• Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:There are

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    There are no words

    epic fail Crying

    I feel your pain- i tinned jeanesson to make space for gilbert- facepalm!

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoShame about Voeckler but glad

    Shame about Voeckler but glad I kept Quintana - should be 20pts for him!

  • Exclusive: Emma Pooley on women’s Tour de France sponsors, money & scheduling1 year 6 weeks ago"The extra media commitment

    "The extra media commitment would amount to an extra mobile film crew to show the actual action from our race"

    This sentence alone suggests to me she hasn't really thought it through that well.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoThere are no words epic fail

    There are no words

    epic fail Crying

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoCosta is going to win but

    Costa is going to win but it's all kicking off behind, Contador and Kreuziger are trying to 1-2 Froome and break him on this final climb. Race wise it's interesting, fantasy wise it's not as it'll do nothing except possibly shed Mollema and change the GC points slightly.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoi got 15 for de gendt and 14

    i got 15 for de gendt and 14 for hoogs at the sprint, which is probably enough to be above average on this stage on its own Wink

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoDe Gendt dropped

    De Gendt dropped Crying

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks ago25km to go, Marino/Kadri 25"

    25km to go, Marino/Kadri 25" up on the break, the break itself is more than 11'30" up on the peloton.

    At this rate Navarro will be up to 13th overall.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoMarino/Kadri on the attack,

    Marino/Kadri on the attack, this is good for me as I have neither, hopefully they'll burn themselves out and not feature at the finish.

  • Police Scotland nabs dodgy drivers in crackdown to protect vulnerable road users1 year 6 weeks agoSniffer wrote:Don't let the

    Sniffer wrote:
    Don't let the usual helmet and hi-viz comments distract us from what to my mind is a good news story.

    I cycle in Scotland. I want cars to drive at appropriate speeds and I don't want drivers using a mobile phone. I want careless and dangerous drivers stopped.

    Yes, much more needs to be done. A short campaign does not fix much. Yes, I wish the final comments were not made. But overall it is a good thing.

    As someone who regularly skips into West Lothian on the bike, using B roads, it could have been me hit by the lorry that killed Douglas Brown. I am sorry for his death and the impact it will have on his family.

    Yes, a very fair point. Both driving and cycling quality needs to be worked on - we live on a crowded island (well... in places it's crowded) and the rules are there so we all rub along together safely.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoMaximum sprint points for De

    Maximum sprint points for De Gendt, Thank you Dave Atkinson!

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoBoo! Hoogerland picks up

    Boo! Hoogerland picks up sprint points:

    1. De Gendt (VCD) 15pts
    2. Hoogerland (VCD) 14pts
    3. Jeannesson (FDJ) 13pts
    4. Gilbert (BMC) 12pts
    5. Meyer (OGE) 11pts
    6. Albasini (OGE) 10pts
    7. Riblon (ALM) 9pts
    8. Kadri (ALM) 8pts
    9. Marino (SOJ) 7pts
    10. Trofimov (KAT) 6pts
    11. Velits (OPQ) 5pts
    12. Didier (RTL) 4pts
    13. Narardauskas (GRS) 3pts
    14. Gautier (EUC) 2pts
    15. Kloden (RTL) 1pt

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoDe Gendt takes maximum points

    De Gendt takes maximum points at the sprint. Break now nearly 10 minutes behind with 50km to go. Peloton having an extended rest day by the sounds of it.

  • Tour de France game - Pick three Frenchmen1 year 6 weeks agoChava's been a very helpful,

    Chava's been a very helpful, even yesterday getting quite a few points.

    Kadri might get something from the break today, and then maybe scraps from Chavanel in the TT but after that it's basically zero points for a while - though I suppose early breakaways are an outside possibility on both 18 and 20.

    Still, very happy to have led so far... Nerd

  • Pinarello launch Dogma with hydraulic disc brakes1 year 6 weeks agoThey are just being dogmatic

    They are just being dogmatic

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoGot Rui Costa in my roaduk

    Got Rui Costa in my roaduk team as well. Going better than Sat.

  • wireless cateye strada 'freezing'1 year 6 weeks agoI had one of these a while

    I had one of these a while back, I don't remember clearly but I do vaguely remember the head unit used to rattle and I think I solved it by putting some electrical tape into the mount so it was a bit of a tighter fit. Never had any issues with it freezing though

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Shhh! You

    drheaton wrote:
    Shhh! You should have claimed to have been targetting a breakaway stage win with your purist team Big Grin

    Mine has one in the break, Coppel, who's been a total waste of space (as has Gadret). I'm about 280 points of the purist leader but I reckon I can make that up over the next few days, I have Froome and Quintana whereas they only have sprinters. The problem is, I'm sure lots of people ahead of me will have Froome/Quintana too so I'm not holding any hopes of winning.

    Yes! I've got Froome Quintana Porte and Sagan. So has someone else with El Fares where I've got Le Mevel.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoGosh darn it, dropped out

    Gosh darn it, dropped out Kadri yesterday in favour of Chavanel, who I thought would get into a break.

    Now just have Hoogerland in the break. Reckon a one of the various Frenchman will be desperate to grab a win. Can see either Voeckler pulling away for a solo, or if it comes down to the bunch, maybe Gallopin at the finish.

  • wireless cateye strada 'freezing'1 year 6 weeks agoNo, I've never had this

    No, I've never had this problem with the Cateye wireless.

    When you say the "unit" rattles, do you mean the sensor on the chainstay or the display on the stem? I've never had any rattle from either, but I can't imagine that rattling will help the wireless transmission between sensor and unit.

    Perhaps try taking the whole lot off the bike and then reinstalling, making sure that the sensor, unit and magnets are tightly fixed.

  • Driver 'had no idea' cyclist was under lorry's wheels1 year 6 weeks agoMunicipal Waste wrote: As far

    Municipal Waste wrote:

    As far as I'm concerned, that's natural selection.

    What a revolting thing to say, someone has lost their life.

    Oh and if you can't stop behind the line you are either going too fast, or not paying attention, regardless of vehicle.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks ago65km ish to go, break 8'20"

    65km ish to go, break 8'20" ahead. I can't see anyone trying to claw this back now so I reckon your top 20 will come purely from the break.

    Now, who's the favourite? Costa? Gilbert? Gallopin? Albasini? Voeckler? De Gendt? Maybe the Honey Badger (Navardauskas)?

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 6 weeks agoDe gendt and Kadri in the

    De gendt and Kadri in the break. Only brought in De Gendt so pretty happy. Still got points for Froome and Quintana. So now it depends on what happens.

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 6 weeks agoColin Peyresourde

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    notfastenough wrote:
    Apply all this to your own job. If I put months of work into something which turned out awesome, only for people to make snide comments and suggest I cheated, I'd be mightily pissed off.

    "I have never taken performance enhancing drugs". It's thing that is trawled out by every doper ever. I'm not saying that this condemns team Sky, but it's a record that has been spun over and over.

    So what could he conceivably have said to satisfy people? There isn't an answer to that, so it's a complete non-question posed by crap journos who think that qualifies as 'asking the tough questions'. It doesn't.

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:

    I am heartened that Team Sky have shown suffering. It makes them human. But equally, Froome has not suffered in the same way.

    Sorry, I think you're wrong. Froome (or the DS via the race radio) has shown tactical awareness by going hard on the important days. If he was invincible he wouldn't have conceded 51 secs on that flat stage to ACs breakaway. Also, on that super Sunday where he was outnumbered by Movistar, Quintana admitted Movistar were riding to distance Porte, not drop Froome. Half the time CF just sat amongst blue jerseys just like he would sit amongst black jerseys. Their mistake IMHO, but it flattered Froome.

    As for Decster, you've just cited a race (2012 Vuelta) where CF, having finished the TdF and Olympics, was dropped by a trio that DID look turbocharged. They did that attacking shit day-after-day! Sky look like they're suffering for it at least. At that's your justification that CF must be doped?! I think it's you that's on the bloody drugs sunshine.

  • Police Scotland nabs dodgy drivers in crackdown to protect vulnerable road users1 year 6 weeks agorichteebis wrote:dreamlx10

    richteebis wrote:
    dreamlx10 wrote:
    Imagine if you had said PC Umbongo how would that have looked ? But it's only the "Jocks" anyway. Funny how Islam is considered a race but being Scottish isn't.

    Islam is not a race, similarly Scottish is not a race!

    Exactly my point, you can blithely criticise one but not the other, one brings a cry of racism the other doesn't. Colour, religion, and nationality are not races, so what exactly is racism ?