• Tour de France Stage 18: Vincenzo Nibali rides away to fourth stage win1 year 1 week agoAgree with Leodis. Fully

    Agree with Leodis. Fully expecting a dominant performance in TT, possibly a stage win - 5! Sneaking feeling of deja vu about this for me... His performance has made all previous heated debates about Wiggins being in the Sky team rather accademic though... Cool

  • Sir Chris Hoy asked for ID - to get into Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome1 year 1 week agoMercuryOne wrote:Did anyone

    MercuryOne wrote:
    Did anyone ask the Queen for ID?

    And if they did, would she whip out a £10 note?

  • Phil 'N Paul Bingo1 year 1 week agoNeed to be in the first 15 or

    Need to be in the first 15 or 20 places
    Off the front or at the back
    Able to turn them inside out for their team leader
    Flat across the road indicating that the peloton is not turning the pedals in anger
    Long stretched out line indicating that x team is trying to chase down the breakaway for their sprinter

  • Video: Colnago shows how it puts a C60 frame together1 year 1 week agoI'm fortunate enough to have

    I'm fortunate enough to have been allowed one of these for my birthday next year. This isn't helping with impatience. The problem now is deciding on paint scheme.

  • Southwark backs down on 20mph cycling limit1 year 1 week agoI don't necessarily disagree

    I don't necessarily disagree with ALL traffic being limited to 20mph in built-up areas, but points already raised here are valid:
    1. Existing speed limits are not enforced.
    2. The council in this case have not been aware of what they can and can't legislate on.

    The truth of the matter is that few cyclists will speed in built up areas, and many motor vehicles will.

    At least they've acknowledged their error rather than beligerantly pushing it through!

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 1 week agoso the cyclist got a new

    so the cyclist got a new bike. great, he already had a new bike 4 weeks ago, so no real advantage or gain there.

    did he sue the driver for damages also, ie for being out of action due to th bruising etc and having a lovely trip to th hospital.
    luckily he didnt have to sue for any distress caused because he seems like a decent chap who brushed it off and got back on th bike!

    further to that, as the police charged the driver for anything? i hope so, but doubt it.

  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists1 year 1 week agoDitto with the seated

    Ditto with the seated approach. I'm never afraid to get in a low gear early and just spin my way up with a good cadence, I then tend to stand and attack the summit in a higher gear when I can see it. Better that than go in too fast and then quickly lose that momentum and find that even 34/30 isn't low enough.

    I'm still just the wrong side of 100kg, but I really enjoy climbing. I'm never gonna win any KOMs, but then that's not why I go out riding

  • Video: Colnago shows how it puts a C60 frame together1 year 1 week agoLovely.


  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists1 year 1 week agoGreat advice here. Thanks!

    Great advice here. Thanks!

  • Columba.cc still trading?1 year 1 week agothe Peace jersey is stated as

    the Peace jersey is stated as out of stock on their website.

  • Michael Albasini insists he’s not racist, apologises to Europcar’s Kévin Réza1 year 1 week agoIndeed, it's pretty much

    Indeed, it's pretty much impossible to reason with people who are dead set on using racism as an explanation for everything. Everything is an example of racism. Few black cyclists: racism. Few white baseball players in the NBA: racism. You are white and have an opinion: clear racist. It rains: racism. etc.

    Sad, really.

  • Aftershokz Bluez 2 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones1 year 1 week ago@bikebot and @bradtipp cheers

    @bikebot and @bradtipp cheers for the heads-up.

    I've had a chance to go back to the product and have a play with the skip-track feature which sailed straight over my head during the review period.

    In my opinion, that really completes the product for me.

    The initial review, which you'll notice has now been updated, also quoted the price minus-VAT, that's now been changed too (cheers).

    While the updated price made me 'gawp' just that little bit more, my understanding of the prices of Aftershokz' wired alternatives was also 20% down.

    It's all relative, and the collective jump in price hasn't dissuaded me from the Bluez 2s justified value over its counterparts.

    Yes, they're expensive, but having tried to go back to using earbuds in the office, I realised how much I genuinely dislike being isolated by my music. The Aftershokz have barely left my ears for the last month or so, and I don't expect they'll be leaving them again anytime soon.

    I like to listen to music all the time, and these allow me to do that without being antisocial or limiting my riding awareness. That alone is worth the added cost.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins the great.......?1 year 1 week ago"I've kind of done the road

    "I've kind of done the road now. I've bled it dry, the road is quite cut-throat. The track feels more like a family and a closer-knit group of people."

    "That will probably be it for the grand tours. I can't imagine doing that now."

    "I've had my time there and had success with it, things move on and it's natural evolution...Team Sky has become so competitive now and it's all about winning grand tours. It's whether they've got a place for an ex-Tour winner to use the racing to prepare for the track."

    "The track is where it all began for me, I'd love it to finish it on a high there."

  • Beginner's advice on pedals & shoes?1 year 1 week agoI'm in the same camp of

    I'm in the same camp of always unclipping the same foot first, the left one too. I always prefer to set off with the right foot, so generally leave that one clipped in, plus I can rest my left foot on the kerb if I want to. The key is anticipating the need to stop so you *think* to unclip in advance.

    As has been said, stationary falls are just part of learning to ride clipless, both my left knee and my saddle bear the scars of my efforts! It doesn't take long to get used to it though, as is apparent from this topic, I've only been riding clipless for 6 months and am now perfectly confident doing it.

  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists1 year 1 week agoAs a previous 100kg+

    As a previous 100kg+ (Clydesdale category) rider, may I offer 2 points which reiterate the advice above.

    1) You have the power - stay seated on the climbs, get in a low gear and spin your way to the top with a sustainable "time trial" level of effort.

    2) Lose the weight - it's obvious and easier than building power. The objective is clearly defined and measurable. And the performance benefit will help you EVERYWHERE.

    Don't lose the faith - as you build dense muscle you will not drop that much weight to begin with, but your body fat will go. Give yourself 3 seasons to get into shape.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins the great.......?1 year 1 week agofarrell wrote:ajmarshal1

    farrell wrote:
    ajmarshal1 wrote:
    he's becoming increasingly unlikeable from what he keeps saying.

    Which is?

    Me, me, me. Whinge, whine, wah.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins the great.......?1 year 1 week agoajmarshal1 wrote:he's

    ajmarshal1 wrote:
    he's becoming increasingly unlikeable from what he keeps saying.

    Which is?

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins the great.......?1 year 1 week agoFrankly I just wish he'd

    Frankly I just wish he'd dissapear before he continues to whine away his legacy. I have a lot of respect for his achievements but he's becoming increasingly unlikeable from what he keeps saying.

    I can't wait for him to become part of cyclings history rahter than present TBH, we might be able to end this soap opera then and get back to the racing.

  • Moral Dilemma - See Through Bottoms1 year 1 week agoBeing of the XY chromosome

    Being of the XY chromosome persuasion, I must admit to doing a quick, fortnightly 'safety check' in front of the mirror precisely to avoid offending my fellow road users!

    Don't let it happen to you! Nerd

  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists1 year 1 week ago'Sheer bloody mindedness and

    'Sheer bloody mindedness and the ability to suffer.'

    This, in addition to riding them a lot. I've always loved hills even though I'm a big lad, I made myself enjoy them and see the challenge in them. It's mostly mental, apart from the *pace* you go up them. Nothing beats a big lad pulling a train up a long hill and seeing skinny guys dropping off the group. You just have to remember that it's very unlikely to kill you so dig deep and drive on. I did the Cingles du Mont Ventoux at over 100kg, wasn't a problem in the slightest. People have gone much faster, sure - but I enjoyed it all and was never in any doubt that I'd do it.

    Small change to diet and I'm back in the 80s ...hills just get better and better Smile

  • New Forest NIMBYs will burst when they see this!1 year 1 week agoI would have thought they

    I would have thought they would implode - sounds like a brilliant idea (both the cycle hire scheme and the nimbys imploding or bursting)

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins the great.......?1 year 1 week ago''Ta ta lad, Team Sky need

    ''Ta ta lad, Team Sky need team players not individualists.'

    They'd better get rid of Froome then.

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 1 week agoI ride along that road about

    I ride along that road about three or four days a week. There are lots of opportunities for cars to turn accross you or into the road from either side and as a general rule of thumb I always assume some idiot will do just that regardless of whether they've seen me or not. I also don't tank it (in fact I generally slow down to a 'I can stop or dodge speed') approaching junctions for the same reason. Its not about what I should or shouldn't have to do in principle, it's about what I have to do in reality not to get hit by a car.

  • Beginner's advice on pedals & shoes?1 year 1 week agoYou may find that it helps to

    You may find that it helps to add some consistency. I always clip out with my left, always put my left foot down at traffic lights. It's not uncommon for me to do a four hour ride with the right foot staying clipped in the whole way.

    If you always put the same foot down, it becomes much easier to know what you are doing when you have to react on instinct rather than with some mental forethought.

  • Three cyclists hospitalised in hit-and-run on Kent A2 — police appeal1 year 1 week agojacknorell wrote:truffy

    jacknorell wrote:
    truffy wrote:
    dp24 wrote:
    truffy wrote:

    I guess because 'attempted murder' indicates intent, which is unknown. Possibly?

    Which is why I said "whilst we don't know the circumstances of this incident".

    Innocent until proved guilty. Think about it!

    (although drivers seem to be guilty until proven innocent on road.cc)

    Hits 3 people. Drives off. Does not come forward later.

    Yes, in this case: Guilty.

    Of dangerous driving (or whatever the legalese is), almost certainly. Leaving the scene of an accident, yes. I think you'd be pushing it to make attempted murder stick though (but I guess nothing's impossible these days).