• Getting to the truth about dopers/Clean riders who dare to win1 year 9 weeks agoYou only have to read about

    You only have to read about Lance to realise that doping and catching dopers are complicated sciences. The catchers are always going to be one step behind. Human nature and the desire for fame and fortune dictates that there will always be someone who will risk it. To me this means that more money in the sport = more cheating. If the rewards are great enough then you can afford to both cheat and pay a Scientist/Doctor/Professor to cover your actions up...
    Otherwise you cheat and hope for the best... Ricardo style

  • Giro - Stage 201 year 9 weeks agoHere's my squad...I had Di

    Here's my squad...I had Di Luca so had to swap him out early for Mezzers.

    Vicenzo Nibali (AST)
    Cadel Evans (BMC)
    Rigoberto Uran (SKY)
    Mauro Santambrogio (VIN)
    Przemyslaw Niemiec (LAM)
    Carlos Alberto Betancur (ALM)
    Rafal Majka (SAX)
    Robinson Eduardo Chalapud (COL)
    Luka Mezgec (ARG)

  • Islington accused of "wasting" £40k on Cyclehoops - bike security firm hits back at critics1 year 9 weeks agoTwo hundred pounds each! I

    Two hundred pounds each!

    I worked in street furniture and cycle storage for a number of years, and someone is making a KILLING with those hoops.

  • Driver jailed over hit and run that killed teenage cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoI mostly agree with you. I

    I mostly agree with you. I don't live in the UK, I live in Bosnia where we don't have even one kilometer of a cycle path, but I've noticed that due to relatively small number of cyclists here, there is no apparent road rage from the drivers of motor vehicles. Cyclists today are horrible drivers, and I can notice that cyclists need to have experience in driving cars or other vehicles in order to be aware of the traffic, habits of drivers and other unexpected things that happen daily.

  • Giro - Stage 201 year 9 weeks agostevemarks wrote:It must be

    stevemarks wrote:
    It must be making it easier for Nibali, Majka, Pirazzi (doper???) Jonas and Whoever leads the purist competition too. Oh and Alan Tullet I suppose!

    It could even work out for enrique and his 'standard crew' if they find out it's cancelled BEFORE deadline of stage 20 as they could uses their 4 saved transfers for sprinters and get 2 more just after the deadline whereas they would be limited to just 4 sprinters otherwise.

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 9 weeks agoletsgoup wrote:Dave Atkinson

    letsgoup wrote:
    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    likewise garzelli. saving it all for a final push

    Hope his got a shovel in his back pocket Cool

    Yeah and erm.....Daniel Oss(What on earth was I thinking on that day!!)

  • Danilo Di Luca provisionally suspended after positive EPO test1 year 9 weeks agoMetjas wrote:why is Nibali

    Metjas wrote:
    why is Nibali being dragged into this? I know of a few very highly regarded riders in the UK who have won TTs by a fair margin, and I for one have never wondered about foul play.

    Let's not get cynical, otherwise there's little point in reading these pages. If you can no longer believe in human endeavour and achievement, no point in following this or any other sport imo. Nibali has worked incredibly hard at his TT ability, Specialized have invested time and money to make it happen, and the results have followed. Chapeau and wish him the Giro win he deserves for his efforts.

    I sincerely hope you are right and I am just a cynical old c**t.

  • Emma Way update: She says it was cyclist's fault + videos1 year 9 weeks agoIs this her solicitor's

    Is this her solicitor's website. Interesting profile.


    "Simon Nicholls
    Simon has specialised in the field of Criminal Defence work for over thirty years and is a director of the Company.
    His passion for the law, skill in advocacy and a string of high-profile clients have earned him a reputation in the profession which extends far beyond the boundaries of East Anglia"

    "Described quite simply as "the leading firm in Norwich," Belmores remains the most active practice in the area. As one interviewee states: "They're the busiest because they're the best." The team handles a range of private and publicly funded criminal matters.

    Simon Nicholls is an "exceptional advocate" who is described as being "head and shoulders above everybody" in the region. He's been one of the busiest practitioners in the area for many years."

    The firm is described as "Road Traffic Solicitors". Hey maybe Toby could do with some representation too. Nothing about dodgy suits though

  • Giro - Stage 201 year 9 weeks agoPozzovivo Betancur Nibali San


  • Di Luca fails ANOTHER doping test1 year 9 weeks agojut172 wrote:This is a

    jut172 wrote:
    This is a completely retarded comment. It's sort of like saying having read Mein Kampf, I would suggest all Germans hate Jews and Blacks and believe they are the pure race.

    I take it then you have never read the secret race or watched and listened to L.A i'n his come clean interview?

    If you had you would understand that to be able to dope, with all the tests and security around it , then Di Luca had help getting his ability enhancers and that means people on the team and in the peleton knew he was doping.

    As it was said above ....sponsor came with him and money talks (or in this case ensures silence)

  • Game Suggestions1 year 9 weeks agoOn your last point Enrique,

    On your last point Enrique, why should the transfers not used be lost? A standard player doesn't loose them as they can role over 2 so why you saying a premium player loose them.

    Im sure youve got it in your head that all premium players somehow gain magic transfers somewhere. as before the start of stage 20 having made 2 transfers for stage 19 I had the 2 given to me for stage 20, putting me in the same position as standard player, and leaving me 4 for tomorrow, the same as a standard player could. No advantage at all for me.

  • Driver jailed over hit and run that killed teenage cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoThere's more news about car

    There's more news about car drivers crashing into cyclists than about cycling itself here.

    I'm gonna say it again, I've never had a problem with a car driver. I did, on the other hand, have an accident with a cyclist on Wednesday who couldn't care less about where he was going - no slowing down, no hand signal, not even a look and was he riding on pavement! I ended up being rushed to the hospital. That being said, 95 % of the cyclists I meet are horrible drivers. I honestly would be happier if no one rode bike because it's hell.

  • Giro - Stage 201 year 9 weeks agoWell this is my team, with my

    Well this is my team, with my changes done before yesterday

    Scarponi (for Evans)
    Pirazzi (for Kangert)

    Only regret I guess is Evans for Scarponi, but I should only loose out on a handful of points if any depending on finish line points

    Tomorrow Cav, viviani, Nizzolo and Mezgec in

  • Campagnolo throw an 80th anniversary party....1 year 9 weeks agoCan't help see that some of

    Can't help see that some of them look just a bit uncomfortable in the spotlight and in the loo some of them saying to each other "phew, good job we did not get caught in those days!".... Big Grin

  • Danilo Di Luca provisionally suspended after positive EPO test1 year 9 weeks agoRobert Millar wrote a piece

    Robert Millar wrote a piece over at Cycling news about Di Luca missing the evolution, being a Dodo.

    I do not agree with it completely, while there is a technical evolution on the drugs side, society has not changed much, basically doping is like a risk assesment, what can I gain, what do I have to lose? Thinking

    I did rather decide not to write a new piece for my blog, as I think I've said it all before: At Wits End


    The relationship society - individual - drugs can be found about 1/3 rd into the post.

    Want a guess what comes next?

    How about denial? Yes, denial has a name, which can be found here:


    Writing a cycling blog these days has become so much easier, re-place the name and re-post! Sad

  • Giro - Stage 201 year 9 weeks agoReally not happy with my team

    Really not happy with my team today....it really does not suit the new stage profile but Im stuck with it as I need the transfers for tomorrow....Having said that Im probably not on my own and at least we should get some racing today... Smile

  • Game Suggestions1 year 9 weeks agoSTEVESPRO 79 wrote:enrique I

    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    enrique I have made my point so please stop quoting me and shut the fuck up....Sorry if this offends anyone but everyone has their breaking point....Complete and utter tit...

    Just a quick apology for my swear word in the above post...with hindsight maybe on arriving home from the pub on a friday evening is not the best time to speak ones mind but whats done is done......That said, the messsage remains the same, enrique please find someone else to stalk, Im tired of you taking bits from old posts of mine and re-posting them in a contorted fashion....

  • Giro stage 20 re-routed due to continuing bad weather1 year 9 weeks agoShame so many spectacular

    Shame so many spectacular climbs have been removed. Hope it doesn't diminish Nibali's achievements in anyone's eyes- he's been head and shoulders above the rest so far.

  • Giro stage 20 re-routed due to continuing bad weather1 year 9 weeks agoIf Wiggins won't come to the

    If Wiggins won't come to the mountains, the mountains just go away.

  • Campagnolo freehub servicing1 year 9 weeks agoI replaced both bearings in

    I replaced both bearings in fulcrum racing 3 freehub body a couple of weeks back. Sounds very similar design, are your bearings 6803s? I wasn't sure why the circlip was there either other than to make the process harder. If you don't have removal tool you can get small screwdriver down back of circlip and force out, it's tough but will go. Depends on how rough bearing is whether you need to change, I'd do it just because you have it apart then you can forget about it. They go in a lot easier than they come out with a little grease.

  • Giro - Stage 201 year 9 weeks agoA high scoring stage today

    A high scoring stage today with many similar teams? I think so. Here's mine...

    Mauro Santambrogio (VIN)
    Vicenzo Nibali (AST)
    Domenico Pozzovivo (ALM)
    Carlos Alberto Betancur (ALM)
    Samuel Sanchez (EUS)
    Fabio Duarte (COL)
    Franco Pellizotti (AND)
    Rigoberto Uran (SKY)
    Rafal Majka (SAX)

    3 transfers for tomorrow and will probably take a penalty or 2. Good luck folks!

  • Campagnolo launch Bora 35 lightweight aero wheels1 year 9 weeks agoWindy days would have you

    Windy days would have you reaching for the hyperons, I don't think descending the Galibier in even a gentle breeze would be fun on these. Shallower rims should be a bit more comfortable too.

  • Game Suggestions1 year 9 weeks agoSTEVESPRO 79 wrote:enrique I

    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    enrique I have made my point so please stop quoting me and shut the fuck up.... everyone has their breaking point...

    Dude, chill out! Smile I apologize, really...

    Remember the words of the venerable master, Gkam:

    Gkam84 wrote:
    ... its "just a game"...

    Heh heh, on the other hand, I have to admire a man who's so in touch with his emotional side! Smile

    Remember this?

    Raleigh wrote:
    I like the points for starting and finishing a stage.

    I mean, that's a pretty big effort isn't it?

    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    Please tell me that this is tongue in cheek humour or are you on drugs.....If its not humour or drugs then please explain in detail how this would improve the game... Confused

    Take it easy... Go out for a ride... Hold your girlfriend's hands! I, mean, I know you have one because you said:

    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    ... my girlfriend is also a premium user...

    It's just a game and just a forum Smile Life is good! Smile I mean you at least have a girlfriend, a bike, two legs and you've won a stage in the Giro here! What more could you want? Chill out, let it all out, come back and I'll be here to welcome you with open arms! Smile I'm not here to battle it out with you Wink



    Download this song. Listen to it, sing along, and think of me... And my most sincere apologies for pissing you off Big Grin Wink

    My kindest and most soothing thoughts go out to you and yours...

  • Game Suggestions1 year 9 weeks ago1wrangler wrote:..I just

    1wrangler wrote:
    ..I just wanted to add that I like this idea of Enrique's:

    Thanks! Smile

  • Game Suggestions1 year 9 weeks agoApologies that I don't know

    Apologies that I don't know how to properly add quotes from previous posts without taking the whole post, but if it's possible to do that then I will learn it later, I promise.

    I just wanted to add that I like this idea of Enrique's:

    enrique wrote:

    "...Being able to make all the changes I want to my team and have transfers charged only at the end of a transfer deadline...

    Basically, in a stage such as today the transfer deadline would be moved to the next stage and your transfers would never have become realized because the game organizers could move or cancel the transfer deadline and transfers wouldn't have taken place..."