• Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:I There is no

    Gkam84 wrote:

    There is no right for one group to infringe the right of others to use the road, which happens with frequency on the mass.

    There is also NO justification for drivers to mow down cyclists. But as we keep seeing, this is not just happening at the mass. Just because this happened to be caught on camera does not make it any worse than what is happening on a daily basis though-out the country.

    By blocking junctions and using the tactics of the mass, it DOES put cyclists in a bad light to those that your are inconveniencing, whether just for 5-10 minutes does not matter. You are not going to convince me anything else.

    If you want to block traffic, get the police to ride with you for safety, as they HAVE the right to control traffic, a normal member of society does not.

    BREATH.....peace out Nerd

    I used to be on the fence when it came to CM but i'm now leaning more in favour of them. LIke any group there is a small minority that is up for taking it further and I don't condone those actions.

    While i'm not up-to scratch in regard to the law and red lights when it's a procession it is actually safer to have large group of cyclists together rather than letting motorists getting caught in the middle of several bunches. From the many clips i've seen (and that is for too many) it seems a lot of the problems do escalate when the above scenario happens and the resulting arguments (sometime violence) actually slow down the traffic EVEN more.

    In regards to the ONLY the Police stopping the traffic well here's a simple question WHY DONT THEY?? Surely it's not that difficult to have a dozen or so Police on bicycles to hold (cork) the traffic at junctions so that the Mass can proceed together. That way motorists wouldn't get as pissed off as they are being held by an official and not by some (hipster) as they would no doubt call them.

    I have my own opinions as to why they don't (aggravating the motorists and causing flash-points plays into their hands)

    I'm looking forward to attending my first mass in August. Like the majority i will be peaceful (well cheering anyway LOL )

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agopublic opinion is not limited

    public opinion is not limited to the (mostly) taxis in the west end. Most people that see Critical Mass are not in vehicles, and not held up at all. For many pedestrians and people outside pubs or hanging out of windows, CM puts a smile on their faces, people take photos, applaud/cheer, high five us and ask what's going on. The dissent from pedestrians is almost non-existent.

    I don't think anyone expects someone that's just been corked will go home and buy a bicycle, but someone that sees 900 cyclists riding past and having a good time may well consider it.

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoColin Peyresourde

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    motorists don't react particularly well when people are dictating terms

    Whatever we do, we must make sure we don't annoy the motorists.

  • French Senate names 1998 Tour de France dopers; O'Grady and Durand confess1 year 6 weeks agoI would suggest that CB's GC

    I would suggest that CB's GC performances say that he played a non-marked hand, we know that Obree lost his pro status because he told the team doctor to f**k off when it was suggested that he "might want to try these" at the teams meet & greet before the season started. Both heroes of mine, got to believe that both of their performances (which go back to their junior/amateur days) are good & clean...

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoI hope the injured cyclists

    I hope the injured cyclists recover and their assailants feel the full force of the law.
    Unfortunately I don't quite buy the argument that critical mass is just a regular gathering for cyclists. The routes typically wind around the west end at rush hour which is not a good place for a relaxing ride. There's more than enough aggression out there and stoking the fire helps no one and I think turns public opinion against cycling.
    I have attended space4cycling as I think there is a constructive goal to be achieved in altering the law for HGV's in particular.
    Sure, change is desperately needed but I don't think critical mass is the way to do it

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoI guess we can all have our

    I guess we can all have our opinions here but really they are irrelevant. The law is very clear on CM. It's legal (much to the mets disgust it should be noted). Therefore anyone being hit by cars is entitled to the full protection of the law and all due insurance claims etc. It is not our job to tell people they should or shouldn't ride them. As for 900 riders causing delays? That's a fart in a stadium in London traffic terms, and doesn't excuse these drivers behaviour.

  • Tour of Poland Stage 11 year 6 weeks agopclark007 wrote:I believe

    pclark007 wrote:
    I believe points classification (Tour) points need to be awarded yet for stage 1, and are currently missing. So, for example, I had Ulissi (first) and Majka (third). Neither of them was awarded points for their overall point classification. I should get an additional 5 for Ulissi and 3 for Majka, as should others who have riders in the top 5 overall points classification for the tour.

    Please advise if I am mistaken!

    Many thanks,


    I suggest the rules need reworking, if you are going to use the sprints comp for scoring rather than the points comp. And its too late now for the tdp, so we should be usong the points points... after all theres more than just fun involved...folk paid for this.

  • Medics call for measures to protect cyclists in London1 year 6 weeks agoAs far as I am concerned,

    As far as I am concerned, it's all pretty sensible stuff. Sure, defensive cycling is open to interpretation but ultimately "flesh yields to steel". No point asserting a right of way and ending up "dead wrong" to borrow from the old mariners saying.
    Yes the law is ridiculously stacked against cyclists and offers close to nil deterrence for vehicle drivers.
    They are also right about the dangerously misleading infrastructure we have in London as some of those blue paint routes are ridiculously dangerous.
    So anything that puts pressure on political parties to change the law and put in proper infrastructure is a good thing.

  • New to Road Bike - Typical 'Which One' Dilemma1 year 6 weeks agoMany thanks indeed for your

    Many thanks indeed for your inputs and I had provisionally put the Specialized at 3rd choice on my informal list, not that on the face of it there is much between all of them.

    I'll have another go on the Giant & Trek machines to see which which one just 'shades' it and then do the deal over the next couple of weeks. Availability doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Will keep looking here though in case someone has a 'clincher' based on first hand knowledge etc.


  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:In your opinion,

    Gkam84 wrote:
    In your opinion, maybe not, but in mine (remember I do NOT drive, only cycle and use public transport and RARELY in London)

    So having said that, my opinion on it is, at 6pm, more likely later once everyone gets going. There will still be quite alot of people trying to get home from the city after a day of work, by holding the mass at this time, it DOES cause some serious disruption to those travelling home, whether in car's, vans OR on public transport.

    The other factor, I have seen it in most of the mass video's I've watched and I have seen many, they are all pinging bells and blasting horns on a constant and regular rate. Thats a nuisance in itself to the communities they travel through. Those devices are there to make yourself know and for safety, NOT just to make a noise because there is a massive group of you. The other thing, noise pollution, there is almost always some person on a bike with a trailer carrying a sound system.

    Totally agree GKam. I find that motorists don't react particularly well when people are dictating terms to them. This sort of action unfortunately atagonises them and then when thick idiots like the Astra and BMW driver see me on my bike out on my own it makes me more vulnerable.

    If you want to make a protest or raise awareness there are better ways than riding around like CM. I would go as far as to ask them to stop until they can sort something out more constructively as their actions make me feel unsafe, not safer.

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoWell in my opinion, and

    Well in my opinion, and evidently in the Mets opinion too given the lack of conditions.

    Making noise in the west end is hardly a significant disruption to the community. Its not like we're going into some serene little village in the sticks where you can hear birds tweeting.

    You seen to have gone from "I'm not sure this is legal" to "it doesn't matter if it's legal, because I don't like it".I've shown you that what cm does is legal, but you still insist on characterising it as being "above the law"

    We can neither request nor prevent the police from escorting us round but I suspect there are better uses of police resources on a busy Friday night in Westminster than babysitting some cyclists.

    I agree with you on the buses though. Cool

  • Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11-speed gear system1 year 6 weeks agoI'm no luddite - I work in IT

    I'm no luddite - I work in IT for starters - and I do love shiny toys... but somehow I'm not sure about electronic shifting. I like fettling my bike, getting the gears right, changing the cables, etc. I'd lose that with this.

    I suppose the ideal solution would be a retro styled Ti bike with normal Dura Ace, and a carbon race machine with Di2. Just need to start saving Smile

  • Medics call for measures to protect cyclists in London1 year 6 weeks agoDefensive cycling - yeah will

    Defensive cycling - yeah will someone please explain this to TFL's bus drivers then? One tried to overtake me turning south off Waterloo Roundabout, almost hit me, then (I assume since I couldn't hear a word he was screaming) shouted and gestured at me for an age about how I was... er... riding in the road?

  • My News1 year 6 weeks agoI do have one actually, and

    I do have one actually, and hope to combine that with riding to work. If I can extend one or two of the commuting journeys to an hour and a bit, I'll still need to build back up to club run distances eventually, but hopefully retain fitness otherwise.

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoGkam, you can't really judge

    Gkam, you can't really judge people cycling in London until you cycle in London on a regular basis. Parts are good, parts are abysmal. And you can't say it's the fault of the motorist, or the #bloodycyclists, or the busses, or the lorry drivers. It's the infrastructure of the city that makes us face danger everyday as routinely as we do.
    The purpose of Critical Mass is to draw attention to this, and get it fixed. A critical mass ride on adequate infrastructure wouldn't affect motorists at all, just like their movements wouldn't affect cyclists.

    As for the hit and run driver, the fact that he ran a series of red lights means he'll have been caught on cctv. Hopefully the courts will hand him down an appropriate punishment for using his car as a weapon too.

  • Recommend me an inexpensive turbo trainer1 year 6 weeks agoDon't think you'll get the

    Don't think you'll get the full virtual reality climbing experience for anything less than the value of your bike unfortunately, which is probably 'tail wagging the dog' a bit. However, what you can do is look at trainerroad.com, that will allow you train with power on the cheap. First you buy a turbo that is on their list of calibrated units (there are loads) then get yourself a £40 ANT+ cadence sensor and follow the instructions. I'll probably do it myself this winter. Combine with videos of the sufferfest which are also good.

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoI never understand why one

    I never understand why one car driver being held up by 5-10 mins has more rights to get where they're going than 900 cyclists. It's the same as when a bunch of cyclist on a country road gets abused by a single occupied car for holding them up. Why do the rights of the few trump the rights of the many?

    Why motorists think its there god given right to travel at or above the speed limit always baffles me.

  • Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO1 year 6 weeks agoNever attended the critical

    Never attended the critical mass protests but I fully support them. Critical mass has its roots in the "stop de kindermoord" campaign in the Netherlands and was instrumental in the development of the Dutch cycle infrastructure. They compliment the other pressure on the authorities to accommodate cyclists on the road.

    Without protest of this nature (and the bigger the better) the politicians would do buggerall.

  • FS Garmin 810 performance navigation bundle1 year 6 weeks agoToo much? Happy to listen to

    Too much? Happy to listen to offers

  • Sizing help please - Synapse / SuperSix1 year 6 weeks agoI was used to an extremely

    I was used to an extremely aggressive position, so the Synapse I originally owned was simply too relaxed for me to enjoy.
    I love my CAAD10, same geo as the supersix. Longer stems are crucial: you can get a bike that fits but doesn't scrunch you. My 56cm synapse had a stock 70mm stem! I customed my CAAD10 to a 105mm stem. The difference is astronomical.

    other than that, above post is informative.

  • Tour of Poland Stage 11 year 6 weeks agoGkam84, What I meant for Van

    What I meant for Van Der Sande was that he got 1 point for 5th in points comp plus 4 for coming second in the first int sprint, making a total of 5. (You have given him 4 in the points scored page.)

  • Tour of Poland Stage 11 year 7 weeks agoWell fingers crossed that the

    Well fingers crossed that the Eurosport coverage gets better... That today was dreadful....but not as bad as the San Sebastien coverage... Beginning to lose faith in Eurosport big time... Sad

  • Tour of Poland Stage 11 year 7 weeks agoHave to agree with Tony

    Have to agree with Tony Kappler.. The rules say points competition not intermediate sprint points competition. you cannot go changing the rules without giving people notification...

    And just for the record, it does not affect me...

  • Tour of Poland Stage 11 year 7 weeks agoBar the GC, which is scored

    Bar the GC, which is scored for the first 10 riders (10-1) any other category is scored for the first 5 riders (5-1), so sitting 5th only gives you 1 point

  • Tenerife help1 year 7 weeks agoDon't go... it will be the

    Don't go... it will be the day of the Mega Tsunami... d-d-d-dur!

    Well probably not.