, things should pick up...

    05/05/13 1 Point 104km
    06/05/13 2 Points 207km

    Total Points: 10 Total KM: 1181

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 31 year 9 weeks agoyay for dumb luck!

    yay for dumb luck!

  • Topeak De-Fender RC11 mudguards1 year 9 weeks agoLike Mike says, a product

    Like Mike says, a product where one of the two parts doesn't do the job it is designed to do (in the testers own words "don't bother with the front ") and the other half of the product only just works so the maximum rating it should be able to achieve is 50% (and only then if the one half is perfect). And what rating does the tester of a website paid for by advertising give it? 3 out of 5 (60%) which equates to Quite Good. Sorry, this tester has lost all credibility.

  • -1 year 9 weeks agoIs that the new aeroframe

    Is that the new aeroframe from Cervelo? Looks impressive!