• Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 year 3 weeks ago4 Jan 14 -1 point.

    4 Jan 14 -1 point. 82M/131.96KM. Total points 1 Total KM 131.96

  • Garmin Touring vs 8101 year 3 weeks agomadhouse wrote:Thanks for the

    madhouse wrote:
    Thanks for the tips so far.

    I hadn't considered the 800, not sure why! I'll never have power meter pedals and being an Apple user the Mrs uses Find My Friends to work out where I am so tracking's not a must have, which means the 800 could be a bit of a bargain.

    Am yet to go on a ride either long or remote enough for the need to change batteries, but will have a look at the etrex to rule it in or out.

    Will add the 800 into the mix for debate though.

    I get around the half battery mark for 50 mile rides, that includes a HRM and cadence sensor which will obviously use extra power. A power monkey is fairly small and can be used as a power source or for charging. I keep mine with a phone and Garmin adaptor on me, especially on mtb rides. It will charge my Android from flat to around 70%.

  • School of hard knocks1 year 3 weeks agoI went down last year on the

    I went down last year on the road to Moreton after going through Epping Forest and Wooton Bassett. It was one of those cold mornings in London but there had been no frost in the city or in the Forest. Once I got into open countryside it was a different matter. Ice everywhere.

    I'd passed quite a few places where there was black ice from water splashed out of potholes and coasted through without incident. But on a very cambered section of road just after a monster puddle that had icebergs floating in it, I was suddenly on my right side clipped in and sliding along. I had no memory of the loss of traction, no memory of falling, nothing. Id taken the fall on my right hip and right shoulder, neither my Craft elite bibs nor my Castelli rain jacket were torn, so from the accounts I'm reading, I was lucky! I think the road was so slick that I was sliding on pure smooth ice.

    Got a nasty but small bruise at shoulder and hip, learnt my lesson! At the time I was more worried about the winter bike, but the only casualty was the right Ultegra 6600 shifter, which had been rotated around the bar, and which now bears a scratch on the tip. I always leave them a little loose so they can rotate around the bar rather than break in the event of a fall. The rest of the bike - nothing! I think I lifted it off the ground as I fell. So I finished the 100km and went home.

    Thinking about it later I feel much more worried. What if it had happened where there was traffic? My head would have been paté.

  • tdu1 year 3 weeks agoIt looks like you will have

    It looks like you will have too...

  • Calcutta bike ban 'was not based on any evidence that it would improve traffic flow'1 year 3 weeks agoI hope Boris doesn't get any

    I hope Boris doesn't get any ideas.

  • Charge Plug 3/4/5 as alternative to Croix de Fer1 year 3 weeks agoHi Mike Thanks for the

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the detailed reply, it sounds like you have gone through much the same process that I'm going through just now.

    The Croix does appear to be the superior bike on most fronts - frame, brakes, wheels, tyres - compared to the Plug where only the groupset looks obviously better. So the Croix probably is worth the extra £50. The deciding factor might be that so far it's been easier to track down a Croix to sit on and try - which I did yesterday, and really liked the feel of it. I've yet to find anywhere with a Plug in stock to have a shot on. The Croix is just back in the lead for me!

    Thanks again.

  • TRP Hy/Rd mechanical interface hydraulic disc brakes1 year 3 weeks agoJust fitted new pads (again

    Just fitted new pads (again Sad and found it very difficult to get rotor back between pads---seems that as I`d topped up reservoirs as per TRP advice when pads were worn setup was too full of fluid for new pads---so had to remove a bit.
    Noticed that with both back and front pads pad wear very uneven so pads are NOT self aligning it seems. Travel on rear had got to pulling lever to bars with little power--new pads now work well and shorter travel. BUT they are becoming so fiddley to get right. Several emaisl to TRP who still maintain brakes are fine for Campag....

  • 1 in 10 London cycling deaths result in driver being jailed, says Evening Standard1 year 3 weeks agoRegarding the 9 out of 10

    Regarding the 9 out of 10 motorists who were involved in a fatality, and who did not go to jail, were they all guilty of carelessness or worse ? I personally had a near miss with a cyclist about three years ago. This was at a crossroads with a four way stop. I came to a complete stop, and there was a car approaching from the left clearly slowing down and intending to stop, so I set off again, and then had a near collision with a woman on a bicycle. She was on the wrong side of the road, she did not stop, she did not look, and finally she could not hear because she had earphones stuck in her ears. Now had I hit her and somehow managed to kill her should I have gone to jail after doing all the necessary ??? By the way my vehicle was a Trek 4300 mountain bike in that instance.

  • Chase the Sun - free ride - 200 miles, coast to coast1 year 3 weeks agoHow about North Shields to

    How about North Shields to Bowness, you know, the narrow bit.

  • Apply for grants totalling £20k to host Cambridge cycling activities around the Tour de France this summer1 year 3 weeks agoAnd to add - beyond County

    And to add - beyond County Council events, Saffron Walden is having an 80 km sportive the day after the TdF passes through the town that I believe will be on closed roads, riding part of the route, and it's only a tenner.

  • 2013: The year in cycling technology1 year 3 weeks agoThank you 5th. Couldn't have

    Thank you 5th. Couldn't have explained it clearer myself. Of course I don't think rim brakes are better Simon E. I'd love a pair if Campag make them. I just said until they can be changed out in a pro race without rubbing they will not replace caliper. It's not my opinion - it's a pro team DS's opinion, voiced directly to me, who raced at the highest level himself. I believe he knows better than me. He might know better than you but I wouldn't bet on that of course. Rolling Eyes

  • Condor Frame or "off the peg"?1 year 3 weeks agoThe Fratello is a great bike,

    The Fratello is a great bike, a proper all rounder that covers you from light touring right through to club rides via commuting. I'd take that over the Acciaio any day of the week.

    You can easily build one up that will be as light as the Acciaio, but has the added utility of being able to handle full mudguards and a rack if you want. Buy the frameset off them and source the rest of the parts yourself and you'll be able to spend the significant savings on upgrades, if that's what you want.

  • North Yorkshire police leave cancelled as preparations for the Tour de France Grand Départ take shape1 year 3 weeks agothere was an article a while

    there was an article a while ago about some do gooder (sorry the West Yorks police commissioner) bumping their gums about the Police cost and i said then all leave would be cancelled and it would not cost anything other than a lieu day back. It was exactly the same for the Olympic torch. Looks like i was right.

  • Giro Air Attack helmet1 year 3 weeks agothemartincox wrote: however

    themartincox wrote:

    however in winter its very good, it keeps the rain away a bit more, and the 'lack' of ventilation definitely seems to keep the head warmer on commutes etc (it doesn't make any difference to the speed of the commute though)

    I like the design and the prospect of less road noise and winter insulation. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • New Team Sky kit - would you wear it?1 year 3 weeks agoI have a 5 XL on order

    I have a 5 XL on order

  • 2014 Cycling Trends and Predictions1 year 3 weeks agoJust ride your bike and don’t

    Just ride your bike and don’t worry about the bleedin’ rules


    (also, looking forward to taking on Solentine and Simon in the inaugural Chippy Tour)

  • North Yorkshire police leave cancelled as preparations for the Tour de France Grand Départ take shape1 year 3 weeks agoThere will be a period

    There will be a period between roads being closed and cyclists/ pedestrians allowed to walk on race route - but it will differ depending on where it is. 3 hours before the race however, total closure. Not a Police call - they aren't there to manage the event - race organisers and council's will make that decision.

  • New Team Sky kit - would you wear it?1 year 3 weeks agoI have a Bianchi. Its

    I have a Bianchi. Its lovely. I would have a Pinarello bike as well. I'm tempted to buy full Sky kit as well, hopefully it will provoke some reaction from the utter miseries riding in the Peak District / Cheshire Plains today.

  • 2014 Cycling Trends and Predictions1 year 3 weeks agoBB gearboxes are a lot

    BB gearboxes are a lot heavier than hub gears with the same gear range. Why would anybody think that is a good thing?

  • The road.cc “Attaining A Higher State of Consciousness” Challenge 20141 year 3 weeks agoClaud And I wrote: *adds to

    Claud And I wrote:

    *adds to list*

    I hear it's easier if it's raining at the time.

    and the wind is blowing away from you....

  • Giro Air Attack helmet1 year 3 weeks agoat speed in summer its nicely

    at speed in summer its nicely ventilated, at a leisurely trundle I found it got to warm.

    however in winter its very good, it keeps the rain away a bit more, and the 'lack' of ventilation definitely seems to keep the head warmer on commutes etc (it doesn't make any difference to the speed of the commute though)

  • 62-year-old American busted for doping1 year 3 weeks agoGosh. If you want to go fast

    Gosh. If you want to go fast that badly and don't want to put the effort in, why not just go bionic? Artificial heart, ceramic knee and hip replacement etc, etc. I mean, in early Star Trek they had transponders, and now we have mobile phones, so the 6 million dollar man upgrade should be available soon.

    No, no, roll that back, how about hypnosis?

    Or, perhaps eat loads of shot bloks Smile The caffeine ones

    Or, why not have a league for dopers?

  • 62-year-old American busted for doping1 year 3 weeks agoRe philtregears

    Re philtregears comments

    Think people are being a little harsh on him as he has some valid points, when my grandad had kidney failure, a lot of the knowledge I gained on the treatment and understanding of the drug came from breaking the chain and other cycling related article, and as seems to be the case when we spoke to the consultant he became a lot more receptive to our questions and became a lot more attentive to his needs, he also shared some information in dropping haemocrit levels being linked to dementia and other 'old aged' ailments and was quiet critical that those medicines (epo, hgh etc) were a lot more difficult to prescribe privately in the UK rather than in counties such as the USA.

    If it was possible for me to improve my future health in the same way women can with HRT, when I am older I would certainly give it some consideration

  • Have London's roads become more dangerous for cyclists? Statistical study says something has changed on London’s roads1 year 3 weeks agoMore details on the

    More details on the statistical methods used are available here:


    I'm not sure why some commentators are railing against the findings, but I think that Professor Speigelhalter is adequately qualified to make the statements that he does - more so than the armchair statisticians that appear to have popped up.

  • Exposure Lights Sirius Mk2 front light1 year 3 weeks agostuke wrote:What is the

    stuke wrote:
    What is the fascination with this German standard on every light thread. A poorly positioned light is going to dazzle regardless. I use the Sirius mk1 year round on pulse and a Strada mk5 or Toro in the winter and never had an issue with oncoming traffic as they're positioned with some common sense.

    Because they can make lights that throw loads of light on the road and little in the eyes of drivers. The MTB light makers dont bother, as its more expensive than picking a lens out of a Taiwanese catalogue.

    I have a number of German lights and the Exposure MaxxD, Diablo and Joystick. Stick someone else on your bike and have them ride towards you and its 'blindingly' obvious the german ones are better. Point the Exposures at the ground and it improves things but you cant see very far ahead, certainly not as far as the lights designed for road use.