You could comment on actual road safety:
It may be a London road junction, but that doesn't mean that road designers in other cities won't be following the issue. These junctions were so badly designed TFL narrowly avoided being prosecuted for corporate manslaughter. And now they're doing it again.

...but you decided to moan about people debating helmets, 100 comments says the issue bothers people.

I can't understand why you would comment on a subject that you're not interested in just to say you're not interested in it, that must be very time consuming. / no-one's forcing you to read the article

  • spacer for 11 speed freehub with 10 spd ultegra cassette1 year 3 weeks agoI may be wrong but I think

    I may be wrong but I think there's a 1.8mm difference between 10 and 11 speed, therefore you spacer(s) should make up the difference either on there own or together.

  • Travel insurance1 year 3 weeks agoI work for a Tour Operator so

    I work for a Tour Operator so have some knowledge. EHIC is essentially a back up which your travel insurance will insist you have in place anyway where applicable. It'll cover you for the medical cover in EU countries but cannot be relied upon as sole cover. Ie. If you needed repatriation back to the UK with a broken pelvis (like I've got now as it happens) then EHIC doesn't cover that.

    Most policies won't cover competitive riding but is a timed sportive competitive? I'd class it as a leisure ride but I'm not the underwriter!

    Someone like Sports Tours International probably offer insurance when buying a packaged tour to a sportive but likely won't sell a policy alone. However, you might see who underwrites their policy on their website (I've not looked) and then you can go to them

    I'll have a look on line later to see if I can see anything.

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 3 weeks agoallez neg wrote:Sikhs are a

    allez neg wrote:
    Sikhs are a bit buggered if helmets were made compulsory, unless they'd be exempt.

    I believe Australia has exempted Sikhs, and generally they do get an exemption, as with motorcycle helmets.

  • spacer for 11 speed freehub with 10 spd ultegra cassette1 year 3 weeks agoOK so 1-1 Having looked at

    OK so 1-1

    Having looked at the stack there looks to very little difference between the two. Without the spacer I still get a tight fit without any wobble.

    Please don't make me reach for the instructions. ..

  • Sheffield cyclists protest at cycle lanes being blocked by police postponed following apology1 year 3 weeks agoThere is a fairly good shared

    There is a fairly good shared cyclist/pedestrian facility that runs alongside the A2016 Western Way near HMP Belmarsh that regularly is blocked by media and police vehicles.

    Also. How often do you see temporary roadwork's signs that are placed on the cycle facility? Normally with another sign saying "Cyclists Dismount".

    Basically, what I'm saying is that South Yorkshire Police's attitude is not unique.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 3 weeks agoRojas,Denifl and Thurau are

    Rojas,Denifl and Thurau are all out

  • Thinking of upgrading my groupset1 year 3 weeks agoThe new Sora has the same

    The new Sora has the same shifting as the more expensive group sets no more thumb shifters.

  • Travel insurance1 year 3 weeks agoa) Take your European Health

    a) Take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Hoping you won't need it, but hey ho.

    b) Some of the packaged bank accounts have travel insurance attached. Read the wordings carefully - this goes for all retail travel insurance really. Some of the travel insurances "free" with packaged accounts specifically exclude bicycles/equipment from the baggage section, and time trialling/racing* from all the other bits (medical expenses, liability, etc). Check the policy wordings carefully, specialist insurance may well be the better option.

    * I did try once to to explain the whole concept of sportives, but colleagues' brains stopped working "Look, it's just a long way, and there's a bunch of us, 'kay?"

  • Milan San Remo1 year 3 weeks agoAfter the Turchino the lead

    After the Turchino the lead has been reduced to 7', 135k to go.
    Thurau (EUC) possibly abandoned

  • Milan San Remo1 year 3 weeks agoYeeeeahh I have Barta and De

    Yeeeeahh I have Barta and De Maar in the break go Jan go nice to have Endura up there Applause