• Saddle bag recommendations1 year 3 weeks agoIt's always the zips that

    It's always the zips that seem to break first on saddle packs where it has to go round tight corners ...so I'm using this ortleib one at the moment which doesn't have one and is great... Big enough for 2 tubes, multi tool and 2 or 3 CO2 cartridges and a couple of trye levers. http://www.ortlieb.co.uk/bike/saddle-bags/saddlebag-micro.html

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 3 weeks agohttp://www.wiggle.co.uk/de-ro

    So, we buy bikes because we can't afford cars, eh?

    Big Grin

  • Video: Lyon's stunning new cyclist & pedestrian tunnel to feature in Dauphiné time trial1 year 3 weeks agoLooks like rave nightclub.

    Looks like rave nightclub. Laughing

  • Sidi wire sizing woes1 year 3 weeks agoI tried to buy SiDI Genius

    I tried to buy SiDI Genius 6.6 Carban Lite Vernice Shoes. I tried a few other SiDi models as well, but none would fit..

    I got so fed up trying shoes in the end I went for these: SPECIALIZED COMP ROAD CYCLING SHOE.

    Ok they may be chalk and cheese but these fit me so well. SiDi shoes are fantastic in almost every way, but for me the fit was way off, especially around the heel.

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp1 year 3 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Now that we're

    drheaton wrote:
    Now that we're under way I'll share my spreadsheet.


    You're free to have a play with it if you like, basically cobbles and Ardennes teams are stored for each person then you dump the scores into the tab for each race. The main page then collates the score for each stage and totals. The rankings page is just there to allow easy sorting by score.

    I'm pretty sure I have cover lined up for Paris Roubaix and the Ardennes classic but you're free to use and abuse the spreadsheet as you like. With a little tweaking it should be easy enough to alter this for non-game competitions so you can do your own scores adding in extra columns for stage result, GC standings etc.

    Feel free to post questions if you have any.

    Only had a look on my mobile but how is the scoring managed for each rider and then team? Are you doing it manually as I can't see any formulas and as it's an xlsx file I know it doesn't contain any vba macro .

    Just curious because if it's manual I'm pretty sure I can knock something up for you based on the original if you want that just means you need to add the raw data from the site if that is excel based ?

  • Spring Classics Question1 year 3 weeks agoarsene wrote: Will we do this

    arsene wrote:

    Will we do this also in 2014?

    Am I missing something....I'm sure it's 2014 now Confused

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp - Omloop/KBK double header1 year 3 weeks ago4th! Happy with that

    4th! Happy with that Party

  • ShareRoller: $100k Kickstarter project brings electric assist to Boris Bikes + video1 year 3 weeks agoCan I make a correction to

    Can I make a correction to the article?

    "Many of the world’s bike share schemes — like London’s Boris Bikes — use identical bikes and docking technology from Canadian company Bixi."

    The bikes are actually made in Quebec by Canadian manufacturer 'Devinci' who are well known in the mountain bike world for their full suspension downhill and trail bikes - they currently sponsor the downhill world champion Stevie Smith


    I used to work for the Devinci UK distributor in the UK, and was asked to provide technical support to SERCO before the scheme went "live" as they were having some technical issues with their Bixi bike assembly.

    Here is my old 'Devinci Hectik' slotted into a London Bike Hire Scheme docking station shortly before Serco did their first installations "live" to the London streets.


  • FORUM'S SCORUM's MINI LEAGUE 2014(Spring Classics and Pre-Giro tours)1 year 3 weeks agoI will indeed be sad to leave

    I will indeed be sad to leave Belgium. I'll just linger a while and watch a few episodes of Salamander, while drinking some Chimay and singing a few verses of "Here's to you, Vincent Kompany..." I suspect it's metaphorically, if not topographically, downhill from here.

  • Spring Classics Question1 year 3 weeks agoAnother question: As a

    Another question: As a purist, I've always liked playing the cobble races and the Ardennes races in groups,

    (28th March E3 Harelbeke)
    30th March Gent-Wevelgem
    6th April Flanders
    13th April Paris-Roubaix

    20th April Amstel Gold
    23rd April Fleche Wallonie
    27th April Liege-Bastogne-Liege

    meaning, there would be transfers inbetween every single race, but only between the 2 groups an unlimited window.

    Will we do this also in 2014?

  • Dave Rayner Fund rider's bike stolen from parents' garage in Norfolk1 year 3 weeks agonotfastenough wrote: Maybe

    notfastenough wrote:

    Maybe the frames aren't going anywhere - all about the components maybe?

    I was wondering the same the other day after the Team Sky thefts (following the other pro team ones), and came to that conclusion. I can't see these bikes getting a rattle-can spray job and swapped for a £10 wrap like the 'good old days', and nobody's going to question individual components being sold. On fleabay bits are going to go for market value too, so it's not even easy to spot as suspiciously cheap.

  • AA urges drivers to "think bikes" in new road safety campaign1 year 3 weeks agoIf, on your driving test, you

    If, on your driving test, you failed to check your left door (not wing - unless you have a Morris Marina) mirror, before turning left you would not pass your test and couldn't drive unaccompanied (by an experienced licence holding driver) on the road.
    How come once you pass you never need check a mirror again. Unless you have a stupid sticker to remind you. If you need that then you shouldn't be driving on the road as you are dangerous to other road users.

  • Terry Cyclo Brief1 year 3 weeks agoNever realised that 'sexy'

    Never realised that 'sexy' could come into a review about shorts..??

  • Frame sizing HELP!1 year 3 weeks agoJust go for something

    Just go for something similiar in measurements to your Scott ?

  • Nice wide fitting shoes1 year 3 weeks agoIve had Sidi's which I found

    Ive had Sidi's which I found ok - i took the insole out and think they have a cork base which is real nice especially for sockless ride in HEAT! the lorica on them is just right as its soft and will stretch.

    Ive used Northwaves for 4yrs now veritgos + airlites; Vertigo's ok, accomodate wide across the ball area of my foot nicely, can get narrow if they get a soaking after drying but ok! Airlites - had to wear these in a bit/widen them through general use but ok generally - I really love the stiffness - they're unbendable !

    I have tried Shimano in a shop and by god are they narrow, similiar to Mavic (i'd love the Xelliums as they are soo YELLOW tho the £'s is prohibitive nearly) + Time's NARROW. Louis Garneau are ok for width also as are Bontrager Wink

    Happy hunting.

  • Corporate sessions hogging track time at London's Olympic velodrome, say local cycling groups1 year 3 weeks agoQuote:Yes - why *exactly* was

    Yes - why *exactly* was it closed for 18 months?
    As far as i know it didnt need any major Aquatics Centre like conversion to 'legacy mode'.

    Because the entire Olympic Park was being remodelled. All the temporary buildings taken out, a road circuit being built, access roads and parking for the velodrome, the BMX track being totally rebuilt not to mention the work inside the velodrome to remove all the Olympics branding and some of the extraneous infrastructure.

    Then they need to get the staff, the hire bikes etc all in place, sort out the contracts, the programme of events, open sessions, club sessions, corporate sessions and put in place an accreditation system for new riders to build a pool of people so that you can actually hold some club racing there.

    It's really not a case of having the closing ceremony then throwing the doors open a week later saying "come on in and ride the track!"

  • Xpedo Thrust XRF08CT pedals1 year 3 weeks agoWhy would you not buy them if

    Why would you not buy them if you would recommend for others? Not a criticism just an observation. Think it happens quite often on reviews!

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp - Omloop/KBK double header1 year 3 weeks agoThanks for this, excellent

    Thanks for this, excellent work mate.

  • Northwave Sonic SRS shoes1 year 3 weeks agoIve a pair of NW Airlites

    Ive a pair of NW Airlites like so' - bit off' on the comfort, but god dam STIFF !

  • Colnago C601 year 3 weeks agoI'll be really good.

    I'll be really good.

  • ShareRoller: $100k Kickstarter project brings electric assist to Boris Bikes + video1 year 3 weeks agoThere used to be something

    There used to be something very similar that you could buy aftermarket - 15 years ago or more.
    I remember a guy bringing one into the bike shop I worked at and asking us to fit it. It was comprehensively shit in every possible way; battery life measured in minutes, weight measured in tons and power measured in microwatts. The belt drive also kept slipping on the tyre, especially if it was wet.

  • Alloy frame for racing1 year 3 weeks agoI have the ultimate AL. Like

    I have the ultimate AL. Like it so much I've sold the carbon and have the AL SLX on order. Very stiff and the lightest alloy frame I've come across. Price also includes carbon seatost and quality stem. If you like a low front end get the headset converter which allows for another 10mm-15mm lower.

  • Nice wide fitting shoes1 year 3 weeks agoMy experiences, and I have

    My experiences, and I have very wide feet and a long expensive history of shoes that don't fit and painful riding. All of the below are the wide versions of the shoe where available.

    Spesh s works - very narrow
    Sidi mega- not that wide in my experience. The last is still narrow - excruciating hot spots for me at least.
    Lake wide - still not that wide. Carbon 'cup' restricts how wide they can be moulded to. Beautifully made though.
    Bont Vaypor - widest out of the above but after a year or so of heavy use my feet started to suffer with pain on the 5th metatarsal. I know several guys who after first thinking they were amazing a year or so later ditched them for something with more comfort after developing foot pain.
    Mavic Zxelium - felt sloppy and weren't wide at all.
    Northwave extreme SBS - so far so good, almost no pain with these. I had to stretch the uppers out when I first got them but they're now almost perfect. I'd certainly recommend giving these a try.

  • BB86 press fit bearings1 year 3 weeks agoThey'll be packed with grease

    They'll be packed with grease initially, give them a run in and they should ease up a bit.

  • Converting Campag wheels to 11sp Shimano1 year 3 weeks agoThat's what I'm hoping though

    That's what I'm hoping though I think each of the cassettes sit on the freehub differently - i.e. Campag sits closer to the spokes. Therefore shimano lock ring could bind with frame. To be honest until I swap it over or someone definitively knows, I have no idea Confused