• Eneco stage 51 year 2 weeks agoI very nearly didn't go for

    I very nearly didn't go for Vanmarcke, Fabu instead and I really really wanted to get Keukliere in for today but couldn't do it without incurring penalty points.

  • Newport Velodrome session 17/08 - Spaces available1 year 2 weeks agoquick bump - if anyone is

    quick bump - if anyone is interested please let me know ASAP

  • Is it a brave new world?1 year 2 weeks agoOP, yes, it's all your

    OP, yes, it's all your problem. Deal with it.

  • LeMond launches steel Washoe1 year 2 weeks agoGodDAMN that's nice.

    GodDAMN that's nice.

  • Is it a brave new world?1 year 2 weeks agoI'm never embarrased about

    I'm never embarrased about getting beaten by a girl. There are plenty of them out there faster than me and unless you are an elite rider it would be daft to think otherwise.

  • RideLondon ballot rules?1 year 2 weeks agoI would like Ridelondon

    I would like Ridelondon organisers to issue how many places up for grabs in the ballot.

    I have been unsuccessful both years and took up a charity place this year, which quite a lot of charities buy quite a lot of places. I heard another cyclist telling a guy next to him in my starting area he had got in the ballot twice and that starting figure will be over 30,000 next year.

    be nice to know if 10,000 of those places are not up for grabs in the ballot though

  • Top Gear's James May hits out at "complete bollocks" bike lanes and the myth of 'road tax'1 year 2 weeks agoHalfWheeler wrote:Although

    HalfWheeler wrote:
    Although the comments are welcome It would be nice if those sentiments were expressed in a motoring magazine or on Top Gear itself rather than an article whose readership would probably be cyclists anyway.

    I'm not sure that I'd consider The Times as a publication with a majority cyclist following (probably more motorists if anything) but you're right - it's rather a case of preaching to the converted.

    Trouble is, that's how the media works. It provides content that is interesting an acceptable to it's audience and doesn't challenge their beliefs of opinions too much. Such an article couldn't appear in the Daily Mail; it would be far too challenging for the bulk of it's readership.

  • LeMond launches steel Washoe1 year 2 weeks agoClassy. Even has a sensible

    Classy. Even has a sensible headset design Applause

  • Velothon Wales closed road sportive + UCI road race coming to Cardiff in 20151 year 2 weeks agoTom Williams wrote:And can I

    Tom Williams wrote:
    And can I take this opportunity to tell you to shut the fuck up with comments like that.

    How fucking old are you? 2, you sad twat.

    Will no-one think of the children?

    I mean, I'm as open-minded as the next bloke, but really.

    Some of my best friends post Road.CC comments.

  • Fabian Cancellara sparks helmet debate on Twitter, says all cyclists should wear one1 year 2 weeks agoDon't worry, Wesselwookie, -

    Don't worry, Wesselwookie, - it's just the drugs talking..... Laughing

  • Fabian Cancellara sparks helmet debate on Twitter, says all cyclists should wear one1 year 2 weeks agoIn fifty five years of

    In fifty five years of cycling - including several spells as a ''pushie'' in London - I have never worn a helmet and I have never been dislodged from my saddle by either motorist, careless pedestrian or exponent of equestrianism; even the dreaded diesel slick has failed to discombobulate. I filter shamelessly, ride fast, obey traffic signals and follow the highway code but here's the thing...I keep my eyes open and my wits about me.
    I anticipate that my smugness will be rewarded with an appropriate level of pain, if not permanent injury, commensurate with the opprobrium of the be-helmeted. Worried Worried

  • Top Gear's James May hits out at "complete bollocks" bike lanes and the myth of 'road tax'1 year 2 weeks agoChairRDRF wrote:A good way of

    ChairRDRF wrote:
    A good way of getting at the "I pay a tax" bollocks is to show how motoring has been getting cheaper despite the massive external costs 9as economists call them) of motoring http://rdrf.org.uk/2014/07/02/the-scandal-of-cheaper-motoring-yes-it-has...

    So, motorists do not "pay their way" compared to cyclists. Will May or others take that up?
    I doubt it.

    Interesting reading but doesn't really counter the 'road tax' argument put forward by motorists with an exagerated sense of entitlement. The comparisons made are with public transport, there are no details of the comparitive cost of cycling so it's only relevant in a 'bikes vs cars' comparison if we are looking specifically at multi-modal journeys that include cycling. I agree that motorists get a good deal when we consider the damage to roads and polution that they are responsible for but cyclists don't do so badly in the value-for-money stakes either.

    In absolute terms motorists do pay a certain amount of tax and duty that cyclists don't and this is the reason for the sense of entitlement that many drivers have. Most will not consider what they get for their money and be able to rationalise this in the context of comparison to the contributions from cyclists.

    The real scandal is the high cost of public transport.

  • Fabian Cancellara sparks helmet debate on Twitter, says all cyclists should wear one1 year 2 weeks agoWhere do these professional

    Where do these professional cyclists get off having their own opinion really! Angry

  • RideLondon ballot rules?1 year 2 weeks agoOf the 15 Members of my Club

    Of the 15 Members of my Club (9 males and 6 females) that entered the RidleLondon-Surrey100 only 5 got through and they were 4 males and 1 female.
    So I’d go with the ballot being random as RideLondon says it is.

  • Help - Which bike for all year round commuter?1 year 2 weeks agoThe Orange has the dreaded

    The Orange has the dreaded Avid BB5 disc brakes!

    Whyte Suffolk has just entered the fray as being design to just exactly what I want it to. It even has bespoke mudguards.

    C Greg - your link to a photo didn't work for me.

  • RideLondon ballot rules?1 year 2 weeks agoAlthough of the 30+ members

    Although of the 30+ members in my club who entered last years ballot only 10 were female. 9 got entry through the ballot and only 3 males did.

    Another club a few miles away had similar results from the 2014 ballot. Does not prove anything but interesting results.

  • Eneco stage 51 year 2 weeks agoDumoulin Gilbert Quinziato Va


    One trade remaining. Looking up to the two non purist teams ahead of me
    Same team as TER. making a comment at the same time

  • BMX1 year 2 weeks agoLate starter? I started

    Late starter? I started riding BMX in my 40s when I got bored (and cold) watching my kids training. I do find it amusing hitting the skatepark on my 20" with my son and a few years ago, he was definitely the youngest while I'd be the oldest. There are a few grey haired riders on BMX now and the numbers are increasing too.

    I race in the South Region and have ridden most of the tracks.

    There are quite a few older riders on cruisers and the 45+ category I compete in always has a long entry list.

  • Eneco stage 51 year 2 weeks agoWell I have 7 the same as

    Well I have 7 the same as both you guys


    My other 2 are


  • Fabian Cancellara sparks helmet debate on Twitter, says all cyclists should wear one1 year 2 weeks agoOh, quickly, how many of us

    Oh, quickly, how many of us have experience of crashing and hitting their heads both with and without a helmet?

    I have, and I'm still very much in the camp of only using helmets for racing and solo MTB rides.

  • Eneco stage 41 year 2 weeks agotony kappler wrote:Totally

    tony kappler wrote:
    Totally agree that you have to use the official site. But what criteria do organisers use to say the rider finishes the stage. Stybar was definitely going into the ambulance. And I saw a Katusha rider wheeling Porsev's bike over the finish line. Maybe that's it; your bike just has to make it. Weird.

    inrng says there is a rule if you crash in the last km then you get put to end of finishers and are allowed to start the next stage. Not sure if its this race only or more general.

    Not having stybar in my team I guess I can be thankful that porsev was also added to the list. Was surprised to see him score 13. Greipel on the other hand scored me 0.

  • Fabian Cancellara sparks helmet debate on Twitter, says all cyclists should wear one1 year 2 weeks agoYar... nothing gets my back

    Yar... nothing gets my back up more than helmet evangelists...

    I think there are plenty of moderate views posted here, which is where we should all be... wear a helmet, enjoy some extra protection should the highly unlikely event of you banging your head in an accident.

    Don't wear a helmet and don't protect yourself for the once in a lifetime event where you not only fall off, but you fall off and bang your head... not only do you bang your head, but you bang your head hard enough that protection is needed, but indeed, not quite so hard that you go beyond the protective limitations of your helmet.

    Its your choice.

    More than likely, as mentioned, a helmet is going to save you from some road rash and a head ache. Thats gotta be worth wearing one for some of us... but lets not get precious about needing to take responsibility for protecting yourself against something that is so incredibly unlikely to happen.

    I want to preach the argument that rather than those not wearing helmets are being irresponsible, those choosing to wear protection are being extra responsible.

  • Pictures of your hill1 year 2 weeks agoJ90 wrote:Mow Cop. Wait,

    J90 wrote:
    Mow Cop.

    Wait, did you say favourite? Then none. No climbing is my favourite.

    I remember running the killer mile race a few times, it was a nightmare. Never been up it on two wheels but did the hill start on my driving test just before the summit, all you could see was sky through the wind shield.

    Im back up visiting soon and might borrow a bike to give it a stab, whats the gradient at the top 25-30% or maybe more.

  • BMX1 year 2 weeks agoMy "best" bike is still a

    My "best" bike is still a BMX. Curtis Motocross, 21" tt. I ride (smallish) trails and skatepark when my knees permit. I was a late starter, only getting into BMX in my early 20s.

    I still consider the ten years my brother and I spent building trails as time well spent.

    There's something odd about the "action sports" (horrible phrase but you know what I mean) world. No-one bats an eyelid at a middle aged man snowboarding or surfing but BMX is strangely unacceptable to the general public.

    Where do you guys like to ride?

  • Eneco stage 51 year 2 weeks agoGilbert Dumoulin Vanmarcke Bo

    Van Bilsen

    10 pen points Thinking