• Out now: Mark Cavendish DVD1 year 18 weeks agoI get my sleeping tablets for

    I get my sleeping tablets for free, so £13.99 for a sleeping device seems expensive Devil Devil

  • Out now: Mark Cavendish DVD1 year 18 weeks agohopefully 2011, not 2012 is

    hopefully 2011, not 2012 is keen as his career defining year though...

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 18 weeks agohas he paid back the money he

    has he paid back the money he won from cycling wen he doped or not, he,s making thousands off people buying his book, as are the rest of the dopers,(mite not b sqeeky clean myself, but never made money off my misdemeanours, if u want to read his book go to library and borrow it, no cost and he gets none of ur hard earned money, ban them for life and make them work for a living like the rest of us have to

  • Vinokourov paid off rival - emails and bank transfers 'prove'1 year 18 weeks ago"Rigo - look! Over there -

    "Rigo - look! Over there - naked ladies"

    Wins gold...

  • Great Britain's Helen Wyman wins European Cyclo-Cross championship in Ipswich1 year 18 weeks agoCheers Monty Dog - borders

    Cheers Monty Dog - borders restored Wink

  • wilier la triestina1 year 18 weeks agoAs long as it fits you then

    As long as it fits you then buy the bike that makes you happy.

  • Great Britain's Helen Wyman wins European Cyclo-Cross championship in Ipswich1 year 18 weeks agoOudenaarde in the

    Oudenaarde in the Netherlands? Thinking Those Dutch must have been tinkering with the borders Nerd

  • wilier la triestina1 year 18 weeks agoBought one last year with

    Bought one last year with campag groupset and miche wheels, slightly different spec to current spec (I think)... However cannot fault it, good ride, money well spent and a Wilier seems to turn heads!

  • Great Britain's Helen Wyman wins European Cyclo-Cross championship in Ipswich1 year 18 weeks agoA truly inspirational win

    A truly inspirational win that exemplifies, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again, a deserved reward indeed.

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 18 weeks agoWell I'm with Dai Millar on

    Well I'm with Dai Millar on this subject! Spoils the sport - all this regurgitation; and holier than thou attitudes posted on forums.

    Let those without sin; and there but for the grace, etc.

  • Wanted 36 hole matching pair fixed hubs.1 year 18 weeks agoThanks for looking GK,

    Thanks for looking GK, cheers.

  • The Exmoor Beast1 year 18 weeks agoWould not disagree with the

    Would not disagree with the description; it was great and it was last weekend October the 28th! Now the weather today looks not too bad, maybe they should have done it today! Last week it was Crying

  • Proper Century Chat1 year 18 weeks agoNovember done. 104 miles of

    November done. 104 miles of hills including four from the 100climbs book.

    Now looking forward to December. Going to need lights.


  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 18 weeks agoWell, supposed watershed

    Well, supposed watershed moments have come up before (remember Festina?) and everybody wrung their hands and said how terrible it was and then went straight back to doping.
    Up until a couple of weeks ago there were people who would jump down your throat for even the slightest suggestion Armstrong doped.
    , after the Bassons and Simeoni incidents there could be no doubt, and I mean ZERO that the sport was awash with drugs but people believe what they want to believe and that includes, for some, "relax! everything's fine now.."
    It may sound overly-cynical, but professional cyclists (just like all professional athletes) are like tax-evaders- they'll exploit any tiny loophole to gain an advantage. Unfortunately that means you simply have to get extremely tough and assume the worst the whole time.
    It may be a bit uncomfortable for people like Millar and fair enough, the sport is cleaner, but it's really the only way.
    Sky's policy is spot on.

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 18 weeks agoMaybe establish a pool of

    Maybe establish a pool of doctors and health care professionals that are paid by contributions from all teams and the governing bodies of sport and cycling. No allegiance to any one team or rider.They could travel together much like a team. Autonomy would promote an unbiased approach and provide transparancy. Additionally, some parity in saleries, with minimum base saleries, would be beneficial as well.But there needs to be harsh penalities with severe consequences for any violations going forward.

  • Online doping confession generator makes it easier than ever to get things off your chest1 year 18 weeks agoDear friends, family, and

    Dear friends, family, and fans:

    In the wake of recent events in the world of cycling, I can no longer hide my past. I admit to doping with EPO, blood transfusions, cortisone, testosterone, and Actovegin. I did not want to use these products but I thought everyone else was doing it. I took these products between June 1995 and December 2005.

    I feel ashamed of, take responsibility for, and am truly sorry for my actions and I hope that my confession can help bring positive change to the sport that we all love so much.

    However, I promise that I was clean when I won Paris-Roubaix. My current relationship to Michele Ferrari is purely platonic. I have to carry two phones in case two people want to get hold of me simultaneously. My hematocrit is naturally 49.9. Oh, and the vials in my fridge are for my wife's anaemia due to a menstrual condition. Honest.

    Edgar A Poe

  • Great Britain's Helen Wyman wins European Cyclo-Cross championship in Ipswich1 year 18 weeks agoNice work, I've followed CX

    Nice work, I've followed CX for a number of years, its good to see the women rising to the top, time for the men to up their game a bit Wink

  • Rapha Softshell Trousers1 year 18 weeks agoWere £180, now £110 ... bit

    Were £180, now £110 ... bit more reasonable pricing now its been corrected. Still that white belt loop looks out of place, like a manufacturing error, so these should be selling for £10 tops... Big Grin

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 18 weeks agostewieatb wrote:Karbon Kev

    stewieatb wrote:
    Karbon Kev wrote:
    This millar bloke is such a bloody hypocrite, no mate it's not clean, cos you're still riding, cheating bar steward!!

    I have never, ever understood this viewpoint about DM.

    Do you really believe that people can't change? That every doper should be banned for life?

    Have you never done anything you regretted? Were you never young and stupid and made a mistake?

    David Millar was a young professional who made a mistake. He has turned his life around and now rides clean. The regret for what he did is clear, and he has dedicated his life since to trying to prevent any more young professionals from being inducted into doping practises, and cleaning up the sport. But people like you think people should be infallible, think nobody should be forgiven. You just can't stop hanging the albatross around the neck of a man who made a mistake.

    Totally agree! The fact that Dave Millar says that cycling is clean(er) now gives me a lot more faith in the sport than I had yesterday. It was through his book that I made my own conclusions that Armstrong was doped up to the eyeballs back in the day, even before I read Hamilton's book later.

    If someone like Vino or Valverde had made that claim I'd have completely ignored it but I trust DM because of what he's done for the credibility of the sport since he made those mistakes.

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 18 weeks agorussyparkin wrote:chaps, not

    russyparkin wrote:
    chaps, not to major but can you use a different picture of david millar next time. keep it current etc

    He can't have changed that much in six months Thinking

    Though Garmin's kit has, of course Wink

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 18 weeks agoALIHISGREAT wrote: -Medical

    ALIHISGREAT wrote:

    -Medical attention is essential for professional athletes... they are paid to perform and medical issues from a common cold to something more serious affect this.

    They still don't need private medical support and dedicated doctors. Let them use neutral doctors. Provide a neutral pool of medics and doctors, not paid directly by any 1 team.

    ALIHISGREAT wrote:

    -Yeah.. communism works... lets take all the money and divide it up equally so it doesn't matter who wins.

    I didn't say equally, I said less inequally.

    ALIHISGREAT wrote:

    -Spreading the blame doesn't work.. one rogue athlete could ruin it everything for a team if you're going to punish them too.

    Some amount of proportionality should still be there. However, it's not right that team principals can deliberately not look and get away with it.

    ALIHISGREAT wrote:

    -already in effect -> look at all Lance's ex-team-mates who testified against him.. they've got reduced punishments

    That's only an incentive for riders who already stand to lose. It doesn't do anything to encourage others to come forward.

    ALIHISGREAT wrote:

    -make blood data available? never going to happen.. and I don't see any benefit.

    Ask the scientists if routine data publication would help. My impression is that while there's some data available, there's far from enough.

  • Winter cycling help?1 year 18 weeks agoMudguards a definite. Weekly

    Mudguards a definite. Weekly cleaning and lubing of your chain. Regular washing if no time hose down and dry followed with a squirt of GT85/WD40 especially the moving parts - levers, callipers, mechds. Your guards though will provide plenty of protection. For tyres get a set that will prove bombproof (I go with conti 4season) and drop the pressure to about 90 or so (better traction in wet).

  • Say sorry to Greg Lemond on Facebook1 year 18 weeks agoFor fecks sake, Lance ==

    For fecks sake, Lance == guiltyLittleShitWhoCheatedEveryBody but most of all himself !. get over it, forget about him. As for greg we'll never know - but occams razor would
    say in all probability - he didn't, because he was that type of guy.

  • Winter cycling help?1 year 18 weeks agoThere is an even easier

    There is an even easier solution. Only go out when its dry.
    I dont know where you live but even here in rainy old Manchester during the winter its as dry as many days as it is wet - especially recently with our wet summers.
    Im not one of these macho types who goes out all weathers - i only like it dry but ive noticed im getting in as much cycling in the winter as i have done in the summer.
    Probably not good advice though to someone who has a busy lifestyle and who works Mon-Fri 9 to 5 (which i dont!)

  • Rapha Softshell Trousers1 year 18 weeks agoSorry - just getting my

    Sorry - just getting my answer to the inevitable "Who buys this stuff?" question in early.
    A question usually asked (rhetorically) by me to be honest.