• Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoPoints going up, for info

    Points going up, for info Cavendish was awarded most combative (http://www.gazzetta.it/Giroditalia/2013/classifiche/it/t_01_class_CLCOM....) for the stage so he gets another 10 points taking his total to 63 alone.

    I scored 156 solely based on Cav, Viviani, Bouhanni and Ferrari, my purist team scored 0.

  • Copenhagenize Index 2013 - Amsterdam still top, French make big strides - but no UK city in top 201 year 9 weeks agoWhere was Moscow placed? I

    Where was Moscow placed? I can't see how anywhere could be worse (the only possible source of points is that you can take your bike on the metro - if you can get it through the new turnstiles!)

  • Racing advice and tips1 year 9 weeks agoSpelling mistake of the year

    Spelling mistake of the year Crying

  • Grab an Aldi bargain this Thursday1 year 9 weeks agoI bought a pair of the shoes

    I bought a pair of the shoes last year, so I had a spare pair in case my usual clogs got soaked. In my experience buy the shoes with care unless you like to have one cleat 10mm further forward than the other and only attached by one bolt because the other hole wasn't threaded. Took mine back and got a refund.

    +1 for the ultralight jackets though - great value.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoWurf/Visconti/Bonnaford all

    Wurf/Visconti/Bonnaford all on 3 points, organisers giving the jersey to Visconti on countback (he must have finished higher on the climb that Wurk won than Wurf finished on the climb Visconti won).

  • Two Tunnels route branded 'dangerous' in ITV report1 year 9 weeks agoThe two tunnels are virtually

    The two tunnels are virtually floodlit. The tunnel on the Bristol to Bath path was completely unlit for years, it was a bit like the ghost train at Blackpool going through there. When it first opened, the path surface was also just chippings, it was a challenge to stay on your bike all the way through. You had to aim at the little half circle of light at the end and hope for the best.

    The nearby Strawberry Line tunnel was still unlit last time I did it a year ago, very dangerous. One of our group was disoriented in there and went into the side of the tunnel, came off, damaged her shoulder. Talking to others who stopped to help, it happens all the time.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 9 weeks agoWIGGINS NIBALI KELDERMAN PIRA


  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks ago3K rule is in effect,

    3K rule is in effect, according to Kelly's commentary.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoWurf should be winning

    Wurf should be winning mountains, Visconti 2nd. I think the pts competition for the fantasy game will be the overall pts, so Cav will be winning that.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks ago3 & 14 on Purist. 2, 3, 5, 6,

    3 & 14 on Purist.
    2, 3, 5, 6, 12 for Standard.

    I'll take that. I *knew* Cav would win unless he crashed or broke down, but didn't want to risk that much of my team budget--crappy stuff tends to happen on the first sprint stage of a GT. C'est la velo!

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agowho is winning pts and mts?

    who is winning pts and mts? is it wurf?

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoJust seen a replay of the

    Just seen a replay of the finish, I reckon Bouhanni should get the combativity award for his 'combative' sprinting technique Big Grin

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoWill the time gaps be

    Will the time gaps be confirmed or does the Giro have a 3km rule for crashes? If not with today's time bonus Cav will have a very healthy lead going into the TTT.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks ago1,2,3,4,11 for me, that will

    1,2,3,4,11 for me, that will do nicely

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agoUrtasun last man home,

    Urtasun last man home, Gavazzi (who everyone had great hopes for) rolled in 202nd.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks agochrisdstripes wrote:Naples

    chrisdstripes wrote:
    Naples looks like a nice place to spend a weekend too...

    It isn't, it's the grottiest place I've ever been, and I've been to Bradford!

    In all honesty, we got stuck there after the Icelandic volcano thing a few years ago, we'd been in Sorrento (which is very nice, if a little touristy) but Naples was a dive in comparison.

    Good pizzas though.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks ago1, 3, 4, 5, 11. Lost two in

    1, 3, 4, 5, 11. Lost two in the crash and another to a puncture.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 9 weeks agomy purists are all

    my purists are all italian.

    couple of sprinters but more focussed on the hills

  • Manchester Velocity £20m funding campaign1 year 9 weeks agoI commute 20 miles a day in

    I commute 20 miles a day in manchester (hulme to dukinfield and back). I dont want cycle lanes, just responsible drivers who don't use a mobile, apply makeup or eat their dinner while driving.

  • Better, lighter contact points1 year 9 weeks agoi'm in the same boat as you.

    i'm in the same boat as you. same height but 15kg heavier than you.
    also CAAD105 but went for ProLite Braccianos
    my upgrade would be on the crankset if i did anything. for the cannondale hollowtech. its about 450g lighter but also much stiffer so gives you other benefits too. Although it is £400 so about the same £ for g saving. on top of that it looks mint.
    i don't have the budget or need to do it, but i think this is the place to spend the money as rotating weight has more impact than the rest. so they say!!

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks ago1,2,5 for me from the top 10.

    1,2,5 for me from the top 10. Stewards enquiry into Bouhanni about his head use ???????

    EDIT: plus 16 (ferrari)

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks ago1,2,3,11 for me , crash in

    1,2,3,11 for me , crash in the last 3k hurt me Thinking

  • Drinks for the bike1 year 9 weeks agoI normally have bit of orange

    I normally have bit of orange juice (for the fructose), bit of squash, water, few spoons of sugar (for the glucose) and a touch of salt. I saw it on the bbc website and it seems to work fairly well for me at a dirt cheap price.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 9 weeks ago1,2,3,4,7 & 11for me good

    1,2,3,4,7 & 11for me Cool good show from green edge should set them up for tomorrow!

  • Have you wasted money on super light new wheels?1 year 9 weeks agorobdaykin wrote: ...Effort

    robdaykin wrote:

    ...Effort measured by heart rate, since I don't own a power meter...

    Frankly speaking I should have stopped reading it at this point but I carried on...

    robdaykin wrote:

    Handbuilt wheel ~ 2100g (measured, no tape, tube, tyre, skewer, cassette, however scales accurate to maybe +/- 50g) 5.5% slower +/- 0.5%

    Mavic Ksyrium Elite 1550g list weight 8% faster +/- 0.5%.

    I appreciate your efforts and respect your opinions but sorry I'm absolutely not buying it at all.
    I'm a bit of a tyre tart and there was a time I was testing various tyres on my bike (w/ Powertap) on a 3h loop, from 25mm 250g GP4000S to 37mm 600g Contact Sports and even despite differences in rolling resistance I don't recall differences exceeding 0.5-0.7mp in extreme cases.

    Few other thoughts.

    Rims vary in width/shape/volume and tyre pressure should account for that. A 1mm difference may not seem like an awful lot but it may change the volume of the tyres by 5-10% and affect rolling resistance and the feel.
    You know... people claiming that wheels A are more comfortable or roll smoother than wheels B Wink

    Also of e.g. 500g difference between wheels most of weight saving will be in the hubs. Most of rims will be in a region of 370-450g. There is not much potential for weight saving here. What it means is that you're only saving about 100-200g of rotating mass furthermost from the centre (at best!).
    To suggest it's going to result in noticeable difference in av. speed is madness.

    Besides, what most of people debate mostly about is not how much difference lighter wheels make but how does it does it compare to a static weight.

    The difference is going to be **** all.