• Reynolds Aero 58 clincher wheels1 year 7 weeks agoIs it just me or does anyone

    Is it just me or does anyone else hate 8:30 'Americans slowly explaining things' videos? Just show us a diagram, give some shots of the wheel being tested, show a graph of how it performs compared to some others, done! 1:30 is enough if done properly.

  • Clasica San Sebastian1 year 7 weeks agoDon't know which start list

    Don't know which start list your looking at but the official page is good for me Big Grin


    my team


  • The Women's Tour: Guy Elliott of SweetSpot spills the beans on TV coverage, prize money, and venues for 2014's UK women's stage race1 year 7 weeks agoThe more pretty girls on

    The more pretty girls on bikes, the better Smile

  • Hour record books1 year 7 weeks agoExcellent, thank you. Will

    Excellent, thank you. Will give Hutchinson a try!

  • The Women's Tour: Guy Elliott of SweetSpot spills the beans on TV coverage, prize money, and venues for 2014's UK women's stage race1 year 7 weeks agoFantastic! I just hope they


    I just hope they can drum up enough media coverage to get a buzz going and engage the general public.

    Good luck to them.

  • Ventoux Three1 year 7 weeks agoWonderful read ! Well done to

    Wonderful read ! Well done to all !

  • Video: Experiments in speed. Framebuilder Tom Donhou sees how fast he can go drafting a Ford Zephyr1 year 7 weeks agoWow. I can't imagine what

    Wow. I can't imagine what that kind of speed would feel like. Fantastic.

  • Fantasy Directeur Sportif Challenge1 year 7 weeks agoClasica San Sebastian: Andrew

    Clasica San Sebastian:

    Andrew Talansky (GRM)
    Jakob Fuglsang (AST)
    Thomas De Gendt (VCD)
    Anthony Roux (FDJ)
    Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (SKY)
    Gorka Izaguirre Insausti (EUS)
    Mikel Astarloza (EUS)
    Johnny Hoogerland (VCD)
    Maxim Iglinsky

    Tour of Poland

  • Castelli Sanremo 2.0 Speed Suit1 year 7 weeks agoCould you use it for

    Could you use it for triathlon? That is, would swimming in it damage the fabric?

  • Clasica San Sebastian1 year 7 weeks agoA few riders listed for this

    A few riders listed for this in the game that aren't on the startlists - hope no-one's got stung with Sammy Sanchez or Nordhaug for example. Glad I checked the website before the deadline this morning!

    Van Avarmaet

    Purist swaps the last 2 for Roux and Marcato for no good reason...

  • Ventoux Three1 year 7 weeks agowell done lads especially

    well done lads especially George, monumental effort, and a brilliant read.

  • Ventoux Three1 year 7 weeks agoThanks for a lovely,

    Thanks for a lovely, inspiring article and beautiful photos. Bravo!

    The area has so much great cycling. Les gorges de la Nesque shouldn't be missed.


  • The Women's Tour: Guy Elliott of SweetSpot spills the beans on TV coverage, prize money, and venues for 2014's UK women's stage race1 year 7 weeks agoGood luck

    Good luck

  • Sneak peek: Starley JKS Stainless frameset1 year 7 weeks agoHi all - firstly a thanks for

    Hi all - firstly a thanks for the nice comments, I thought I would hop on to answer a few questions.

    Yes clearance is 28mm so mudguards or tyre - not room for both!

    The tubing is made by KVA for us. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to phone the factory showroom or drop us an email info@starleybikes.com

  • Altura Night Vision 20 Pannier1 year 7 weeks ago"R+K KLICKfix is always

    "R+K KLICKfix is always welcome"

    IME doesn't really work that well on bigger-than-average racks, where it becomes a major PITA. Which is why I replaced my old Altura Orkneys with Ortliebs which have better, easier to use fittings that work on a bigger set of racks. But you do pay for them...

  • fs Ribble R872 Carbon Road Frame(size 48 small) £3801 year 7 weeks agohi mate, really interested so

    hi mate, really interested so want to know where u are as i'll pick up if its near enough to me.

  • Supernova E3 Pro 2 dynamo front light1 year 7 weeks agoHi Gregor, and thanks for the

    Hi Gregor, and thanks for the reply! It's great to hear that you're tracking customer comments.

    100-130 lumens "measured" by whom and by what method?

    I believe Olaf Schultz measured it at 140; I think Wouter Scholten agreed that that seemed roughly correct (his review and discussion of these results may be found at http://swhs.home.xs4all.nl/fiets/tests/verlichting/koplampen/Supernova_e... ). My own measurements suggested slightly less light, but I was using a homemade integrating box (a small, mostly empty room, white walls) and computed brightness using a camera's light meter at a few points around the room (turned out to be pretty consistent on the scatter-lit surfaces) vs. a couple of NiteRider ("we measure our actual output") lights at various lumens from 80 to 450. I drove the light using my Schmidt SonDelux on my 20" (406) wheel, I believe at a steady 16km/h using an electric drill and verified using my bike's wheel-speed-sensing computer. Measurements were at room temperature, no wind, but the casing didn't heat up a whole lot during the brief testing periods, so wind chill probably wouldn't have made much difference. A rear light was attached; it was your own 3-LED light that's meant to work with the headlight. I believe I disconnected the taillight and repeated the experiments and wasn't able to measure any difference using my crude equipment. Incidentally, my eyeballing of light output side-by-side of the "300-lumen" lights (yours, NiteRider's, and a more modern NiteRider with a "low-power" 300-lumen mode) also suggests that the NiteRiders is vastly brighter than the e3 Pro.

    Now, the discrepancy might be due to any of a few things:

    • Measurement error? I'm confident that my measurements are not terribly accurate, but also sure (based on eyeballed sanity checks (e.g., that if I shine a 300-lumen NiteRider at the ceiling, I can easily read small text under my desk, and that that's impossible with my e3 pro at 16km/h)) that they're not inaccurate enough to account for the measured discrepancy.
    • NiteRider habitually understates their lights' output across a few different models, by at least a factor of 2? Possible, but seems like a poor business decision...
    • I got two NiteRiders whose quality control was such that they were both much brighter than they should have been? Given their atrocious quality control (I've had electronics problems with 4 NiteRiders now) this wouldn't be too surprising except for the direction and magnitude of the error required.
    • Supernova overstates their lights' output at least for the e3 Pro? This seems likely, since the new model with a new LED isn't being claimed to be any brighter than an older model (or has Germany changed the laws such that they now limit lumens?).
    • Peter White Cycles sent me an older light, mistaking it for a newer one? What do you think of this hypothesis?
    • I got a dud? Coincidentally, so did the couple of other people whose measurements of the e3 pro I've heard about. Of course, those who got lights that put out the advertised 305 lumens might not bother to measure them.

    The Terraflux2 Lens excels at throwing a lot of light onto the ground and efficiently illuminates the road ahead.

    Yes, mine is good for riding in straight lines (as long as you're not worried about prairie dogs running across the path in front of you Smile ) Not so great for winding bike paths, as I described. Again, it's possible that this has been improved.

    it's not the brightest out there and we wish we could make it brighter without sacrificing the longevity of the capacitor,

    Perhaps a bigger capacitor? A standlight ought to be bright enough to stand out against a sea of car headlights. Other than second-guessing your design decisions, it's encouraging to hear that you build the lights to last!

    The new Tail Light2 is 4x brighter and has a much wider beam angle.

    Those are both good things, but what about emitter size? As I tried to describe above, one thing that is crucial in a taillight (and is also nice in a headlight, incidentally) is having a large enough area that motorists can judge closing speed by how quickly the emitter's apparent size is changing. That's difficult with your taillights. Another consequence of the tiny-but-very-bright taillights is that cyclists may have difficulty comfortably riding behind you; this too is somewhat alleviated by having the same total amount of light coming from a larger surface area. At least yours don't blink the way most lights here in the USA do... those things are a holy terror to ride behind! (Effective vs. motorists, though Smile

    I really do appreciate the response. I'd love it if more people would chime in in order to generate a more balanced discussion of the goals of bicycle light design, and/or tell me that I got a dud, as I think that Supernova does some things very well indeed, and other things not so well.

  • FS Garmin 810 performance navigation bundle1 year 7 weeks agoOoops, sorry, knew I would

    Ooops, sorry, knew I would forget somthing, £330 including p&p registered post.

  • Tour of Poland1 year 7 weeks agoThanks.

    Big Grin


  • Tour of Poland1 year 7 weeks agoHow's that for

    How's that for service....anyone else you spy just shout Wink

  • FS Garmin 810 performance navigation bundle1 year 7 weeks agoHow much dollar?

    How much dollar?

  • Ventoux Three1 year 7 weeks agoChapeau. Great read.

    Chapeau. Great read. Applause

  • Tour of Poland1 year 7 weeks agoI can't pick Dyachenko...

    I can't pick Dyachenko... Crying

  • Cycling is the new golf1 year 7 weeks agoNot this again. The first

    Not this again. The first time I heard that cycling was the new golf was over ten years ago.

  • FS Garmin 810 performance navigation bundle1 year 7 weeks agoYou forgot to list your

    You forgot to list your price....I'll chuck you £100 Devil Devil