• Almost 90% of cyclists think traffic is too fast in their area, research shows1 year 9 weeks agoI can get to 4 big

    I can get to 4 big supermarkets, 2 Town centres, leisure centre all using 20mph, quiet roads & off road links. So why is virtually no one in my neighbourhood doing do?

    We need more 20mph zones, but councils to join the existing links up into coherent networks with signing & prioritisation.

    Safe cycling crossings across major roads between 20mph zones also need to be put in place.

    Areas such as residential areas need to targeted with literature showing safe direct routes to places like the shops, Town centres etc.

  • Cyclist killed while riding in time trial near Hull1 year 9 weeks agoAs far as I can remember the

    As far as I can remember the onus is on the person overtaking to do so in a safe manner that will not affect the safety of what they are overtaking be it a horse, cyclist or honking great tractor (Highway Code 162-163). What road it is on and what the cyclist was doing are irrelevant.

    My condolences to the friends and family.

  • Fantasy Directeur Sportif Challenge1 year 9 weeks agoGot you with 10 now for Pais

    Got you with 10 now for Pais Vasco Dan, as Gilbert and Kreder are no riding

    I had 10 too also, decided to take a punt on Schleck over Boswell

  • Cyclist killed while riding in time trial near Hull1 year 9 weeks agofirst and foremost,

    first and foremost, condolences to Chris Auker, family, friends and Brough Wheelers.

    i've ridden the above course. i've organised an event on a dual carriageway before which had to be cancelled because of a major incident that left several people in hospital.

    the statement above regarding space for overtaking becomes problematic when there are two cars side by side, or one already overtaking, usually at 70mph+. there isn't really enough room for the car on the inside to move out to overtake the cyclist doing 25mph. the margin for error is slim and there isn't a hard shoulder.

    which of course might have nothing to do with Chris' tragic death, but do contribute towards the higher risk of riding on this particular road. and it's specious to ignore the wider debate; at some point the TT/DC debate has to be bought into the open rather than leaving it currently until the police attempt to expressly forbid use of DC courses to protect riders (ie Norfolk police A1).

    whilst there isn't a stock argument, i.e DCs are unsafe, single carriageways safer, it's quite chilling that nearly all of the deaths and serious injuries in time trialling over the past decade appear to have been on DCs, including Alec Anderson, Len Grayson, as well as the names above and Jane Kilmartin's life-threatening injuries.

    At some point the arguments just no longer stack up, and it isn't about free will or being unnecessarily risk-averse. it's to do with the fact that you are statistically more likely to die when riding on a dual carriageway. as traffic counts increase and at the same time driving habits and the lack of awareness (or a safer driving culture) from drivers towards cyclists shows no sign of changing for the better - see rob jeffries - then the idea that somehow DCs are safe(r) becomes more and more self-serving to those who want to ride them in search of a fast time. (and it's about the fast time, nothing else; the sport valorises times over placings or points, this is its strength and appeal, and also its inherent weakness).

    somewhere along the line the TT community has become sucked into a debate about riding DCs, and quite an assertive one about 'rights to the roads' and so on, that doesn't seem to take into account the stark reality of road and cultural conditions within the UK and the very real danger of death. it's a self-defeating argument.

    i no longer organise events on dual carriageways - main arterial trunk roads - and i very rarely race on them, with the heads of the valleys road in wales being the exception because it's one of the quietest roads i've ridden, regardless of DC/SC status.

  • Cyclist killed while riding in time trial near Hull1 year 9 weeks agoWhat is this talk of cycling

    What is this talk of cycling organisations being at fault? and the use of dual carriageways? The only thing that matters is :: This person has lost his life; it's a tragedy, an accident that should not have happened.

    With the increase of cyclists on our roads, there should be far more public awareness to the dangers faced when cycling. The press and media should increase their coverage of road safety issues; this would surely help to inform other road users of the dangers we face when cycling.

  • Cyclist killed while riding in time trial near Hull1 year 9 weeks agoI live on a dual carriageway,

    I live on a dual carriageway, that is fed by a motorway and is a main trunk road out of the city centre.

    Should I not leave my house?

  • Red light jumping Tokyo cyclists could face jail, says report1 year 9 weeks agoGood luck to 'em. Currently

    Good luck to 'em. Currently in Japan. The UK has a long, long way to go before we reach Japanese levels of bike use. And most of them are riding without helmets, locks or vague adherence to the road rules. And it all seems to work OK. 50 kph speed limits on the equivalent of A-roads probably helps, as do traffic lights every 100 metres or so.

  • Cyclist killed while riding in time trial near Hull1 year 9 weeks agoI've always felt that dual

    I've always felt that dual carriageways, whilst being fast are safer because cars don't need to squeeze past, lots of room for an overtake.

  • Rapha release Bordeaux-Paris jersey1 year 9 weeks agoLooks lovely.

    Looks lovely.

  • Bike Spot: Cannondale SuperSix Ultimate, Sram Red, Madfibre rims. Make sure you have pants on.1 year 9 weeks agoNice! What's it cost?

    Nice! What's it cost?

  • Cyclescheme bike choice - Giant Defy 1 or Trek Domane 2.0?1 year 9 weeks agoThanks Spesh. Convinced me to

    Thanks Spesh. Convinced me to get the Domane as it would get me riding longer. As you say the spec is not worth getting worked up about.


  • Fear of roads biggest barrier to getting people in Wales cycling says Sustrans survey1 year 9 weeks ago2.3 per cent of Cardiff

    2.3 per cent of Cardiff residents reported in the census that they commute by bicycle. However, I reckon many commuters will come into Cardiff by motor car from outside Cardiff, and it may well be that the 2.3 per cent figure overestimates the bicycle commute element of all commuting journeys into Cardiff.

  • Cyclist killed while riding in time trial near Hull1 year 9 weeks agoDual carriageways are at

    Dual carriageways are at least wide and give the cyclist a chance of some space; probably much safer than a quiet single carriageway road.

    Would this even matter if it was a TT or not. We all have close shaves every time we go out on our bikes. Sometimes, it ends in tragedy.

    My thoughts go out to the family; it must be heartbreaking.

  • Saddle Bag or Jersey Pocket1 year 9 weeks ago+1 for the saddle bag. BUT -

    +1 for the saddle bag.

    BUT - make sure you DON'T get the kind that has a specialist / proprietary fitting that you fit to your saddle. If you have more than one bike - of course you have more than one bike - you want to be able to swap it across.

    Velcro or rail hooks are best. (I've a "Scott Gazelle" with excellent rail hooks, don't know why more of them aren't done this way).

  • Edge 500 - gpx - BikeRouteToaster1 year 9 weeks agoTry

    Try http://bikehike.co.uk/index.php you get options to download to file or direct to gps and options on what type of file as well. OS window is usefull also.

  • Cyclescheme bike choice - Giant Defy 1 or Trek Domane 2.0?1 year 9 weeks agoI'd go for the Domane in a

    I'd go for the Domane in a heartbeat. Killer looks, killer frame design, easily upgraded if you feel the need. While the latter can still be said for the defy, the frame design is what sets the two apart. The Domane will feel so much more comfortable and smooth when it comes to longer rides.

    When it comes to componentry, Tiagra performs just as we'll as 105 so even though the group on the Domane is a step down, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.. The weight difference is so marginal that it won't be that much of a burden to your ride unless youre doing insanely long or steep climbs. Te quality of the frame and the fact you'll have a good range of gears courtesy of a triple means you'll never find yourself struggling on the bike.

    If it were me, I'd get the Domane 2.0 with a view to upgrading the group to SRAM Rival or Force later on down the line. And maybe some Mavic's but that's just me getting carried away..

    Hope this helps..

  • Torque wrench1 year 9 weeks agoThe Sealey STW1012 (2- 28

    The Sealey STW1012 (2- 28 Nm)is an accurate, fairly low cost torque wrench which is popular amongst many cyclists including me.


  • Torque wrench1 year 9 weeks agoGot mine from Screwfix and it

    Got mine from Screwfix and it is great and about half the price of a "cycle specific" one

  • Torque wrench1 year 9 weeks agoGreat info...thanks a bunch.

    Great info...thanks a bunch. Smile

  • Torque wrench1 year 9 weeks agoI mostly use a torque driver

    I mostly use a torque driver rather than a wrench.

    They work at much lower ranges. I have one of these for small jobs


    Then one of these for bigger jobs


    I always work of Nm (Newton Meters) rather than kN, which I believe is just 1000 Nm? Thinking

  • No Tour Series for Oxford this year after University objects due to exam clash1 year 9 weeks agoCome on folks, it takes a lot

    Come on folks, it takes a lot of hard work to study to be a waiter or to become unemployed. Give them some peace and quiet! Seriously though, it's a sad day when the needs of one group of people on one afternoon on one day, outweigh everyone else's. Sound like the council needs to grow a pair, adopt rule 5 and issue some earplugs to those who want to study.

  • Rapha release Bordeaux-Paris jersey1 year 9 weeks agoI just paid over £600 to

    I just paid over £600 to insure my diesel panel van even though in twenty odd years of driving i've never had a claim or accident, and I don't doubt it'll go up next year. £120 for a nice jersey? Bargain Plain Face

  • Torque wrench1 year 9 weeks agoThe wrench needs to be

    The wrench needs to be accurate at relatively low torques - from say 2.5kN (front mech band) through 6-8kN (stem bolts) to 12kN (crank bolts). If it's aimed at higher torque range then it won't be as accurate at low torque settings as a bike torque wrench.

  • Cyclist killed while riding in time trial near Hull1 year 9 weeks ago'Using Dual Carriageways for

    'Using Dual Carriageways for cycling events at peak time on Bank Holiday weekends'

    Add that to 'helmets' and 'obeying red lights at all costs' as Things Never To Raise At Cyclist Dinner Parties.

  • Taipei Cycle mixed bag… including Topeak, Birzman, Prologo & more1 year 9 weeks agoThe saddle looks more like

    The saddle looks more like Belgium than Germany. They should add a black lion or a red roaster as stiching and they would sell well. Especially the Lion version to all the Cycle Cross freaks.