• Passers-by lift car off stricken cyclist1 year 5 weeks agoFuck science, let's make our

    Fuck science, let's make our up minds based on knee-jerk, flawed analyses of a small, biased selection of anecdotes!

  • Cycle Clothing For Big Blokes1 year 5 weeks agoI read this with great

    I read this with great interest, these guys seem to appreciate that not all cyclist come in a trim size... Looks like the credit card is gunna take a pounding...lol Cool

  • Cycle Clothing For Big Blokes1 year 5 weeks agoThanks for this... Had a

    Thanks for this... Had a look, some great things here... Better get the credit card working. Cool

  • Kate Hoey calls for bikes to be registered and cyclists to pay "road tax"1 year 5 weeks agoMakes perfect sense, I mean

    Makes perfect sense, I mean licensing and taxing cars has completely eradicated road traffic collisions hasn't it? Applause

  • Becky James & team pursuit squad make Sportswoman of the Year shortlist1 year 5 weeks agoI think it's worth stating a

    I think it's worth stating a few facts here for Mr. Black. Firstly, these awards have been going for over10 years so there's certainly no bandwagon jumping here by The Sunday Times. Secondly, this year is the first time any of the award categories have been open to public vote and the first year they've been televised live. Finally, female athletes really do care about this award. Granted they don't set out to go and win it and aren't thinking about it throughout the season, but in a World where only 5% of all media coverage is devoted to Women's Sport, and only 0.5% of all sponsorship income, these are incredibly important & prestigious awards.

    So Mr. Black please take your cynicism elsewhere, our sport doesn't need it!

  • Over the Hills - Cycling in Medellin, Colombia1 year 5 weeks agoGreat article. Thanks Alan

    Great article. Thanks Alan

  • Kate Hoey calls for bikes to be registered and cyclists to pay "road tax"1 year 5 weeks agoWould I need to get a licence

    Would I need to get a licence & insurance for all of my bikes? Apply for a SORN for my MTB that only gets used on the road for a couple of snowy/slushy weeks in winter? Would the licence plate need to be big enough for the 'drink-driving, speeding, mobile-phoning motorist' (they ALL do that, don't they??) can contact the police to tell them that I am not in the cycle lane/gutter, where I belong??

    Insurance IS a very good idea.

    RLJ's really are nob-ends.

    As are adult path-riders.

    Would a licence plate count as a fairing on my TT bike??

  • Kate Hoey calls for bikes to be registered and cyclists to pay "road tax"1 year 5 weeks ago[[[[ I wonder...does K.Hooey

    [[[[ I wonder...does K.Hooey ever complain--publicly--about dangerous drivers? If not, I think she'd better explain why not!

  • Passers-by lift car off stricken cyclist1 year 5 weeks agoEach to their own? You can

    Each to their own? You can choose 6 days waiting for somebody to die in HDU, I chose life.

  • Lance Armstrong: "I’ve paid a high price" for doping1 year 5 weeks agoStill an arrogant dude!!!

    Still an arrogant dude!!! Hopeless!!! Applause

  • Kate Hoey calls for bikes to be registered and cyclists to pay "road tax"1 year 5 weeks agoDo drivers subconciously

    Do drivers subconciously reguard red light jumpers as insignificant road users? Do drivers look at a cyclists jumping a red light, and think to themselves, the cyclist isn't important enough to stop at the red light, so I don't have to pay any attention to them either? And subsequently reguard them as minor and insignificant? Or does it annoy the drivers waiting at the lights? Are cyclists doing themselves a disservice by jumping red lights?
    I realise this makes me sound holier than thou. I am not.

  • Kate Hoey calls for bikes to be registered and cyclists to pay "road tax"1 year 5 weeks agodrfabulous0 wrote:Really? So

    drfabulous0 wrote:
    Really? So you're riding home late at night, the road is empty and the only person around is a pedestrian who has pressed the button on the crossing but has already crossed to the opposite side, are you really going to stop for the red light? Does it give you some kind of smug sanctimonious glow to do so? Trackstanding in the rain thinking you look cool?

    If there's a red light , I stop for it, wether I'm driving my car, or riding my bike. Even if it's three in the morning and nobody around. It pisses me off when someone jumps a red light. Usually when it's a car jumping a red, they speed up as the lights change. When it's a cyclist, they just go through, whilst all the motorists at the lights are witnessing it. I had an incident when I shouted at a red jumping cyclist, where when the lights changed, the driver to my left tried to cut a 45" angle in front of me to try to knock me off. All because he was pissed off with the red light jumper. I wonder if that's why we have an "us and them" situation on the roads? It pisses me off when someone else makes me look like a c#@#@ to other road users, and assume that I routinely jump red lights. I have had some very close calls with people jumping red lights. Once when I was almost hit in the side at about 25mph by a red light jumper, and twice in the same day, I was on a crossing pushing my child in a buggy, when we were nearly hit by a red light jumper. don't go through red lights, they're there for safety reasons and traffic flow. If we all stop ata red lights, everyone will be happy, no more us and them. Smile

  • Passers-by lift car off stricken cyclist1 year 5 weeks agoNice work by the people who

    Nice work by the people who lifted the car, to often we stick to health and safety rules in this country, although not in this case, waiting for the fire brigade could mean the difference between life and death.

    As for the helmet, each to their own Day Dreaming

  • compact chainset for old bike (square taper bottom bracket) ?1 year 5 weeks agoJust an added update, I'm now

    Just an added update, I'm now running a 10 speed cassette on a '7' speed derailier - no problem.

    TBH, converting a 126mm steel frame to 130mm doesn't require much 'conversion' at all, just squeeze a 130mm hub in there. We're talking about flexing the stays by 2mm each and steel can handle this. I believe that some of the first production 130mm hubs actually had bevelled cone nuts to make them slide into 126mm frames more easily.

    I should probably say that this advice comes without any warranty. I'm a tinkerer by nature and do these sort of things without hesitation (tonight I re-drilled a 36 hole rim to work with a 32 hole hub for instance - seems fine so far in case you wondered but not riden properly yet). If you don't feel confident in making decisions about whether it's safe to do this sort of thing you should probably hold back, or get on to Sheldon Brown for inspiration.

  • Two cyclists dead and two seriously injured on a grim day on Britain's roads1 year 5 weeks agoThe incident involving the

    The incident involving the unnamed 40-year-old in Croydon sounds as if he fell ill, in which case it was a genuine accident. But most "accidents" are not accidents. They are events contrived by the rules and design of the road. Most "accidents" occur at junctions controlled by traffic lights. Traffic lights symbolise the dysfunctional system of priority, aka inequality - the root of most of our evils on the road. The solution? Equality Streets

  • Kate Hoey calls for bikes to be registered and cyclists to pay "road tax"1 year 5 weeks agoShe does have a small point,

    She does have a small point, a hell of a lot more cyclist jump red lights than cars (at least on my London commute) in 5 years I've only seen about 2 or 3 clear incidents of cars running reds, whereas I see at least 5 fellow cyclists run them every single day, so I can see why it's brought up in every single debate on road safety.

    I used to commute on a route where I could watch at least 1 motorist drive through a clear red while I was waiting at the lights, every day (A71 Calder Junction roundabout in Edinburgh, for anyone who knows the road).
    The Scottish Governments 2011 accident stats show that 95% of the accidents resulting from road users ignoring traffic signals are the responsibility of motorists.
    Of course some cyclists jump red lights, but lets stop repeating the lie that cyclists are the main problem here. More motorist jump reds, and they cause more accidents. That's a fact.

    Kate Hoey - what a disgrace you are, especially as a former Sports Minister.

  • Video: Jason Kenny's mum Lorraine explains How to Grow a Champion1 year 5 weeks ago"Kenny's mom has got it goin'

    "Kenny's mom has got it goin' on"

  • Winter clothing essentials1 year 5 weeks agoWhat sizes?

    What sizes?

  • Just an idea about "road tax".1 year 5 weeks agogiff77 wrote:No problems with

    giff77 wrote:
    No problems with an insurance disc. I know that the Republic of Ireland have these and have done for many years for vehicles. Meanwhile in Northern Ireland you have to display a MOT disc alongside your VED disc. Though how would you find an increase in duty on fuel what with your being a lorry driver? I know it is something that my own dad was very much for and he was a lorry driver also.
    I'm not an owner operator, but we all try and save as much fuel as we can these days. However, I think a shift extra fuel duty, rather than a fixed annual VED, would encourage everyone to drive more frugally. It's a tricky subject for high mileage operators, that's for sure.

  • Cycle Clothing For Big Blokes1 year 5 weeks agoI'm about the same size as

    I'm about the same size as you. Bib shorts I use Campag xxl.
    Top half is a big more difficult. FLATb is relatively new & I've not tried them yet. Altura xxl fits (but on the tight side) bug is the only dedicated road cycling gear I've got that fits. Other than that I use adidas response running kit & royal mtb tops.

  • Edinburgh cyclist injured by clothes line strung across cycle path1 year 5 weeks agoNothing new here I'm afraid,

    Nothing new here I'm afraid, I've heard stories of this sort of thing happening on canal towpaths too.

    Personally I steer clear of this sort of cycle path as well as any isolated rural roads at night. Good lights and more major traffic routes are safest in my view. I'm not someone who scares too easily but these sort of attacks are pretty much impossible to deal with and the consequences can be severe.

    I think that this sort of thing could be considered a major oversight in the design of a lot of our cycle infrastructure, including on-road NCN routes. They are all designed with a utopian mindset of blissfully pottering along in the sunshine all the time. Night-time safety doesn't seem to even be on the agenda.

  • Passers-by lift car off stricken cyclist1 year 5 weeks agoWell done those chaps. And

    Well done those chaps.

    And I'm very glad she was wearing a lid. Too many victims recently already.

  • New Bike Day1 year 5 weeks agoFitted a rear slick and

    Fitted a rear slick and slotted it in the turbo this evening.

    Six minutes later the BB started making a clacking noise.


  • Two cyclists dead and two seriously injured on a grim day on Britain's roads1 year 5 weeks agoAlways shoulder check...

    Always shoulder check...

  • Kate Hoey calls for bikes to be registered and cyclists to pay "road tax"1 year 5 weeks agoThis evening I was waiting at

    This evening I was waiting at a traffic light on the way home, a spot on Clapham Common with a cycle-only traffic light, from which you can ride across the main road straight ahead or along it. The light turned green so I started riding across the road - and a car decided to continue rather than stop at the red which would have been showing before my light turned green. Of course I was in his way so he had to stop, and he seemed quite sheepish about it. Luckily both of us were going pretty slow at that point.