• The battle of the CXes1 year 1 week agoGreat write up Jo, I agree

    Great write up Jo, I agree completely that the event was totally unique and a fantastic experience. I didn't mind the "Puddle of Doom" but the swamp was really a very unpleasant place to race a bike, I have only just managed to get the last of the pond weed out of my spokes.
    I started racing mountain bikes in 1987 yet this event was certainly one of the best I have done.

  • Asking for advice on a new bike1 year 1 week agoThanks guys. As two of you

    Thanks guys. As two of you have mentioned it I will take a look at the Spec Allez.

    @Sniffer: Thanks for the heads up on that Whyte Dorset - that could be just what I'm looking for, seems like a good stepping stone from an MTB to a full blown racer. It's better reviewed here than the Trek and the Merida. I guess I will just need to give them all a try.

    I'm also going to go to my Trek dealer tomorrow and ask if they would swap out the Sora groupset on the Crossrip for a 105. Is there much of a market for pre-owned groupsets - would I be likely to sell it in the classifieds on here (given that it would be unused)?

  • Spring into training mode (quietly)1 year 1 week agoIsn't it amazing how quickly

    Isn't it amazing how quickly things get mucky? I'm loving the early mornings too. I almost don't want the clocks to change and spoil it for a few weeks.

  • Michelin Pro 4 Grip tyres1 year 1 week agoSpecialized All Condition

    Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite every time. £50/pair and available in 25C. Last for years of London glass and flint based commuting.

  • Video: Is this man the luckiest unlucky cyclist in the world?1 year 1 week agoI imagine he sat up thinking

    I imagine he sat up thinking "What the fuck?"

  • Kask Mojito or MET Sine Thesis1 year 1 week agoThanks for your feedback, the

    Thanks for your feedback, the Met would be an online purchase so can't try that on in advance Sad

    I'm going to my LBS tomorrow to try the Kask so will order the Met IF the kask does not kit nice. (I can always return the Met if it's no good)

    Thanks again Smile

  • dhb Vaeon Roubaix Bib Tights1 year 1 week agoOr perhaps have a little

    Or perhaps have a little check before you leave the house.

    As for Wiggle being useless: if you have worn an item without under-crackers as you suggest you have then no one would offer you a refund.

  • Turbo session at night. Nutrition help appreciated1 year 1 week agoYeah, I don't think you've

    Yeah, I don't think you've got the hang of a recovery shake. They're a quick replacement to a meal after exercise.

    It's true what ajmarshal1 says. Eating late is a myth. Just think about what you want to do after a big meal....sleep. The only thing about eating late is that it may disturb your sleep and so affect your recovery that way.

    It is important to replenish yourself after exercise. But I would only entertain a recovery shake when you're unlikely to eat a more substantive meal for a while. This doesn't mean to say that downing a glass of mother natures purest milk isn't a good thing. But only as a prelude to meal.

  • Koga E-Nova RT electric bike1 year 1 week agoI've only ridden my mum's up

    I've only ridden my mum's up and down the street, but to her it's been a godsend. She now, rather weather dependent, rides into work quite often, about seven miles. She couldn't do this on a "normal" bike, not in any sensible time, due to a knackered knee. The motor lets her get there without breaking a sweat, but still getting a bit of exercise (you don't have to get sweaty for it to have a benefit), whilst at weekends she can try going further and faster whilst still being able to tackle inclines (whilst my dad huffs and puffs in her slipstream Laughing )

    She's actually on her second- her first was wearing out, the battery wasn't holding charge, and cycle-to-work came round again.

  • Womens World Cup1 year 1 week agonot sure what has happened

    not sure what has happened but I haven't got a score for the first race in the Women's World Cup despite having picked a team. Thinking

  • Camden to get London's first left hook preventing separated junction1 year 1 week agoNo room for an eastbound

    No room for an eastbound cycle lane on Crowndale Road? But room for three - count them - westbound vehicle lanes?

    No room for a contraflow cycle lane southbound on Camden High Street? But room for three northbound vehicle lanes?

    These are just typical traffic sewers with the usual minimal cycle facilities. We have _so_ far to go to make London a cycling city.

  • Jerseys with a specific pocket for a pump1 year 1 week agoThat's a good idea, should've

    That's a good idea, should've thought of that. The pump stayed put with no fuss this evening on a hilly blast of country lanes so that was good; snug Italian clothing probably helped Big Grin . I think it should stay safe so I can sleep soundly knowing my beloved TCR won't be sullied by a pump attached. A victory for vanity.

  • Android Wear set to offer cycling apps on a watch + video1 year 1 week agoDrivers who allow gadgets to

    Drivers who allow gadgets to distract them are the REAL issue.

  • Kask Mojito or MET Sine Thesis1 year 1 week agoI love my Kask Mojito.

    I love my Kask Mojito. Comfortable even after 8 hours riding, my old Giro gave me a headache after half that time. Really adjustable fit too. Great piece of kit.

  • Turbo session at night. Nutrition help appreciated1 year 1 week agoSimon E wrote: Hmmm, they

    Simon E wrote:

    Hmmm, they probably say that about steroids and HGH too. Thinking

    What do steroids have to do with food consumption?

  • Video: Is this man the luckiest unlucky cyclist in the world?1 year 1 week agoI wonder if he sat up

    I wonder if he sat up thinking it had all been a dream?

  • Jerseys with a specific pocket for a pump1 year 1 week agoPump+tube+tyre levers+elastic

    Pump+tube+tyre levers+elastic bands. All one easy to grab bundle, and it goes nowhere when in your pocket. Easy.

  • Fine and ban for Australian driver videoed hitting cyclist1 year 1 week agoI'm quite shocked that people

    I'm quite shocked that people seem content with the punishment of this incident just because it was dealt with quickly. 3 months ban and a small fine for almost killing someone and in such a blatant way as well? Not good enough!

  • Cheshire Cat1 year 1 week agoAhh yeah, the descent is

    Ahh yeah, the descent is horrible - tight, twisty, steep and a terrible surface.

    Biggest problem you'll face is people falling/unclipping ahead of you - hence the "DO NOT WEAVE" rule. Pick your line, if you're slow and fat stick to the side - sorry to be blunt, but if you don't you ruin it for others.

    It is pretty funny watching people fall over though. Take a minute or two at the top to do that.

  • Cheshire Cat1 year 1 week agoPendle hill - Nick o' Pendle?

    Pendle hill - Nick o' Pendle? It's much tougher than that.
    Jeffrey hill? That's closer I think. But it's shorter.

    Mow Cop hurts more in part because it's straight and so you can see a lot of it intimidatingly in front of you. My advice: don't look!

    Though, really, it's easily tamed. It's quite long, maybe over a mile, so sit well within your threshold, stay seated, and let everyone else go off at their own pace. As pointed out, the [mercifully short] ramp at the end is ridiculous, and the spectators/photographers add stagefright, so make sure you've got one more cog in the back pocket to beat it.

    With a compact on, it's really fine.

    And, it comes early in the route these days, so fresh legs help.

    Watch the descent. I saw a guy wipe out badly once there.

    Enjoy..? Wink

  • Cheshire Cat1 year 1 week agoIf you need to weave - weave

    If you need to weave - weave Big Grin

    Its not too bad - its over really quick, take you time getting up its a slow slog. What I did was to hold back so I wasnt going up in a big group, means you have more of the road to choose a good line and avoid the walkers/strugglers.

    Once you hit the base of the 25% bit - just attack it, it really is surprisingly short, and once you pass the people there recording your number, thats it you've earned your medal Smile

    Its such a buzz though, you'll really enjoy it and dont forget to stop at the top and refuel, you still have the tough Wincle to do.

    Slowly does it though. Good luck Nerd

  • dhb Vaeon Roubaix Bib Tights1 year 1 week agoMan up and shave.

    Man up and shave.

  • Cheshire Cat1 year 1 week agocrazy-legs wrote: Pacing is

    crazy-legs wrote:

    Pacing is the key to it; too many people go balls out right from the level crossing, get round the bend then die. Steady start and you'll be fine - save your lowest gear for the last 50metres! It's not as bad as everyone makes out, it just looks bad cos you can see it all in one straight line in front of you!

    Or, as one of the lads in the club shouted at me (while sat on my wheel) "Right, soon as you hit the bend, go FULL GAS and nail it, you'll be fine!" Thinking

    Or maybe not.

    I seem to recall passing the pub just as you hit the last bit. I was happy to be out of the saddle from then. The T junction at the top is an anti-climax though, any decent climb should end with a nice view.

  • Sergio Henao suspended by sky1 year 1 week agoThis fascinating article

    This fascinating article popped up on my twitter stream earlier today - http://decaironman-training.com/2014/03/19/the-challenge-of-monitoring-a...
    It's quite strong on the technical language, so if you're the sort of person who screams a spittle-flecked "DOPE!" like some cycling-obsessed Father Jack / Digger Forum type every time a bicycle rider wins a race, you might not be able to read until the end without your brain melting.
    Anyway, certain populations who have lived in regions like the high Andes and Himalayas are observed to have evolved exceptionally fast to deal with living at high altitude, in slightly different and distinct ways. They're physiologically adapted, rather than adapted by training at altitude.... but much more than this, science doesn't seem to know.
    Which kind of makes Sky's statement pretty honest really. Henao is showing odd numbers, drugs exist, so does altitude.

  • Fuelling against the clock – nutrition for time trials1 year 1 week agoExcess hydration can dilute

    Excess hydration can dilute your blood, and decrease your hæmatocrit!