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I really like the feel of cotton and this Epic Cotton would be why the jacket is so expensive. Given the jacket is manufactured in the UK, then the price is reasonable, but that collar does look too wide, and I can't see how it could possibly be adjusted to make it fit properly (without looking like you're being strangled). I quite like this jacket, but would wait for an improved version before considering it. Maybe adding a hood (one that could fit under a helmet?) would make it more practical.

There appears to be an elastic bungee cord for the neck. Looks and sounds like a nice jacket. Can Nick answer the goretex question?

A good waterproof is worth it's cost. But I have one so am unlikely to splash the cash.

I'd appreciate if you would read the earlier comments before making a judgement on me.

  • Vulpine Men's Original Rain Jacket1 year 3 weeks agoJoeinpoole wrote:Colin

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    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    Fixie Girl wrote:
    +1 to having an opinion on an open forum.. Applause

    No problem with that. But why make a criticism about something you're not interested in and don't like. He said he couldn't see the need for it. Why make such negative comments?

    North Star is miserable is my opinion.

    Why shouldn't he make whatever comments he likes? When were you voted in for the position of Road.cc's own 'cyber-judge'?

    You sound far more miserable than North Star to me. At least he is commenting on the subject of the article than trying to take shots at those who express an opinion.

    Out of interest, what do you think of the jacket?

    I must be going mad. If you read my previous comments I have made some comments about the jacket. But NorthStar has made a series of negative comments about the jacket which makes me wonder why he bothered. I've never said he couldn't make a comment, but to me it seems a little miserable and churlish to say negative comments, especially directly to the person who made it. I've never said he should take his comments back, but this is a review of a jacket. The discussion is about the jacket and if all you want to do is be as negative and unconstructive I would question why? It would seem to me that the person involved is of a negative and miserable state of mind. I pulled Northstar up on that - his comments elsewhere on the forum would suggest that, but given that it is usually opinion that is fair play. Seems like people aren't reading all the comments.

  • Leader of Hampshire County Council says it can’t regulate New Forest sportives1 year 3 weeks agoIn Seattle (I'm a transplant

    In Seattle (I'm a transplant from the UK) there's a similar potential tension between horses and bikes, particularly regarding a lot of CX and XC routes.

    The cyclists defuse it with a ride called the Stinky Spoke, which raises money for a centre that uses horses as part of therapy for adults and children with learning disabilities.


    The event raises a lot of cash, and the goodwill raised by it ensures that the equestrian community is very much in support of the cyclists, and vice versa.

    Perhaps a century ride through the New Forest in support of the Charity for Homeless Ponies might do the same?

  • Bristol police chief loves riding in his city, unlike London's top cop1 year 3 weeks agoExcellent. Notes Bristol as

    Excellent. Notes Bristol as a possible place in which to live.

  • BikeCityGuide Finn1 year 3 weeks agombthegreat wrote:It doesn't

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    It doesn't protect against weather weather, but will it keep off regular weather?

    I just mount my laptop on the handlebars which means I can close the top if it rains. I also find the 19 inch screen easier to read.

  • Leader of Hampshire County Council says it can’t regulate New Forest sportives1 year 3 weeks ago1750nick wrote:Surely it's

    1750nick wrote:
    Surely it's simple? If all us cyclists stop going there, whether it be sportives, touring....etc and therefore stop staying in the campsites, B&Bs, Hotels, pubs.... Let's stop buying food from the shops, bakers, pubs.... Watch the place decline into a dump of closed down pubs and boarded up shops and then see how long it takes for these idiots to welcome "us cyclists" back.

    That is what the incomers want, they don't need locals, they can buy bread on the way back from the City. The less locals and tourists clogging up their roads the better.

  • London flooded with police in road safety crackdown1 year 3 weeks agoI personally get annoyed when

    I personally get annoyed when people jump red lights as they are also branded as cyclists by the general public, today I saw a lot of people getting nabbed for that.

    But also saw 2 officers standing at each side of the road at Waterloo and both completely ignored a pair of jaywalkers running in front of me.

    So like the others a mixed bag but better than nothing I guess.

    Let's see what happens when the dust settles down.

  • Monster interest sees Etape Loch Ness sell out in hours1 year 3 weeks agoThat's interesting...clearly

    That's interesting...clearly the locals will know more than me so maybe i'm missing something? I'm not against Sportives in general, this one just seems a bit pricey to me, as if simply the name Loch Ness has served to bump up the price.

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 3 weeks agofelixcat wrote:nbrus

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    nbrus wrote:

    And how is someone supposed to attract your attention if you're not listening? I don't think you could argue that you would be more aware of your surroundings (and therefore safer) without the earphones...

    The job of the overtaken is to keep a consistent line and speed. The rest of the onus is on the overtaker. S/he should not depend on any other action by the overtaken.

    You've missed the point completely ... this isn't simply about overtaking ... that was only an example. Its about awareness of your surroundings and others being able to attract your attention if necessary.

  • Different Saddle Needed - Any Suggestions ?1 year 3 weeks agoI agree with pretty much all

    I agree with pretty much all that sorebones has just said and making sure the saddle is in the right place and at the right angle is the best thing to do.

    That said something I've noticed recently is saddle width is related to weight, mine, so a wider saddle if I'm fatter and the narrower option if I'm carrying less weight. Current fave saddle is the prologo scratch which handily comes in 134mm and 143mm widths I've also got on well with the fizik aliante in the past too despite being able to place my palms on the floor next to my feet.

    But check the bike setup first

  • Bristol police chief loves riding in his city, unlike London's top cop1 year 3 weeks agoYay, good bloke. And probably

    Yay, good bloke. And probably paid enough to buy an ex Wiggo Pinarello too.