• Details of man knocked off bike in road rage attack shared over 12,000 times on Facebook1 year 5 weeks agoSave money on a Range Rover

    Save money on a Range Rover as a statement of your personal status by simply having "CUNT" tattooed on your forehead.

  • Sergio Henao to lead Team Sky's Vuelta challenge1 year 5 weeks agoIf you leave out the time

    If you leave out the time bonuses, Froome, in time alone, won La Vuelta.

  • Liberal Democrats propose £1.2 billion per year for cycling infrastructure1 year 5 weeks agoSadly, building designated

    Sadly, building designated cycle lanes marked by different coloured tarmac does not make cycling safer. My mother was on a ‘red carpet’ cycle lane when she was killed, the driver being completely unaware of the cycle lane. Cycling will only become safer if drivers who are unable or unwilling to drive without consideration for other road users, automatically lose their driving licence. Reserve prison for those who flaunt the ban. This would be sufficient deterrent for most to drive more carefully & would protect society without incurring massive prison costs. The costs saved could be invested in road policing. The change could be made very quickly at little or no cost and with a little publicity would have immediate effect.
    On the continent where cycling is a safe, convenient & desirable way to get around, cycle lanes are segregated by a physical barrier. They are for the exclusive use of cyclists. If cycle lanes are to achieve their aim, there must be severe penalties for those who drive or park in the designated cycle space.

  • Vuelta - pick three Spaniards1 year 5 weeks agoAmets Txurruka Benat

    Amets Txurruka
    Benat Intxausti
    Samuel Sanchez

  • How to get good1 year 5 weeks agoLooking forward to my

    Looking forward to my intervals complete with rucksack, rack & pannier tomorrow morning, best get my head down!

  • Vuelta - pick three Spaniards1 year 5 weeks agoJ Rod Txurruka Gutierrez

    J Rod
    Gutierrez Palacios

  • USA Pro - Stage 21 year 5 weeks agoDamn thought my team would do

    Damn thought my team would do ok Crying

    3,4,6,8,11,15,16,20 + GVA(won the second sprint I beliveve)....nevermind!

    Even worse for my purist, just 3,4,6,15,16,20 + GVA

  • USA Pro - Stage 21 year 5 weeks ago1,3,4,6,14,15,20 + GC

    1,3,4,6,14,15,20 + GC

  • Revolutionary Revolights now available in Europe1 year 5 weeks agoI agree and hey call us

    I agree and hey call us mavericks but so what....these look bloody ace and on my Condor Potenza on the CS7 from Sutton to Monument....they'll be firing it up!!!!!!!!!! Devil

  • Revolutionary Revolights now available in Europe1 year 5 weeks agoQuite a lot of negative posts

    Quite a lot of negative posts I see. Well bound to happen as everyone has free will and this isn't Ask.FM Just bought mine. Don't care if it adds or seems bulky or is this and that. The concept and function is what I'm sold on. Clears my handle bars for a bell and maybe a camera. And they look bloody cool. Hipster or not this will get me seen and heads will turn. You spend a few quid here on some components you spend a few hundred there on others. Choose what ones you want...free will!!!! Big Grin

  • Liberal Democrats propose £1.2 billion per year for cycling infrastructure1 year 5 weeks agoDr Julian Huppert MP is

    Dr Julian Huppert MP is actually _co-chair_ of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group with Ian Austin MP.

  • "Politcal correctness gone mad" - £50 fines issued to anti-social cyclists in Bolton1 year 5 weeks agoBez. I was at a London Bike

    Bez. I was at a London Bike show where the Metropolitian Bike Squad had a stand. I asked them about cycling my 7 year son home. They informed me that it is perfectly alright to ride with your kids on the pavement providing you don't cause a nuisance or worse to other users of that space.

    I agree the interesting point is that (i think 17 may have been a bit old) but the definitely said that up a certain age kids are not allowed to ride any vehicle even self propelled vehicles on the road.

    The point was proven when the 4 coppers in there cars had to admit I was doing nothing wrong by cycling my son home from school one day. We were not causing a nuisance and we stop and were polite of other users of that space. They came back a day later saying they were doing to let it go after I pursued the issue with them

    The problem here is I think that pavements are not understood, the law and cyclists and road users understanding of what is the law here (me included) has become a bit of an Urban myth in terms of what is allowed.

    For instance a car can park on a pavement if there is no parking restriction ie yellow lines to indiocate otherwise. This means where there are no restrictions you can drive and cycle on the pavement. This is a fact. What stops pavements being driven on is the restrictions applied by the local councils. the yellow and red lines. That is why in shopping centre's there needs to be a specific detail on no cycling, skateboarding etc to indicate where you can and can't ride.

    This is where the confusion lies in understand whether you can or cannot ride on pavements. It also means that people like colinth assumes all pavements can't be ridden on not true at all and this blanket belief the dictates all peoplke who ride on pavements are dickheads. As I said its the restrictions on the road also applied to the pavements.

  • How to get good1 year 5 weeks agoAgain. Thanks all. I will

    Again. Thanks all. I will print this thread out and stick it in the shed. Ill deffo try some speed play interval stuff - its actually clicked that cycling should be fun and not grueling. Ill try to make the commute more purposeful than just a daily grind.

  • "Politcal correctness gone mad" - £50 fines issued to anti-social cyclists in Bolton1 year 5 weeks agoDidds Fundamentally I think

    Fundamentally I think we agree.

    As I have made clear in my post any cyclist who is cycling aggressively or endangering pedestrians deserves to be fined. And as you point out if the safest thing to do is to get off and push then that is what a cyclist should do. As advised by the department of transport in the link in my post

    “When pedestrian density increases cyclists behave accordingly by slowing down, dismounting, or taking avoiding action as required.”

    However as I also point out the department of transport states there are “no real factors to justify excluding cyclists from pedestrianised areas” In other words they think it is safe for cyclist to cycle in a shared area with pedestrians. This is reflected in the highway code where there is no legal statute banning cyclists from cycling in pedestrianised areas( only on pavements). The local authority may choice as is their right to create a local bye law- again as I point out against the department of transports advice –

    But I disagree with this campaign if people are being fined just for cycling in a pedestrianized areas even if they are cycling responsibly and they are committing no other offense- This in my mind sets a precedent for all shared space with pedestrians and could see responsible cyclists excluded from shared paths such as sustran routes. There is no evidence presented in the article that anyone has been hurt in this square by a cyclist. We have an increasingly obese nation and should be encouraging people out of cars onto bikes by providing safe spaces to cycle which may be shared.

  • ridley orion1 year 5 weeks agoI have ordered it today .its

    I have ordered it today .its the summer edition one

  • Race to screen Lance Armstrong movie hots up: Bradley Cooper signs up for biopic1 year 5 weeks agoFassbender would be a good

    Fassbender would be a good choice - he got crazy skinny playing Bobby Sands in Hunger.

    Actually, scratch that - Christian Bale would be perfect casting as a skinny crazy guy. I can see easily imagine him beating the living crap out of a French motorist.

  • "Politcal correctness gone mad" - £50 fines issued to anti-social cyclists in Bolton1 year 5 weeks agocolinth wrote:I'll remove

    colinth wrote:
    I'll remove dickhead because I dont want this to sound personal (although people who ride fast on the pavement are absolutely dickheads)

    You can't claim that it's OK to break the law because it's convenient. You've said it's only half a mile to town after the shared use path so why not lock the bike up and walk ? Saying nobody is inconvienced makes as much sense as drivers who say they should be allowed to drive at 100mph at night because there's nobody else around.

    There are more ways to reduce pollution etc than just cycling, walk, public transport etc. Saying it's bike all the way or nothing is akin to drivers who claim the same thing about their cars.

    Cycle when it's safe and legal, do something else when its not

    Tha is the most narrow minded attitude I have ever heard. My Mother is German and from experince generally all road users get on and tolerate each other.

    Calling us dickheads for taking on sons and daughters home by bike why should Bev and myself not ride with our children. She's not bothering anyone, neither am I. Maybe we should just say to the 4 year old just sit there everything else is too dangerous. Rubbish. I do not want to see my child laid out on a slab because you think that is what the law wants to see. I will use my common sense and make decisions whats best for me and not annoying other road users in the process

    The bottom line are we affecting other users of the space we ride in. What about pedestrians who walk in the road rather than walk on the pavement and cause a nuisance. I believe this is called Jay walking, but is tolerated. Why do they do this. I also like watching Danny Macskill doing all those urban tracks and stunts on his bike, this is done mainly on non road areas. He has never hurt or been trouble to anyone on these surfaces. Some pavements you can ride on some you can't.

    Why this draconian problems with pavements. If however you ride like an idiot any where you should be pulled up and sorted out.

  • Yorkshire hotels accused of cashing in on Tour de France Grand Départ1 year 5 weeks agoThat's nothing. A farmer with

    That's nothing. A farmer with land on Holme Moss is allowing people to camp in his field, which has no tap let alone toilets etc for.... wait for it....£150 per tent per night, minimum 2 nights stay. This was confirmed to me on Sunday by the landlord at The Fleece in Holme on Sunday.

  • "Politcal correctness gone mad" - £50 fines issued to anti-social cyclists in Bolton1 year 5 weeks agoCiaran Patrick

    Ciaran Patrick wrote:
    According to the Met Bike squad you can ride with your son or daughter on the pavement as no one under 17 can legally ride or drive any vehicle on the road.

    Sorry, is that:

    a) a Met officer said to you that under-17s can't ride on the road, and you disagree, or
    b) you're saying that under-17s can't ride on the road?

    If the latter, got a reference? I don't believe it Smile

  • Euskaltel confirms team to fold at the end of the season as search for co-sponsor ends1 year 5 weeks agoIts a shame, I can see the

    Its a shame, I can see the pro tour getting quite dull soon. Hope Argos Shimano and other smaller teams hang around.

    You can just see it though, everyone on spesh or trek and everyone in white/blue/black.

  • Video: Dual-drive 50mph e-bike can be yours for US$50001 year 5 weeks agoI think this guy rides near

    I think this guy rides near me - he's on Strava

  • Felt set to release redesigned AR aero bike at Eurobike + video1 year 5 weeks agoCould have sworn the AR was

    Could have sworn the AR was first released in 2008...

    Anyway, this new one looks special, really looking forward to hopping on one in early September. I CANNOT WAIT! As a one time AR owner I love the bike as it is and am really excited to see what the one brings.

  • Vuelta - pick three Spaniards1 year 5 weeks agoValverde Arroyo Landa


  • "Politcal correctness gone mad" - £50 fines issued to anti-social cyclists in Bolton1 year 5 weeks agoReply to Bez Here's something

    Reply to Bez
    Here's something that will cheer you. According to the Met Bike squad you can ride with your son or daughter on the pavement as no one under 17 can legally ride or drive any vehicle on the road.

    This came in handy when 2 panda hove in to view screetching to a stop 4 coppers got out and informed I was breaking the law by taking my 7 year old son home by bike. I informed them after a heated discussion and off they went.

    Only to come back next day saying they weren't going to prosecute me this time. Interesting hey.

    What gets me is the cars are never told of for driving on pavements as they park - the law is used on too much of a one sided basis.

  • "Politcal correctness gone mad" - £50 fines issued to anti-social cyclists in Bolton1 year 5 weeks agoThe Riding on Pavements is a

    The Riding on Pavements is a tricky one. I personally prefer riding on the roads.

    I have ridden all my life, I run a bike shop and I was once an Art Director for a National cycle magazine. I have no objections to people cycle where ever provided they cause no trouble to any other road user.

    I reckon that Danny Macskill if we arn't allowed to ride on pavements he should in loads of trouble. Check this DVD out brilliant riding and skills.


    Bikes are not cars, they can have access to spaces cars and motorbikes can't. So why not express your bike skills on pavements and non road areas providing you are responsible and don't trouble other users of these areas.

    What about scooters, skateboarders and other self propeller vehicles etc where do they fit in to this debate.