• road.cc mobile site or fantasy app?1 year 8 weeks agoThanks Gkam. Android forum

    Thanks Gkam. Android forum app would suit me - yes please. I think a fantasy app would be amazing (note to bosses!) and would be a nice addition to the game. Could be part of premium package or standalone fee (or both?). I'm not a premium player but would pay for an app.

  • Giro d'Italia reaction from 2013 champion Vincenzo Nibali & points jersey winner Mark Cavendish1 year 8 weeks agoIt's time USADA brought about

    It's time USADA brought about some more 'Reasoned Decisions' More and more fans are suspicious that the UCI is in denial and reluctant to upset the 'Stakeholders' by ruling on high profile riders suspected of cheating. I believe the blood passport is no longer reliable (if ever it was) Armstrong got round it at will.

  • Scotland opens first cycling facility for the disabled1 year 8 weeks agoCheers Mad, I found their

    Cheers Mad, I found their website yesterday. Just forgot to come back and post it. http://highlandcycleability.com/

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 8 weeks agoKenya is a low

    Kenya is a low country.....right

  • DAUPHINE1 year 8 weeks agoThey'll change, once the

    They'll change, once the Dauphine stage profiles are set up and the race is finalised we run a rider update that sets rider values based on the parcours and recent form so they'll change.

  • road.cc mobile site or fantasy app?1 year 8 weeks agoI have a mobile app just for

    I have a mobile app just for the forum and news things. BUT, its only on Android....

    I have a fantasy app in the works and hoping to get it tested around Vuelta time, so it would be a public release next season....But I've just been working on them as a side project, still to run it all past the bosses

    Quite happy to sort people out with the Android forum app though

  • Giro d'Italia reaction from 2013 champion Vincenzo Nibali & points jersey winner Mark Cavendish1 year 8 weeks agoVino as GM and Pantani's old

    Vino as GM and Pantani's old DS, talk about keeping the wrong company.

  • BB & hub grease1 year 8 weeks agoLow Speed Wobble wrote:Simon

    Low Speed Wobble wrote:
    Simon E wrote:
    Any standard grease will be fine.
    thank you for your incisive opinion.

    Glad you like it, that took me a long time to compose.

    An alternative reply that may make you happier:

    "Just buy the most expensive grease you can find. It will, of course, be the best".

    I have to wonder why do you think Sram grease isn't good enough for your hubs.

  • gluten free1 year 8 weeks agoYes, I know, Grolsch is

    Yes, I know, Grolsch is Dutch, not German...

  • gluten free1 year 8 weeks agoMy 7yo son is also coeliac

    My 7yo son is also coeliac and was diagnosed just over 2 years ago - he now follows a strict GF diet but eats plenty (lots of rice, meat and GF cereals and GF pasta).

    As I also have 2 other (younger) children, we decided that it was not really feasible for the whole family to go GF, but we do now eat a lot more fresh food and almost nothing processed - very few manufacturers are prepared to say "gluten free" on their packaging and it's unfair for us to eat biscuits (for example) when he can't. There's also a surprising amount of food that has wheat/wheat-derivatives in it - ice cream, for example.

    On the beer front, he is already looking forward to cider and wine and, I have heard (although not checked) that some of the "pure" German beers (e.g. Grolsch) are effectively GF as a result of the brewing process. I am looking forward to conducting more personal research in this area!

  • Ultegra Di21 year 8 weeks agoI've no idea but I'd say buy

    I've no idea but I'd say buy it now - why miss a whole summer of riding your dream bike just in case an extra sprocket gets added in time for the winter?

  • DAUPHINE1 year 8 weeks agoAre the values for the riders

    Are the values for the riders we can see on the 'Rankings' page set for the Dauphine, or can they still suffer changes?...

  • gluten free1 year 8 weeks agoHi, I went gluten free for

    I went gluten free for coeliac disease about 4 weeks ago and already noticed a difference. I now eat more buckwheat, millet and less carbs overall. My digestive system is much better and as a triathlete my performance has improved. Try joining up to coeliac.org; they're great as a support group. I also joined up with juvela who provide a free sample pack of foods. I now make most of my own food too.
    hope this helps a little

  • DAUPHINE1 year 8 weeks agoray silvester wrote:...

    ray silvester wrote:
    ... Valverde with Quintana...

    Wow! Smile Who'll outclimb whom?...

  • Back Froome at the Tour de France, Sutton tells Wiggins1 year 8 weeks agoForm is fine, but as soon as

    Form is fine, but as soon as the tour route was unveiled it was Froome's leadership. Its a mountainous tour with less TTing and suits Froome far more than it does Wiggins.
    Last year Frrome was the better climber and Wiggins the better TT rider. This year the better climber will surely win.
    With Wiggins looking mentally unsettled, without a win and having had a poor Giro (for whatever reason) and Froome looking every inch the leader and winner, the choice is no choice at all.
    The decision really is whether to have Wiggins on the team. In all likelihood he will be, if toys are kept in prams, as its disrespectful to leave out a defending champ. But if the public spats worsen, they may be forced to leave out Wiggo.
    Brad's best bet now is to use a mountainous Vuelta (Porte wouldn't be overjoyed) as a World's springboard. Even then the road race suits Froome more, so a tilt at the TT rainbow bands may be a year saver. Apart from that, what is he motivated for? 2014 and Yorkshire...
    How quickly a year passes.

  • Jeremy Clarkson tells his readers to get on their bikes... but not to bother with a helmet1 year 8 weeks agoOn this one Clarkson is

    On this one Clarkson is right, in that we do need to normalise cycling. Those who want to engage in cycle sport will still be free to do so, just look at the popularity cycle sport in places like Denmark and the Netherlands. However, for most people in those places the bicycle is just a means of transport, a way of getting from A to B.

    Lets face, motor sport is not diminished by the fact that no one put on a flame suit to drive to the shops. Better still if we normalise cycling, more people will choose to take the bicycle rather than the car to pop down to the local shops.

    So yes it is time that we Copenhagenized our towns and cities, if anyone would like to know more about this process then come to Mikael Colville-Andersen talk on Bicycle Culture by Design – Considering Design as a Placemaking Solution for Liveable Cities, in Edinburgh on the 15th June as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling.

  • Back Froome at the Tour de France, Sutton tells Wiggins1 year 8 weeks agoI think it's funny how

    I think it's funny how everyone slates Sky for creating the "boring" controlled team style. As I remember it USPS/Discovery used it to win 7 Tours. Admittedly they as we now know for sure, were doping which is probably why LA could put in spectacular mountain rides at times. I suspect if they ridden clean their style would have been exactly like Sky look now. I also suspect that they'd have still won some if not all 7. It always baffled me how long it has taken another squad to follow the same principle. It's time to accept the way to win Grand Tours is mostly down too consistency not panache. As much as we love the Tommy Vs of this world for all Marc Madiot moans they are unlikely to win. Or if they do everyone starts to question the outcome. Have a look at the posts about Niballi' s Giro victory.

    As for Froome winning last year. So he left Brad struggling at times. Some see this as proof he'd have won the overall. It ain't proof. Anything could have happened. For on thing the team might have totally rejected supporting him due to orders or at least split along loyalty lines which probably would have meant neither winning. 2011 at the Vuelta was not the same as Le Tour 2012.

    And no one can win a Grand Tour, TdF especially, on their own.

  • Achievements - Understanding1 year 8 weeks agoHow about highest jump in the

    How about highest jump in the overall placings - in the running competition and/or the overall competition - in one day? Or maybe after (!) a competition has ended?

    How about a badge because you placed on the podium of the overall of a Grand Tour? Or a competition? So you can include the Classics? Smile

  • gluten free1 year 8 weeks agoYes, I'm on a low carb diet

    Yes, I'm on a low carb diet for three months now, never felt better physically. Lost a lot of excess fat, gained muscle, I can finally see muscles on my legs. Though my main objective is/was to shed weight, I refuel twice a week with potatoes and rice. This website has some very nice info about why gluten is not very good for the body - http://authoritynutrition.com

    I also eat much more meat and vegetables than I ever did. Feels good to have a cheat day every now and then and just stuff yourself with all the bad shit Big Grin

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 8 weeks agoMy bikes can be seen on my

    My bikes can be seen on my web site (don't know how to show pics on here!).

    The link is: http://www.brytfor.co.uk/mybikes.htm

  • Giro - Stage 201 year 8 weeks agoray silvester wrote:Alan

    ray silvester wrote:
    Alan Tullett wrote:
    ray silvester wrote:
    Alan Tullett wrote:
    2nd today! So close! Leading 3 Italians though.

    Probably beaten by someone with the 3 leading Colombians!!

    No. I had those but could have done with Atapuma as well. Evans and Trofimov beat Scarponi and Pirazzi. The rest the same.

    If you had Duarte you DESERVE the stage!!

    With so many people playing it's hard to win a stage now. I wouldn't have had Pirazzi if I'd waited but I don't know who I really would have had. Not bothered about winning a pump as I've got plenty of those but it's always nice to actually win a stage in any case. Got three badges for stage podiums but they're all 2nd and 3rds, no wins yet!!

    Bring on the TdF, won a stage in that the last 2 years, perhaps I'll get lucky again but it'll take an exceptional choice to win a stage in the most popular race of the year which will have the best prizes for it, I hope Wink (hint, hint Dave!)

  • Giro Prize Suggestion1 year 8 weeks agotony kappler wrote:Hi guys;

    tony kappler wrote:
    Hi guys; I'm coming 2nd in Giro (Standard Player)....

    tony kappler wrote:
    ... And yes, I'd love a complimentary upgrade for the rest of the year...

    enrique wrote:
    ...maybe Standard Players deserve... their own (!) prize...

    Dude, Congratulations! Fantastic play! An inspiration! Smile Hope you enjoy the Giro helmet! Smile

    Same to presenrumu08 and karlake2! Smile

    Never (!) been so attentive in a competititon! Smile

  • Last Day Transfers and Transfer Strategy Discussion Thread1 year 8 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:...You can't

    Gkam84 wrote:
    ...You can't simply just change the game like that... It would take a lot of background work and would require having three different sets of players. Premium, Free Premium and Free (prize winning)...

    Well, crap... I thought it'd be easy! Confused ... Real (!) easy! Smile Just a couple of lines of code and BOOM! Smile It's done! Otherwise I wouldn't be harping on it so much... Ok, then just take into consideration for the future, please... It'd be nice!... I won't harp on this anymore Smile Thinking Wink Maybe! Big Grin

    Now this is what is crazy, in a twisted way, I've thought so much about this that I feel one could argue, in fact, that, because (!) winning the game Standard-Style is harder (!), arguably (!), then maybe Standard Players deserve not only their own (!) prize but a better (!) prize! Smile Nuff said! Smile


  • Castelli Inferno bibshort1 year 8 weeks agoI think the model is wearing

    I think the model is wearing a separate vest - on Wiggle the shorts don't have a meshed front.

  • Last Day Transfers and Transfer Strategy Discussion Thread1 year 8 weeks agodrheaton wrote:...if you got

    drheaton wrote:
    ...if you got a paper-round... and put the amount of time into it that you put into the forum you'd be able to afford the premium membership in no time Big Grin

    Fascinating... Thinking

    drheaton wrote:
    ...How many transfers you managed to bank for today is largely irrelevant because I can't see many people making more than four or five...

    Granted. Probably right. Smile I realized this, though,... which I wouldn't put above 'obvious' to most people...

    There are two things at stake in this game, at least for me... 1-winning the game and 2-winning the grand prize...

    I, well, don't really care for the grand prize really...

    So (!), I'd be happy Smile to play just for fun... or excitement! and all the heart palpitations I feel when I do well or the panic attacks when I fail miserably Smile...

    But... I wish it were on a level playing field, for free, granted, with the rest of you... The key word here is, for free, whether I deserve it or not...

    I just wish I could play for the Top Spot, not for the bike, without paying for it, just for free...

    Granted, the game organizers have the right to decide who plays for what and how... It's their game, so, in essence, though it may not matter, I want to play the same game as you are for free...

    Will I? Probably not, but, it's not about the transfers per se, but about playing the same game... It's just that the transfers are the only thing different about the game experience right now... I can do without all the extra races and the extra rider information, of course, but, were it up to me, which it obviously isnt...

    I would offer a free version of the game where one could play with unlimited banking of transfers, even if I never got a single prize out of it...

    In fact, one could argue that because (!) winning the game Standard-Style is harder maybe Standard Players deserve not only their own (!) prize but a better! prize Smile

    Thanks! Smile